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New SUPERvisor Series Newsletter


									              New SUPERvisor Series Newsletter
                                                                                                            Important News
           Supervisors getting
                                                 New SUPERvisor
           Ready to graduate!                                                                    • Register for classes on the
                                                                                                   HR/Training website!
                                                  March 2009                                     • If you have an idea for an
                                                                                                   optional class let us know so
                                                                                                   that we can schedule it!

                                                                                                 • Classes are subject to change
                 June 11, 2009: Recognition Ceremony                                               – check the HR/Training
                                                                                                   website for updates
         Good news for supervisors who needed more time to attend workshops. The
New SUPERvisor Series Recognition ceremony will now take place on Thursday, June                 • After the class send the
11th at 3pm in Mason Hall.                                                                           evaluation to 3C3 for credit!

        This is an event that supervisors do not want to miss. Mason President Dr.
                                                                                                 • If your classes do not seem to
Allen Merten and Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
                                                                                                      be updated quickly and still
Linda Harber will be present at this memorable event. Remember that in order to be
                                                                                                      say “pending,” please be
a part of this ceremony, you must complete all of the required and optional
                                                                                                      patient. New interns are in
workshops including your project before June 11th. You can complete the project
at any time during the New SUPERvisor Series. The requirements are that you have                      the learning process.
at least 6 hours invested in the project and it should be a self-development or staff-
development project. Ask your mentor for ideas about your project. Also, more
classes will be added to the calendar, so check the training webpage for updates!

                        Project Retreat! Plan Ahead                                                       “Many of life’s
                                                                                                          failures are people
       Class: New SUPERvisor Series: Retreat
                    Project Retreat! Plan ahead                                                           who did not realize
        Date: Thursday April 16, 2009
                                                                                                          how close they
                                                                                                          were to success
    Location: Campus: Fairfax                                                                             when they gave
              Building: Johnson Center                                                                    up”.
              Room: Gold Room
                                                                                                           Thomas A. Edison
  Start Time: 9:30 am

    Duration: 7 hour 00 minutes

   Instructor: Lori Ann Roth

     Contact: Name: Human Resources & Payroll
                                                                                                      For answers to questions:
              email: extension: 3-4180                                                      Lori Ann Roth
                Project sharing and discussion with New SUPERvisor Series
                participants. Registration restricted to those enrolled in the New       
                SUPERvisor Series.

     Page 1                                                        1st Quarter 2009   Volume 5, Issue 1    New SUPERvisor Series   

                                                                                                                 New SUPERvisor Series   

                                                        in the Series
                                                         SPEAK OUT!
                                                The Gift of Discipline
                                                   By: Angelica Quant

           Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at
work worth doing.” With the new Mason buildings that are about to open, requests from the Mason community,
usual locksmith tasks, Customer Service and New SUPERvisor series workshops, the last thing David Lee has is free
time. Despite his overwhelming workload, David still manages to provide quality work to each customer. David is a
great example to prove that it is possible to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. David is currently the Senior
Locksmith at Key Control. However, being a locksmith is more than just handling locks and keys. Other duties and
skills in his position include keeping records in the database, maintaining campus security, learning about the
police department, knowing the policies and even interviewing.
           Even though David is involved with many requests and tasks every day, he still manages to attend both
Customer Service and New SUPERvisor series workshops. He does admit that completing the Customer Service
Certificate is much easier than graduating from the New SUPERvisor Series. However, this is not to say that it is
impossible to graduate due to time. After beginning the New SUPERvisor series in March 2007, David is now
preparing himself for the Retreat and planning to attend the Recognition Ceremony on June 11th. Before
graduating from the series, David would like to explore and get out of his project as much as possible. He plans to
set up a structure in his work area. During the Retreat, he wants to feel comfortable about what he presents. The
New SUPERvisor Series is designed to last approximately 2 years. There is no reason to rush through the workshops
and the project without applying the concepts. David believes that one cannot just sit in a classroom and learn.
Many may ask, how does he manage his time for the workshops? David suggests for you to prioritize and commit
yourself to the experience.
           The main tip that David has for those who are currently in or just joined the New SUPERvisor series is to think
ahead and, most importantly: Keep the discipline.

