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     SAP Enterprise Support

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    SAP Accelerated Innovation Enablement
    Why this service?
    SAP’s latest Business Suite provides innovation without disruption through the SAP Enhancement Packages (EHP). SAP Enhancement
    Packages represent a new software delivery strategy that allows you to get innovations on top of SAP Business Suite without the need for
    upgrading your current release. For releases of the SAP Business Suite 7 core applications (starting with SAP ERP 6.0 and with releases of
    SAP CRM 7.0, SAP SCM 7.0, SAP SRM 7.0 and SAP PLM 7.0 shipped in 2008), SAP plans to regularly provide enhanced functionality
    and/or innovation through enhancement packages.
    Accelerated Innovation Enablement
    The methodology for implementing new functionality within your SAP solution landscape has changed significantly. SAP Enhancement
    Packages allow you to decide which functionality and software innovations from SAP to implement using the SAP Switch Framework.
    Accelerated Innovation Enablement service for SAP Enterprise Support is an essential element of SAP Enterprise Support. SAP provides up
    to five (5) remote person days (per calendar year) assistance and enablement per customer helping to evaluate the innovation capabilities of
    the latest SAP Enhancement Package.
    The Value for You
    Accelerated Innovation Enablement provides access to SAP Solution Architects to evaluate the innovation capabilities of the latest SAP
    Enhancement Package and how it may be deployed for your business process requirements.

    SAP’s Accelerated Innovation Enablement service is delivered remotely by SAP Solution Architects and is only available to SAP Enterprise
    Support customers.
    Accelerated Innovation Enablement for SAP Enterprise Support is delivered remotely and the number of days required will depend on the
    complexity of the environment. It will not exceed five (5) days per calendar year.
    The service will include two types of service elements:
Live Expert Sessions are:
Listed in catalog
Available in two different levels:
                         1. Overview on major area
                         2. Expert Sessions
Available in two variants:
                         1. 1:1 sessions for 1 customer only
                         2. 1:n for few customers only where you benefit from joint discussion
Expert on Demand requests for specific questions concerning one special area to be answered by one expert
   You will benefit most if you start with level 1 and 2 live expert sessions with several customers and use specific EOD requests for remaining
   customer specific questions.
   Several requests can be created during the year. For each functional or technical area a separate request should be created. These services
   have a lead-time of around 1 - 2 weeks.
   Within this period, the customer will be contacted to arrange a date for the service delivery.
   The information provided in the Accelerated Innovation Enablement service session will be documented in English by the SAP Solution
   Architect. The result should be used for further evaluation and implementation of SAP Enhancement Packages.

     Prerequisites are described in the Accelerated Innovation Enablement Factsheet
     Out of scope of this service are:
Information about upgrade, new functionality not in EHPs, new functionality in NetWeaver
Remote or onsite work shops
Billable existing services

          1. Live Expert Sessions:
    Live Expert Sessions provide a structured overview about concepts and new functionality. It is recommended to start with a live expert session
    before using Expertise on Demand as usually after a session more details are known, several questions are already answered and new
    questions come up, which can be clarified afterwards.
    Live Expert Sessions together with other customers (the number will be limited to very few) have the advantage that other participants have
    additional questions and business aspects, which otherwise would not have been covered.
    After having explored new functionalities and technical aspects of EHP installation, Expertise on Demand requests are an ideal method to
    address specific questions.
    Live Expert Sessions are:
    Listed in catalog
    Available in two different levels:
        3. Overview on major area
        4. Expert Sessions
    Available in two variants:
        3. 1:1 sessions for 1 customer only
        4. 1:n for few customers only where you benefit from joint discussion
    The 5-day contingent will be reduced by the time needed by SAP for the live expert session incl. preparation and service report creation.
    The Live Expert Session delivery includes:
    Live presentation and/or demo
FAQ session with questions from all participants answered by experts in session
Service Report about content delivered incl. FAQs
In case you would like to request a live expert session, please create a service message on the component assigned to the live expert session
with an attached live expert session request template.
Available Live Expert Sessions (catalogue will be continuously updated)
EHP Architecture & Technology
New Functionality in Enhancement Packages in ERP
Expert Guided Implementation Sessions
New Functionality in Enhancement Packages in Industries
Live Expert Session – Request Template :
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EHP Architecture & Technology
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New Functionality in Enhancement Packages in ERP                                                                                           )

