World History Final Review

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					World History Final Review
       English Civil War
       French Revolution
         Latin America
Eng Civil   French              American    Left
  War        Rev                 Revolts   overs

  100        100       100        100      100

  200        200       200        200      200

  300        300       300        300      300

  400        400       400        400      400

  500        500       500        500      500
      English Civil War:            100
• Type of government     • Divine right monarchy
  preferred by James I     - two follow ups
  who believed he was
  ordained by God to     • Follow up: What
  rule                     English king was
                           beheaded in 1649?

                         • On what grounds?
       English Civil War:              200
• He defined the rights      • John Locke
  of man as life, liberty,
  and property in his
  ideas of the social
      English Civil War:               300
• This writ gave men        • Habeas corpus - one
  the right to be brought     follow up
  before a judge and
  accused of a crime
                            • Follow up: What
                              general term is used
                              to describe these
                              rights of arrest
       English Civil War:             400
• William and Mary         • Glorious Revolution –
  were invited to be         one follow up
  king and queen as
  part of this important
  event in 1688.

                           • What important
                             document did they
       English Civil War:              500
• In the late 1600s this    • Tories – one follow up
  English political party
  supported James II        • Follow up what was
  until he had a male         the other political
  heir to the throne.         party?
     French Revolution:                100
• This event celebrates   • The Fall of the
  French independence       Bastille
  on July 14, 1789.
     French Revolution :               200
• Name given to the       • Bourgeoisie – two
  wealthy, professional     follow ups
  class of the third
                          • Who were members
                            of the first estate?

                          • Second estate?
    French Revolution :              300
• This ignoble event     • Reign of Terror – one
  marked the execution     follow up
  of 20,000 French
  during 1793 - 1794
                         • Who was the French
                           leader of the
                           committee of Public
                           Safety during this
    French Revolution :                400
• This Estates general    • National Assembly –
  reformed into this        one follow up
  body to pass
  legislation and begin
  the French Revolution
  in 1789                 • Where did the third
                            estate meet to pledge
                            to not leave until they
                            changed the
     French Revolution :                500
• Official term used to    • Universal male
  describe the desire to     suffrage – one follow
  vote for all men?          up

                           • What was the type of
                             government formed
                             when there is a king
                             and a legislative
           Napoleon:          100
• Site where Napoleon    • Waterloo
  met his final defeat
           Napoleon :          200
• This is the strategy   • Scorched earth –
  used by the Russians     destroyed crops &
  to defeat                food supplies
  with an early, cold
           Napoleon :         300
• One of the major law   • Code Napoleon
  reforms of Napoleon
           Napoleon :            400
• The Lyceum would be      • Public education
  the system used for
  reform in this open to
  all citizens area.
             Napoleon :         500
• This post-Napoleon       • Congress of Vienna
  era council restored
  the traditional ruling
  American Revolutions:             100
• He led the first   • Toussaint L’overture
  successful slave
  revolt in Haiti
  American Revolutions :                   200
• He is known as the     • Simon Bolivar
  “great liberator” of
  South America
  American Revolutions :               300
• Jefferson borrowed    • John Locke
  enlightenment ideas
  from this 1600s
  American Revolutions :             400
• This USA document   • The Constitution
  created a strong,
  central system of
  shared powers
  American Revolutions :              500
• This early US         • Articles of
  document created a      Confederation
  weak, no single
  leader, government
  that could not coin
  money nor regulate
  trade and commerce
            Leftovers:         100
• This enlightenment      • Baron Montesquieu
  thinker advocated for
  a government that
  created a balance of
            Leftovers:         200
• This early 1800s        • Monroe Doctrine
  document established
  a USA policy to limit
  involvement in any
  American area
           Leftovers:         300
• Colonies were          • Mercantile Policies
  needed for natural
  resources and outlet
  for markets was a
  major point for the
  this economic system
             Leftovers:         400
• He argued for            • Voltaire
  religious toleration
  and a strong
  advocate of free
  speech and press…”I
  may not agree with
  what you say, but I
  will defend your right
  to say it.”
            Leftovers:         500
• Written constitutions, • Liberal (liberalism)
  bills of rights, and
  governments were a
  part of this
  movement or ideology

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