 Who is your mentor?
 When was the last time you met up with your mentor? Even though having a mentor is a New SUPERvisor series
 requirement, having a mentor is highly suggested as you career progresses. “A mentor can really open your
 eyes to your talents” says Gail Aldrich, an executive coach in Genoa, and former chief membership officer for
 the Society for Human Resource Management. There are plenty of benefits that come from having a mentor.
 Some of these include:
     • Provide insights to your career
     • Provide insights about yourself
     • Learn to use your strengths in the workplace
     • Explore different approaches
     • Re-examine your career
     • Provide insights through previous experience
     • Expand network contacts

 When searching for mentor, it is important to look for certain characteristics. Even though this may be contrary
 to what most believe, age is not a characteristic to look for. It is perfectly acceptable for a mentor to be
 young. Instead, look for characteristics like their past experience, presentation, performance, social skills. It is
 critical for you to get along with your mentor.
 After being a mentee, the time may come when someone will ask you to be their mentor. Remember to take
 this as an honor and that it is a win-win situation. This is when you will get an opportunity to make a difference
 in someone’s career.

   Page 2                                                             1st Quarter 2009   Volume 5, Issue 1   New SUPERvisor Series   

                           United they attend…they
                          cooperate to Graduate!

                                                                          The Three Musketeers

                                                                   Michael Bellinghoven, a supervisor in the ITU,
                                                          suggested that his new team leads take the New
                                                          SUPERvisor Series. He had taken the series about seven
                                                          years ago and benefitted. Even though the series has
                                                          changed since then, his team leads have increased their
                                                          skills and grown as supervisors. It is always important to
                                                          keep your supervisor in the “know” because of the change
                                                          in the program. For example, Michael thought the
                                                          employees would be out for a week (which would be
                                                          difficult), but the new program is more flexible with timing
                                                          of the classes and projects.

Mike Snipas, Kevin Gibson and Dennis Royal have been dubbed “The Three Musketeers” by the training team in
HR & Payroll. The three are desktop support services employees in the Instructional Technology Unit. They
decided to take the New SUPERvisor Series together and the results have been very positive. Dennis Royal says
that “we always work together and we have always come out on top”. Kevin adds that “we work well to get
our guys to communicate well together”. Mike says, “DSS has always been a tight knit group. Teamwork is very
important. We all help protect each other. We don’t want to leave our users hanging.”

When asked about their favorite New SUPERvisor Series course Kevin says, “I thought the Equity course was
going to be very boring but I was pleasantly surprised – there is even a forum to ask questions about race,
countries, anything.” Mike adds, “it opens up our eyes on a lot of information.” They all spoke very highly about
the Manage Your Manager course taught by Mecca Marsh. “It was almost like a mini drama class – like role
play openness. Mecca did a great job” says Dennis.

What is their advice for those starting the New SUPERvisor Series? Mike suggests that participants “make
contacts in the kickoff group of 2 or 3. This way you have three sets of eyes looking at the schedule.” The three
musketeers made suggestions to each other during and after the classes. They would talk about the classes at
lunch. He also suggests that there are “no excuses that you can’t take just one class every 2 months.” He and
his coworkers wanted to hurry up and get finished. They have completed all of their requirements – 10 classes
(9 plus the project retreat), mentor meetings, and the project in less than 6 months.

The project seems to intimidate some people in the series. Some advice that Dennis offers is that the
newsletters on the website are helpful. He says, “failure is OK on a project – the project does not have to
succeed. If it fails and we learn about it from someone else then we won’t make that mistake.” They also
suggest that taking a few classes before even thinking about a project is a good idea. Kevin says, “I couldn’t
have done the project first; I needed to learn then apply the information [from the classes].”

They credit their manager’s leadership style. Michael Bellinghoven said, “here is your task – go do it – finish the
New SUPERvisor Series.” The three musketeers are all self-starters, so they DID IT!!!

*note: All three have volunteered to answer any questions about their experiences in the New SUPERvisor
Series. Feel free to call or email.

 Page 3                                                           1st Quarter 2009   Volume 5, Issue 1   New SUPERvisor Series   

                                       More Opportunities

         Do you have a tight schedule week after week? Are you finding it difficult to add some New
 SUPERvisor Series workshops to your calendar? Some current members of the series may have the
 solution for you. Being a part of the new SUPERvisor series is not just about meeting with your mentor and
 attending workshops. There are other opportunities the series has to offer that you may not be aware of.

