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CIPS Calgary


									                   CIPS Calgary
         2004–2005 Annual Report

Canadian Information Processing Society
 The Professional Association providing leadership in
       Information Systems and Technologies

   CIPS is a group of professionals from all areas of IT. We offer the only IT
  professional designation (the I.S.P.) in Canada. Our events, including regular
seminars, luncheons, and conferences, are dedicated to promoting continuous
learning and networking opportunies. Through learning from other like-minded
      professionals, we are able to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry.
CIPS CALGARY                                    CIPS CALGARY
005/006 Board of Directors                    004/005 Board of Directors

Executive Officers                              Executive Officers
President                                       President
Trekker Armstrong, I.S.P.                       Sandra Scott
Past President                                  Past President
Sandra Scott                                    Mohamed Teja, I.S.P.
VP Finance/Treasurer                            VP Finance/Treasurer
Vacant                                          Kevin Mitchell
Alberta Regional Director                       Alberta Regional Director
Talib Nanji, I.S.P.                             Talib Nanji, I.S.P.
VP Marketing & Sales                            VP Marketing & Sales
George Thomson, I.S.P.                          Shawn Mahoney
VP Programs                                     VP Programs
Clay Long, I.S.P.                               Clay Long, I.S.P.
VP Membership                                   VP Membership
Shilo Nosyk                                     Stephanie Hiebert
VP Marketing & Communications
Mark Olson, I.S.P.                              Directors
Directors                                       Doug Campanaro
Events Coordinator                              Educational/Professional
Roger Coates                                    Jeffery Wallace
Educational/Professional                        Newsletter
Rob Coutts                                      Shilo Beechinor
Newsletter                                      CIO Liaison
Blake Kanewischer                               Derrick LaRiviere
CIO Liaison                                     CIPS Corporate Ambassador/Coordinator
Mike Blackwell                                  Roy Babiuk
Ambassador                                      Academic/Student Liaison
Sean Stratton                                   Donna deMan
Academic/Student Liaison                        Marketing & Communications
Donna deMan                                     Mark Olson, I.S.P.
SIG Liaison
Bob Nixon, I.S.P.
Sam Leeds
Training Coordinator
Wayne Lapaire, I.S.P.

Executive Director
Pamela Wilson

                                CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report            
      Annual General Meeting

               October 5, 005
                   11:0 am
       Calgary Chamber of Commerce
          517 Centre Street South
               Calgary, Alberta

1. Call to Order/Verification of Quorum
2. Review of Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes for 2004 AGM
4. Highlights of the Annual Report
5. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements
6. Appointment of Auditor
7. Introduction of Board Members for 2005/06
8. Closing Remarks and Adjournment

         CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report   
President’s Report
Sandra Scott
When the CIPS Board of Directors met over a year ago to kick off the season we established a vision
“to make Calgary the most vibrant IT community in all of Canada”. In reflecting back on the strategy
we embarked upon, many of our targets and objectives have been achieved this year.
Our activities throughout the year focused on fostering education and networking opportunities for our
members in a professional atmosphere. While the list of accomplishments is longer that I have room to
write in this column, here are a few organizational and event highlights from this year:
•   Delivered a positive financial income statement
•   Put in place business processes and improved financial reporting to allow for more timely statements
    and improved portfolio visibility
•   Implemented processes and improved the Accounts Receivables
•   Created the CIPS Ambassador role to foster CIPS participation within Calgary organizations
•   Established an External Advisory Team to provide direction in ensuring our programs were valuable
    and relevant to the membership
•   Reestablished the CIPScene Newsletter with a new look and a content focus and delivery on a
    quarterly basis
•   Held over 20 excellent, well attended luncheons and SIG events with high quality speakers
    throughout the year
•   Held 5 successful CIO breakfast events
•   Created a relationship team responsible for increasing the awareness of CIPS by marketing to the
    greater IT community
•   Strengthened our relationships with the existing Special Interest Groups(SIGS) and added a new
    Business Analysis SIG
•   Held a successful I.S.P. campaign finished off with a terrific wine tasting event
•   Attended a U of C Career Fair, presented the CIPS message to student associations and continued our
    Scholarship Program
As President, it was a pleasure to meet and work with so many wonderful people involved in CIPS.
A special thank you goes to all the Board members, related subcommittees, and SIG leaders for
volunteering their time and their passion towards making a difference. I’d also like to recognize and
thank all those organizations that sponsored our events throughout the year. Finally, I would like to
thank the CIPS members for supporting the events and helping build a vibrant Calgary IT community!!

