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					                      2011 Associate Trades Award

                  DARREL SHIRE, Kal Tire (Edmonton)

The word “LOYALTY” means a lot to the recipient of this year’s Associate Trades
Award. Darrel Shire started in our industry with Crown Tire in 1973. In 1993, Kal
Tire purchased Crown Tire. Today, the company is still Kal Tire and Darrel Shire, as
Outside Sales Representative for the West Edmonton region, is still an integral part
of the operation – after 38 years.

Darrel’s loyalty extends beyond his company and into his industry with his
involvement in the AMTA’s Associate Trades division. Over the years, Darrel could
always be counted on to be spearheading a division event, starting with the last
Truxpo a number of years ago, moving on to his 10-year effort on behalf of the
popular Edmonton Draw Down Dinner, and, for the last five years since its
inception, the Edmonton Golf Tournament.

These volunteer efforts take a tremendous amount of time out of an already hectic
schedule; and Darrel says it would not be possible without the outstanding support
of his employer. He says Kal Tire encourages employees to become involved in
industries that use its products. An example of the company’s support is when
Darrel wanted to attend the Calgary Draw Down Dinner to see what the Edmonton
event could learn from it. Kal Tire gave Darrel the time off and paid for his
transportation, room and board. There is a company that backs up its words with

Darrel repays this support by giving his all to Kal Tire, visiting carriers, construction
companies and dealerships touting the latest Kal Tire products. These include the
Nokian line of passenger tires, the Continental truck line, the full-range of
Bridgestone and Michelin tires, and, of course, the popular Bandag retreading
procedure that is proving to be a huge win-win in terms of cost savings and
environmental protection. This shameless plug was brought to you by Darrel, who
insisted on getting in a few words on his company’s goods.

While his volunteerism takes a lot of time and effort, Darrel insists it is worth every
minute, every mile, every phone call, every e-mail and every meeting. He says the
Associate Trades committee is made up of great people and provides an
unparalleled networking opportunity.

Receiving this award is definitely the ‘icing on the cake’ because Darrel enjoys his
volunteer work so much and is adamant that he isn’t in it for the accolades.

We’ve mentioned the support Darrel receives from Kal Tire, but he also receives a
tremendous amount of support from the home front. His wife Betty, an office
manager for UPS and daughters (21-year-old Kimberly and 19-year-old Kristine)
are very understanding when dad is late for a family function because of his
volunteer duties.

After his family and his volunteerism, Darrel’s third passion in life is golf – and that
is the reason he is not with us today to receive his award. As we speak, Darrel is in
Phoenix in the middle of an eight-day golf trip that has been planned for many
months. He would like to be here to receive this prestigious award, but it’s golf – in
Phoenix – and knows most of you will understand.

To accept this year’s Associate Trades Award on behalf of Kal Tire’s Darrel Shire, I’d
like to call on _______________.

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