Mary Kay Hostess Program (PDF) by dfgh4bnmu


									            Mary Kay Hostess Program
Strive for Five!!!                 Date of your Class:                     Make a guest list and don’t
   When you have five              ________________                        forget to call me with their
 qualified guests at your                                                     names and numbers!
    class you will get a
                                   Time:___________                       Name:           Phone:
  Hostess Appreciation
          Card…..                I will arrive 30 minutes                 1)___________________________________________
Your card will entitle you
                                            prior.                        2)___________________________________________
 to 25% off all Glamour
Products for one full year                                                3)___________________________________________
and 25% off all products        Earn FREE MK Products!
    the month of your            Receive $5.00 in free
 birthday! You will also                                                  5)___________________________________________
 get a special gift the day     products for each of the
       of your class!                 following:                          6)___________________________________________

                                1)Call me with the names and numbers      7)___________________________________________
    Hostess Credit              of your guests 3-5 days prior to your
  Receive 10% of your class     class…$5.00 in Free Products
sales in Free MK Products for                                             9)___________________________________________
                                2)Have 5 outside orders or $100 in out-
            Hosting!            side sales…$5.00 in Free Products
  Increase it with one                                                    10)__________________________________________
booking to 15% or two           3)Call me within 2 days of beginning
                                your Basic Skin Care and let me know
bookings and get 20%            what you think...$5.00 in Free Products

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