Decades of Champions by wuxiangyu


									                                                                                                                                   insidE LmU
     history of lmu athletics:

     1890 – 1910
                   Decades of Champions.
     Then known as St. Vincent’s College, the school is
     known on record as having a football team and a bas-
     ketball team. The year 1889 is shown to be the first
     game of football while the 1906 season was the first
     for basketball. The records show the Lions going 5-0 as
     a basketball team in 1906.

     Loyola College was founded in 1911 as an outgrowth
     of St. Vincent’s College, the first college in Los Ange-
     les. In 1924 the College opened a new gym on the
     old St. Vincent’s campus. A year later the Lions post
     first season with double-digit wins in basketball, going
     10-7 in the 1924-25 season. Coached by Harold “Bill”
     Hess, the Lions had wins over Woodbury Business Col-
     lege, Cal Tech and the Hollywood All-Stars. In the fall
     of 1925, George Casey became the third head coach
     of St. Vincent’s, finishing his only year as coach 6-5. In
     1926 the school played in its first overtime game, a 20-
     16 loss to Whittier. They win their first overtime game
     a year later, a 16-14 victory against California Chris-
     tian College. Then in 1928, the then Loyola College
     moved to its current location on the Westchester bluff
     and two years later became Loyola University. Loyola
     Law School, located in downtown Los Angeles, was
     founded in 1920.

     In the 1930s Loyola established its new campus on
     the bluff in Westchester while basketball greats Pete
     Newell and Phil Woolpert began their legendary ca-
     reers as Lions. While Loyola discontinues the men’s
     basketball program for four seasons during the great
     depression, it is hockey of all sports that emerges as       Coast title was a double overtime thriller in front of    pionship in the 100-yard dash. He later played seven
     Loyola’s top program, thanks in large part to the use        4,000 fans. The Lions won their second PCHC champi-       seasons as a tight end for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams,
     of its football players as hockey players. The first col-    onship in a row. The Lions would then win their third     helping the team to the 1951 World Title. The Lions
     lege hockey league started in 1927 and while increas-        league title in a row in a three-game playoff in 1937,    men’s basketball team advanced to their first collegiate
     ing in popularity, it became part of the official athletic   winning two games to one. With World War II on the        sponsored postseason tournament, competing for the
     program of multiple southern California schools, thus        horizon, Loyola would drop hockey in 1941 and col-        NAIA National Championship. The Lions posted a 16-
     the formation of the Southern California Intercollegiate     lege hockey in Southern California would slowly break     9 record and were selected to participate in the NAIA
     Hockey League. USC dominated the league, winning             apart.                                                    Tournament where they faced San Francisco State in
     36 straight before Loyola, led by Head Coach Tom Lieb,                                                                 the first round. With a 57-56 win, the Lions moved on
     snapped that streak on March 6 of 1932, beginning            1940s                                                     to face Southwestern (KS) in the second round. South-
     one of fiercer rivalries of its day. Then in the 1934-35     In 1941, the Lions face in-town rival Pepperdine for western won, 83-79. Then in 1956, the Lions joined
     season, the Lions knocked off USC in the prestigious         the first time in the two program’s histories. They faced the California Basketball Association, which two years
     Yosemite Tournament for the first time and then went         each other twice in the 1940-41 season, with Loyola later formed the West Coast Athletic Conference.
     on to defeat the Trojans for Loyola’s first conference       winning both, 30-18 and 43-23. In that season, both
     crown. As the league grew, the main attraction contin-       Pete Newell and Phil Woolpert suited up for the Lions.
     ued to be the games between Loyola and USC, “as the          The two Loyola greats went on to become legends
     two teams were in a class by themselves.” The 1935-36        in the coaching profession, leading college teams to
     season was the year college hockey really caught on.         NCAA National Championships. In 1948-1949, Loyola
     The final game between Loyola and USC for the Pacific        went on to its first 20-win season, posting a 22-14 re-
                                                                            cord under coach Scotty McDonald. The Lions
                                                                            would see their longest winning streak at that
                                                                            time of 10 games. The season included the
                                                                            first game in Alumni Gymnasium, the Lions’
                                                                            home until the 1981-82 season when the Li-
                                                                            ons moved to Gersten Pavilion.

                                                                          The 1950s started with one of best football
                                                                          seasons in school history as the team, led by
                                                                          future NFL star Don Klosterman, finished the
                                                                          season 8-1, losing to Santa Clara 28-26 and
                                                                          missing out on a trip to the Orange Bowl.
                                                                          Klosterman would go on to earn All-America
                                                                          honors in 1952. A member of that team, Bob
                                                                          Boyd, former Loyola football and track great,
                                                                          captured the 1950 NCAA men’s track cham-

