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          Core Competencies

Data→ Information → Knowledge → Wisdom

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                                         Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

AudetteMedia Campaign Macro-Strategy

New Campaigns: Phased Strategy

With a new enterprise and/or a new internet marketing campaign, AudetteMedia typically employs a phasing
strategy. The internet offers us a wonderful ability to track and analyze things. On a conceptual level we may have
a pretty good idea of what tactics will be most effective, which gives us an informed point of departure. Then,
moving forward at the ground level, we continually monitor, test, evaluate and fine-tune based on tracking and
analysis. We believe that it's most efficient to scale into a new campaign by first doing things that are best
practices foundation building, such as organic SEO, and then use the information gleaned in the first phase to
move onto other tactics. Most importantly, a phased strategy keeps expenses low while giving us time to:

       1. Build our relationship: we get to know one another better and we have an opportunity to fully understand
          and internalize your goals and objectives.
       2. Get to know your products better.
       3. Gather data and apply it moving forward. Our fundamental value-add as an agency, in addition to simply
          doing the grunt work (there’s a lot of that) is to apply our experience and knowledge to move along the
          data → information → knowledge → wisdom1 continuum. We know we don't know what will work the best
          from day one, but we do know that as we observe the data that we will learn.

Once we're further along the data-wisdom continuum we can apply more money to the things that are working the
best – a kind of bootstrap marketing model. As the VCs say, you need to keep your runway as long as possible
with a new endeavor.
    AudetteMedia Article on Using the Data → Information → Knowledge → Wisdom Curve

Ongoing or Additional Campaigns: Establish Benchmarks

The first step in establishing a new internet marketing campaign for a company that has engaged in internet
marketing previously is to examine the data and establish benchmarks. This enables us to move along the data →
information → knowledge → wisdom continuum and to launch the new campaign on an informed basis. We then
monitor, test, evaluate and fine-tune for maximum efficiency.

Internet Marketing Services - AudetteMedia Core Competencies

As the internet Marketing Boutique™, we believe in an integrated approach to internet marketing. We take
advantage of several core competencies as we design custom internet marketing campaigns to meet our clients’
goals. SEO and PPC are particularly effective at the moment in many situations. As a result, many internet
marketing companies focus solely on those two tactics. While we are also experts at SEO and PPC, we most often
deploy a full array of internet marketing tactics to achieve optimum results for our clients:

       •    Content Development
       •    Search Engine Optimization
       •    Pay-per-Click Advertising
       •    Online Public Relations
       •    Social Media Marketing
       •    Email Marketing
       •    Site Architecture and Usability
       •    Budget Allocation
       •    Monitoring, Reporting, Analytics & Fine-Tuning

                                                       AudetteMedia, Inc.
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                                           Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

A brief summary of each of these tactics, along with AudetteMedia qualifications and experience follows.

Organic SEO

There are nearly an infinite number of potential link opportunities on the web today. Link sources are literally
everywhere you turn. That’s great if you know where to start, but what if you don’t? Then you need to distinguish
between low-quality links and high-quality links, or between links that have little value and links that have the
potential to be valuable.

The image to the right is the entire Star Wars movie in 1 second screen
captures1. If each screen grab is viewed as analogous to a website, it’s an
effective illustration of the nearly infinite number of websites online today.

Our approach to organic SEO emphasizes best practices and we use
conservative, effective and ethical techniques. Our methodology includes:

•Research of analytics, keyword and competitive data
•Application of relevant keywords using semantic optimization techniques
•Improvement of site architecture and internal linking
•Use of ethical, quality linking opportunities
•Study of market activity and competition to identify opportunities
•Deployment of informative content
•Market research to single out valuable keyword niches

            Search Marketing: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

            As a second generation internet marketing professional, Adam Audette, AM President and Chief
            Strategist, is one of the top search marketing experts in the world. He manages search marketing for AM
            clients. Adam is also a lead SEO strategist at, the billion dollar retailer who he's worked with
            since 2001. And just to ensure he doesn't get any sleep, he also acts as Senior SEO Strategist to an
            undisclosed international digital agency. Adam is frequently invited to speak at industry leading
            conferences and has published a number of definitive articles on link building and site architecture
            aspects of search engine optimization, including the following two: “Link Building Fundamentals”1 and
            “SEO Guide to Information Architecture”2

