Nurse Education in the Tertiary Sector by liaoqinmei


									                              Nurse Education in the Tertiary Sector
                           Minutes of the Meeting held 6&7 April 2006
                       At 83 Fairlie Terrace Victoria University, Wellington

Meeting commenced Thursday 9.07am

Chair:                   Kathy Holloway (am) Alison Dixon (pm)

Present:                 Marg Adamson (UCOL), Jane Anderson (Northland), Petra Andersen (Waiariki),
                         Heather Baker (Auck University), Michael Bland (WINTEC), Angela Bradley
                         (ChCh School of Medicine), Jane Dancer (NMIT), Alison Dixon (Otago
                         Polytechnic), Maurice Drake (UNITEC), Jan Duke (Victoria University), Jann
                         Fielden (Massey, Wellington), Peter Gallagher (UCOL), Elizabeth Hanley (CPIT),
                         Thomas Harding (UNITEC), Kathy Holloway (Whitireia), Judi Honeyfield
                         (WINTEC), Susan Jacobs (EIT), Maureen Kelly (Waiariki IT), Linda Kinniburgh
                         (Otago Polytechnic), Mary MacManus (AUT), Sandy Matheson (NMIT), Jill
                         Parsons (SIT), Debbie Penlington (Manakau), Leanne Pool (Whitireia), Lorraine
                         Ritchie (ChCh School of Medicine), Susan Ritchie (WITT), Mereana Roberts
                         (Wharangi Ruamano) Wellington, Wendy Scott (Whitireia), Rachel Vernon (EIT),
                         Rose Whittle (CPIT)

Apologies:               Friday: Kathy Holloway, Leanne Pool, Wendy Scott
                         Both days
                         Cathy Andrew (CPIT), Willem Fourie (Manukau IT), Judy Kilpatrick (Auck
                         University), Julianne Hall (AUT), Carol McVeigh (Massey Wellington), Janet
                         Olliver (UCOL), Linda Polascheck (Plunket), Kerene Strochnetter (Northland),

Welcome:                 Kathy welcomed everyone to the meeting

Recorded:                It was with sadness we record the death two weeks ago, of Mary Miles from
                         Christchurch School of Medicine

Treasurers Report
Current balance          $14000.00                Investments $16000.00
                         Expenses of the Lobbyist not as great as had been budgeted for.
                                                                       Alison Dixon/ Jan Duke CARRIED

Confirmation of the Minutes of the previous meeting 18&19 October 2005
            The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as true and correct:
                                                        Maurice Drake / Rachel Vernon CARRIED

Matters Arising

Feedback/reports from NETS representatives

MOH and HWAC Briefing paper update
Heather Baker reported that the group found that it was too difficult to fit all material into a two page
document. The decision to make a number of shorter position papers as part of Portfolio group work.
Question raised as to the potential to fund people for one day to do this work – support for this concept.

Development of Best Practice Guidelines project update - ongoing

Email to Diane Gunn re interest in two way process with NETS & NEXECS - Alison has yet to make
Meeting with Kai Tiaki - update Meeting took place resulting in an article about NETS appearing in
February 2006 Kai Tiaki
Comparative Data of Applicants – Northern Region to continue to develop
Funding concern for Magnet NZ – Update - Kathy reported that the funding is to go through Hutt Valley
DHB therefore no letter required
Student Hui template letter update – Alison reported response received from Ministry of Health and
HWAC following letter from both herself and Mereana requesting funding for Hui. No funding is available
at present.

Correspondence October to April

             Invitation to sector consultation meeting of Nurse Practitioner Working Party
             Notification of appointment of Linda Kinniburgh as HOS at Otago Polytechnic
             Response from Annette King
             Invitation to EIT celebration
             National Health Committee Annual report
             Invitation to EIT 25 year celebration
             Links newsletter
             Connect Newsletter
             Nursing Journal Tai Tokerau Wananga

             Submission to Nursing Council re Nurse Assistant title
             Letters of thanks written to
                  o   Barbara Lowen
                  o   Nursing Council
                  o   Annette King

Regional Coordinator activities since last meeting:

Northern:         Continuation of Survey
Central:          Decided to hold separate meetings from NETS meetings. To be held in Palmerston
                  North so that more people can attend
Southern          Have not met