84    LMU Women’s Soccer
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insidE LmU
                                                                                             member of the Rowing      Lions and went on
                                                                                             Eight with Coxswain       to host events with
                                                                                             Team that won the         the 1984 Summer
                                                                                             Gold Medal. In 1968,      Olympic Games in
                                                                                             NBA coach Rick Adel-      Los Angeles. The
                                                                                             man finished his three-   year prior to the
                                                                                             year playing career with  Olympics, the NCAA
                                                                                             1,425 points, averaging   takes over women’s
                                                                                             18.8 points in his ca-    sports as the Na-
                                                                                             reer at LMU. The 1960s    tional     Association
                                                                                             ended with the final      for     Intercollegiate
                                                                                             curtain call of the foot- Athletics for Women
                                                                                             ball team as they went    (AIAW) is dissolved.
                                                                                             on to win the 1969        In Women’s Tennis,
                                                                                             National Club Football    the Lions finished
                                                                                             National championship     12th in the nation
                                                                                             with an 8-1 record.       in their division as
                                                                                                                       Debbie Delgado is
                                                                                               1970s                   first recipient of All-
                                                                                               The University merged American status.
                                                                                               with Marymount Col-
Loyola finished the CBA with a 9-5 record, second in                                           lege to become Loyola Paul        Sunderland,
the conference.                                              Marymount University and in 1971 women’s athletics who played both
                                                             begins to appear as the Association for Intercollegiate volleyball and bas-
1960s                                                        Athletics for Women is formed to plan, govern and pro- ketball at LMU,
In 1960, Loyola men’s basketball tied for first with a 9-3   mote the growing number of college tournaments for went on to earn
record in the West Coast Athletic Conference. The title      women athletes. That same year the five-player, full- All-America honors
was shared with Santa Clara, who defeated the Lions in       court game and the 30-second shot clock is introduced in volleyball at LMU and then played 10 years of the
a playoff game to end the season. The Lions closed the       to women’s basketball. And then one year later one U.S. National Volleyball Team, earning U.S. Player of the
regular season with eight straight wins. Then in 1961,       of the most important pieces of legislation for wom- Year honors three times (1978, 79, 82). He played in
LMU basketball had a record breaking season for the Li-      en’s athletics is put into place as Congress passes Title the 1978 and 1982 World Championships and then as
ons, earning their second 20-win season, finishing 20-7      IX, setting into motion the Lions success to come in a member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic Team, he helped
overall and earning their first-ever out-right WCAC title    women’s sports. Title IX officially went into effect on the team to the Gold Medal.
with a 10-2 mark. Loyola started the season 3-4, but re-     June 21, 1975. In 1973, Marv Wood’s baseball squad
sponded with 17 wins in their final 20 games, including      brought LMU its first West Coast Conference Champi- Paul Westhead is hired as head coach of the men’s
a nine-game winning streak. It was the Lions’ first trip     onship after a 13-game win streak allowed the Lions basketball team, replacing Ed Goorjian, who coached
to the NCAA tournament, a date in the Far West Re-           to clinch the title on                                    from 1980-1985. In his first season, he leads the Lions
gional at Portland. The Lions fell to Utah, 91-75 in the     the final weekend of                                      back to the postseason for the first time since 1980.
first round, and fell to the consolation bracket. Utah,      the season over sec-                                      In 1985, US International and LMU begin a four-year
who Loyola defeated in exhibition play 85-64 earlier in      ond place Santa Clara.                                    series that would result in the highest scoring games in
the season, went on to the Final Four. Loyola defeated       USC knocked off the                                       NCAA history. After defeating USIU 84-65 in January of
USC, 69-67, to earn their 20th win of the season. It was     Lions and Cal State Los                                   1985, the “track meets” would begin. In Westhead’s
head coach William Donovan’s final year at the helm of       Angeles in the NCAA                                       first season in 1985-86, the Lions would defeat USIU
the Lions. In his eight years as coach, he earned 107        District 8 regionals                                      151-107.
wins, the most among all LMU coaches. In 1964 Hugh           and eventually won its
Miller Foley rowed in the 1964 Olympics. He was a            fourth consecutive na-                                    The 1986 LMU baseball team had the best season in
                                                             tional championship. In                                   program history. It was also one of the best overall sea-
                                                             1976 the first full schol-                                sons of all time for LMU Athletics. Following a 1985
                                                             arship for a female is                                    season in which the Lions did not have a winning re-
                                                             given and LMU adds                                        cord at 27-28, the program performed one of the best
                                                             its first varsity program                                 turnarounds in LMU athletics history. They finished the
                                                             in Women’s Tennis as                                      season with a program-best 50 wins and wrapped up
                                                             alum Jamie Sanchez                                        the season at 50-15, a 23-game improvement from
                                                             begins the program                                        the previous year. LMU produced a 13-game winning
                                                             with a 13-6 record.                                       streak from March 21 through April 11, and won 20
                                                             They went on to win a                                     of 21 games in the middle of the season. With the
                                                             conference championship (AIAW), the first in women’s winning streak came the nation’s top ranking by the
                                                             programs at LMU. They went 10-0 and won the title in ESPN/Collegiate Baseball National Poll. The Lions never
                                                             1977 and 1978 as they combined for a record of 28-2 looked back, finishing tied with Pepperdine for first
                                                             in conference play.                                       place in the West Coast Athletic Conference at 19-5,
                                                                                                                       setting up a one game playoff to determine the con-
                                                             1980s                                                     ference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Regional. Played
                                                             The decade started with men’s basketball earning a bid at Jackie Robinson Stadium on the campus of UCLA,
                                                             to the NCAA West Regional, losing to Arizona State in the Lions defeated the Waves 14-9 to earn the bid to
                                                             the first round, 99-71.                                   the NCAA West Regional. LMU would reel off its next
                                                                                                                       four games, fighting through four separate elimination
                                                             Then in 1981, with the opportunity for women to games to earn a bid to the school’s first appearance in
                                                             compete at the collegiate level, LMU athletes waste the College World Series. On May 30, the Lions opened
                                                             no time in making their mark. Therese Kozlowski ran a up their first World Series trip with a 4-3 win over pe-
                                                             time of 17:34.9 to win the 1981 AIAW Individual Na- rennial power LSU, to earn a two-day rest and play in
                                                             tional Championship in cross country while women’s the winner’s bracket. The Lions played the University of
                                                             volleyball begins as a varsity program at LMU with the Arizona on June 2 and lost a heartbreaker 7-5 to drop
                                                             NCAA hosting as a championship in 1981. The banner to the elimination bracket to face Oklahoma State. The
                                                             year continued as the Women’s Rowing Varsity Four Cowboys were too much for the Lions, as they went
                                                             team won the 1980-81 National Championship and on to an 11-5 win. Tim Layana was a member of the
                                                             the brand new Gersten Pavilion opened as home to the 1990 World Series Champion Cincinnati Reds. The Li-

                                                                                                                                                       LMU Women’s Soccer
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                                                                                                                                      insidE LmU
                                                                                 round against power North AVCA Coaches’ Poll and No. 22 by Volleyball Monthly.
                                                                                 Carolina. The Tar Heels would The glimpse of success in 1993 opened the door to the
                                                                                 dismiss the Lions 123-97.      Lions dominating the WCC in women’s volleyball for
                                                                                                                the next three seasons. In 1994, they garnered the first
                                                                                 The Lions earned their second of three consecutive WCC Championships with a 19-
                                                                                 consecutive WCAC Tourna- 10 overall mark and a 12-2 conference record, earning
                                                                                 ment Championship in 1989 a NCAA tournament appearance. Head Coach Steve
                                                                                 with another win over Santa Stratos then led LMU to its second straight WCC title
                                                                                 Clara, 75-70. The Lions fin- and NCAA tournament appearance in 1995 with a per-
                                                                                 ished 20-11 on the season, fect 14-0 record, the first in school history.
                                                                                 following a 120-101 loss to
                                                                                 Arkansas in the first round of A year later, Stratos and the West Coast Conference
                                                                                 the NCAA tournament in the Champion Lions celebrated the most successful sea-
                                                                                 Midwest Region held at the son in program history. The Lions had advanced to the
                                                                                 Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis. NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen and finished among the nation’s
                                                                                                                top-10 in the final AVCA rankings. Dating back to the
                                                                                 The 1980s would conclude 1994 season, the Lions had racked up 31 straight WCC
                                                                                 with another national title as victories. LMU went a perfect 14-0 in WCC play for
                                                                                 the women’s rowing varsity the second straight season in 1996, earning Stratos his
     ons would return to the postseason in 1987, 1988 and                        four took home their second third consecutive WCC Coach of the Year selection. He
     1989.                                                national championship.                                was the first coach in the history of the conference to

