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					                                                                                   V O L U M E   3   •   I S S U E   5   •   F E B R U A R Y   2 9 ,   2 0 0 8

The Rules of Attraction:
                   Magnet is ON!

                                           PHOTOS BY MARK GAVIN

 The Magnet Journey Begins                                            Pinnacle Health System-Community General Hospital,
 Magnet status is an award granted by the American Nurses             Pinnacle Health System-Harrisburg Hospital, Pinnacle
 Credentialing Center (ANCC) to hospitals that satisfy criteria       Health System-Polyclinic Hospital and the Western
 designed to measure the strength and quality of their nursing.       Pennsylvania Hospital.

 Magnet certification is so-called because of its rule of attrac-     The Challenge
 tion--Magnet hospitals report higher job satisfaction among          “Magnet requires a paradigm shift—a change in the way
 nurses, which means higher retention and less turnover. No           all of us are accustomed to looking at and approaching
 wonder: the Magnet process not only formally recognizes the          what we do,” says Pettinicchi. “As the cartoon character
 importance of nursing to a hospital’s success, it ensures nurses     Pogo said years ago, ‘We has met the enemy and he is us.’
 participate in the decision-making process when it comes to          That’s the greatest obstacle, changing our way of thinking.
 patient care and hospital governance.                                The second is getting the word out.”

 As Theodore Pettinicchi, MSN, RN-BC, Nurse Educator, says,           We asked Pettinicchi to help us visualize the
 PPMC already exhibits all of these qualities, of course. It’s that   journey. If we just began a 26-mile marathon,
 this professionalism will grow as we continue the Magnet             where would we be?
                                                                      “Marathons have an ending,” he said.
 The Company You Keep                                                 “Magnet does not.”
 The Commission on Magnet Recognition Program® recog-
 nizes 281 health-care organizations in 45 states, as well as one     Good point. But we are, officially, at the beginning. Last
 in Australia and one in New Zealand, for their excellence in         Friday, February 15, a crowd of approximately 70 PPMC
 nursing service. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania      staff gathered in the Wright Saunders lobby to “sign on”
 is still celebrating reaching Magnet status just last June, with     to Magnet journey.
 the additional honor of being the first academic medical center
 in Pennsylvania to achieve Magnet status.                            The crowd, adorned with stethoscopes, beads and smiles,
                                                                      cheered on as the banner was christened with its first sig-
 In addition to HUP, Magnet-certified health organizations in         natures. The room was full and cake was cut readied as
 Pennsylvania include Abington Memorial Hospital, Children’s          Michele Volpe, Executive Director and CEO of PPMC,
 Hospital of Philadelphia, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Lancaster         asked, “Are we excited?”
 General Hospital, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health
 Network, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Lankenau Hospital, Paoli                Check back with the Presby Bulletin for continued
 Hospital, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center,               updates to benchmark our journey toward Magnet!
                                                   PRESBY BULLETIN        •   V O L U M E   3   •   I S S U E   5   •   F E B R U A R Y   2 9 ,   2 0 0 8

                                                       PPMC & Sodexho Team Up to
Higher Ed:
Two-Day Project Management Course
                                                       Go Green
                                                       PPMC has kicked off an initiative to
When:     Friday, March 14th                           go green by increasing recycling as
          Friday, March 28th                           well as segregating and disposing
                                                       waste in an
Where:    3930 Chestnut St.
                                                       environmentally friendly manner.
Time:     8:30am – 5pm
                                                       In the next week, every employee will
This program, facilitated by adjunct faculty of        receive a letter detailing fundamentals of the
Penn State, provides a basic “nuts and bolts”          program. The strategy is built on the concept of
overview of project management and a review            Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. The recycling component
of project management tools, methods and               will include: paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, cans, printer
structure. Participants will leave with a step-        cartridges, batteries, light bulbs and electronic waste.
by-step methodology to follow to more effec-
tively and efficiently manage projects.                Additionally, the other waste streams such as regulated medical
                                                       waste and confidential documents will be monitored to reduce the
                                                       volume of these waste streams. Smaller red medical waste con-
Course objectives:
                                                       tainers will be placed closer to point of generation to encourage
• Identify key stages of project management
                                                       proper segregation.
• Describe the major tools for project plan-
  ning, scheduling and resource allocation
                                                       Presently the facility is also evaluating a few possible product
• Explain key actions to minimize project              changes which could improve employee safety. The goal is to
                                                       achieve "green" certification for our waste practices within twelve
• Describe appropriate monitoring and                  months. We encourage you to support our efforts to help save the
  tracking techniques
                                                       environment in your daily actions.
• Plan, prioritize, implement and measure
                                                       If you have any questions or suggestions please call Roy Manno,
• Identify actions associated with gaining             Director of Environmental Services at X 9301. Thank you for
  commitment to projects
                                                       your participation in this important initiative.
NOTE: This is NOT a review of project
management software

A limited number of spots are available for            Kick Back with Special Offers from the Philadelphia KiXX
this program. If interested, contact Anthony
Bruno at 215-615-2603 ASAP.                            If you love soccer, or if you are looking for an action-packed,
                                                       exciting outing for friends or family, take advantage of
                                                       Philadelphia KiXX special offers for UPHS employees.
PPMC Wishes You a Happy Birthday!
Did you hear we’re going to throw group                Family PaXX
birthday parties every month?                          4 hot dogs, 4 sodas, 4 game tickets – just $73!
                                                       $5 off tickets (regularly $25 adults, $15 youth)*
Invitations to celebrate with breakfast and            Upcoming Games
cake will be sent out soon to employees born           March 1: KiXX vs. Monterrey La Raza
in the month of March.                                 March 29: KiXX vs. Milwaukee Wave

The first Birthday Breakfast will be held on           For tickets and info, call 1-888-888-KiXX (5499). Mention
Wednesday March 26 in the Medical                      promo code UPHS to receive the Family PaXX discount.
Conference Room on the First floor of the
Wright Saunders Building.                              Contact Information:
                                                       Contact Greta Kropp at 215-662-4490 with questions.
During breakfast, Michele Volpe will provide           *Discount only available by phone.
a hospital update with an opportunity for
questions at the end. If it’s your birthday this
month, please come by!

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