            AudetteMedia is one of the pioneers3 of internet marketing, including search marketing. AM SVP John
            Audette first coined the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO)4 in 1997 during the building of his first
            interactive agency, Multimedia Marketing Group ( MMG). Many in the search industry today got their start
            at MMG including the head of search marketing at the New York Times, a top search manager at
            Microsoft, and a number of industry experts and frequent speakers at internet marketing conferences.

                                                         AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                                626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                                     Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
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                                   Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Content Development

Here is a comment about content on the internet made by AudetteMedia SVP John Audette posted in the I-Sales
Discussion List on May 22, 1995:

My company has done *extensive research* on designing Web pages (much of it here)
that attract 'em, hold 'em and bring 'em back. We believe that the holy grail is

…By providing useful, maybe even valuable, content that is updated on a regular
basis, we hope to attract 'em, hold 'em and bring 'em back.

As we have been saying since 1995, content is the engine that
drives everything else on the internet. Informative content
development is one of our specialties - and one of the internet
marketing tactics that we most enjoy doing. The AudetteMedia team
is highly literate. We produce informative content for many clients
and have done so for many years, usually staying well in the

Informative content honors the intelligence of the visitor. It enables
them to make informed buying decisions. It encourages backlinks, which builds search engine results page
listings. It can be repurposed in any number of ways: blog content, PR, submission to industry journals, links from
authoritative sources, and many more.

One more thing about content… The further you move your content along the data → information → knowledge →
wisdom™ continuum, the more valuable it becomes. Data and information have value as they serve visitors
(including spiders from search engines). But internet users have come to expect that most data and much
information is free and it can be difficult to monetize something that someone else is giving away for free. One of
the purest ways to add value on the internet is to move the content to knowledge or, ultimately wisdom (we have a
client doing that). As you do that you add value and the potential to monetize your content.

While quality content takes time to develop, it ranks high on the persistency scale and it delivers results long after
a marketing campaign has ended

        Content Development: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

Following are two examples of content developed by AudetteMedia:

               Website Content: The Eco Friendly Flooring Guide
               Produced by AudetteMedia (Producer Meghan Burns) for Eco Timber

              Blog Content: The Crab Guy
              Produced by AudetteMedia (Producer Kristina Eichorn) for The Crab Place

                                                  AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                         626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                              Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
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                                             Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Email Marketing

The in-house email list is still the high-water mark for conversions in e-commerce. The building and cultivating of a
prospect and customer email list should be a high priority for most internet marketing campaigns. An email list
provides one of the few opportunities to “push” a message to your audience in what is otherwise a “pull”
environment. Lists provide excellent remarketing opportunities and can work hand-in-hand with content strategies
for a website.

            Email Marketing: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

            AudetteMedia has arguably the most experience in email publishing of any interactive agency. AM SVP
            John Audette founded the I-Sales Discussion List1 (I-Sale) in 1995 as part of Multimedia Marketing Group
            (one of the first interactive agencies). I-Sales grew into an industry standard with over 20,000 daily
            subscribers. When MMG was sold to a London-based traditional agency in 2000, I-Sales became part of
            Adventive along with a number of other industry leading email discussion lists, such as I-Search and I-PR,
            With over 100,000 daily subscribers, Adventive was sold in 2003 to a leading internet publisher.

            Multimedia Marketing Group (MMG) also launched the Link Exchange Digest2 for Tony Hsieh (currently
            CEO of Zappos, an AudetteMedia client) in 1997. Here’s what Tony had to say in the first issue of the

               Our hope is that this list will become a valuable resource for everyone.
               I've personally been subscribed to a number of other mailing lists, and
               it's amazing how much you can learn from other people that are interested
               in the same things you're interested in. One of my favorite mailing lists
               is the I-Sales mailing list, moderated by John Audette... Which is why
               we've invited MMG to moderate the LinkExchange Digest.

