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Sharon White – Nurse Manager Workforce - SESIH
     Graduate Nurse/Graduate
       Midwife Employment
 NSW Health is providing a centralised on-line
  application process

 NSW public hospitals and a small number of
  private not for profit hospitals

 Over 100 hospitals across NSW

 Approx 1,700 graduate nurse and Bachelor of
  Midwifery graduate positions on offer
There are 4 Metropolitan
Area Health Services and two
   other (CHW,JH)

   Northern Sydney Central Coast
   South Eastern Sydney Illawarra
   Sydney South West
   Sydney West
   Children’s Hospital
   Justice Health

3 Private Hospitals

 The Mater Hospital
 Sydney Adventist Hospital
 St Vincent's Private Hospital
There are 4 Rural
Area Health Services

 Greater Southern
 Greater Western
 North Coast
 Hunter New England
Hospital/Cluster/Area Health Service
         Graduate Program?
  Make an informed decision and research
   what is on offer – go to hospital/cluster/AHS
              How to Apply
 Applications opened 15 June and will close
       9 am Monday 27 July 2009

 You can lodge your on-line application at:
       (then click on “Health Jobs”)
     Lodging your Application
 Carefully follow the instructions on the NSW
  Health website
 Clinical areas - this relates to nursing workforce
  projections, not employment opportunities
 List your 8 hospital preferences
 Changes to hospital preferences and other
  details can be made until 9 a.m. on
              27th July, 2009
             Your Application
 Print off your completed application with your unique
  Application ID NUMBER
 ID NUMBER = successful lodgement
 Email confirmation only if email address is valid
 You can change of details or options by enter
  Registration ID Number & DOB to view your
  application (confirmation)
 Your application will be forwarded to your FIRST
  PREFERENCE hospital/cluster/AHS - they will
  contact and interview you
 An invitation to interview pack will by sent by
  14 August inviting you to attend for interview
 READ it carefully!! It will contain everything
  you need to know and bring to the interview
 This will include 100 points identification
  (refer to NSW Health Website)
 If you cannot attend your allocated interview -
  contact the person nominated in your letter as
  soon as possible
 Preparing for your Interview
 The 5 P’s
 Questions will be based on the selection
  criteria and ANMC Competencies
 Questions are open ended and seek to
  assess your knowledge of the roles and
  responsibilities of a novice Registered Nurse
  or Midwife
 There will be up to 3 people on each
  interview panel.
              Selection Criteria
1. Eligible for registration as a nurse or midwife with the
   Nurses and Midwives Board of NSW prior to the agreed
   date for commencement of employment
2. Completing course in second semester 2009 or first
   semester 2010
3. Australia citizenship or a visa which permits employment
   in Australia. (New Zealand citizens residing in Australia
   who hold a current Special Category Visa are
   considered to have permanent residence status) There
   will be no sponsorship available for student visa holders
4. Demonstrated effective interpersonal, verbal and written
   communication skills
        Selection Criteria (cont’d)
5.    Overseas students must have documented proof of
      English Language skills equivalent to an IELTS
      academic 7 level
6.    Current clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving
7.    Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team
8.    Understanding of EEO, OHS&R, infection control and
      continuous quality improvement principles
9.    Understanding of the professional, ethical and legal
      requirements of the Registered Nurse or Midwife.
10.   Meets all Department of Health Immunisation
       Job Allocation Process
 Following the interviews, applicants will be ranked
  using a standardised criteria and positions allocated
  according to nominated hospital preferences
 Factors that impact on the allocation include:
      Interview rank
      Hospital or program preference
      Availability of positions in those preferences
      Your registration and availability date
 If your first hospital preference has been fully
  allocated, you may be offered a position in your
  second, third or fourth preference and so on.
Job Allocation Process cont..
 If all positions in your hospital preferences have been
  filled, without you being made an offer, you may be
  be placed on an eligibility list
 Letters offering employment and eligibility will be
  issued by employers in October
 You will be required to accept or decline this offer by
  a set date – no reply within the timeframe will result in
  the position being offered to another applicant from
  the eligibility list
 If you are on the eligibility list you may be contacted
  by a hospital if a position becomes available.
            Important Dates
 Applications will close at:
          9am Monday 27 July 2009
 Letters of invitation to interview will be sent
                 14 August 2009
 Interviews will be completed by:
               25 September 2009

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