     Concluding the 1985-86 season, men’s basketball               1990
     found themselves in the NIT for the first time in school      The 1990s started the way the 80s ended, fast. In ad-
     history. Traveling to Berkeley, Calif., to face the Bears     dition to their 28 games scoring in triple digits, men’s
     in the first round, the Lions would begin a successful        basketball earned its third straight WCC title and trip
     end to the 1980s decade that made a habit of win-             to the NCAA tournament. In finishing 26-6, the Lions
     ning in the postseason. The Lions defeated Cal 80-75          advanced further than any team in school history by
     to advance in a postseason tournament. LMU would              reaching the Elite Eight in the NCAA Championships.
     fall to Wyoming 99-90 to end Westhead’s first season          However, tragedy marked the Lions’ cinderella run.
     at 19-11 and 10-4 in the WCAC (second).                       On March 4, 1990 in the second round of the WCC
                                                                   Tournament, the Lions took a 25-13 lead on Portland
     Also in 1986, the women’s volleyball team won the             following All-American Hank Gathers’ dunk on an al-
     WCC and advance to the NCAAs, where they topped               ley-oop from Terrell Lowery. Gathers would collapse to
     UCLA in first round action before falling to Stanford in      the floor and would not regain consciousness. Gath-
     the second round. The Lions finished the 1986 season          ers would be pronounced dead later that evening at
     24-8 and 10-2 in WCC play in their final season under         Marina del Rey’s Daniel Freeman Hospital. The WCC
     Coach Nancy Fortner.                                          Tournament would be cancelled and the Lions would
                                                                   be named champion, earning the automatic bid to the
     One year later, the Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble era of         NCAA tournament. A long shot and seeded No. 11 in
     Lions’ basketball began with a 114-78 win over Tennes-        the West Region, the Lions went on to beat New Mex-
     see Tech. The season would finish as the Lions’ best in       ico State, defending national champion Michigan and
     winning percentage, finishing with a 28-4 mark and a          Alabama before falling to the eventual national cham-
     perfect 14-0 in the WCAC. The 1987-88 season would            pions, UNLV, 131-101. The run in the 1990 tournament
     include a 25-game winning streak, the best in school          will long be remembered, however, with the image
     history. The fast-break offense began to take hold, as        of Gathers’ teammate and longtime friend Bo Kimble
     the Lions scored in triple figures in all but nine of their   shooting the first free throw left-handed - a switch
     32 games. The Lions would clinch their first WCAC             from his normal right-handed shot. Kimble made every
     regular season championship since the ‘60s and their          shot he took left-handed.
     first Tournament Championship with a 104-96 win over
     Santa Clara in the WCAC Championship game. LMU                Months after basketball’s historic run, baseball captured
     advances to the NCAA tournament, and earns its first          sole possession of the league title for the first time in
     win in the “Big Dance,” a 119-115 win over Wyoming,           17 years, LMU breezed to its third consecutive post-
     who two years earlier knocked the Lions out of the            season appearance. The Lions posted 45 wins, the sec-
     NIT. Playing in the West Sub-Regional in Salt Lake City,      ond highest total in school history. LMU representatives
     Utah, LMU would be a surprise opponent in the second          were honored with WCC Player of the Year, Newcomer
                                                                                                of the Year and Coach of
                                                                                                the Year accolades by the
                                                                                                                               earn the nod three straight years. He was also named
                                                                                                In the fall of 1991, Gina      the AVCA District Coach of the Year. Kim Blankinship
                                                                                                Eron becomes the first         joined Stratos in earning WCC accolades, as the Lions’
                                                                                                Lion to win the West Coast     senior was named the 1996 WCC Player of the Year.
                                                                                                Conference individual title    Tracy Holman and Sarah Noriega, along with Blankin-
                                                                                                by running a time of 19:15     ship, were All-WCC first-team and AVCA All-District
                                                                                                and men’s crew wins the        selections. The Lions finished the regular season 25-2
                                                                                                Light Weight Four Pacific      and earned a bye in the first round of the NCAAs. A
                                                                                                Coast Championship. Two        second-round win over UC Santa Barbara sent the Li-
                                                                                                years later, the women’s       ons to the Sweet Sixteen, where they faced a tough
                                                                                                volleyball accumulated a       Washington State squad. Despite the efforts of NCAA
                                                                                                23-7 overall record and fin-   Pacific Regional All-Tournament selections Blankinship
                                                                                                ished second in the WCC        (21 kills, 11 digs) and Noriega (30 kills, four blocks),
                                                                                                (11-3). For the first time     the Lions fell 3-1. LMU finished the banner 1996 cam-
                                                                                                in program history, LMU        paign with an overall record of 26-3, winning 16 of
                                                                                                entered the nation’s top-      its final 17 matches and 26 of its last 28. The AVCA
                                                                                                25, ranked No. 24 in the       ranked the Lions ninth in the final 1996 poll, though

86    LMU Women’s Soccer
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insidE LmU
                                                                                                                      season and its first-ever WWPA title thanks to a 7-6
                                                                                                                      win over UC Davis in the championship game. The
                                                                                                                      win set in motion the most successful stretch by any
                                                                                                                      program in LMU history. The Lions would go on to
                                                                                                                      win five straight titles - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
                                                                                                                      - reaching the NCAA National Championship game
                                                                                                                      in 2004 thanks to a win over Stanford in the NCAA
                                                                                                                      semifinals. It was the first time in program history to
                                                                                                                      play in a national championship game at the NCAA
                                                                                                                      Division I level.

                                                                                                                      That same year, men’s soccer earned an at-large berth
                                                                                                                      into the NCAA Tournament for the first time in pro-
                                                                                                                      gram history. The Lions compiled a seven game win-
                                                                                                                      ning streak during the season, including a 1-0 victory
                                                                                                                      at #11 UCLA. It marked the program’s first win over
                                                                                                                      UCLA, who it would face again in the first round of
                                                                                                                      the NCAA Tournament, falling in a heartbreaking 3-2
                                                                                                                      double overtime decision. The Lions were ranked as
                                                                                                                      high as #16 in the polls and finished the season with
                                                                                                                      a 9-7-2 record.