            Adam Audette took over as moderator of the Link Exchange Digest almost immediately following its
            launch and built it into a huge success. After the Link Exchange was sold to Microsoft, Adam continued
            publishing the LED as the bCentral Digest for Microsoft’s Small Business Division. He eventually acquired
            it personally and published it as the LED. Reaching over 50,000 daily subscribers for over 10 years, the
            LED became an industry legend.

            And speaking of legend.The masthead of both the I-Sales Discussion List and the LED contained the
            legend Data →Information → Knowledge → Wisdom™ (which probably looks familiar by now). They might
            not have achieved wisdom very often (once in a while, though), but they delivered data and information in
            a high signal-to-noise fashion - and often achieved knowledge.

                                                          AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                                 626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                                      Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
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                                         Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Online PR

The goal of online PR is to get the message out to the centers of influence in the
online world. Unlike the traditional off-line world, where centers of influence tend to
be easily identifiable and centralized, the internet (where everyone is potentially a
publisher) is comprised of a vast array of media sites, bloggers, Social Media
communities and audiences. It’s a highly fragmented and complex environment with
its own set of rules.

Online and traditional PR do have one thing in common - the goal of both is to
deliver a message. But their differences are far greater than their similarities. Here
are a few of them:

1. Pitching
Delivering your message on the internet is tricky. For example, proper pitching to a blogger requires exactly the
right tone. If your pitch is off to an off-line world print journalist they will just ignore you and that’s the end of it.
However, in the online world, if you pitch a blogger improperly you might see your poor pitch documented forever
by being included on their blog. The internet has developed a strong culture and it’s critical to respect it. On the
internet there *is* such a thing as negative publicity.

2. Longevity of Results
In the past a press release has had a short-lived impact. A successful release will get published in a number of
publications with a short shelf life. Here today - gone tomorrow. However, an online press release can deliver long
term results if it’s deployed properly as content. It will be archived by the press release service that distributes it. In
addition, you can convert it to HTML, apply search engine optimization techniques and archive it yourself on your
website. The permanent content then creates backlinks to your site when crawled by a search engine spider. Also,
a mention in a blog can provide long-lived backlinks. And backlinks, particularly from authoritative sources, are
perhaps the best way to improve your search engine page rankings. (SERPs)

3. Time to Results
Results can typically be generated much quicker (at times immediately) with online PR than with off-line - IF the
proper tools are used and used properly.

            Online PR: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

            Everyone at AudetteMedia is fluent in their understanding of internet culture: we know our way around the
            world of social media, blogosphere and the culture at large. We manage online PR with the sensitivity, tact
            and contextual relevance that is required to generate positive public relations in an arena with its own set
            of ethics, etiquette and standards.

            AudetteMedia also has deep experience with the press release component of online PR. Company
            principal John Audette founded the Internet News Bureau, one of the first online press release distribution
            services, in 1996. It was eventually sold to and successfully operates to this day. A well done
            online press release needs to get the attention of human journalists and order to get picked up. And it
            needs to get the attention of non-human search engine spiders in order to help establish top search
            engine rankings - which requires that it is written with an eye to including keywords and keyword phrases.
            We know what it takes to get the attention of both and our services include the writing and distribution of
            your releases.

                                                        AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                               626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                                    Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                                    The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
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                                         Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

AudetteMedia’s approach to PPC campaigns is strongly focused on analytics and return on investment metrics,
especially cost per conversion and return on advertising spend. We use a variety of techniques to pull acquisition
costs down, including:

        • Research of analytics, competition, and keyword research data
        • Deployment of tightly focused ad groups
        • Use of ad creative with strong, actionable messaging
        • Purposeful design of landing page for conversions
        • Taguchi and A/B multivariate split testing

                 PPC Advertising: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

           Meg Thompson, AM VP & Sr. Account Manager, has over 10 years of internet advertising experience.
           Meg was the Account Manager for one of our major accounts that used internet advertising to grow an
           initial investment of $500,000 into a sale of the company for $225M.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing through social media is best approached as an additional tactic within a complete marketing strategy.
Our approach identifies three core areas that social media can be used to benefit an online marketing campaign:
(1) to engage a community of potential advocates or customers; (2) to provide your potential customer base with a
way to spread your message or brand and; (3) to acquire links for SEO purposes quickly. AudetteMedia uses a
variety of sites for this practice, from large and mainstream to small and niche-specific.

