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Ni-Co-Cu Papers


									                    ALTA 2011 NICKEL/COBALT/COPPER SESSIONS - LIST OF PAPERS
Organization                Country      Title/Topic
Treatment of Laterites
                                         The Direct Nickel Process - Continued Progress on the
Direct Nickel               Australia
                                         Pathway to Commercialisation
                                         The Agata Nickel Project – Project Update, A Potential Low
Boyd Willis Hydromet
                            Australia    Cost Nickel Producer in the Surigao District of Northern
                                         Mindanao, the Philippines
Metals Finance Corp.        Australia    Why make MHP
                                         Recent Developments in the Chloride Processing of Nickel
Neomet Technologies         Canada
                                         Laterite Ores
Parker Centre (CSIRO)       Australia    Sequential Leaching of Nickel Laterite Ores

                                         Chemical Aspects of Mixed Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide
University of Queensland    Australia
                                         Precipitation and Refining
                                         Study of Certain Parameters in Laboratory-Scale Prereduction
Atilim University           Turkey
                                         of Sivrihisar Laterite Ores of Turkey
Heap & Bioleaching
Talvivaara Mining                        Talvivaara Sotkamo Mine – Bioheapleaching of a Polymetallic
Company                                  Nickel Ore in Subarctic Conditions
Wardrop                     UK           Nickel Bioleaching Development Work
                                         A Study into the Possible Application of BioHeap Technology
Western Areas               Australia
                                         to Forrestania
University of South                      Optimizing Nickel Laterite Ore Agglomeration for Enhanced
Australia                                Heap Leaching
Anglo American              Chile        Manganese in SX/EW Plants

Cytec                       USA          Cyanex 272 modeling update

                                         Oxidation in Copper SX processes
Cytec                       AUS
Miller Metallurgical
                            Australia    Contamination Management in Solvent Extraction Plants
                                         A Novel DSX Process for The Separation of Nickel and Cobalt
Parker Centre (CSIRO)       Australia
                                         from Iron and Aluminium and Other Impurities
IBC Advanced Tech.          USA          Selective Separations in the Cobalt and Other Industries
                                         Development of a Novel Smart Anode for Environmentally
Doshisha Univ.              Japan
                                         Friendly Electrowinning Process
Outotec Oy/Norilsk Nickel                Development of Anode Bag Technology in Nickel
Harjavalta Oy                            Electrowinning
New Projects

CST Minerals Lady Annie     Australia    Lady Annie Operations - CSR Restart 2010

Outotec                     Finland      Assarel Medet Cu SX-TF-EW Project In Bulgaria

                                         Atmospheric Acid Leaching of Nkamouna Asbolinic Cobalt
Lycopodium Minerals         Australia
                                         Concentrate with Pyrite as the Reductant
Leaching of Sulphides
                                         Application of Galvanox™ Leach Technology to Treat a
Bateman                     Australia
                                         Flotation Cleaner Tail
                                        Recovering Copper & Gold in chloride System by Nikko
Nippon Mining            Japan
                                        Chloride Process
Uninversity of                          An Investigation into Leaching Behaviour of Copper-bearing
                         South Africa
Johannesburg                            Mattes
Equipment & Materials
                                        High Pressure Autoclave Feeding at Maximum Solids
FELUWA Pumpen            Germany
                                        Concentration and Efficiency
Ekato                    Germany        Agitator Start-Up in Settled Bed Conditions
                                        A-Z of Autoclave Isolation: A Review of Practical Issues and a
Mogas                    USA            Summary of Trends Encountered in Autoclave Isolation, from
                                        an Equipment Suppliers Perspective
                                        Characteristics and Fabrication Quality Control of Large
Morimatsu                China
                                        Pressure Leaching Autoclave
                                        Selecting Specialty Stainless Steel Grades for Sulphuric Acid
Outokumpu Stainless      Sweden
                                        Leaching Environments
PAL of Laterites Forum
Minara Resources Ltd     Australia      Murrin Murrin Operations - Past, Present and Future

JGC                      Japan          Coral Bay Nickel HPP-2 Project in Palawan, Philippines

Sumitomo                 Sumitomo       Coral Bay Expansion
                                        Carbon Friendly Nickel Processing and pressure acid
Simulus                  Australia      leaching: Reduced carbon emissions and more efficient acid
                                        use for higher economic returns
Panel Discussion         PAL Design, Operation & Maintenance

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