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									                                     GIS Around the Campus
Higher Education institutes such as Yale University as well as more than 7,000 other colleges and
universities use GIS to encompass a range of applications and services. GIS is used by several disciplines
such as Forestry and Environmental Studies, Archaeology\Anthropology, Architecture\Urban Studies,
Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Epidemiology and Public Health, History, and

GIS technology provides the education community with tools to develop a greater understanding of our
world through spatial relationships. With GIS, students and faculty can integrate and evaluate data from
many sources to develop new theories and knowledge. This helps prepare students to meet the
demands of the twenty-first-century workforce, whether they are involved in science, government, or

When students use GIS, they develop analysis and critical thinking skills, no matter what field they work
in. GIS is a learning platform for conceptual modeling. Students also learn technical skills that will help
them with their future employment. Spatial thinking skills acquired in the classroom deepen their
understanding of the relationships that exist in the world and the complex problems facing society

Petra Zimmerman on GIS in College Curricula         [PODCAST] – Petra Zimmerman, Assistant Professor of
Geography at Ball State University in Indiana, talks about using GIS in college curricula.

Educators are using the power of GIS in more than 100 different academic disciplines to spatially enable
their research. Researchers often focus on advancing GIScience theory and methodology, or use GIS as
an analytical tool in their specific scientific discipline.

GIS and centralized database management work together to provide a cost-effective way to deliver high
quality data and deployment options for faculty, students, and administrators in every department on

Campuses also benefit from using GIS for student recruiting, alumni tracking, emergency preparedness
and response, facilities management, and campus mapping.

Facilities managers can make better use of campus resources by using GIS to plan and maintain data on
room capacities, available times, and technology infrastructure. Schools can then serve campus maps
publicly on the Web, or via an intranet.

If you are interested in using ESRI GIS software or you want to learn more about the use of ESRI GIS
software, please read any of the attachments that may relate to your field. You may also go to to see more information. If you have any further
questions, please contact Nathan Turner at 337-482-0601.

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