                                                                                                                      Also making waves in 2001 was men’s water polo
                                                                                                                      as they won their first Western Water Polo Associa-
LMU had climbed as high as sixth in the nation during       win back-to-back titles for the first time in program     tion Championship by defeating UC San Diego 4-2 in
the season.                                                 history. LHP Billy Traber led the team and the WCC        the final of the annual tournament. The Lions went
                                                            with 135 strikeouts while earning first-team All-WCC      on to the NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship at
In 1997, Sarah Noriega became the first player to           honors. Anthony Angel also earned first-team honors,      Stanford and lost to UCLA 7-5 in the semifinals. They
earn AVCA All-America first-team honors as well as          the only member of the squad to do so in two con-         defeated UMass 14-6 in the consolation final to finish
Volleyball Magazine All-America second-team acco-           secutive seasons.                                         third. The men were as dominant in the pool as the
lades. She was the WCC Player of the Year in 1997                                                                     women, winning four titles in six years - 2001, 2003,
after being named an All-WCC first-team selection           2000                                                      2004, 2005.
for the third consecutive season. Noriega was a three-      The new century began with baseball’s continued
time All-District VIII honoree, LMU’s Female Athlete of     dominance as they had one of the most complete            In 2002 the women’s soccer team earned their first bid
the Year (1997-98), a participant at the U.S. Olympic       teams since the 1986 College World Series team.
Festival (1995), a World Games participant, and 2000        The Lions won their third straight WCC title and their
Olympian. In her final year as a Lion, Noriega was          eighth NCAA bid.
recognized as the AVCA National Player of the Week
twice (Oct. 6 and Nov. 10). On November 7, 1997,            In 2000, women’s volleyball continued their pursuit of
Noriega set the NCAA record for most kills in a four-       excellence by starting the season on a seven-match
game match with 47 against San Diego, a mark which          winning streak which propelled them to a season-best
still stands today.                                         No. 21 AVCA ranking (Sept. 4). Success of the pro-
                                                            gram has carried over into individual honors as well.
Second-year Head Coach Frank Cruz guided the Lions          Among the program’s top athletes and graduates,
to their first WCC title in eight years in 1998. With the   Stratos coached Loyola Marymount’s two AVCA All-
nation’s 16th best recruiting class, nearly all of which    America first-team honorees, Sarah Noriega (1994-97)
were freshmen. LMU edged rival Pepperdine by a half         and Sarah McFarland (1997-00). As a member of the
game for the conference crown earning the NCAA              U.S. National Volleyball team that qualified for the
automatic bid to the West Regional at Stanford. Fresh-      2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Sarah Noriega
man Michael Schultz nearly no-hit Stanford in the first     became the third Lion to participate in the Olympic
round (Stanford was                                                              Games. Noriega became a key
ranked No. 2 in the                                                              member of the U.S. National
nation) shutting out                                                             team in 1998. She was named
the Cardinal through                                                             team MVP for her efforts that
the seventh inning.                                                              season in 1999. As a member of
Schultz and freshman                                                             the 2000 Olympic squad, Norie-
catcher Scott Walter                                                             ga finished the summer fourth
were named WCC                                                                   on the team with 185 kills and a
Pitcher and Player of                                                            .393 kill percentage. Her serves
the Year, the first time                                                         wreaked havoc for opponents
in WCC history fresh-                                                            throughout the Summer Games
men from the same                                                                as her 17 service aces ranked sec-   to the NCAA Tournament and women’s tennis won
school garnered the                                                              ond best on the team.                the program’s first West Coast Conference Champion-
awards. With their                                                                                                    ship by knocking off nine-time defending champion
youth, the Lions would                                                           In 2001, women’s basketball          and rival Pepperdine. The conference crown gave the
become the Lions third                                                           earned the program’s first post-     Lions the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.
team to claim titles in                                                          season tournament bid with an
three straight years.                                                            invitation to the NIT, setting up    Also in 2002, the Lions earned their second straight
They successfully de-                                                            future success for the team. In      invitation to the NCAA Tournament after winning 14
fended their confer-                                                             addition, Edit Pakay won the         games in the regular season, including a 2-0 win over
ence crown, defeating                                                            West Coast Conference with a         #3 UCLA. LMU started the season with an 11-0-2 re-
Pepperdine in a three-                                                           time of 17:58 in women’s cross       cord, climbing to #7 in the national rankings. As a
game series for the                                                              country and women’s water polo,      result of a strong regular season, LMU hosted its first
WCC Championship                                                                 who was in just their fourth year    ever postseason game, with the Lions picking up their
at Page Stadium. The                                                             of competition at LMU, finished      first NCAA Tournament victory with a 1-0 win over Cal
victory helped LMU                                                               with the program’s first 20-win      State Northridge. Andres Murriagui and Arturo Tor-
                                                                                                                                                    LMU Women’s Soccer
                                                                                                                                                      200 Media Guide
                                                                                                                                insidE LmU
     res became the first All-Americans in program history       ment, the program’s first trip to
     and Jeff Kovar was named an Academic All-American.          the postseason. Also that spring,
     The Lions returned to the NCAAs again in 2003 and           women’s water polo team set the
     2004.                                                       record for wins, posting an impres-
                                                                 sive 30-7 overall record as they
     In 2004, women’s basketball claimed the programs            won their fifth straight Western
     first West Coast Conference Championship, earning           Water Polo Association champion-
     its first trip to the NCAA tournament. They finished        ship. No team in LMU history has
     the season 24-6 overall and 13-1 in the WCC action,         won five straight conference titles.
     winning the final 15 games of the regular season, in-       LMU would advance to their fifth
     cluding the WCC tournament. The WCC tournament              straight NCAA Women’s Water
     champions lost to Baylor in the NCAA regional as Kate       Polo Championship
     Murray was named WCC Player of the Year and WCC
     Scholar-Athlete of the Year. Adrianne Slaughter was         The 2005-2006 season saw LMU
     the MVP of the WCC tournament while Head Coach              win its first-ever West Coast Con-
     Julie Wilhoit was WCC and Region 8 Coach of the             ference Commissioner’s Cup for
     Year. (WBB-2004-WCC Champs)                                 best overall athletics program in                        a program best 47-18 record, claiming their third PCSC
                                                                 the conference. Part of that season saw Laura Mick-      title. In addition, the Lions won their first and second
     After women’s basketball reached a milestone in             elson placed fourth in the NCAA West Regional in the     ever NCAA Tournament games, knocking UC Santa
     March of 2004, three months later, women’s water            5,000-meter to qualify for the NCAA Track Champion-      Barbara and UCLA out of the Los Angeles Regional
     polo added to LMU’s history. The Lions earned a 5-4         ships. She placed 22nd overall. Men’s basketball, in     before falling to Hawaii in the Regional final. LMU
     win over second ranked Stanford in the semifinals of        the first season under Head Coach Rodney Tention,        destroyed the competition in the PCSC, winning the
     the 2004 NCAA Women’s Water Polo Championship               advanced to the program’s first WCC Tournament           conference with an 18-2 record, 6.5 games ahead of
     to advance to the national title game. It was the first     Championship since 1989, with three players earn-        second place. Christine Foley was named Player of the
     time any LMU team in more than 90 years of inter-           ing first-team All-WCC honors. The Lions finished the    Year, Tiffany Pagano was named Pitcher of the Year,
     collegiate sports played in a title game sponsored by       WCC season at 8-6, defeated Saint Mary’s in the WCC      Melissa Dykema was named Freshman of the Year and
     the NCAA. The Lions went on to drop a heartbreaker          Tournament Semifinals to advance to the WCC title        Gary Ferrin was named the Coach of the Year.
     to USC, 10-8, to finish second.The Lions advanced to        game where they fell to fourth-ranked Gonzaga at
     the NCAA tournament thanks to their fourth straight         the buzzer, the ninth game of the season decided on      Capping 2007 was women’s water polo as the Lions
     WWPA title, earning a 7-3 win at the Burns Recreation       the final play or overtime. Senior Wes Wardrop and ju-   won their sixth WWPA Championship in seven years
     and Aquatics Center on the LMU campus on April 25.          niors Brandon Worthy and Matthew Knight all earned       and finished the season ranked seventh in the nation.
     Devon Wright earned WWPA Player of the Year honors          first-team All-WCC honors for leading the Lions to the   Senior Stacia Peterson is named WWPA Player of the
     while Head Coach John Loughran claimed his fourth           WCC Basketball Championship game.                        Year, Third-Team All-American and becomes just the
     straight Coach of the Year title. Teresa Guidi became                                                                seventh student-athlete overall and just the second fe-
     the first women’s water polo player to earn first-team      Further history was made in 2005-06 when men’s golf      male to earn CoSIDA Academic All-American honors.
     All-American honors. That summer a pair of Lions par-       won their first-ever West Coast Conference Champi-
     ticipated in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.        onship. Freshman Brian Locke was the first Lion to win   In the fall of 2007, the LMU men’s water polo team
     Christine Robinson and Rachel Riddell both played for       the individual championship as he was also named         won their fifth WWPA title in seven years despite the
     the Canadian Olympic team that season.                      Freshman of the Year in the conference. The Lions        youngest roster in program history. The Lions defeated
                                                                 would then place sixth in the NCAA West Regional to      UC Davis 7-6 in the title game as freshmen Tibor Fo-
     As 2004 continued, men’s water polo earned back-to-         earn the program’s first trip to the NCAA Champion-      rai and Andy Stevens, along with junior Mark Milovic,
     back WWPA titles thanks to a 6-3 win over Redlands          ships as they placed among the top 30 programs in        earned All-America honors.
     in the WWPA tournament held at Davis, CA. The Lions         the country. Matching golf that spring was women’s
     finished with the second most wins in program his-          rowing with their first WCC Championship.                Also in the 2007-08 season, the women’s swimming
     tory at 21-11, defeating Princeton 6-5 to finish third in                                                            program overcame a huge deficit to claim their first
     the NCAA Championships. Endre Rex-Kiss was named            In the fall of 2006, women’s soccer returned to the      Pacific Coast Swim Conference Championship. The
     MVP of the WWPA while also earning second-team              NCAA tournament for the second time in program           Lions completed their first perfect season at 9-0 while
     All-America honors. They then became the fourth             history, led by WCC Defender of the Year Joslyn          Rebecca Plume, Alex Wike and Alicia Witter earned
     team in LMU history to earn three straight conference       Slovek. Laura Mickelson was at it again as she won       individual conference titles. All told, 11 swimmers
     titles, defeating UC San Diego 7-6 at the Burns Center      the individual WCC Cross Country Championship by         earned All-PCSC honors in 2008.
     in the WWPA Championships. The Lions fell to Stan-          more than a minute.
     ford at the NCAA Championship in a heartbreaker, 7-                                                                  Capping the year was the women’s rowing team as
     6 but responded to defeat St. Francis in the third place    That year also marked the 30th year Anniversary for      their Lightweight 4 team claimed its third IRA national
     game, 10-6. They finished the season 19-16 overall          women’s tennis, the longest running women’s pro-         title with a convincing victory on Cooper River in Cam-
     and Endre Rex-Kiss earned second-team All-America           gram in LMU history. Since championships were cre-       den, NJ. The Lion boat of seniors Jill Austin, Jen Glass-
     honors after finishing second in LMU history with 261       ated by the NCAA in 1981-82 for women’s programs,        man, and Jennifer Guess (cox), along with freshmen
     career goals.                                               LMU women have won 20 of LMU’s 36 conference             Liz LaLonde and Mary Foster, brought home the gold
                                                                 titles and have earned 21 NCAA tournament bids.          12 seconds ahead of defending champion Princeton.
     In the spring of 2005, softball won the program’s
     second PCSC title in three years and this time earned       The Lions most recent success was seen from their
     the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA tourna-          softball program as they finished its 2007 season with