General feedback/reports

Group            Timeframe       Representative       Notes
NNO              Ongoing         Nat Co-ord and       Meeting held 14 March
                                 one other                 Up date on purpose of meeting
                                                           Members reps of groups
                                                           Need for another NETS Rep
Nurse            Ongoing         Susan Jacobs,        Sector meeting 20 Feb
Practitioner                     Ali Dixon, Judy           Interim report strategizing for Minister of Health to
Action group                     Kilpatrick                   be ready by end of April re Nurse Practitioner
                                                           Total cost to profession for Prescribing Practicum.
                                                           DHB‟s – some proactive some not
                                                           Susan to send documents to Nat Cord – received
Website          Ongoing         Kathy Holloway       Updated documents posted
                                 Willie Fourie        Login: Educationurse
                                                      Password: coordinator
Primary Health   Ongoing         Query a new          Awaiting direction from Chief Advisor (Mark Jones) re
Care Advisory                    NETS rep needs       need for member – emailed 8 March for update
Group MOH                        to be forwarded
                                 to Ministry of
International                    To be appointed      NETS needs to suggest a member
Humanitarian                                              Nat Cord to research background for member
NENZ/NETS        Ongoing         Central region       Proposal for increasing communication across groups
central region                   rep and Nat Co-      through shared resources – i.e. address lists, website
meeting                          ordinator            addresses etc. Scheduling meetings once per year at
                                                      same time to enable meeting in regional groups.
                                                      Discussion paper developed for consultation with both
                                                      groups. NETS Exec meeting with NENZ on 7 April
Australia and    Ongoing         Jan Duke             Jan Duke has replaced Jo Walton as the NZ Rep
New Zealand                                           Work underway to form Reference group to identify
Council of                                            relevant impact publications for nursing research
Deans of                                              evaluation
Nursing &                                             Strategic Planning Meeting in July 2006. Global Alliance
Midwifery                                             of Deans website
                                                      Commented on use of lobbyist to promote views - ? option
                                                      for NETS Action: Jan Duke to explore.

Completion of doctoral studies congratulations were offered to:
    Dr Susan Jacobs
    Dr Peter Gallagher
    Dr Thomas Harding

Students Hep B or HIV positive
Query raised about clinical placement of these students – All DHB‟s have a policy and they advise

National Co-ordinator Job Description
It was moved: Alison Drake / Jan Duke that Kathy Holloway be appointed NETS National Co-
ordinator. Carried
Nat Co-ord to bring to AGM any amendments needed to the Job Description

Strategic & Action Plan 2005/06
Discussion and amendments proposed by group for action by National Coordinator.
All references to March be changed to April
TEC – to be approached to come to the July meeting to discuss funding Action Kathy
Wharangi Ruamano reps at Invercargill Student Hui to discuss funding by MOH and to report back to Nat
Coordinator Action Mereana

        It was moved: Debbie Pennlington / Maurice Drake that the Amended Strategic & Action
        Plan 2005/2006 be ratified. Carried

Graduation Destination Survey
Responses varied with an overall 40% rate.
It was suggested that the survey should be completed by students in the last block week before State
Finals. Forms are on the NETS website. Decision that all schools conduct and submit survey to
Heather Baker. Agreed

Utilisation of a Lobbyist

Should NETS have a lobbyist and or Part Time Administrator (thought this could be part of a university
staff).                               Exec group to meet and present paper to next meeting.

Chief Nurse Advisor Mark Jones not able to attend – apology given
Discussion re concern regarding quoted comments from Mark Jones
     Graduates are not fit for practice at Graduation
     Will work with DON‟s in NZ
     Internship Programme needed
     Enrolled Nurses should retain EN as title
Group decision: NETS exec to meet with Mark Jones to inform him of NETS position on
longstanding views. Action: Nat Coord to make contact to set up meeting.

    Indication of PBRF involvement was asked for
     In                                           Out
     EIT                                          CPIT
     Manakua                                      Northland
     NMIT                                         SIT
     Otago Polytechnic                            UCOL
     UNITEC                                       Wairiki
     Whitireia                                    WITT
    Big concern is that low grade of research = low amount of money
     NETS needs to have a strategic paper ready before PBRF comes out to create positive publicity
     about Nurse Research. Potential to rewrite education review article on the impact of PBRF on
     applied disciplines. Jan Duke to circulate and portfolio group to work on.

       Overseas members of Panel historically were more rigid in application of criteria. Should all allied
        health professional strands present a collective paper. If this is the case NETS will resource a
        person to prepare a paper informing stakeholders of what‟s happening. Action: Portfolio group to
        follow up.