                                     CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report                      4
CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report   5
                           Canadian Information Processing Society
                                        Balance Sheet
                                     As at June 30, 2005

Current Assets
    Cash                                                                        $29,557.51
    Accounts Receivable Outstanding Accounts Receivable                          19,617.76
    Allowance for Doubtful Accounts                                                (650.00)
    Speakers Gifts                                                                    0.00
    Prepaid Expenses                                                              9,036.77

    Prepaid Expenses - Golf                                                           0.00
    Prepaid Expenses-Luncheons                                                        0.00
           Total Current Assets                                                  57,562.04

      Booth Display (net)
             Total Assets
                                       ST                                             0.00

                                   Liabilities and Members Equity

Current Liabilities
     Accounts Payable         Outstanding Accounts Payable                             -
     Deferred Revenue-Luncheons                                                       0.00
     Deferred Revenue-Seminars                                                        0.00
     Deferred Revenue - Newsletter                                                4,000.00
     Student Funds                                                                  733.73
     GST (Receivable) Payable                                                      (108.52)
             Total Current Liabilities                                            4,625.21
     Members Equity - Previous Year                                $51,079.00
     Members Equity - Current                                        1,857.83    52,936.83
             Total Liabilities and Members Equity                               $57,562.04


Prepared by Associations Plus Inc.                        Page 1                              9/19/2005

                                     CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report                  6
                             Canadian Information Processing Society
                                        Income Statement
                                For The Year Ending June 30, 2005

  Revenue                                                Year to Date 2005   2004 Actual

     Operating Revenue
         Corporate Sponsorship                                 7,000.00       14,500.00
         Membership                                           25,537.38       29,762.07
         Marketing and Sales                                     100.00          410.00
         Newsletters                                          17,004.89        3,855.00

         Luncheons                                            30,338.88       20,422.83
         Seminars                                                728.00        4,031.95
         Golf Tournament                                      23,061.11

         Social Events                                         1,255.00       24,065.00
         CIO Liaison                                                -            707.00
         SIGS                                                       -               -

     Total Revenues                                          105,025.26       97,753.85

    Project Expenses

      Sponsorship                                                 43.75          242.78
      Membership                                               1,690.32        2,306.70
      Marketing and Sales                                      6,916.46          768.70
      Newsletters                                             13,022.25        8,548.92
      Luncheons                                               19,638.79       22,980.14
      Seminars                                                   566.39        3,912.52
      Golf Tournament                                         22,344.02       16,882.90
      Social Events                                            1,386.80          515.95
      CIO Liaison                                                879.90        1,387.24
      SIGS                                                        32.50             -

     Total Project Expenses                                   66,521.18       57,545.85
     General & Administration
       General and Administration Office                      33,076.21       35,938.42
       Board Administration                                    3,570.04        5,667.58
       Executive Administration                                     -               -

     Total General & Administration Expenses                  36,646.25       41,606.00
     Total Expenses                                          103,167.43       99,151.85

  Excess Revenue Over Expenses                                 1,857.83        (1,398.00)

Prepared by Associations Plus Inc.             Page 2                                9/14/2005

                                     CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report                    7
Canadian Information Processing Society
Calgary Section
Annual General Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2004
Calgary Chamber of Commerce
517 Centre Street S • Calgary, Alberta

Attendance list is on file in the CIPS Calgary Section office.

Copies of the PowerPoint presentation and Annual Report have been filed with the minutes in the

1. Call to Order/Verification of Quorum
   Mohamed Teja, Past President, called the meeting to order at 11:45 am .He verified with Pamela
   Wilson, Executive Director, CIPS Calgary Section, that a quorum was present.

2. Review of the Agenda
   M. Teja reviewed the agenda and advised that supporting materials were available on each table.
   These documents had also been posted to the CIPS Calgary website prior to the meeting.

3. Approval of Minutes from Annual General Meeting of December 4, 2002.
   Minutes of the CIPS Calgary AGM 2003 were included in the Annual Report.
    Moved by Stephanie Hiebert that the minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting be approved as
    Seconded by Roy Babiuk

4. Highlights of Annual Report
   M. Teja used a PowerPoint presentation to review the highlights of the 2003-04 operating year. He
   highlighted the progress that the Board had made toward achieving its goals and the changes that
   were required in the operation of the association to support these activities.

5. Treasurer’s Report
   Shilo Beechinor spoke to the financial statements for 2003-04. She advised that the trend toward
   financial recovery is encouraging.
    Moved by Bob Stratton to approve the financial statements as presented
    Seconded by Bill Taylor

004 Minutes continued on page 9...

                                      CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report                    
004 Minutes continued from page ...

Continued from page 8...

6. Appointment of Auditor
   S. Beechinor thanked Derek Manns and Barrie Cameron for conducting the review of the 2003-04
   financial records. She recommended that CIPS Calgary follow the same process as last year and
   authorize the Board to appoint 2 members to review the financial records. This process satisfied
   Alberta Corporate Registries and CIPS National requirements for an audit.
    Moved by Clay Long that the CIPS Calgary Board be authorized to appoint 2 CIPS Calgary members
    to serve as an auditor for the 2004-05 operating year.
    Seconded by Sandra Scott

7. Revisions to Bylaws
   Talib Nanji presented the explanation for the proposed changes to the bylaws.
    Moved by Loretta Fladhamer that the proposed bylaw changes be adopted as presented
    Seconded by Glen Davies

8. Introduction of Board Members for 2004-05
   S. Scott introduced the Board for 2004-05.

9. Closing Remarks and Adjournment
   M. Teja expressed his thanks to both the 2003-04 Board and the membership for their support
   during his term of office.

    Having completed all the business on the agenda, M. Teja declared the meeting adjourned.

    Time: 12:15 pm

    Circulated at the meeting: Annual Report 2004-05
                               Proposed Bylaw Changes

                                        CIPS Calgary • 2004 – 2005 Annual Report                  9
                   PrePared by

400, 1040 - 7 Avenue SW • Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G9

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