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									Catalog Information                  URL
Title *                 A short descriptive title for the catalog. It should not be a description though - save that for the Des
Name *                  A unique identifier for the catalog. It should be broadly humanly readable, in the spirit of Semantic W
Homepage *                           http://www.ckan.net/
                        The homepage (URL) for the catalog.e.g. http://www.ckan.net
Description             The main description of the catalog. It is often displayed with the catalog title. In particular, it should
Publisher                            http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax
                        The publisher of the catalog. e.g. Open Knowledge Foundation
Metadata Licence        The licence under which the catalog metadata is released.
Language                The language(s) that the catalog is available in. More »e.g. en es fr
Spatial Coverage Text   A free text field describing the spatial/geographic area covered by the catalog. e.g. Greater London
Spatial Coverage                     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1
                        A list of country codes and continents describing the geographic area covered by the catalog. Count
Tags                                 http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/faq#TagConventions
                        Terms that may link this catalog to similar ones. For more information on conventions, see this wiki
n though - save that for the Description field. Do not give a trailing full stop.
dable, in the spirit of Semantic Web URIs. Only use an acronym if it is widely recognised. Renaming is possible but discouraged. 2+ charact

alog title. In particular, it should start with a short sentence that describes the catalog succinctly, because the first few words alone may b

e catalog. e.g. Greater London
ssible but discouraged. 2+ characters, lowercase, using only 'a-z0-9' and '-_'

se the first few words alone may be used in some views of the catalogs. You can use Markdown formatting here.
Name                     C
             Organizationountry URL
Antonio Acuñadata.gov.ukUK          http://data.gov.uk/
             Web Foundation
Jose Manuel Alonso Spain            http://www.webfoundation.org/
Tony Bowden  mySociety UK           http://www.mysociety.org/
Lisa Cornishdata.gov.auAustralia http://data.gov.au/
             Open        Germany http://okfn.org/
Daniel Dietrich Knowledge Foundation
              Dijck      Netherlands ttp://www.rijksoverheid.nl/ministeries/bzk
Eveline van Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
John EricksonRPI         US         http://www.rpi.edu/
Martín Álvarez Espinar Spain        http://fundacionctic.org/
             Ministry Brazil        http://www.planejamento.gov.br/
Augusto Herrmann of Planning, Budget and Management
Jeanne Holm  Data.gov US            http://www.data.gov/
Tariq KhokharWorld BankInternationalhttp://data.worldbank.org/
             Canadian Government http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/
Sylvain Latour           Canada
Tom Lee Sunlight Foundation http://sunlightfoundation.com/
             National IT and Telecom Agency
Cathrine Lippert         Denmark http://en.itst.dk/
             European Commission http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/index_en.htm
Luca Martinelli          Europe
             Ministry of Government Administration and Reform
Sverre-Andreas Lunde-Danbolt        http://www.regjeringen.no/
             Civic Commons
Andrew McLaughlin US                http://civiccommons.org/
Thomas Roessler                     http://www.w3.org/
Paul Suijkerbuijk                   h
                         Netherlands ttp://www.ictu.nl/
Ton Zijlstra ePSIplatformEurope     http://www.epsiplatform.eu/
Name          DescriptionURL                                                Spatial
                                        Homepage Publisher Metadata License Coverage     Metadata URL
              Asturias http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/asturias_es Asturias
                                        http://risp.asturias.es OKD Compliant::Creative Commons Attribution
Asturias Public Data Public Data catalogue
              Balearic Islands
Balearic Islands Open Data Open Data Catalog                                Balearic Islands
Natural Earth              http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/natural-earth and 1:110 million scales, featuring tightly integrated vec
                                                                 OKD Compliant::Other (Public Domain)
              Natural Earth is a map dataset available at 1:10m, 1:50m, Earth
              Open         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/alabama
Open Alabama Alabama Initiative         http://open.alabama.gov/            State of Alabama
                            the site of the Open Data policy of the City Paris.
