The School Milk Mustache Photo Booth Instructions Set Up and by dfgh4bnmu


									                   The School Milk Mustache Photo Booth Instructions

Set Up and Materials
Before you set up your booth, make sure that you have all the ingredients to kick-off a successful
milk mustache event at your selected venue. Some of the materials you’ll need are included in
the milk sampling kit

What’s Inside the Sampling Kit?

    •   What Flavor Are You Poster: 36” x24”
    •   Time/Date Posters (2): 11” x 17”
    •   Cups (4 oz.): 150 to use for sampling or for drinking on the mustache for a photo
    •   Vinyl Tablecloth
    •   Instruction sheet

To order a milk sampling kit, go to Order Form

Suggested Additional Materials -- What you’ll need to pull it all off

    •   Two or three 6’ tables with skirting
    •   One or two blenders for mixing the milk mustache recipe
    •   Polaroid camera and film – or – digital camera
    •   Backdrop for photo area – we recommend using the Body by Milk banners sent to your
        school. If you did not receive posters, they can be ordered by calling the milk materials
        hotline at 1-800-945-MILK.
    •   Milk for milk mustache recipe, ice cream and scoop
    •   Small 1-3 oz sampling cups
    •   Napkins
    •   Half-pint cartons of milk in different varieties for sampling
    •   Coolers and ice packs to keep sampling milk ice cold
    •   Signage (suggested) -- "got milk?" photo booth line forms here,” “MILK! Try one.
        There’s a milk for everyone,” “Take One”
    •   Trash cans

The Coveted Milk Mustache Recipe
Following is the recipe to prepare the milk mustache mixture for the photo booth:

    •   Vanilla ice cream
    •   Whole milk

    -   Put ice cream in the fridge (not freezer) the night before the shoot and let it melt down
        overnight; mix or blend vanilla ice cream with whole milk.

The event

During breakfast, lunch, assembly, school fair, or any other fun event, allow students to line up
to pose for their very own milk mustache pictures! Use the pictures to hold a contest, decorate
the school, or to make your own “celebrity” posters!

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