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									                   Bismillah Ir Rahman Nir Raheem

          The MAV Newsletter
             September 2011
    A Publication of the Muslim Association of Virginia
    Dar AlNoor, 5404 Hoadly Road, Manassas, VA 20112
    Telephone: (703) 580-0808 E-mail: Info@daralnoor.org
               Website: www.daralnoor.org


                 Islamic Art
      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011
               6 - 8 pm

At Dar Alnoor Islamic Community Center

   5404 Hoadly Road, Manassas, Virginia 20112

             Free and Open to All!

               Event Sponsored By:
         Greater Washington Muslim Council
            Muslim Association of Virginia
                 Manassas Mosque
                           O you who believe, men should not laugh at other men,
                           for it may be they are better than them;
                           and women should not laugh at other women,
                           for they may perhaps be better than them.
                           Do not slander one another,
                           nor give one another nick-names.
                           After believing, it is bad to give (another) a bad name.
                           Those who do not repent behave wickedly. 49:11
                                     Al-Quran - A Contemporary Translation
                                                                by Ahmed Ali

                                        in D.C.
                                    Begins @ 1:30pm

                          @ Washington Hebrew Congregation.

                                3935 Macomb Street NW
                               Washington, DC 20016-3741

           Some of the excellent guest speakers that are expected to attend are:

Karen Armstrong, Arun Gandhi, Rabbi Bruce Lustig, Imam Mohamed Magid, Hamza Yusuf –
             Bishop Barry Knestout     For details: www.911UnityWalk.org.

                    International Day of Prayer for Peace,
                             September 24th from 4 - 6 p.m.
                          at St. Paul United Methodist Church
                          1400 G Street, Woodbridge, 22193
                            Imam Cemal Gumus will speak.
                                     Interfaith Prayer Service
                                    Saturday, September 10th
                                      5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
                                           @ Dar alNoor
Dar-al-Noor will be hosting an interfaith prayer service to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the
9/11 tragedy. Joining us in prayer, insh'Allah, will be our neighbors from Covenant Presbyterian Church
and Congregation Ner Shalom. We also expect attendance by elected and appointed officials from the
Federal, State, and Local governments.

We are expecting the second floor of our masjid to be full, so in order to secure a seat we are requiring
anyone who wishes to attend to RSVP via email to taalibah@daralnoor.org by August 31.

We would like to extend a special invitation to members of the Dar-al-Noor community who may have
lost someone in the attacks or was a first responder on that day. Also, any members of our
community who are currently first responders, members of the Armed Forces of the United States, or
are in law enforcement are encourage to attend in uniform. We would like to acknowledge these
members of our community, so please email taalibah@daralnoor.org with your name and position in
advance of the event.

 Islamic Academy of the Muslim Association of Virginia (IAMAV)
                       will be having a Field Trip to
Everyone is invited to this family event. There are beautiful views
and country fresh air!
Bring your own picnic baskets!! NO grills please.
There will be FREE Pony rides! Free Hay rides! There is an
orchard with a few different kinds of apples to pick for a per pound
price. Please contact Taalibah Hassan at taalibah@daralnoor.org .
                                  Jummah (Friday) Prayers
                 Jummah Prayers are now offered in at the following locations:

Dar al-Noor                     Potomac Hospital                  Wingate Rm 113/115
5404 Hoadly Road                Worship Room                      15 Salisbury Drive
Manassas, VA 20112              2300 Opitz Boulevard              Stafford, VA 22554
Tel. (703) 580-0808             Woodbridge, VA 22191              (540) 659-3600
1st Adhan- 12:30 PM             Adhan- 1:30 PM                    Adhan- 1:30 PM
2nd Adhan- 1:45 PM
Please do not park on any roads near the masjid. Although not illegal, our neighbors who live in the
homes nearby have complained about this and we want to maintain a positive relationship and do not
want to offend them. The Covenant Presbyterian Church next door at 5640 Hoadly Road has kindly
offered their parking lot for our use during Jumma'ah prayers. Please do not remove any cones that
may be placed in their parking lot to reserve spaces for their own members use.
The Khateebs for each Jumma'ah location are usually listed at www.daralnoor.org . Click the Services
Tab at the top of the Home page, hold the mouse arrow over Daily Prayers, then click on Friday Prayers.
Dar AlNoor is open for the five daily prayers and from 11:30 AM until 15 minutes after Isha
prayer. A schedule listing the times for our daily prayers is available from the Dar al-Noor
For further information, contact Br. Rafi Ahmed at (571) 334-3011 or vice_president@daralnoor.org.

Islamic Classes at Dar al-Noor Islamic Community Center
All classes listed below are family-oriented and free of charge. Everyone is encouraged to
attend. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity! For further information call (571) 220-2147.