                                                                                                              Component for
ID       Title/Content                                                                                                         Level
                                                                                                              service requests

         What's new in EHP4 for Financials?
         Overview about new SAP ERP Financials functionality also in combination with analytic
         capabilities from Business Objects to increase efficiency and effectiveness of financial processes
ERP-     without disrupting the running business:                                                             XX-AIE-LES-ERP-
FIN-001 Strategy and Growth                                                                                   FIN
     Manage Risk and Compliance
     Gain efficiency in finance
     Optimize working capital

        What's new in EHP4: Managing Treasury & Cash
     Manage Commodity Price Risk using the Exposure Manager 2.0 and commodity hedging
ERP-                                                                                                          XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
     Comply to FAS 133 and IAS 39 using new effectiveness test "Regression analysis"
FIN-002                                                                                                       FIN             Session
     Improved STP process using the New Correspondence monitor for automatic matching of MT3xx
        messages. Compliance to market risk part of IFRS 7
         What's new in EHP4: Simplified Reporting
ERP-     Learn about the guiding principles behind simplified reporting and the new reporting architecture.   XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
FIN-003 Business Content is presented from various areas of Financials                                        FIN             Session
     Link between classic FI reporting and the SAP Business Objects tools.

        What's new in EHP4: General Ledger & Master Data Governance for Financials
     Enhancements of the New General Ledger to improve integration of FI and CO, facilitate parallel
ERP-    accounting and simplify the administration of the New GL                                              XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
FIN-004 application Master Data Governance for Financials that allows corporates to centrally maintain        FIN             Session
        and distribute financial chart of accounts master data. Change request handling and approval
        workflows increase transparency and ensure compliant master data governance.

         What's new in EHP4: Managing Receivables & Customer Credit Two
         Solutions for managing receivables and customer credit are being presented :
     In context of the traditional A/R module, Financial Supply Chain Management can be used .
ERP-                                                                                                       XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
     For mass billing environments a separate set of solutions based on “Contract Accounting (FI-CAX) is
FIN-005                                                                                                    FIN             Session
         Both solutions have been enhanced towards functionality, more flexibility in deployment scenarios
         and end-user effectiveness.

        What is new in EhP4: SAP Financial Closing cockpit”
        1. Fast Close and the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit
ERP-    2. Closing template for the planning of closing process (SAP ERP)                                     XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
FIN-006 3. Maintaining and executing tasks from a Tasklist (SAP ERP)                                          FIN             Session
        4. Managing closing process in complex environment (SAP ERP EhP.3)
        5. Monitoring and analyzing the closing cycle (SAP ERP Ehp.4)
        What's new in EHP4: HCM Overview
        Overview about all enhancements in EhP4:
    A new e-Recruiting recruiter process and UI support,
    The tighter integration of Nakisa Succession management and the new functionality of Talent Review XX-AIE-LES-ERP-
HCM-                                                                                                                   Overview
        Meeting                                                                                        HCM
    The brand new UI for Performance Management.
        News in the areas of Concurrent Employment and Shared Service Delivery (e.g. enhancements in
        HCM Processes & Forms, some ESS / MSS enhancements and the EIC on ERP)

        What's new in EHP4: Talent Management
        Exciting new functions and features in Talent Management:
    Performance Management
    Employee Compensation Management
    E-Recruiting                                                                                          XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Enterprise Learning                                                                                   HCM             Session
    Talent Development
    Succession Planning (including SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa).
        In addition: The new and easy to use user interfaces as well as all the new and updated processes
        and scenarios provided with enhancement package 4.

       What's new in EHP4: HCM Service Delivery
    Enhanced capabilities of HCM Processes and Forms (e. g. processes for organizational objects, mass XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
       start of processes), and EIC.                                                                   HCM             Session
    Cope with new business trends and needs in the area of HR shared services.