An effort should be made to make inroads into current cutting-edge social networks. These networks provide an
ability to create true transparency between a brand and its base: unprecedented access to direct feedback and
relationship building opportunities with customers and prospective customers.

           Social Media Marketing: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

           AudetteMedia is an early leader in the relatively new area of social media marketing. Adam Audette is
           involved with most of the major Web 2.0 sites1 and consults with a number of clients, including traditional
           agencies, on how to effectively use SMM. Many of our production staff are recent college graduates, and
           have grown up with social media as an integral part of their daily environment.

                                                       AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                              626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
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                                     Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Identifying Specific Tactics and Allocating Budget

With a full suite of internet marketing tactics at
our command, the next step (that is often
overlooked) in an internet marketing campaign
is allocation of budgets to the various tactics
that we have available. With a full suite of core
competencies at hand, allocation is based on
what will be most effective for achieving the
goals that you have set for their internet
marketing campaign - not on the latest
internet marketing fad. Different tools work in
different situations and we have a full set.

The AudetteMedia Marketing Cube is a
proprietary tool that we use to identify specific
tactics based on three variables and how we
rank them in relative importance to your
marketing campaign:

Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)
There is always a goal to achieve some type of return on investment (ROI). But that can vary, depending on the
type of the ROI desired. For example, a focus on building brand awareness will employ different tactics than a
focus on building immediate bottom line sales. And it is more difficult to establish a measurable ROI with a
branding campaign than with a campaign that is more direct marketing oriented.

Time to Results
This is defined as how long it takes to achieve measurable results after the launch of a campaign. There are times
when Time to Results is of the utmost importance, as might be the case where an initial marketing campaign is
used as a pilot project with future efforts based on the early results.

Persistency of Results
Persistency is defined by how long results are produced after a formal internet marketing campaign is ended. This
is an often overlooked aspect of internet marketing tactics and can be a real added bonus to ROI. Tactics such as
SEO and Content Development rank high on the Persistency scale, whereas display advertising and PPC rank

There is more information on the AudetteMedia Cube here:

And an interactive worksheet that enables you try it yourself here:

This process identifies a starting point with informed decisions about which tactics will be most effective for your
marketing campaign. However, internet marketing is by nature a dynamic process and allocation and weighting is
continually adjusted as we analyze results as described in more detail below.

                                                   AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                          626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
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                               The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
                                           Core Competencies & Qualifications - Page 9

                                           Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Website Architecture & Usability

Website design is a biggie. Done properly, it will: establish your brand at one glance; encourage involvement on
the part of the visitor; deliver your call to action in a compelling and easy to understand manner; enable the visitor
to navigate through the site in an easy and intuitive manner; and accommodate the robotic spiders sent by the
search engines to survey, catalogue and rank it.

Much of what contributes to online success is a website that is simple for the visitor to use. Additionally, on-page
SEO is best achieved through advanced structuring of site architecture. While the graphical look and feel are an
important component of site architecture, usability by both humans and search engines is of overarching
importance. It’s better to have a plain site that works well than a beautiful site that is impossible to navigate.
However, we frequently find that much more time and money is spent on looks than usability.

           Site Architecture: AudetteMedia Experience & Qualifications

            At its most fundamental, information architecture is about organizing
            digital inventories so they’re easily understood by robots and human beings.
            Although visits that occur directly from search engine results pages (serps)
            are very meaningful, they only have value if the visitor finds what they’re
            looking for.