Sunday Fajr Prayers and Halaqa
Every Sunday morning after Fajr prayers, Brothers and Sisters are invited to listen
 to a Halaqa in the Prayer Hall. Brothers and sisters usually share a pot-luck breakfast
 in the community room following the halaqa. It is a very companionable time and
 few of us will be able to come up with a good excuse for not attending at this
time period! MAV would like to thank Br. M. Sheikh, who has so kindly and steadfastly hosted this
breakfast for many years. May Allah , SWT, give him a great reward for his diligent efforts to encourage
a strong brotherhood amongst Muslims.
                                    Sisters Halaqa
                                    Every Sunday between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM,
                                    Dr. Safiya Samman leads a Sisters Only Halaqa in her home.
                                    If you would like to attend and need directions to her house,
                                    please call 571-278-2483.

                          Youth Qur'an Arabic (YOA) Class
          at Dar alNoor Community Hall every Sunday from 8:00 to 10:00
             a.m. Tuition $45 per person. Classes have started! Register
This is a true beginners’ course for learning Qur’anic Arabic (no prior Arabic experience required) for ages 5 to 16
years of age. For more information, contact Imam Cemal Gumus at 703-580-0808, cemalgumus71@yahoo.com.

                                    Sisters Qur’anic Recitation and Tajweed Classes
                                    Two sessions every Sunday from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 to 1:30
                                    p.m. for beginners and advanced students in the Dar Al Noor
                                    Community Room, Sr. Safiya Samman teaches a Qur’anic Arabic
                                    class for sisters only. A sister who works as an Arabic teacher is helping
                                    her with this endeavor. For more information,
                                    contact Dr. Safiya Samman at 571-278-2483 or at

                                The Islamic Academy of the
                              Muslim Association of Virginia (IAMAV)
                                     Islamic Weekend School

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu Muslim ummah,

Below you will find this school year's calendar for Muslim Association of Virginia, Inc's
IAMAV Sunday School. We hope you will join us this year and bring your children and
youth to a FRESH, NEW year.

fi imanillaah,
akh Da'in Johnson
Education Committee Chairman &
Sunday School Principal
Online registrations for IAMAV Sunday School is now available.

Click here to register online for IAMAV Sunday School Fall Semester

      Registration (only) dates: Sunday, September 4, 2011 11:30 AM - 1 PM at Dar al Noor 2nd floor;
       Sunday, September 11, 2011 11 AM - 1:30 PM at Gar-Field High School
      1st day of classes: Sunday, September 18, 2011 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
      LATE registration: Sunday, September 18th, 25th 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM (at Gar-Field High School)
      FEE: Just $15 per Sunday per student for 18 Sundays at 3 hours per day for the Fall semester
       ($270). That amounts to a mere $5 cost per hour per Sunday.
      COMMITTED Teachers and Administrative Team DEDICATED to provideing a sound Islamic
       Education foundation.
      Students study Qur'an recitation, memorization and meaning; Arabic language learning and
       Islamic Morals, Beliefs and History (Islamic Studies)
      Newly revised and improved Qur'an and arabic curriculum
      Simple On-line registration:
      $25 discount/rebate for each registered family you refer - must be done in person, not on-line if
       you refer a family.
      Reduced rates for large families 3 or more students.

       Click here to visit IAMAV Sunday School's Website

       Click here to see the IAMAV Sunday School's 2011/2012 Calendar

       For more information, please contact: Br. Khaled Idris at (703) 863-4827

                               Please donate generously for our new parking lot and
                               entrance road either in the Donation Box at the Masjid
                               or at www.Daralnoor.org!
                               We are in great need of funds for this project!

                  Thank you and may Allah, Suhanna wa Ta'ala
                  accept your deeds and give you a great reward!

  MAV thanks all those volunteers who so generously gave of their time to provide
             food and clean-up for Suhoor and Iftar this Ramadan.
       Your thoughtful efforts are greatly appreciated by our community!
                                       SISTERS TEA
                                in the Community Room
                                      @ Dar alNoor

  The Sister’s Teas are on the third Saturday of the month from 2pm to 4pm. The
   listed Hostess for each month supplies the tea and paper products. Each sister
                               brings a snack to share.
Please email Sr. Ruksana Ameen, the Tea coordinator if you would like to ‘host’ a
tea: ruksana.ameen@gmail.com

                                   Iftar Recipe Suggestion

Below is an Iftar suggestion given to me Sr. Kahkashan Ansari I apologize to her and all of you
for not posting a Ramadan Newsletter this year, but I have been very busy this past two months
in my personal life and decided on an Eid/September Newsletter. Maybe you all will enjoy her
recipe when making up any fasts you may have missed!