88    LMU Women’s Soccer
      200 Media Guide
insidE LmU
history of lmu athletics:

                                  Champions & All-Americans
                                                  WCC Tournament Championships:                     Devon Courtney (WWP - 3rd-Team)
NCAA APPEARANCES                                                                      1988, 1989    Lucy Windes (WWP - 2nd-Team)
                                                  NCAA Appearances:                  1961, 1980,    Teresa Guidi (WWP - 2nd-Team)
WOMEN’S BASkETBALL                                                            1988, 1989, 1990*     Sean Smith (BASE - Freshman 1st-Team)
WCC Championships:                        2004    NIT Appearances:                          1986    Joe Frazee (BASE - Freshman HM)
NCAA Appearance:                          2004                                                      Billy Lockin (BASE - 1st-Team)
NIT Appearance:                           2001    MEN’S CREW
                                                  1992 Light Weight Four                            2002-0
WOMEN’S ROWING                                    Pacific Coast Champions                           Andres Murriagui (MSOC - 1st-Team)
WCC Championships:                       2006                                                       Arturo Torres (MSOC - 3rd-Team)
2007-08 Varsity Four IRA National Champions       MEN’S GOLF                                        Jeff Kovar (MSOC - Academic 1st-Team)
1988-89 Varsity Four IRA National Champions       WCC Championships:                        2006    Kevin Witt (MWP - 3rd-Team)
1980-81 Varsity Four IRA National Champions       NCAA Regional Appearance:                 2006    Teresa Guidi (WWP - 2nd-Team)
                                                  NCAA Championship Appearance:             2006    Rachel Riddell (WWP - 3rd-Team)
WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY                             WCC Individual Champions:                         Katie Hicks (WWP -HM)
Individual NCAA Championships:                             2006 - Brian Locke; 2007 - Brian Locke
1980 (AIAW)                   Terese Kozlowski                                                      200-0
                  17:34.9 (National Champion)     MEN’S SOCCER                                      Kelli Nerison (WVB - HM)
Individual WCC Champion:                          NCAA Tournament Appearance:                       Kevin Novak (MSOC- HM)
2006               Laura Mickelson - 21:16 (6k)                       2001, 2002, 2003, 2004        Michael Erush (MSOC -1st-Team)
2001                         Edit Pakay - 17:58                                                     Endre Rex-Kiss (MWP - 2nd-Team)
1991                         Gina Eron - 19:15    MEN’S TRACk                                       Teresa Guidi (WWP - 1st-Team)
                                                  Individual NCAA Championship Appearance:          Devon Wright (WWP - 2nd-Team)
WOMEN’S SOCCER                                    1950                      Bob Boyd - n/a (1st)    Stacia Peterson (WWP - HM)
NCAA Tournament Appearances:                                                                        Billy Lockin (BASE - 1st-Team)
                                    2002, 2006    MEN’S WATER POLO
                                                  WWPA Championships:                               200-0
SOFTBALL                                                           2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007     Matt Kovar (MSOC - 3rd-Team)
WISL Championships:           1996, 1999, 2000    NCAA Final Four:                                  Diego Barrera (MSOC - Freshman 3rd-Team)
PCSC Championships:           2003, 2005, 2007                     2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007     Endre Rex-Kiss (MWP - 2nd-Team)
NCAA Appearance:                    2005, 2007                                                      Kelli Nerison (WVB- HM)
                                                  ALL-AMERICANS                  (since 1990)
                                                                                                    Stacia Peterson (WWP - 2nd-Team)
WOMEN’S TENNIS                                                                                      Rachel Riddell (WWP- HM)
WCC Championships:                        2002    -0                                           Vanessa Glendenning (WCRW - HM)
NCAA Tournament Appearances:              2002    Bo Kimble (MBB - 2nd-Team)
                                                  Hank Gathers (MBB - 2nd-Team)                     200-06
WOMEN’S TRACk                                                                                       Endre Rex-Kiss (MWP - 2nd-Team)
Individual NCAA Regional Appearance:              0-                                           Ian Elliott (MWP - HM)
2008                Tara Erdmann (5,000-meter)    Kerry House (WVB - HM)                            Brian McShane (MWP - HM)
                               17:19.15 (20th)                                                      Brian Locke (MG - HM)
2007             Laura Mickelson (5,000-meter)    -6                                           Liz Stewart (WCRW -2nd-Team)
                               17:04.68 (15th)    Julie Greer (WVB- HM)                             Christine Robinson (WWP - 3rd-Team)
2006             Laura Mickelson (5,000-meter)                                                      Katie Hicks (WWP - HM)
                                17:16.59 (4th)    6-
                  Sara Mickelson (5,000-meter)    Kim Blankinship (WVB - 3rd-Team)                  2006-0
                               17:51.09 (13th)    Tracy Holman (WVB - HM)                           Kim Feeney (WSOC - Freshman 4th-Team)
Individual NCAA Championship Appearance:                                                            Amanda Lernor (WSOC - 1st-Team)
2006             Laura Mickelson (5,000-meter)    -                                           Ian Elliott (MWP - 3rd-Team)
                               16:43.61 (22nd)    Sarah Noriega (WVB - 1st-Team)                    Brian McShane (MWP - HM)
                                                  Reid Priddy (MVB - 2nd-Team)                      Stacia Peterson (WWP - 3rd-Team)
WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL                                Robert Schildts (MVB - 3rd-Team)                  Brian Locke (MG - 3rd-Team)
WCC Championships:                                Scott Walter (BASE - Freshman 1st-Team,           Angelo Songco (BASE - Freshman 1st-Team)
                     1986, 1994, 1995, 1996       Michael Schultz (BASE - Freshman 1st-Team)
NCAA Tournament Appearances:                      Ryan Beaver (BASE - Freshman HM)                  200-0
                                1986, 1994,                                                         Tibor Forai (MWP - ACWPC 3rd-Team)
                    1995, 1996, 1997, 1999,       -                                           Andy Stevens (MWP - ACWPC HM)
                     2000, 2003, 2004, 2005       Reid Priddy (MVB - 2nd-Team)                      Mark Milovic (MWP - ACWPC HM)
NIVC Tournament Appearances:     1990, 1992       Billy Traber (BASE HM)                            Nicole Hughes (WWP - ACWPC 2nd-Team)
                                                  Curt Fiore (BASE - 3rd-Team)                      Alex Wike (WWP - ACWPC HM)
WWPA Championships:            2001, 2002,        -2000                                         COSIDA ACADEMIC
                    2003, 2004, 2005, 2006        Sarah McFarland (WVB - 2nd-Team)                  ALL-AMERICANS
NCAA Appearances:              2001, 2002,        Tracy Sharp (WSOC - HM)                           2006-07       Laura Mickelson (WXC)
                    2003, 2004, 2005, 2006        Reid Priddy (MVB - 1st-Team)                                     Stacia Peterson (WWP)
                                                  Scott Walter (BASE - 2nd-Team)                    2002-03            Jeff Kovar (MSOC)
BASEBALL                                          Billy Traber (BASE -2nd-Team)                     1998-99          Heather Hollis (SOFT)
WCC Championships:                 1973, 1986,                                                      1995-96   Sandor Demosthenes (BASE)
                        1990, 1998, 1999, 2000    2000-0                                           1993-94    Anthony Napolitano (BASE)
NCAA Appearances:                                 Sarah McFarland (WVB- 1st-Team)                   1972-73           Dean Jelmini (BASE)
                        1973, 1986, 1988, 1989,   Kevin Witt (MWP - 3rd-Team)                                          Steve Smith (MBB)
                         1990, 1998, 1999, 2000   Lucy Windes (WWP - 2nd-Team)
College World Series:                      1986
MEN’S BASkETBALL                                  Kevin Witt (MWP - 2nd-Team)
WCC League Championships:                         Kevin Paulsen (MWP - HM)
                              1961, 1988, 1990    Stephen Lipinski (MWP - HM)

