The Turban Speaks

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					The Turban Speaks

           Read by: Supreet Singh
             Written by: Inni Kaur
The Turban Speaks
          For years I’ve kept silent
      And watched the Khalsa grow
     I’ve been the head at meetings
       I’ve been the brunt of jokes.

          I’ve taken all in stride
            Never said a word
       But now the time has come
        For my voice to be heard.

  When hearts were filled with terror
    When tears filled the streams
 When mothers clutched their daughters
     When fathers hid in shame.

         When hope was all gone
        And despair ruled the land
         Rose Guru Tegh Bahadur
          To save the Hindu soul.

     UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights
The Turban Speaks
         He asked for no help
         He asked for no fee
   For He knew what must be done
        In the age of tyranny.

        He left behind a wife
      A son named Gobind Rai
       A boy without a father
     What would his future hold.

       At the tender age of nine
        He went into seclusion
          Perhaps to mediate
       On what lay in his future.

        This boy became a man
         A man of great style
        A man of great courage
   For the Mughals to reckon with.

   UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights
The Turban Speaks
        A philosopher, a poet
          A saint, a solider
     This man called Gobind Rai
      Became the hope of all.

     He battled the forces of evil
      He instilled a new pride
  He worshipped with such humility
   That brought all to their knees.

     In 1699, He sent out a Call
     Come my beloved brethren
       And celebrate Vaishaki
          With one and all.

    They came from near and far
      Punjab was on the move
        For never had a man
   Commanded the respect of all.

   UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights
   The Turban Speaks
                  On this fateful day
                  He stood before all
              With a naked sword in hand
                 He asked for a head.

               With thunder in His voice
               He repeated the call twice
               A khatri named Daya Ram
               Gave his head for no prize.

               The congregation thinned
                    They ran in fear
                Some ran to his mother
          For surely her son had lost reason.

             He thundered four more times
             Four heads answered His Call
Dharam Das, Mohkam Chand, Himmat Chand, Sahib Chand
                 Fell before His sword.

            UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights
The Turban Speaks
      A hush fell over the crowd
     For strange were the events
  They knew not what was to come
  From this man called Gobind Rai.

        But low and behold
         Before them stood
          The Beloved Five
    Dressed in splendid garments
        Glowing with pride.

    He prepared the sacred Amrit
      Baptized his Beloved Five.
     Gave them the name Singhs
    And called them His Khalsas.

         Along with this title
        Came the Royal “K’s”.
  To be worn with pride and honor
       In memory of this day.
   UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights
The Turban Speaks
        Wherever there is tyranny
           My Khalsa will rise
          To protect the weak
         To honor all mankind.

     He then took the sacred Amrit
      From the hands of the Five
     The Master became a disciple
    An event unparalleled in history.

           So great was His glory
           So great was His reign
        So great were the sacrifices
  Of this man called Guru Gobind Singh.

 How will coming generations view Him
       This man I call my Guru
       Will only Five Heads rise
        To honor His sacrifices.

     UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights
                The Turban Speaks
                      My prayer for the young
                        Is one said with love
                      May you find the meaning
                         Of that day in 1699.

Inni Kaur
Fairfield, CT

                   UNITED SIKHS, First Global Sikh Civil Rights

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