Salams and Ramadan Mubarak.
This is our Holy Month of Worship, but we also do most of our eating this month.
All the diets are thrown out of the window. I have a suggestion for an easy tasty iftar item that can be
made without any fuss and adults and kids love it.
Get a bag of frozen Texas Fries (Ore Ida). Bake them or fry them according your taste.
Spread some Chat masala while they are hot if you like them spicy. Dip in your favorite chutney and
Thank Allah for the great gifts He has given you.
Happy Eating
Sr. Kahkashan Ansari

                                        Muslim Youth
                        Muslim Youth Soccer Association (MYSA)
    The league includes teams from 4 area masjids: Dar alNoor, ADAMS, Dar Al-Hijrah and
Mustafa Center. The first game was held on April 9, 2011, Insha'Allah. The league is made up of
3 age ranges: 12 to 14 yrs. (10 -11 can participate if they are very good), 14 to 18yrs. and 18 yrs
  to adult. If you are interested in participating, begin to regularly attend MAV's Fitness Class
            and contact Br. Zahid at 703-398-3990 or youth_brothers@daralnoor.org.
                                           Youth Halaqa
                      Every Other Monday, after Maghrib Prayers
The youth Halaqahs will be conducted every other week and tomorrow will be the first of these. The
youth themselves will be doing a short 15 to 20 minute presentation on a topic of their choice or a given
topic. This will encourage our youth to utilize and improve their reseaching and presentation skills
insha'Allah and help them in their development of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

                               Weekly Saturday Youth Halaqa
                                         Brothers and Sisters
                                        after Maghrib Prayers
                              based on the Sunnah of the Prophet, pbuh
                                 by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hanooti

                                     ACTS Homeless Shelter
MAV Youth will feed the homeless at ACTS homeless shelter on the 4th Friday of each month.
               Your help is needed by donating your time, food, or money.

  If you are interested in participating in any of these activities, please contact Br. Zahid Khan
                        at 703-398-3990 or youth_brothers@daralnoor.org.

                                    Sisters Youth
Girls Soccer Practice regularly at Penn Elementary The team is being coached by Sister
Rawan Al-Halali :). So far we have 9 girls registered and we need to 2 more girls over the age of
12 inshAllah. If you have any family or friends that would like to join please let me know
ASAP! If you have any questions please contact Nermeen Fahmy at

To keep updated on MAV Youth Activities, it is VERY IMPORTANT to join the group
“MAV Youth” on Facebook! This is how the Youth are communicating and there are
numerous activities going on every week! If you do not have a computer, all of the Prince
William Public Libraries have free computer/Internet access with a free library card.

For more information about MAV Youth Brothers and Sisters, please contact Br. Zahid
Khan at 703-398-3990 or youth_brothers@daralnoor.org or Nermeen Fahmy at

                                          Troop #2341
Our Girls Scout troop is currently running as a multi-level troop. They are in search of
general volunteers and if anyone has any special talents, such as sewing, baking,
scrapbooking, etc., the troop would appreciate your coming in to teach them how to do
these activities. It does not have to be a long term commitment, sometimes visiting one
meeting will be enough to help them earn their badge.

Troop #2341 meets in the mosque on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month, except
for holidays. The timing is 6:00 pm -7:30pm. Contact information to join in Girl Scouts
is as follows-
Juniors (4-5 grade) : Sister Asma Shuaib, phone # 703-878-7308
                     : Sister Fatema Islam, phone # 703-738-4419
 Brownies(3-4grade) : Sister Amina Mansoor, phone #703-590-1094
                      : Sister Fatema Islam, phone # 703-738-4419

               Please join the Masjid for our next clean up on
                     11TH SEPTEMBER 2011 at 7:00 AM
Itinerary for this event -
07:00 AM: Meeting and signup at Dar Alnoor Conference Room
07:15 AM: Safety briefing (mandatory)
07:30 AM: Leave Dar Alnoor for cleaning site (carpool as much as we can)
07:45 AM: Start cleaning
11:00 AM: Return to Dar Alnoor; stop by at the Frosty Moose for Ice-cream
Participants must be at least 10 years of age.
There are some ground rules that every attendee must adhere to, without
exception. They include, but not limited to -
      Before each clean-up
            o Participate in the safety briefing
            o Sign to acknowledge receiving safety training
      During each clean-up
            o Wear shoes without any open toe or hill
            o Wear hand gloves
Please note that the pickup location on Prince William Parkway, southbound
between Davis Ford Road & Winding Brook Road. We will car-pool from Dar Alnoor.
Please be prepared to share ride with others.

            Congratulations and Duas for Our MAV Community

If you have a marriage, birth, graduation, promotion or other special occasion that you would like to
share with the Ummah, or if you would like to make a request for duas, please send pertinant
information to Sr. Carole Ahmed (703) 730-8724 or e-mail newsletter@daralnoor.org.