            The above is a quote from an informative article written by AM President Adam Audette that explores the
            basic concepts of designing optimized site architectures for efficient spidering by search engines – The
            SEO Guide to Information Architecture2. Building an easily spidered site has ramifications in how pages,
            sections of a site, and entire domains are topically understood and categorized by bots, which influences
            indexing and rankings.

Web Analytics & Conversion Optimization

With web analytics the focus is on actionable outcomes. We realize numbers are worthless without a reason or
outcome behind them. Therefore, we spend little time producing analytics reports with meaningless data, such as
hits, visits and page-views for our clients. Instead, we study highly segmented clickstream to provide insight into
changes we can make to improve conversions. Please see the following section on Monitoring & Reporting to see
how we track results and continually fine-tune.

                                                         AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                                626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                                     Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                                     The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
                                   Core Competencies & Qualifications - Page 10

                                   Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Monitoring & Reporting

One of the most attractive aspects of internet marketing is that it’s a process with immediate, empirical and
quantifiable feedback. Using a full suite of tools, we continually monitor and report campaign results to our clients.
Weekly and monthly reports are sent in digital format (also hard copy if preferred) and are reviewed one on one
with an AudetteMedia Account Manager and you or your staff.

Reporting gathers integrated data specific to the top keywords and competitors, which provide valuable insights
used as a basis for further strategic and tactical planning. It also provides a snapshot of key market elements and
how our client’s website is performing in the marketplace. Information is contained in three primary reports: (1)
Keyword Report; (2) Top Sites Report and; (3) Analytics.

Following are samples of reports produced from information collected from a number of our accounts that is used
with their permission.

                                                  AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                         626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                              Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
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                                  Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Keyword Report

The AudetteMedia Keyword Report provides rank information for the top keywords for your account. It contains the
following data:

    1)   Keywords – Contains all of the keywords in your campaign, often running into the thousands
    2)   URL – Selected URL & derivatives
    3)   Position – Position of each URL for the selected search engine and keywords
    4)   Page – Displays search page on which each URL was found
    5)   Best – Shows the best position each URL has had over time

                                                 AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                        626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                             Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                             The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
                                 Core Competencies & Qualifications - Page 12

                                  Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

Top Sites Report

The Top Sites Report displays all of the URLs (and their positions) for the selected search engines and keywords.
The following is a report prepared for AudetteMedia client Jeld-Wen and used with their permission:

                                                 AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                        626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                             Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                             The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
                                  Core Competencies & Qualifications - Page 13

                                  Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom


The website analytic report represents a months worth of website statistics. The following is part of Page One of a
Seven Page report for AudetteMedia client Jeld-Wen and used with their permission:

                                                 AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                        626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                             Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                             The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
                                 Core Competencies & Qualifications - Page 14

                                  Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

AudetteMedia Infra-Structure


The efficient management of an internet marketing campaign requires sophisticated project collaboration tools. In
addition to the many tools mentioned so far, we use Intranet tools that enable us to do the following:

    •   Communicate on a continuous basis
    •   Coordinate planning
    •   Establish milestones and deadlines and provide reminders
    •   Assign, list and track to-do’s
    •   Record time logs
    •   Upload files

                                                 AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                        626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                             Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                             The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·
                                   Core Competencies & Qualifications - Page 15

                                   Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

AudetteMedia Partial Client List

We work directly with big companies, small companies, and companies in between. Some are well known, some aren’t - yet.
Here are a few of them:

                                  Online footwear is a $4 billion business, and Zappos has doubled its sales every year since 1999 and is
                                  on track to hit $1,000,000,000 in revenue in 2008. AudetteMedia Chief Strategist Adam Audette has
                        .         been working with Zappos since its inception in 1999.

                                  With over 150 divisions and more than 20,000 employees worldwide, JELD-WEN is the worlds largest
                                  manufacturer of windows and doors.

                                  Bisazza is one of the most authoritative luxury design brands, and a world leader in the production of
                                  glass mosaics for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. AudetteMedia is Bisazza USA’s Interactive
                                  Agency of Record.

                                  Zoom Developments is the developer of Playa Blanca, Panama’s most important real estate
                                  development. AudetteMedia is Zoom Developments internet marketing Agency of Record.

