My Bride Is Not Ready

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					My Bride Is Not Ready                 Word of the Lord Pauletta Caylor 12-17-08

The temporal will pass away, but that which is eternal will last forever and not
pass away. Being tried as by fire is a testing of faith to bring it forth as pure gold.
I then take the pure
gold and form it into that which I planned when I created it. Created for a purpose.
You are in preparation for your destiny. Come unto Me and I will make you fisher
of men, a teacher anointed by the fire of the Holy Spirit to speak the oracles of
God with clarity and fervency. Even the smallest child can understand and take
My hand.

Yes, it is true My Bride is not yet ready. She has been distracted by other loves.
She has had fleeting moments of a fervent spirit with the embers breaking forth
into a bright flame. But it quickly dies down when the cold, north wind begins to
blow harshly upon her fire within. Soon the embers darken and a flicker of the fire
is seen occasionally. I wish you were hot or cold, but not lukewarm. The days are
coming soon when My
Bride will be shaken and run to Me and cling to Me. That which can be shaken will
be shaken. Those who do know their God shall remain. They will run unto the
hills. The refuge is found in Me for safety. Many hearts will fail them for fear. 9/11
events will not even hold a light up against that which is to come. America will
burn once again—the natural and spiritual parallel. My Bride will stir herself up
and begin to Walk by faith intensely not knowing what tomorrow holds. But, one
thing she knows that she knows her God, mighty to save. Gross darkness shall
cover the people, But they who do KNOW their God, King of Kings and Lord of
Lords shall be saved. 2009, a year of walking by faith and not by sight Build
yourself up on the most holy faith by praying in the Spirit. Faith cometh by
hearing and hearing and hearing the Word of God. Faith will grown into water
walker faith for miracles of restoration recreation, revelation, restitution and
more. Men will see and KNOW it is God—Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah
Nissi, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Sidkenu. My people will be strong and do
exploits because they KNOW Me their God. I am not a God of stone, a God of
wood or a God that is inanimate. I am a God with all power. I am omniscient,
omnipresent, omnipotent. I am looking forward to the day I can bring My Bride
home to My Son. Heaven Awaits with great anticipation and expectation for that
day. Many would be lost because of lukewarmness. I have delayed until all is
ready. Not all will hear the clarion call and move closer to me to diligently seek
with ALL their heart. But those who are pure and have their lamps trimmed and
burning will I remove from the earth. The wise and foolish virgin parable will
become a reality. Dare to be disciplined. Hunger and thirst for righteousness and
you shall be filled.


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