                                                                                                                              LMU Women’s Soccer
                                                                                                                                200 Media Guide
                                                                                                                  insidE LmU
     history of lmu athletics:

                                 Hall of Fame & Retired Jerseys
     Multi-Sport                                          BASEBALL                                           COACHES/ADMINISTRATORS
     Player                             Induct. Grad.     Bean, William “Billy”            1992       1986   Buckley, Terry                      2005    1957
     Adams, Milton “Sparky”               1993     1937   Bradberry, Miah                  2000       1990      Season ticket holder
        Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey, Track & Field     Kerslake, Bob “Whitey”           2007       1958   Casassa, Rev. Charles S., S.J.      1988
     Agamenoni, Aldarico                  1994     1937   Layana, Timothy                  1992       1986      University President (1949-69)
        Football, Ice Hockey                              Logelin, Dr. Michael G.          1991       1970   Drager, Hub                         1986
     Boyd, Bob                            1986     1950   McAnany, James E.                1993       1987      Athletic Administration (1949-80)
        Boxing, Football, Track & Field                   Napolitano, Anthony              2005       1993   Fortner, Nancy                      1994
     Boyle, Hugh                          1989     1943   Noah, Russ                       1986       1973      Women’s Volleyball Coach (1980-86)
        Baseball, Basketball                              Sheldon, Robert                  1986       1972   Higgins, Rev. Thomas P., S.J.       1991
     Brubaker, Harry “Bud”                1989     1932   Stone, Gerald                    1986       1974      Golf Coach (1970-2001)
        Basketball, Football                                                                                 Jones, Arthur                       2003    1950
     Donahue, Bernard                     1986     1930   WOMEN’S ROWING                                        Basketball Trainer, Season Ticket Holder
        Baseball, Basketball, Football                    Hjelm, Karen (Hock)              2000       1981   Kilp, Rev. Alfred J., S.J.          1987
     Donovan, Maurice E.                  1991     1942   Formento, Merri Lisa             1991       1980      Athletic Administration (1956-1963)
        Baseball, Basketball, Golf                                                                           Lieb, Tom                           1987
     Duvall, Al                           1986     1936   WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY                                 Football & Ice Hockey Coach (1930-38)
        Football, Track & Field                           Kozlowski, Therese               1986       1982   Malone, Rev. Lorenzo, S.J.          1987
     Hoffman, Leo                         1986     1930                                                         Athletic Admin., Golf Coach (1933-55)
        Baseball, Football                                FOOTBALL                                           McIssac, Don                        1986
     Hovland, Carl                        1992     1939   Acquarelli, Harry                1988       1938      Rugby Coach (1960-1980)
        Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis            Alker, Guerin P                  1991       1950   McKenna, John                       1992
     Jelmini, Dean                        1987     1973   Andorka, Bela J.                 1991       1939      Football Coach (1949-51)
        Baseball, Football                                Brito, Gene                      1986       1951   Merrifield, Rev. Donald P., S.J     1989
     Karagozian, John                     1994     1933   Cheatham, Ernie                  1986       1952      University President (1969-84),
        Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey                    Currin, Paul                     1986       1929      Chancellor (1985-present)
     Kelly, Roger                         1986     1939   Donahue, Burch A.                1988       1943   Needles, James                      1987
        Baseball, Football, Golf, Track & Field           Ferris, Neil G.                  1991       1951      Basketball Coach, Football Coach
     Nocerine, Dominic                    1986     1937   Giancanelli, Harold “Skip”       1989       1951      (1936-1940)
        Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Track & Field   Klosterman, Don                  1986       1952   Neri, Jerry                         1989
     Polich, John                         1986     1938   Lauermann, Willard “Bill” E.     1988       1932      Assistant Football Coach (1949-51)
        Football, Ice Hockey, Track & Field               Musacco, George                  1987       1951   Oliver, Jordan                      1987
     Quinn, Brian                         2000     1964   Nipp, Maury                      1987       1952      Football Coach (1949-51)
        Basketball, Baseball, Administration              Snyder, Frederick                1992       1952   Westhead, Paul                      2000
     Race, Edward                         1993     1937                                                         Men’s Basketball Head Coach (1986-91)
        Football, Ice Hockey                              WOMEN’S SOCCER
     Sanchez, Jamie                       1993     1975   Sharp, Tracy                     2007       2000   RETIRED JERSEYS
        Football, Tennis                                                                                     Name                            Induct.   Grad.
     Sunderland, Paul                     1986     1975   WOMEN’S TENNIS                                     Bean, Billy                       2000    1986
        Basketball, Volleyball                            Anderson, Kristi                 2003       1989      Baseball
     Tunney, James                        1989     1928   Delgado, Debbie                  1994       1985   Holman, Tracy                     2000    1998
        Baseball, Basketball, Football                    Patridge, Carolyn B.             1991       1980      Volleyball
                                                                                                             Gathers, Hank                     2000    1990
     MEN’S BaSkEtBall                                     MEN’S TENNIS                                          Basketball
     Adelman, Rick                      1986     1968     Crawford, Roger                  1994       1982   Kimball, Kealani                  2005    2004
     Arndt, John                        1986     1952                                                           Volleyball
     Baker, Dick                        1993     1956     WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL                                 Kimble, Bo                        2000    1990
     Bento, Ed                          1986     1962     Blankinship, Kim                 2007       1996      Basketball
     Brown, Garnette                    1987     1957     Fort, Andrea                     1991       1987   Layana, Tim                       2000    1986
     Donovan, Bill                      1986     1950     Holman, Tracy                    2005       1998      Baseball
     Fryer, Jeff                        2007     1991     House, Kerry                     2003       1991   McFarland, Sarah                  2002    2000
     Gathers, Hank                      2005     1990     Lacour, Cheryl                   1988       1983      Volleyball
     Grote, Jerry                       1986     1962     McFarland, Sarah                 2007       2000   Noriega, Sarah                    2007    1995
     Haderlein, Jim                     1986     1971     Petrissans, Catherine            1992       1988      Volleyball
     Kimble, Bo                         2005     1990     Wohlford, Leslie                 1993       1989   Stone, Gerald                     2000    1974
     Kriste, Vide J.                    1988     1940     Wrensch, Mardell                 2005       1996      Baseball
     McDonald, Edwin “Scotty”           1987     1939                                                        Wrench, Mardell                   2000    1996
     McKenzie, Forrest                  1991     1986     TEAMS                                                 Volleyball
     Newell, Pete                       1986     1940     1969 Football                   2003
     Philyaw, Luther                    1987     1976       Club National Champions
     Smith, Keith                       2000     1986     1981 Women’s Crew               1986
     Smith, Stephen J.                  1991     1973       National Champion - Lightweight-4 Shell
     Woolpert, Phil                     1986     1940     1990 Men’s Basketball           2005
     Yoest, Mike                        1994     1988       Elite Eight/WCC Champions
                                                          1986 Baseball                   2007
     WoMEN’S BaSkEtBall                                     College World Series
     Brown, Sherri (WBB)                2003     1994
     Flanagan, Lynn (WBB)               2000     1991