          As many of you may already know, the time requirement for a SUPERvisor series workshop is three
 hours. David Farris found out that there are other ways to meet that requirement. David had one of his
 optional workshops, “Who moved my cheese?”, take place in two different settings. This was just the right
 workshop for David: “The office is constantly under change. We have to make accommodations and
 not have anyone feel mistreated.” He not only attended part of the workshop, he also met with trainer
 Rick Holt to discuss more about the topic. Even though both settings were beneficial, David found the
 meeting with Rick to be most helpful. David was able to learn how to help people deal with change with
 personal examples. He was able to work through his own scenario. During the workshop, David was able
 to interpret others’ actions. Meeting with a trainer does not only give you a personal viewpoint of the
 topic, it can also be set up to meet your time convenience.
          Another way of getting the most out of the series is by conducting your own training. Mecca
 Marsh created a workshop, “How to Manage Your Supervisor.” She was not only able to give other New
 SUPERvisor series members credit for an optional workshop, she was also able to get herself credit for her
 optional. After teaching a class at George Washington called “Multicultural Supervision,” Mecca
 realized supervisors “got taught how to supervise employees, but not manage their own supervisor.”
 After the workshop, Mecca not only received feedback from her audience, she also evaluated and
 learned more about herself. Unlike many other workshops, this one was videotaped. Despite this tiny
 detail, the audience was still comfortable and spoke freely. If you are interested in conducting your own
 workshop like Mecca, her tip for you is, “know your audience and your topic.”
          David and Mecca’s experience in the New SUPERvisor series are just some of the many learning
 opportunities available. The new SUPERvisor series is more than just attending workshops and it is up to
 you as to how much you get out of the experience.

 New SUPERvisor series tips from…
 Supervisors!                                                Tips to be a Good Supervisor

 After going through their project, time with                •    Treat others as you would like to be
 their mentor and workshops, here are some                        treated
 tips from some so-to-be graduates:
                                                             •    Be a role model
     •   Be very organized                                   •    Set and reinforce high expectations
     •   Start with another co-worker to bounce              •    Motivate people
         ideas and push each other                           •    Learn from your own mistakes
     •   Don’t get hung up with completing the               •    Recognize good performance
         series. Take as much time as you can.
     •   Use the concepts
                                                             •    Communicate directions clearly
     •   Get a calendar to be aware of any                   •    Take the time to listen
         upcoming training                                   •    Be optimistic
     •   Have discipline
     •   Have fun!

Page 4                                                        1st Quarter 2009   Volume 5, Issue 1   New SUPERvisor Series   

                                               Coaching Corner
                                      Being Vulnerable to be Strong

                                   Be Vulnerable to be Strong

                                   Leaders have commonly held beliefs such as:

                                      • All leaders must communicate verbally with
                                        power and charisma.
                                      • Leaders must convey a steely strength.
                                      • Leaders must compromise themselves for the
                                        good of the organization.
Pat Donini –                          • Previously gained skills are the foundation for                                     Dan Taggart-
Employee Relations Director
Deputy Director HR & Payroll
                                        success at the next level.                                                     Employee Relations

  However, it turns out that such beliefs do not necessarily lead to success! Rather it is better
  as leaders, supervisors, and coaches to demonstrate strength through vulnerability.

           •          Being vulnerable to be strong
           •          Listening to be heard
           •          Being selfish to serve
           •          Letting go of what got you here

   You are invited to consider the following questions:
            • How are your assumptions about vulnerability preventing you from building
               strong connections with others?
            • If you had no concerns about being personally criticized, what might you
               disclose more openly?

  From Leadership, Executive Coaching, posted by Sue Edwards (February, 2008)


       Mark you calendars for the following New SUPERvisor series workshops coming in April:

               April 14th     at 9:30am: Equity
               April 16th     at 9:30am: Retreat
               April 21st     at 1:00pm: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
               April 28th     at 9:30am: Resolving/Preventing Conflict

       Don’t forget to register for the workshops by visiting the HR Training website at:

Page 5                                                                    1st Quarter 2009   Volume 5, Issue 1   New SUPERvisor Series   

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