ParisData ParisData ishttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/paris_fr of Paris
              Finish data catalog
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/suomi_fi         Republic of Finland
Laatua Verkkoon (Finland) Catalog http://suomi.fi/suomifi/laatuaverkkoon/suomifi_verkosto/kansalaisosallistujan_tyokalut_-
              RI.gov provides
Rhode Island Open Data data sets available to the general public State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
               Data         Data Cataloghttp://cartolleida.paeria.es/lleidaoberta/inici.aspx
Lleida OpenLleida Openhttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/paeria_es             Lleida
              State of New York
New York State Open Data Open Data                                          State
                                        http://www.nysenate.gov/opendata of New York
              CKAN is thehttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ckan
                           Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, a registry of open knowledge packages and projects (an
Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN)Knowledge Foundation
              New York City Data Mine! A catalog which supplies many sets City of New York
                                        http://nyc.gov/html/datamine/html/data/data.shtmlproduced by City agencies
New York City Catalog http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/nyc_gov               The of public data
              CivicApps Data Catalog, Portland (USA)
CivicApps Data Catalog, Portland (USA)  http://www.civicapps.org/datasets
              Region of Piemonte Italy) Data Italy) Public
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/piemonte_it Piedmont
Region of Piemonte (Piedmont, (Piedmont,Catalogue Data Catalogue
              Minnesota http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/minnesota State of Minnesota
Minnesota Open Data Open Data Initiativehttp://www.state.mn.us/data/
              Open Data initiative in Finland
Open Data Finland                       http://www.valtioneuvosto.fi/ajankohtaista/tiedotteet/tiedote/en.jsp?oid=322870
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/finland          Finlande-Orientale
              Dalian Municipal Government
Dalian (China) Government Information Information Service                   Dalian
              Access raw http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/dc_gov
                           data files, databases, geographic data,          Washington, D.C.
District of Columbia (USA) Catalog http://data.octo.dc.gov/ and other data sources from the District of Columbia
              S            http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/oregon
Oregon Datatate of Oregon Data Catalog  http://data.oregon.gov/             State of Oregon
              EU Transparency, CKAN (Open Knowledge Foundation). CKAN makes it easy to find, share and reuse open content
European Open Data Inventory http://ckan.net/tag/read/eutransparency        Europe
              Very nice be is it of Texas
                                                                 Other::License Not Catalog
                                                                            State of Texas
Is it yours too: Shouldsite!Stateyours too. Should be State of Texas Open Data Specified
              Open government
                                         for Vienna, Austria.               Vienna       http://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-b
Open Government Data Wien datahttp://data.wien.gv.at/OKD Compliant::Creative Commons Attribution
OpenStreetMap              http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/openstreetmap Not Specified
                                                    OpenStreetMap Foundation
              Wikipedia for geo data http://www.openstreetmap.org/ Planet earth without poles
              Catalogue of open data published by North Devon CouncilNorth Devon District
North Devon Council Open Data http://www.northdevon.gov.uk/index/lgcl_council_government_and_democracy/nonlgcl_
              a Right Florida
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ogd_4d873ebf17e89 Florida
Florida Has State ofto KnowOpen government initiative                       State of
              Saudi e-Government http://www.saudi.gov.sa/wps/portal/!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3iTMG
Open Government Data Saudi National Portal                                  Saudi Arabia
              Badalona http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/badalona_catBadalona
Badalona Open Data Open Data Catalog    http://badalona.cat/portalWeb/badalona.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=opendata
              State Data http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/michigan_govMichigan
                           (USA)         Catalog (USA)
State of Michiganof Michigan Data http://www.michigan.gov/som/0,1607,7-192-29938_54272---,00.html
              Montreal Ouvert
Montreal Ouvert (Canada) (Canada)       http://www.montrealouvert.net/ Montreal
test                                    http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/www.test.comffsdafd
              Toronto.ca/Open... building a city that thinks like the web"
Toronto Open Catalog http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/toronto_ca Toronto
              Moldova - Open Data Portal government
                                         to open
Republic of Portal providing accesshttp://data.gov.md/ data in Moldova      Moldova
              Open Data Portal
State of Illinois Data Portal for the State of Illinois                     Illinois
              The Infosharehttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/helsinki_finland obtain and utilise public data pools from the Helsin
                                        http://www.hri.fi/en/                find,
Helsinki Region http://www.hri.fi online service offers an easy way toHelsinki
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/opengov_es Spain
Opengov.esCKAN repository of Spanish open data intiatives
              A            http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ckan_ireland Ireland
CKAN Ireland community-maintained data catalogue for Ireland.