90    LMU Women’s Soccer
      200 Media Guide
insidE LmU


                  Rev. Robert B.
                   Lawton, S.J.
            ev. Robert B. Lawton, S.J., was named the 14th president     1977. Fr. Lawton was a Danforth
            of Loyola Marymount University on June 1, 1999. Father       and Woodrow Wilson Fellow
            Lawton leads LMU into the next millennium after serv-        at Harvard. He was ordained in
 ing as the dean of Georgetown College at Georgetown University          1981.
 since 1989.                                                               Following his preparation for
   Lawton, a classicist, scripture scholar, administrator, and priest,   ordination from 1979-81, Fr. Lawton traveled to Germany to con-
 was born in Cumberland, Maryland, and entered the Society of            duct independent study in both German and theology. In 1982, he
 Jesus in July 1965.                                                     accepted an assistant professorship teaching Hebrew and Aramaic
   Possessing a wealth of experience in both university teaching         at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, Italy, a post he held until
 and administration, Fr. Lawton comes to LMU after giving 20 years       1984.
 of service to Georgetown University. Serving as the assistant Dean        In addition to his teaching and administrative duties at George-
 from 1984-89, Fr. Lawton also taught in the Theology department         town, Fr. Lawton served on numerous campus committees exam-
 as an adjunct assistant professor during that period. He started at     ining such areas as campus planning, student life, freshman and
 the University in 1977 as an assistant professor of Theology and        transfer student admissions, and community relations. Outside of
 worked in that capacity until 1979.                                     the University he has served as a member of the Board of Trustees
   He earned his bachelor of arts degree in classics from Fordham        of the University of Scranton and Fairfield University.
 University in 1971, graduating Phi Beta Kappa (summa cum laude).          Father Lawton holds the rank of professor in LMU’s Departments
 Fr. Lawton went on to attend Harvard University where he com-           of Theological Studies and Classics.
 pleted his doctorate in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in

                                                                                                                                       LMU Women’s Soccer
                                                                                                                                         200 Media Guide
                                                                                                                                     insidE LmU

     director of athletics

       Dr. William S. Husak
                  or Dr. William S. Husak life is all about family and his 11 years as the   put into athletic facilities. That list includes
                  Athletics Director at Loyola Marymount University reflects his family-     the Burns Aquatics Center, which was used
                  first approach to life. And that approach has brought success never        as host to the 2002 and 2006 NCAA Men’s
        before seen at LMU. Since taking over the program in 1998, the Lions’ suc-           Water Polo Championships. It has been the
        cess has been some of the best in program history, Husak firmly believes the         only time LMU has hosted an NCAA cham-
        program has “just scratched the surface.”                                            pionship.
           His administrative efforts have focused on developing a family of coaches,           Facility enhancements have also includ-
        support staff and administrators who believe that LMU’s athletics program            ed the brand new Smith Field (softball),
        can be among the elite in the nation. This period of time has been marked by         Thomas Higgins Short Game Center (golf),
        enhancing the support of the athletic teams through the new and updated              the Morris A. Pivaroff and George P. Kad-
        facilities, increased scholarship and operational support and enhancing the          ing Tournament Court (tennis), and the Jane Browne Bove Boathouse. LMU’s
        coaching and support staff.                                                          existing facilities have also seen their share of growth, including new bleach-
           The past 11 years have been some of the most successful seasons in                ers and scoreboard to Sullivan Field (soccer), Mikos Blue Monster and Pride
        school history as the Lions won over 55 percent of its dual competitions in          Park to Page Stadium (baseball), and a new sound system, floor design and
        that span and claimed the school’s first ever Commissioner’s Cup in 1996.            bleachers in Gersten Pavilion.
        Since 1998, LMU has claimed 24 conference championships and 30 NCAA                     More is on its way as the University committed more than 7,000 square
        postseason appearances. Off the field, the Lions have had a 65 percent in-           feet for coaches office at the Leavey Center. In addition, plans for the next 18
        crease in national scholar-athletes, as 210 claimed the honor in the 2007-08         months include a new weight training facility with locker room and storage
        academic year.                                                                       space and new locker room suites in Gersten Pavilion, including new state-
           Husak attributes the current success and the future growth of the pro-            of-the-art areas for men’s and women’s basketball.
        gram to the staff that is in place. Since he took over the program, the coach-          Husak comes from a long and accomplished background as an adminis-
        ing and administrative staffs that lend support to the more than 450 student-        trator, fundraiser and professor during a 19-year career at California State
        athletes has more than doubled in size. A full-time head coach will lead 19          University, Long Beach. Between 1993-1998, he served as the Senior Associ-
        of the varsity sports sponsored at LMU. When Husak took over, only nine of           ate Athletics Director and was mainly responsible for Athletics fundraising.
        the programs were led by full-time coaches.                                          While at CSULB between 1983 and 1997, Husak served as an assistant com-
           In addition, support for the student-athletes was enhanced with the ad-           missioner for the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). Between
        dition of 10 brand new staff positions, which included an athletic academic          1986 and 1993 he served as chairman of CSULB’s physical education depart-
        coordinator, marketing/promotions manager, ticket manager, corporate rela-           ment. As an associate professor of physical education at CSULB between
        tions manager, two assistant athletic trainers, a two strength and condition-        1979 and 1986, he established the university’s Motor Behavior Laboratory.
        ing assistant coaches, a assistant compliance director and an assistant media           A 1972 graduate of State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland,
        relations director.                                                                  Husak holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Physical Education from Texas
           The final major piece to LMU Athletics’ growth and success has been Hu-           A&M University. He and his wife of 37 years, Tish, live in Long Beach and
        sak’s commitment to facilities. Since he has taken over, $30 million has been        have three sons, Greg, Todd and Jon.