                Free Community Health & Fitness Training Series 2010
                                   Held at the Daralnoor and led by Br. Mishu Rahman,
                                        a certified, professional, personal trainer

        Group classes including yoga, kickboxing, boot camp, and more...
         Tips to improving your daily diet and living a healthier lifestyle
         Stress management techniques
         Body fat testing and customized program to reach your goals
                                     Come join us!
        Yoga/stretching: Wednesdays 7 PM - 8 PM
        Cardio/yoga/boot camp: Saturdays 10 AM -11 AM
       For further details contact: Br. Zahid at 703 398 3990 or fitness@daralnoor.org.

                      The Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV)

                                        Mission Statement
The mission of the Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV) is to establish and maintain a vibrant
community based on the Qur'an and Sunnah that is pleasing to Allah, through programs that
support the religious, social and educational advancement of the Muslims we serve. It also
includes establishing and strengthening relationships with other Muslim and non-Muslim
organizations that share our values.

                                      Belief Statement

• We believe in Allah, His Angels, His Prophets, Muhammad (pbuh) is His last Messenger, His
Books and the Day of Judgement.
• The Masjid is the center of spiritual and community life.
• Providing facilities, services and activities to facilitate the spiritual advancement of the
Muslim community is the chief priority of the Muslim Association of Virginia.
• Muslim community life flourishes when the religious, educational, cultural and social needs of
individuals are met.
• Each believer is a valued individual whose services add to the rich diversity of our community.
• The umbrella of social services keeps families together by providing activities for youth,
elderly and assisting the needy.
• The Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV) is a vehicle to influence the lives of Muslims and
"grow" Islam in Virginia through involvement with other Faith groups and organizations.
• The Believers, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Imam share in the
responsibility of nourishing the deen and establishing brotherhood in the community.
• Our love for Allah is the driving force behind MAV's commitment to serving the community.

If you would like to be notified of the latest events and activities of MAV,
 I strongly advise you to join the MAV Ummah list-serv.

You can sign up to join the Ummah list-serv and receive important e-mail announcements by
going to the www. DaralNoor.org website, enter your e-mail address in the bar in the upper
right hand corner and clicking the "subscribe" button.

Please donate generously to the Muslim Association of VA/Dar alNoor - it's your Masjid!

                                     Board of Directors

  Chairperson:        Yaqub Zargarpur               703-973-5235 chairperson@daralnoor.org
  President:          Mohammad Mehboob              571-220-2147 president@daralnoor.org
  Vice-President:        Rafi Uddin Ahmed            571-334-3011 vice_president@daralnoor.org
  Secretary:             Da'in Johnson               703-615-9394 secretary@daralnoor.org
  Treasurer:             Ehsan Islam                 571-226-6123 treasurer@daralnoor.org
  Member:                Mohammad Aslam                           mcisoccer@aol.com
  Member/Imam Selection: Dr. Rashida K. Rahman       571-264-8438 imam_selection@daralnoor.org
  Member/Newsletter: Carole W. Ahmed                 703-730-8724 newsletter@daralnoor.org
  Member:                Safdar Chaudhry             703-867-8295 construction@daralnoor.org

                                    Executive Committee

  Construction:               Safdar Chaudhry            703-867-8295 construction@daralnoor.org
  Education:                  Da'in Johnson/Khaled Idris 703-615-9394 education@daralnoor.org
  Facility Management:        Qassim Zargarpur           703-314-7322 facilities@daralnoor.org
  Functions &Seminars:        Rahmat Ullah               703-615-9660 events@daralnoor.org
  Fundraising:                Raheela Fazal                           fundraising@daralnoor.org
  Health and Fitness:         Zahid Khan                 703-398-3990 fitness@daralnoor.org
  Interfaith:                 Taalibah Hassan            703-717-3086 interfaith@daralnoor.org
  IT and Publications:        Mirza Baig                 571-236-8803 webmaster@daralnoor.org
  Membership:                 Asad Chaudhry              703-863-6833 membership@daralnoor.org
  Religious Affairs:          Cemal Gumus                703-580-0808 imam@daralnoor.org
  Security:                   Ahmad Ibne Ameen 703-919-0172 security@daralnoor.org
  Sisters Affairs:            Dr. Safiya Samman          571-278-2483 sisters_affairs@daralnoor.org
  Social Welfare:             Mohammad Ansari                         social-welfare@daralnoor.org
  Youth Brothers:             Zahid Khan                 703-398-3990 youth_brothers@daralnoor.org
  Youth Sisters:              Nermeen Fahmy                           youth_sisters@daralnoor.org

MAV is always looking for volunteers and people with new ideas that are in alliance with MAV's
Mission and Belief Statements who are willing to do what it takes to implement their plans. If
you are interested in volunteering to help us further our organization and improve the lives of
our Ummah and the greater community at-large, please contact the chairperson listed above,
who you think is most likely to be responsible for your area of interest.

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