              Les donnees publiques http://data.gov.ma/Marocaine
                                        de l'Administration
Morocco OpenData http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/morocco                    Morocco
              City (Canada) Open Data
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/london_ca London
City of London'sof London's (Canada) Open Data Catalog
              County Data  http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/warwickshire_gov_uk
Warwickshire Openof Warwickshire (UK) Open Data Catalog                     Warwickshire
              Arvada's http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/arvada
Arvada OpenData OpenData Catalog (US)   http://arvada.org/opendata          Arvada
              Integration http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/china
                           of the Chinese Government Public Information Service Platform
Chinese Government Public Information Online                                China
              State of Maine Open Data Catalog (USA)
Maine.gov DataShare (USA)               http://www.maine.gov/cgi-bin/data/index.pl
                           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/maine_gov State of Maine
              Georgia Public Database
                                        http://www.opendata.ge/             Georgia
Georgia Public InformationInformation Database - On the web-site you can see the officially received public documents from
              The open http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/bahrain
Open Data Platform Data Platform is an important initiative for the Kingdom of Bahrain as it aims to implement a public data
                                        http://www.apileipzig.de/           Leipzig,
API Leipzig Provides provides public data from the administration of Leipzig. Stadt
              City of Windsor's (Canada) Open Data Catalog
City of Windsor's (Canada) Open Data Catalog                                Windsor
OpenData BCN               http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/bcn_cat
              Barcelona Public Data Catalogue                               Barcelona
             Mainly Catalogue
Langley Open Datageospatial datasets representing township facilities    Township of Langley
Open Georgia Georgia                  http://www.open.georgia.gov/ State of Georgia
             Greek government's open geospatial data catalog Compliant::Creative Commons Attribution
Public Open Data Greece               http://www.geodata.gov.gr/geodata/
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/geodata_gov_gr              http://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-b
                                                                         Hellenic Republic
              Data         Catalog of public data
Oklahoma'sOklahoma'shttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/oklahoma State of Oklahoma
DataGM Greater Manchester Datastore   http://www.datagm.org.uk/          Manchester
             The Public Data Catalogue
                                      http://calgaryonlinestore.com/ Calgary
City of Calgary'sCity of Calgary's Public Data Catalogue provides a means of increasing public access to data managed by The C
             Montevideo Cataloguehttp://www.montevideo.gub.uy/institucional/datos-abiertos
Montevideo Public Data Data Catalogue                                    Departamento de Montevideo
             Open Data Euskadi. -The open data catalog of OKDBasque Basque Country
Open Data Euskadi                     http://opendata.euskadi.net/
                                                              the Compliant::Creative Commons Attribution
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/euskadi_net Government (Spain). Since 2010, April.
             Zaragoza Catalogue http://datos.zaragoza.es/
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/zaragoza_es Saragossa
Zaragoza Public Data Public Data Catalogue
             Aporta project. Spanishhttp://www.aporta.es/web/guest/buscador_de_catalogos
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/aporta_es Kingdom of Spain
                                       Public Data Catalogue
Proyecto Aporta - Spanish Public Data Catalogue
             data.australia.gov.au ishttp://data.australia.gov.au/catalogue
                           Catalogue the home of Australian government public
Australian Governmenthttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/data_australia_gov_auinformation datasets
              Data        http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ogd_4d873d63bc518
                                      http://data.fingal.ie/ OKD Compliant::Other (Attribution)
                                                                         Fingal governs
Fingal OpenOpen Data portal of Fingal County Council, a local authority thatCounty suburban and rural areas north of the Cit
             State of Nebraska
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/state_of_nebraska of Nebraska
                                      http://www.nebraska.gov/data/ State
State of Nebraska Open Data Open Data Catalog
             A             primarily Norwegian data sources, mostly but Not Specified
                                      http://datakilder.no/ data catalog
                                                  Citizen-run Other::License
datakilder.no catalog ofhttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/datakilder-no not exclusively government data. In Norwegian languag
             Very         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/alexa905
                                      http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/5.htmlVery nice site! <a href="http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/1.ht
Is it yours too nice site! is it yours too                                            http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/1.html
                                                  John1434 Other::License Not Specified
             Very         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/alexa498
                                      http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/5.htmlVery nice site! is
                                                  John1434 Other::License Not
Is it yours too nice site! is it yours too http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/4.html Specifiedit yours too http://aieypxo.com/toaoas
             Opengovt.org.nz is an open, independent catalogue of Government
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/open_org_nz New Zealand
New Zealand Open Data Cataloguehttp://cat.open.org.nz/category/dataset/ and Local Body datasets in New Zealand
             Open Data by a
                                      http://www.opendatalondon.ca/ London
Open Data London, Ontariogroup of citizens in London, Ontario, promoting the use of Open Data in our community.