        What's new in EHP4: HCM Core, eSOA & Countries
ERP-High level overview about several enhancements in HCM core: Concurrent Employment and Global
                                                                                                          XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
HCM- Employment
                                                                                                          HCM             Session
004 For country enhancements, several enhancements to existing country versions/ public sector versions
        and additional new countries.
        What is new in EHP4 for Sales                                                                     XX-AIE-LES-ERP-
SAS-                                                                                                                      Overview
        Simplification, functional enhancements and enterprise service enablement in the area of sales    SAS
        Advanced Returns Management with EHP4
    Overview about the main features of Advanced Returns Management:
ERP-    Supplier and customer returns business transactions, including the capture of inspections
                                                                                                        XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
SAS-Definition of logistical follow-up activities
                                                                                                        SAS             Session
002 Applications for customer and internal refund determination
    Tracking functionality for monitoring the entire returns process
    Also included: A demo of typical returns scenarios.

ERP-    Order-to-Cash Simplifications with EHP4
                                                                                                        XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
SAS-Simplification of order-to-cash processes
                                                                                                        SAS             Session
003 Highlight: Configurable sales UI.
        Incentive and Commission Management with EHP4 Enhancements in ICM (Incentive and
        Commission Management)
        Provide improved simplicity and usability as well as of enhanced functionality in the sales
        compensation management:                                                                        XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Portal roles for Sales Compensation Analyst and Credential Manager                                  SAS             Session
    Enterprise SOA services for commission case and document
    Accruals:consolidated information about open ICM entitlements
    Fast track approval for pending settlements
        What's new in EHP4 for Procurement?
        Enhanced functionality for:
    Multiple account assignment for document items
    Better sharing of processes, from procurement in purchasing to settlement in financial accounting, e.g.
        down payments and retentions
ERP-Managing serialized materials and components in your purchasing processes                               XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Improving joint procurement processes between SAP ERP and SAP SRM and seamlessly integration PLE
PLE-001                                                                                                                     Session
        of ERP purchasing functions with SRM functions with :
    Common purchasing roles for multisystem landscape (SAP ERP and SAP SRM)
    Enables the central contract created in SAP SRM to be used as source of supply directly in SAP ERP
    Creation of RFx from ERP purchase requisition
    Central source of supply processing
        Invoice Management by Open Text Benefits of SAP Invoice Management by Open Text
    Optimize the accounts payable (AP) process by increasing visibility of invoice status
ERP-                                                                                                  XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Reduce manual and inefficient paper-based invoice processes
PLE-002                                                                                               PLE             Session
        Enhance vendor relations through on-time payments and a reduction of status inquiries
        Ensure accurate, timely reporting to internal and external entities

        Extended Warehouse Management with SAP SCM 7.0
        Optimal warehouse management with SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM):
    Visibility of transportation plans for execution in the warehouse
    Staging goods-to-production process flows
    Improvements to accelerate warehouse configuration, including graphical visualization based on the
        warehouse structure
ERP-                                                                                                      XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
        Process monitoring enhancements for picking, packing, and putaway, accessed through the
PLE-003                                                                                                   PLE             Session
        warehouse cockpit
    Weigh the new cross-docking techniques that allow to move products directly to shipping without first
        storing them, thereby minimizing product handling
    Enhanced functionality in the areas of resource management, and interleaving
    EWM as a tool to eliminate resource overcrowding in the warehouse, and increase efficiencies in your
        What's new in EHP4 for Product Development and Manufacturing?
    Batch traceability across multiple production systems for manufacturing customers
    The new Manufacturing Intelligence Dashboard for Production Supervisors provides better insight in
ERP-    the production processes and it helps to react faster on exceptional situations
PDM-EWM managed warehouses can now seamlessly be integrated into manufacturing processes                                  Overview
001 Outsourced Manufacturing processes can be managed easily and new features provide better
        traceability and higher flexibility & transparency
    New WIP tracking functionality allows you to track work-in-process
    The new Production Order Split feature helps to flexibly react on changes in the production process

       Enhanced Manufacturing Functionality with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 4 - Part 1
       Overview about the following topics:
    New Enterprise Services for the Integration of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and new
       Enterprise Services for Batch Analytics                                                               XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    New Batch History functionality to enable multiple industries to fulfill legal requirements in tracking  PDM             Session
       defects and manage recalls
    Enhanced Order Split functionality for an increased flexibility to react to unplanned events on the shop
       floor, changed customer requirements, or reprioritization of production orders