                                  Chartered in 1858, Linfield College is one of the oldest colleges on the west coast. Linfield is an
                                  independent, comprehensive undergraduate institution, nationally recognized for its strong teaching
                                  faculty, outstanding academic programs and distinctive international emphasis. AudetteMedia works
                                  with Linfield’s Adult Degree Program, Division of Continuing Education.

                                  Since 1992, EcoTimber has promoted forest conservation worldwide by selling sustainably-harvested
                                  and reclaimed wood products. AudetteMedia is EcoTimber’s internet marketing Agency of Record.

                         was launched in 1997 in Crisfield, Maryland, America’s seafood capital. Awarded the
                                  SBA Maryland Entrepreneurial Success of the Year Award in 2001, the Crab Place has chosen
                                  AudetteMedia as their internet marketing Agency of Record.

                                  Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and founded by payment industry experts, Element Payment
                                  Services Inc. provides secure, reliable and innovative payment processing solutions directly to
                                  merchants through partnership with leading business management software providers.

AudetteMedia also provides fulfillment services for Fortune 500 clients of several large agencies. Services include
our specialties of organic search engine optimization, PPC search marketing and Social Media marketing.
Services are delivered under non-disclosure.

                                                  AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                         626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                              Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
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                                            Data → Information → Knowledge→ Wisdom

AudetteMedia Inc. Management

As a second generation internet marketing firm, AudetteMedia was born and bred online. With roots back to 1995
with the founding of Multimedia Marketing Group, the AudetteMedia team has consistently delivered sophisticated
and successful online marketing campaigns starting from the early days and continuing today. Our management
team has combined experience in internet marketing of over 35 years:

            Adam Audette – President, Chief Strategist

Adam got his start in 1996 by working for one of the first internet marketing agencies and is
perhaps the first “second generation” internet marketing professional. He’s worked with small
businesses, enterprise corporations and large agencies developing marketing and community
strategies. He has been a key marketing consultant to Zappos from their founding in 1999 to the
present as they reach $1B in annual sales. He is in demand as a speaker at the leading search
marketing conferences, including: SMX, SMX Advanced, searchfest, National Association of
Government Webmasters and the internet Marketing Conference. Here is what one of the
industry leading internet search marketing experts has to say about Adam:
“Adam Audette absolutely qualifies as an SEO thought-leader. His Link Building Fundamentals1
is phenomenal and probably the best writing on link-building that I've seen." - Todd Mintz,
Search Engine Guide

           John Audette – SVP, Operations, Finance & Macro-Strategist

An internet marketing pioneer2, John literally helped define the concepts of internet
marketing. John founded one of the first internet marketing agencies (1995); started one of
the first online press release services (1997); and founded a world leading publisher of
email discussion lists, fore-runners to the blogs of today. Here is what one of John’s past
clients, a company founder who sold his company for $225M, has to say about him (as
quoted from a linkedin Recommendation dated October 29, 2008):
“John and his team created and executed the guerrilla marketing methodology that made THE global brand in the online art and framing industry at the advent of the
internet as a commercial medium. No entrepreneur or professional manager could ask for a
more devoted and empathetic marketer as a business partner. John is a world-class player-
coach who has been there and done that, but carries none of the ego and all of the
continuous professional curiosity required.” - Bill Lederer, COO, TNS Media Research


            Meg Thompson – VP, Sr. Account Manager

Meg started in internet marketing in 1998 as the media director and traffic manager for a full service
internet marketing firm. She then spent five years as the Marketing Manager for Economic Development
for Central Oregon (EDCO) where she managed PR efforts, a portfolio of publications, research, and
interactive management and marketing. Since 2003, she has done the online marketing for the Bend
Venture Conference, now in its fifth successful year.

                                                         AudetteMedia, Inc.
                                                626 NW Arizona, Bend, Oregon 97701
                                     Toll-Free: 866.824.7265 · 541-647.1640 · Fax: 541.647.1643
                                     The Internet Marketing Boutique™ ·

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