             Manchester (UK) Open http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/500215/open_data
                           (UK)       Data Catalog
Open Data Manchesterhttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/opendatamanchester   Manchester
             Access raw http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ca_gov
                          State data http://www.data.ca.gov/             California Republic
State of California (USA) Catalog files, databases, geographic data, and other data sources from the State of California
             Borough Trafford (UK) Open Data Catalog
Trafford Open Data of http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/trafford_gov_uk    Borough of Trafford
                                      http://opengovdata.ru/              Russian
OpenGovData Russia Catalogis a public data catalog published by the Russia Government
             data.vic.gov.au Directory
                                      http://www.data.vic.gov.au/        Victoria
Victorian Government Datais your online access point to Victorian Government public sector information.
             Catalog Data public http://opengovdata.ru/
Russian State Open of theCatalogdata of Russian State                    Russia
             Catalonia Open Data Catalog
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/gencat_cat Catalonia
Catalonia Open Data Catalog           http://dadesobertes.gencat.cat/
             The Cataloguehttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/hmg_gov_uk U.K.
                                      http://data.gov.uk/data OKD                     http://reference.data.gov.uk/id/open-govern
United KingdomUK Government's official open data catalogue. Compliant::UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
             Danish Public Data Catalogue
Danish Data Catalogue http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/digitaliser_dkKingdom of Denmark
             Data about public administration expenses 2010
Linked Open Camera http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/camera                Italy
              Data Gijón Public Data Catalogue
Gijón PublicCity ofCatalogue          http://datos.gijon.es/             Gijón
             SEMIC.EU ishttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/semic_eu
                           a Centre Europe (SEMIC.EU) service
Semantic Interoperabilityparticipatory platform and aCatalog by the European Commission that supports the sharing of asset
             London       http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/sutton_gov_uk
Sutton Open Data Borough of Sutton Open Data Catalog                     Sutton
             Government of Canadahttp://www.data.gc.ca/
Canada Open Data                       Open Data
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/canada         Canada
             City of Edmonton Catalogue Catalogue
                           Data Openhttp://data.edmonton.ca/
City of Edmonton Openhttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/edmonton_ca         Edmonton
             Available public datasets in Vancouver, Canada
                           Catalog http://data.vancouver.ca/datacatalogue
Vancouver's Open Datahttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/vancouver_caVancouver
             Open Government
Open Government Tennessee Tennessee   http://www.tn.gov/opengov/         State of Tennessee
             Opengov.sehttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/opengov_se Kingdom ofhttp://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-b
                           is         http://www.opengov.se/data
                                                              OKD Compliant::Creative Commons Attribution
OpenGov Sweden Catalogan initiative to highlight available public datasets in Sweden. Sweden
             OpenData catalog by the Chile's Transparency Board
Chile's Transparency Board OpenData                                      Chile
             Chile Library Linked Data
Chile Library of Congressof Congress Linked Data                         Chile
             Albania      http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/albania
Open Data Albania Open Data Catalog   http://open.data.al/               Albania
GeoCommons                http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/geocmmons and analysis. Commons Attribution
                                      http://geocommons.com/ Compliant::Creative
                                                  GeoIQ       OKD
             Online community of open geospatial data, visualizations World           http://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-b
             Catalog      http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/thailand_opendata
                                      http://data.pm.go.th/ OKD Compliant::Creative Commons Attribution
Thailand OpenData of the public data of Thailand Prime Minister's Office Thailand http://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-b
             Open Data http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ogd_4d835c5c21aee
Extremadura Reutiliza initiative in Extremadura, Spain                   Extremadura
             Access raw http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/utah_gov
                          State       http://data.utah.gov/              State of data
State of Utah (USA) Catalog data files, databases, geographic data, and otherUtah sources from the State of Utah
             UNdata is ahttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/undata-api_org
                          data access system to UN databases
United Nations (UNdata) Catalog http://www.undata-api.org/wiki/datasets  Globe
                           Public Data Initiative
Parisdata City of Parishttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/paris             Paris
             Open Data Ottawa
Open Data Ottawa                      http://ottawa.ca/online_services/opendata/
                          http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ottawa_ca Ottawa
             Lichfield District Council (UK) Public Data Catalogue
Lichfield District Council (UK) Data http://www2.lichfielddc.gov.uk/data/Lichfield District
             Nantes      http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/nantes
Nantes Open Data Open Data                                              Nantes
             DataSF is a http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/datasf_org San Francisco of San
                         Francisco (USA) datasets
City and County of San clearinghouse ofCatalog available from the City and CountyCounty Francisco
             Overheid.nlhttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/overheid_nl Kingdom ofhttp://www.opendefinition.org/licenses/cc-z
                                                             OKD Compliant::Creative Commons CCZero
                                                                                     the Netherlands
Netherlands Public Datais the central access point to all information about government organisations of the Netherlands
             Missouri http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ogd_4d833820b50c7 Missouri
Missouri Data Portal Data Catalog http://www.mo.gov/data/               State of
             Very        http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/alexd136
Is it yours too nice site!                        John1434 Other::License Not Specified
                                     http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/5.htmlVery nice site!
