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Medico-legal Assist is a referral company and website for persons needing to access Solicitors in
relation to Medical Negligence, MRSA, Hospital Waiting Lists and Orthodontic Waiting Lists.

The main obstacle for Solicitors in dealing with Medical Negligence is the high cost of expert
reports which are usually sourced from Britain.

Agent is currently to be in talks with a British company who source the relevant specialists and
employ them to study case notes and records with a view to offering an expert opinion.

The service would include that company obtaining the medical records, sourcing the appropriate
specialist, issuing the preliminary report and funding all reports including the final reports should
matters proceed.

Agent presumes there will be a considerable cost for this and it cannot be based on a percentage
of the claim as this is illegal. The outlays ultimately for the reports will tax and agent proposes
that this British based company would obtain a flat fee for consultancy which is to be discussed.

This flat fee for consultancy would form part of the costs and it would be agreed with the client
upon taking instructions that if there is a differential in the taxation or by agreement of costs the
client will discharge this.

It is also to be discussed situations where medical records are obtained and a preliminary report
is furnished by a specialist and the specialist is of the view that no negligence occurred. This in
itself is a cost which most clients will not bare and is that cost to be bourne by the British
company who are undertaking to do such work.

The Law Society does not have any difficulty in having companys of this nature i.e. Medical
Negliegence Assest, refer cases on to Solicitors.

Please see advertisements in Golden Pages, one entitled “ACCIDENT CLAIMS HELPLINE
ltd”. This is a referral company for McMahon O’Brien Downes Solicitors in Limerick
exclusively and please see a further advertisement for accident claims in the Golden Pages called

It is obvious that these company’s are obtaining referral fees or referring work on which is in
breach of Section        of the Solicitors Act               .

Please see agents letter to Ms. Lind Kirwan of the Law Society regarding Accident Claims
Helpline and please see the response thereto.

Agent already has confirmation from The Law Society that there are no difficulties with regard
to Solicitors referral service.

1.   Funds in the Homelawdirect Marketing Account would be utilised to establish a website
     for Medico-Legal Assist and also a full page advertisement in the Golden Pages

     2.     That Medico-Legal Assist would refer on cases to existing firms in the Franchise
     under their existing notepaper and title – not being the Homelawdirect Firm and that
     perhaps a small logo at the end of letter head would point out that each firm is a member
     of Medico-Legal Assist group (optional)

     3.      That the services of the British company who are undertaking to fund the claims
     be utilised by the group.

     4.     That a panel of senior and junior Counsel would be approached to deal
     exclusively with our work.

     5.    The cost of a website is approximately €5,000.00 and the cost of advertising in the
     Golden Pages by way of a full page add is approximately €10,000.00
                                   DRAFT WEBSITE

                          MEDICO-LEGAL ASSIST

Welcome to our website

Do you feel that you have been left down by the HSE and our health care system? If so do you
need access to legal advice to investigate as to whether or not you can seek legal redress and
compensation for injuries suffered in the compromise of your health? If you answered yes to
these questions – Medico-Legal Assist is here to help:-

Medico-Legal Assist has been established to seek legal redress for patients who feel that they
have been let down by the HSE and the Department of Health and Children in Ireland due to
inadequate systems of care employed at A & E Departments and in-house hospital services.


The Medico-Legal Assist Group are specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors.

Our Nationwide Panel of dedicated Medical Negligence Solicitors have years of experience in
dealing with Medical Negligence and increasingly the public are becoming frustrated by a
system where there is massive overcrowding in hospitals and where proper protocols are not
being put in place. This now has become a feature of Health Care Management in Ireland and
where in some instances that delay in either diagnosis or treatment is having serious life
threatening consequences for patients involved.

Medico-Legal Assist will put you in touch with our specialist Solicitors who are thoroughly
familiar and professional in their field in dealing with such cases. The cost of seeking legal
redress from the Department of Health and Children and the HSE has always been a real barrier
for patients who feel that they have been let down by the Health Care System.

We have established a panel of highly specialist medical consultants who will read your hospital
records and issue our Lawyers with a specialist consultant report.