        It was moved: That NETS exec may spend up to $5000.00 to facilitate collection of data
        and conferring with Allied Health Professional on PBRF. Carried.

Nursing Council – Marion Clark & Carolyn Reed
Feedback and queries from Council
    CTA Funding confirmed as not going to DHB‟s as suggested at NNO
    TEC – NC trying to set up meeting
          - Impact of funding on Nursing Programmes
          - Polytechnics are they compulsory members? NETS – probably after 2012

           - Will clinical funding remain a separate line item NETS - not after 2007
           - NC asked for NETS strategies so that can be same emphasis
           - Nursing must be Degree rather than Diploma
    Nurse Assistant
           - support for status quo
           - NC to facilitate work, employers, educators to discuss wider issues – NETS to be invited
    Competency – out by mid April for consultation
    New Graduate Programme – funding sorted
    Registration new graduate from State Final
           - process taking longer under new Act – students can‟t expect instant registration
           - students need to fill forms in completely and correctly especially Police Disclosure Form
              with correct declarations
    State Final
           - Please include all information - reason of why taking more than 3 or 5 years
           - Letter with application for over 3 years must be sent
           - Letter to apply for permission to go over 5 years
           - Students not to go direct to NC process to be through schools
Questions from Group
    RPL
           - NC have approved a change in RPL Policy – no longer required to submit all
              documentation unless requested – details in new handbook
           - No RPL for practice papers in Yr3
    Medals
           - NC apologised for the confusion of ordering and delivery of medals
           - NZNC gave medal maker list of successful students under school names – may be given
              to school in bulk – up to schools to organise payment
    Communication with NC
           - NC have a new ISP provider
           - Carolyn getting notification of failure from emails with a full stop in the address – it was
              pointed out that this would cover most members of NETS – ongoing issue
           - Carolyn cell phone number is: 027 305 1996 this is the best method of communication
           - New PA‟s contact details: ph 04 802-0239
    IELTS
           - NZ requires 7 over all bands therefore less applicants. Standards higher than Aust & UK
           - NC reply – to keep up with HCPA Act & Trans Tasman and be consistent overall they are
              7.5 we put it up to 7
           - If overseas students nurses register in Australia do you check their IELTS – NC no.
    Competency
           - Nurses who need competency review are being referred to the programmes - is NC still
              requiring this – NC yes
    Clinical hours guidelines max/min
           - 1500 to 1100hrs reduction – schools need to submit how they are going to do it – NC
              need to see where 400 hrs are taken from
    Handbook
           - Where is it up to? NC – it is in their June Agenda
           - Is it going to be on the website? NC – will check
    Audit processes for 2006
           - Clarification of date of audit for programmes NC - a letter will be sent and the timeline is
           - Post Audit report – when should this be sent out? NC – should have draft report quickly.
              Official report could be held up by “sign off” requirements
    Question setting workshop for State Exam
           - NC will be sending out for suitable questions soon

Whangi Ruamano – Mereana Roberts

       Student Hui
            – Numbers are down probably because of distance

           – Not all Institutions have a full time Maori Educator some are Part Time
      Survey
           - Denise Wilson had a good response to survey
           - NC wants a Maori Advisory – nominations submitted from Wharangi Ruamano
           - Maori Advisory yet to meet
           - Terms of Reference to be set
      Wharangi Ruamano Rep
           - should a WR rep go with Nat Co-ord to NNO meeting To be discussed at next NETS
              meeting as a change to policy
      Website
           - Is there a need for a Wharangi Ruamano website
           - How would it be used/accessed
           - Who would use it
      Next Hui – Auckland

Meeting broke into Under Grad and Post Grad workshops
Friday 7 April 2006

Some members attended a meeting with the Student Unit

The NETS exec met with NENZ


Student Unit “Working together, strengthening our future”
    Students were well prepared for meeting with a positive presentation and a collegial approach
    Discussion on holding a joint meeting with „Health Stakeholders‟ on “How we work together for
       the future”. The following is the power point presentation:
    Improving retention of nursing students in education
           - mentorship implementation
           - international support
           - positive interview processes
    Improving the clinical experience for nursing students
           - communication of the roster requirements
           - consistency of preceptors
           - feedback for preceptors from students
           - opportunities to obtain quality clinical hours            clarified
    Support in education
           - enrolment and retention of male students
           - career planning
           - transition to practice opportunities
           - Graduate Nurse Entry To Practice
           - how can we work together to lobby for more funding
    Cultural Safety Assessment and Education of Staff and Students
           - delivery and assessment of cultural safety –
           - what criteria do your use to educate and assess students and staff as culturally safe?
           - Do you think cultural safety education is being delivered effectively?
                Comment made that there are a number of Registered Nurses who do not understand
                “Cultural Safety”
    Questions that the students asked at the end for a general discussion
           - where do you see the future of nursing education
           - do you anticipate any major changes, if any, in nursing education in the short term and
                long term