       Enhanced Manufacturing Functionality with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 4 - Part 2
       Overview over the following topics:
    Work-in-Process (WIP) Batches for a better transparency in WIP tracking for production and process
       orders for customers in all Manufacturing Industries who require high transparency into and        XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
       traceability of work-in-process                                                                    PDM             Session
    EWM-Integration for material staging in ERP Manufacturing including Kanban, Repetitive
       Manufacturing and Production-/Process order based processes with production confirmations
    Enhanced Manufacturing Intelligence Dashboard for Production Supervisors.
        Overview of 'Integrated Product Development'
        Insight into topics required for an Integrated Product Development:
    Portfolio and Project Management
    Embedded Analytics for educated decision making
    CAD Integration
    BOM Management                                                                                     XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Material Master                                                                                    PDM             Session
    Collaboration with internal and external teams
    Product Design Cost Estimation
    Engineering Change Management
        Also included: An update on the new flexible Web User Interface.

       SAP PLM 7.0 Overview
       Overview over enhancements in SAP PLM 7 :
    The new PLM Web User Interface                                                                     XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    New ways of collaborating with partners in the development process                                 PDM             Session
    How to obtain relevant information from the entire ERP system and get it to your user in an
       understandable way with the help of Product Centric View

        "What's new in EHP4: Travel Management"
        Overview over enhancements in SAP Travel Management, including:
    Travel Request: detailed estimated costs, configurable transportation and application categories   XX-AIE-LES-ERP-
COS-                                                                                                                   Overview
    Travel Planning: mixed display air and rail, pricing grid, multiple airports                       COS
    Travel Expenses: Express Expense Sheet
    Public Sector: ESS Travel and Expenses with industry-specifics (DE + global)"

       Environmental fee calculation and reporting with SAP Recycling Administration
ERP-Technical interface to BW
                                                                                                       XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
COS-Lean Data entry
                                                                                                       COS             Session
002 Regulatory product-related reporting North America
    Packaging Sustainability Reporting
        What is new in SAP Real Estate Management with Enhancement Package 4 (Part I+II)
        Two part introduction of enhancements for SAP Real Estate Management:
    Part 1 (EhP4 overall):
    Occupancy and Move Management
    Contract and Conditions
    Cost Efficiency Analysis
    Land Use Management                                                                                  XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Analytics / Business Intelligence                                                                    COS             Session
    Further Enhancements
    Part 2 (Analytics): Enhanced Reporting functionalities with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP
        NetWeaver BI):
    New Data Sources for Extraction
    New Info Providers
    New Queries

ERP-     Enhance the Value of Your Property Portfolio with SAP Real Estate Management
                                                                                                      XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
COS-     Latest trends and requirements in the real estate world and how SAP Real Estate Management
                                                                                                      COS             Session
004      provides end-to-end support for corporate as well as commercial real estate managers

        Enhanced Quality Management functionality with EHP4 for SAP ERP 6.0
        Introduction into new or enhanced functionality of Quality Management with SAP ERP:
    Quality notifications                                                                             XX-AIE-LES-ERP- Expert
    Audit management                                                                                  COS             Session
    Manufacturing integration
    Enterprise services.

     3. Expert on Demand Requests
Expert on Demand Requests are available in addition to Live Expert Sessions. It is recommended to use for first information about
new functionality offered in Live Expert Sessions
In case additional questions are open, these questions can be addressed to SAP experts via Expertise-on-Demand requests.
In scope are specific questions concerning content, scope and limitations of:
      New functionality in Enhancement Packages (documented in Solution Browser or in release notes)
      Technical questions about EHP Architecture, EHP Installation and SOA
Not in scope are:
      Collections of questions with work shop character
      Implementation project specific questions
In case you have questions for several areas please create separate requests, as requests will be dispatched to the experts. The 5-
day contingent will be reduced by the time needed by SAP for the Expert on Demand Request incl. preparation and service report
creation. In case you would like to request a live expert session, please create a service message on the component assigned to the
live expert session with an attached live expert session request template.
Expert on Demand – Request Template:
  << OLE Object: Microsoft Office Word Document >>

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