Our panel of selected Barristers act in tandem with our specialist lawyers in handling your claim

For a nominal fixed fee our Lawyers take up all your Medical Records and refer them to our
specialist medical consultants who will issue a report as to whether or not there is negligence or

We have a range of funding options available to bring your merited legal case to a successful

Our areas of practice include:

Cystic Fibrosis patients who’s health management and care have been compromised as a result
of a lack of isolation facilities and special dedicated units.
Orthodontics. Delays on waiting lists and/or delays in having orthodontic appliances removed
and regularly hereby causing damage. Insufficient monitoring of dental braces causing gum and
mouth disease
Breast cancer claims and mis-diagnosis and delay in treatment.
Birth injury and Cerebral Palsy
Still Birth
Spinal Injury
Inquests & Fatal Accidents
MRSA & related cases
Claims against the state with regard to infection of blood with Hepatitis C
Delay in fully resourcing medical and educational needs of children who require special needs


We at Medico-Legal Assist recognise that for the lay public that there is bureaucratic red tape in
seeking information from either the Department of Health or the HSE when things go wrong.
This can cause untold suffering to patients inter-facing with the Health Care System in Ireland.
We, at Medico-Legal Assist unravel that maze and give you a realistic assessment of your case
and we work towards a positive and satisfactory outcome for all our clients.

If you feel let down by The Health Care System and you have suffered medical injuries or your
health has been compromised due to inadequate health care we are here to help. Our Solicitors at
Medico-Legal Assist will advise you of the proper course of action with the independent
assistance of medical experts who will review your hospital records and issue an expert
independent report on their findings.

We at medico-legal assist also recognise that health care professionals are dedicated in the care
of their patients and are working in a health system where proper protocols are not in place.
Many protocols which have been adopted by the Irish Health Care System have proved to be
detrimental to patient care to such an extent that the health of patients has been compromised
despite the best efforts of Health Care Professionals. Leading medical experts within the health
system are now coming forward on behalf of their patients and are openly calling for drastic
action by the HSE and the Department of Health which calls are largely being ignored by the

Our legal panel of Medical Negligence Solicitors are dedicated professionals and are thoroughly
familiar with all aspects of medical negligence which may result in mis-diagnosis, delays in
diagnosis and/or a lack of proper and adequate facilities resulting in injury.

1.   My son who is 19 years old and due to start college in September. He was diagnosed with
     Cystic Fibrosis when he was 6 months old. Over the years we managed as best we could
     with (bipap) ventilators and physiotherapy treatments at home to minimise our son’s lung
     infections and all the other symptoms associated with CF. Out son over the years required
     to be hospitalised and in some cases several times a year. We had to wait in A& E and he
     was put in a general word with other patients and sometimes with other CF patients with
     a stronger stain of the disease. Recently we have been told that our son’s condition has
     dis-improved and it would appear that he has contracted further infections due to his
     hospital stays.


ANSWER:            YES

2.   My daughter who is aged 14 had orthodontic appliances fitted under the care of the HSE
     and no follow up has occurred in well over a year now and she has developed abscesses
     in her mouth and we now have been told she is suffering from gum disease and I want to
     know can I seek legal redress and compensation on behalf of my daughter for what has


ANSWER:            YES

3.   My wife over a year ago detected a lump in her breast and under the supervision of the
     HSE a mammogram was carried out. Thankfully at the time the results were clear. She
     has recently been recalled and it now transpires that the growth was malignant all along
     and she now has to undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy. We are fearful that the
     delay in giving a proper diagnosis will impede her recovery or worse still. Do we have a
     claim against the HSE for the stress and trauma caused to our family as a result of this

ANSWER:                YES

4.     My husband was admitted last year to hospital for a routine gal bladder operation and he
       was kept in hospital for over three weeks as the operation didn’t go well and he
       developed an open wound and was put in an isolation ward. I was informed that my
       husband has contracted MRSA and the nurses and doctors wore surgical gloves and
       aprons and masks when they entered the room. When he was released from hospital he
       found that he had no energy and he was unable to return to work. Do we have a claim?


ANSWER:                YES

5.     I am a haemophiliac and I was recently admitted to hospital for surgery and I required a
       blood transfusion and I have now been told that I have developed Hepatitis C. Do I have
       a claim?


ANSWER:                YES

Our clients are real people which genuine concerns who’s health and quality of life have been
seriously compromised by a health system failure that did not adequately care for their needs. If
you feel that you have been let down by the health system and you are seeking legal redress for
that failure our dedicated team of legal specialists are here to help and assist you in getting that

For an immediate appointment Lo-Call:                Email;

TO:            SIOBHAN


DATE:          21/11/07

Contact Patient Focus – tell them what I am about.

Would they profile Medico-Legal Assist on their website?

Tell them that in the event of them having queries from patients in regard to what we do – we
will act for patients nationwide.

I could for example email them now my intended website and see what response we get.

I would need a separate number and telephone system and Nic would know then when to say
“Medico-Legal Assist” rather than “Homelawdirect” or “Fahy & Co”.

To get the website known – just the website needs to be advertised, also patient focus also from a
google point of view would have to come up high on the following words: MRSA, Medical
Negligence Solicitors, Hospital Waiting Lists and others that we will come up with. There needs
to be links to other like minded sites. It needs to be advertised on the Golden Pages – both web
and print.

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