    500 Registered Nurses were identified for competency audit. Of these 380 were required to send
     portfolios to NC portfolios and 12 met the criteria initially, approx 100 are on Interim Practicing
    Practice Model – Discussion occurred re clinical practice models. NETS suggested a day of
     debate in which all clinical practice models could be reviewed and debated as to merits and
     issues that arise including the costs involved
          - 9 June 2006 Day to discuss clinical models – a national focus is needed rather than
          - NETS/NENZ sharing cost of facilitator, travel, etc estimated cost of up to $2000
    PBRF – NETS raised awareness with NENZ re implications of PBRF for nursing.
    3 Year intention survey

          - Heather to write one page summary of survey for NENZ and suggested survey for new
              grads employment
          - NENZ already keeping 18mth post grad data

Best Practice guidelines Year 3 clinical competency sign off
            important that these are guidelines and principles and not prescriptive
           - forward ideas to of who does assessment, when is it done, how is it done to
           - group to have a workshop on developing these guidelines
           - a meeting with NENZ to be held after students have discussed Yr3
           - draft to be brought to July meeting

Post Graduate
          -  letter to be sent to Tony Gibling CTA – Nat Co-ord to draft re evaluation of programme
          -  NC consultative process
          -  Advance competencies
          -  Preliminary Post Grad – NETS position on NC Advance Competencies
          -  Angela to chair a small group for a consultation paper to NC re Advanced Competence
             and their role in approving the programmes that don‟t directly lead to Nurse Practitioner
Under Graduate
          - 1100 - 1500 hours – Heather checked with Carolyn (NC) 1100 must not include
             simulation. NC will send letter of clarification to schools.

Portfolio Group Feedback for members of groups see attached sheet
    Oral History
            - Debbie will circulate the Terms of Reference by end of April – send prospective
               interviewee names to Debbie
            - Persons already holding possible data – Liz Knight & Pamela Wood
    PBRF
             Meeting to be held on 15 June between Jan, Rachel, Mary Finlayson, Sandy
             Topic of discussion – “How to get grant applications”
             Website Peer Review on NETS
             Once PBRF out ask Bob, Marie, Margaret Southwick to March meeting 2007
             CEO‟s need to be made aware of the implications for health professionals in ranking.
             Proposal to meet with other health professionals who will be affected by PBRF scoring
               and write a joint paper. AUT to contact Physio, OT, Podiatry. U o A to contact pharmacy,
               medicine etc. Action: Heather to follow up
             Timeline for meetings was prepared until March 2007
General Announcements

      Jane Dancer is to be the National Director of Education for the Royal College of Medical
       Practitioners – card to be sent from NETS
    Jan Pearson is now the National Health Promotion Co-ordinator for Cancer Society
    UNITEC is entering another phase of restructuring.
    VUW - change of name from Graduate School of Nursing & Midwifery to Nursing, Midwifery &
Meeting closed at 2.55pm

Portfolio Groups
Key Issues           Website           Active Media            Oral History      Competencies
Heather              Kathy             Leanne                  Debbie            Mary
Jan                  Wendy S           Judi                    Lorraine          Michael
Rachel               Elizabeth                                 Mereana           Patrea
Sandy                                                          Thomas            Jill
Angela                                                         Susan             Jane
Maureen                                                                          Judy Searle
Mary                                                                             Rose
Judi                                                                             Susan

Timeline 2006/2007

            May            June                          Aug              Sept                  Nov   Dec   2007
                           1/6 Nets    Angela                                                               Invite    Presentation
                           exec meet   Bradley to                                                           panel     to student
                           with Mark   chair group                                                          members   unit
                           Jones       to draft letter                                                      PBRF      Thomas
                                       NCNZ                                                                           Linda K

                           9/6         Research
                           NETS/NENZ   strategic
                           mtg re      development
                           Clinical    group
                           Practice    Ali (OP)
                           Models      Heather
                           15/6        Mary M
                           PBRF team   (AUT)
                           Mary F
                                       July                                       Oct                       March


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