             Catálogo dados abertos brasileiros
Dados Abertos EMApdehttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/ogd_4ddb9810ea93b   Rio de Janeiro
             Data         Philadelphia region. OpenDataPhilly is a group
                                     http://www.opendataphilly.org/ Philadelphia County
OpenDataPhilly on thehttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/opendataphillyformed by the City of Philadelphia Office of Informatio
             City of Cordoba Open Data catalog
Open Data Córdoba http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/cordoba              Cordoba
             Rennes (France) Public Data Catalogue
Rennes (France) Data Catalogue http://www.data.rennes-metropole.fr/     Rennes
             The         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/uae_open_data
                                     http://www.government.ae/web/guest/uae-data (Not Open)
                                                             Non-OKD Compliant::Other
                                                                        United Arab Emirates
UAE Open Data UAE Government has adopted the Open Data practice to make government data and information seamlessly
             An inventory of public http://mass.gov/data
                         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/mass_gov Massachusetts
Inventory of MassachusettsMassachusetts public data available for download.
             Slovakia Public
                         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/fair-play_sk Slovakia
Slovakia Data Catalogue Data Catalogue
             The (Canada) Data publishes
                         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/nanaimo_ca Nanaimo
City of NanaimoCity of NanaimoCatalogue data though a variety of mechanisms: RSS, KML, source file downloads, and throug
                         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/openaid_se Sweden
OpenAid.seSweden's aid - openly and in one place  Government of Sweeden
             Wales StateWales Statehttp://data.nsw.gov.au/catalogue
                          (Australia) Open Data Catalog
                                       (Australia) Open Data Catalog
New South New South http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/nsw_gov_au New South Wales
             Catalog for the Singapore OpenData Discovering data, inspiring ideas
                                                  Government of Singapore
                                                             Non-OKD Compliant::Other (Not Open)
Singapore OpenData http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/singapore_opendata   Singapore
                          the Hong Kong Government Open Data portalHong Kong
Data.One Data.One ishttp://datacatalogs.org/catalog/data_one
             Pic and Mix aims to increase public access to Kent-relatedCounty Kent
                                     http://picandmix.org.uk/categories/ datasets
Kent County Catalog http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/picandmix_org_uk ofincluding those generated by Kent County Cou
             London      http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/london_gov_uk
London Datastore Datastore           http://data.london.gov.uk/         London City
             Public Openof the State of Washington
                           Data      http://data.wa.gov/                State of
Washington State Data http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/state_of_washington Washington
             The World Bank's first API offers 114 indicators from key data sources and 12,000 development photos.
The World Bank Catalog               http://developer.worldbank.org/ Globe
             The purpose of data.seattle.gov is to increase public access to of Seattle machine readable datasets generated b
                         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/data_seattle_gov high value,
City of Seattle Data Catalogue       http://data.seattle.gov/           City
              Catalogue http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/opendata_go_ke
Kenya Data Kenya Public Data Catalogue                                  Kenya
             Open Data http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/navarra
Open Data Navarra Catalog of Navarre http://opendata.navarra.es/        Navarra
             The purpose Catalog http://www.data.gov/catalog
                         http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/data_gov       United States of America
US Federal Government of Data.gov is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Ex
             Arbor's Data Catalog (USA)
                         Arbor's Open Data Catalog (USA)
City of Ann City of Ann http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/a2gov_org City of Ann Arbor
             State of Colorado Openhttp://www.colorado.gov/data/ State of Colorado
                                       Data Catalog
Colorado Open Data http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/colorado
             Virginia's http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/virgina_datapoint
Virgina Datapoint Open Data http://datapoint.apa.virginia.gov/ Virginia
             O           http://datacatalogs.org/catalog/opendatani_info Not Specified
OpenDataNI penDataNI publishes information and data produced by N Ireland Ireland government departments, agencies an
and Providence Plantations



rs too http://aieypxo.com/toaoas/4.html




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