92   LMU Women’s Soccer
     200 Media Guide
insidE LmU
NCAA Compliance

                                                                   I Want to Play at LMU...
What do I need to do in order to play at LMU                       must be done directly from the testing agency’s            two (2) times per week on or after August 1 prior
as a freshman?                                                     website. The NCAA Eligibility Center routing code          to your senior year in high school. For junior col-
If you intend to participate in Division I or II athlet-           is 9999. If you have questions, you or your high           lege and four-year transfer prospects, you may only
ics as a freshman, you must register and be certi-                 school counselor can obtain assistance by calling          receive one phone call per week, regardless of the
fied by the NCAA Eligibility Center. To register, you              the NCAA Eligibility Center at (317) 223-0700. Af-         time period.
must go on-line to                      ter you graduate and before school closes for the
You will need a major credit card to complete the                  summer, your counselor must send a copy of your            Exception for Women’s Basketball ONLY
registration. The fee is $60 for domestic prospects                final transcript to the Eligibility Center that includes   Only in the sport of women’s basketball, a college
($85 for foreign prospects). The Eligibility Center                your confirmation of graduation from high school.          coach (but not a booster) is permitted to call you
evaluates your academic records as well as your
amateurism status to determine whether or not                      How do I know if I’m being
you are eligibile to play Division I or II sports. You             recruited?
will be required to designate all high schools you                 You become a “prospective stu-
have attended and answer a series of questions re-                 dent-athlete” when you start
lating to your status as an amateur. Once you’ve                   ninth-grade classes.        Before
completed the registration and answered the ama-                   the ninth grade, you become a
teurism questions, you will need to have each of                   prospective student-athlete if a
the high schools you have attended supply an of-                   college gives you (or your rela-
ficial copy of your transcripts directly to the Eligibil-          tives or friends) any financial aid or other benefits      (or your parents or legal guardians) one time dur-
ity Center. You will also need to arrange to have                  that the college does not provide to prospective           ing each of the months of April (on or after the
your standardized test scores sent directly from the               students generally. You become a “recruited pro-           Thursday after the conclusion of the Women’s Final
testing agency to the NCAA Eligibility Center. This                spective student-athlete” at a particular college if       Four) and May of your junior year in high school.
                                                                   any coach approaches you (or any member of your            You can receive one call on or after June 1 through
                                                                   family) about enrolling and participating in athlet-       June 20, and one call you can receive one call on
 baSic infORmatiOn                                                 ics at that college. Activities by coaches that cause      or after June 21 through June 30 of your junior
 Questions?                                                        you to become a recruited prospective student-             year in high school. In addition, you can receive
 Should you have any questions regarding any NCAA rules,
                                                                   athlete are: (1) providing you with an official visit;     three phone calls during the month of July follow-
 please contact our Compliance Office at (310) 338-7789 or you
 can contact the NCAA at (317) 917-6222.                           (2) placing more than one telephone call to you            ing your junior year in high school, with no more
                                                                   or any other member of your family; or (3) visiting        than one call per week. On or after August 1 prior
 Go onLine                                                         you or any other member of your family anywhere            to your senior year in high school, you can receive
 NCAA:                                                other than the college campus; or (4) issuing to           no more than one phone call per week.
 Loyola Marymount University:                          you a National Letter of Intent or written offer of
 LMU Athletics:                                   athletically related financial aid.                        Unlimited Phone Calls - All Sports
                                                                                                                              Unlimited phone calls can be made to you (or your
 LMu ContACts                                                      boosters: In addition to general recruiting regula-        parents or legal guardians) by a college coach
 Dan Smith - Associate Athletic Director-Compliance
                                                                   tions, no alumni, boosters or representatives of a         ONLY under the following circumstances: (1) dur-
 (310) 338-7789 | (800) LIONS-R-1
 John Infante - Assistant Director - Compliance                    college’s athletics interests can be involved in your      ing the five days immediately before your official
 (310) 338-3706 | (800) LIONS-R-1                                  recruitment. There can be no phone calls or let-           visit by the college you will be visiting; (2) on the
                                                                   ters from boosters. If an LMU booster is contact-          day of a coach’s off-campus contact with you by
 MAiLinG ADDResses                                                 ing you, please call the LMU Compliance Office             that coach; (3) on the initial date for signing the
 Loyola Marymount University - Department of Athletics             as soon as possible at (310) 338-7789. Don’t risk          National Letter of Intent in your sport through two
 Compliance                                                        your NCAA eligibility!                                     days after the initial signing date; and (4) you (or
 1 LMU Drive - MS 8505; Los Angeles, CA 90045                                                                                 your parents or legal guardians) may telephone a
                                                                   When can I talk to the coach and have him/her              coach at your expense as often as you wish. At
 NCAA Clearinghouse
                                                                   see me play?                                               the completion of your junior year (after July 1),
 301 ACT Drive - Box 4043; Iowa City, IA 52243-4043
 Toll Free – Domestic Callers: (877) 262-1492                                                                                 coaches may also accept collect calls from you,
 Foreign Calls: (319) 337-1492                                     teLePHone caLLs                                            using our toll-free number (1-800-LIONS-R-1). In                                         In all Sports Other Than Football                          men’s basketball ONLY, coaches may accept a toll-
                                                                   and Basketball                                             free call from you no earlier than the conclusion of
 After November 1, 2007                                            A college coach (but not a booster) is permitted to        your sophomore year in high school.
 NCAA Eligibility Center                                           call you (or your parents or legal guardians) on or
 P.O. Box 7110                                                     after July 1 following the completion of your junior       RecRUItInG caLenDaRs
 Indianapolis, IN 46206                                            year in high school. On or after July 1 following          Keep in mind that every sport has a different re-
                                                                   the completion of your junior year in high school,         cruiting calendar. A coach in a particular sport may
 WHAt CAn i ReCeiVe FRoM LMu
 You (or your family) may not receive any benefit, inducement      a college coach is permitted to call you only one          or may not be permitted to call you during certain
 or arrangement such as cash, clothing, cars, improper ex-         time per week.                                             times of the year. When you do speak to a college
 penses, transportation, gifts or loans to encourage you to sign                                                              coach, be sure to ask about the recruiting calendar
 a National Letter of Intent or attend an NCAA college. Loyola     Exception for Men’s Basketball ONLY                        so you understand when you can accept phone
 Marymount University may offer you a one-year scholarship         Only in the sport of men’s basketball, a college           calls from college coaches. You can also find the
 that covers room and board, tuition and fees, and required        coach (but not a booster) is permitted to call you         recruiting calendars for all sports on-line at www.
 course-related books, or any part of these. The institution can   (or your parents or legal guardians) one time per
 recommend that this aid be renewed each year, as is the general   month on or after June 15 of your sophomore year
 practice at LMU.
                                                                   in high school through July 31 of your junior year         off-caMPUs contacts
                                                                   in high school. Coaches are permitted to call you          In all Sports Other Than Football and Basketball
                                                                                                                                                           LMU Women’s Soccer
                                                                                                                                                             200 Media Guide
                                                                                                                                           insidE LmU
     A college coach is permitted to contact you in person off the college campus
     only on or after July 1 after the completion of your junior year in high school.    Staff Directory
                                                                                         GeneRaL PHone: ......................................................................... (310) 338-2765
     A contact is any face-to-face meeting between a college coach or athletics
                                                                                         tIcKets: ......................................................................................... (310) 338-LION
     staff member and you or your parents, during which any of you say more              bY MaIL: ....................Administration: ....................... Loyola Marymount University
     than “hello.” Also, any such face-to-face meeting that is prearranged or that       ....................................................................................................... Gersten Pavilion
     takes place on your campus, at an organized competition or practice involving       ........................................................................................... 1 LMU Drive - MS 8505
     you or your high school, preparatory school, two-year college or all-star team      ............................................................................................Los Angeles, CA 90045
                                                                                         ....................................Coaching Staff: ....................... Loyola Marymount University
     shall be considered a contact, regardless of the conversation. Currently in all
                                                                                         .......................................................................................................... Leavey Center
     sports other than football, college coaches may contact you off the college         ........................................................................................... 1 LMU Drive - MS 8235
     campus no more than three times. However, a college coach may visit your            ............................................................................................Los Angeles, CA 90045
     high school (with the approval of your high school principal) only once a week      BY FAX:
     during a contact period. Junior college prospects who are non-qualifiers as         Leavey Center: .......... (310) 338-5915                          Men’s Basketball: ......... (310) 338-7644
     determined by the NCAA Eligibility Center may not be recruited until they           Aquatics: ................. (310) 338-3796                        Media Services: ............ (310) 338-2703
                                                                                         Training Room: ........ (310) 338-5191                            Administration: ............. (310) 338-4577
     have completed one academic year at the junior college.                             Compliance: ............ (310) 258-4628

     In Men’s Basketball                                                                 Administration (Area Code - 310)
     A college coach is not permitted to contact you prior to the opening day            athletic Director
     of classes of your senior year in high school. During the academic year, a          Dr. William Husak ........Director of Athletics ............................................. 338-5940
                                                                                         Dan Smith....................Associate Athletic Director - Internal Ops ............. 338-7789
     college coach is limited to seven recruiting opportunities with you (contacts       Addie Casey.................Office Supervisor/Co-Camp Director ..................... 338-3047
     and evaluations combined) with no more than three in-person, off-campus             Faith Sauerwald ...........Senior Secretary/Co-Camp Director ...................... 338-4504
     contacts at any site during your senior year in high school.                        June D’Amour..............Senior Secretary ................................................... 338-1743
     In Women’s Basketball                                                               TBA .............................Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance ........................ TBA
                                                                                         John Infante.................Assistant Director of Compliance ......................... 338-3706
     A college coach is not permitted to contact you prior to the opening day of
                                                                                         business & finance
     classes of your senior year in high school. During the academic year, a college     Maria Behm .................Associate Athletic Director - Business/SWA ........... 338-7645
     coach is limited to five recruiting opportunities with you (contacts and evalu-     Robyn Millen................Business Affairs Assistant ..................................... 338-2953
     ations combined) with no more than three in-person, off-campus contacts at          Media services/sports Information
     any site during your senior year in high school. This restriction includes your     John Shaffer ................Assistant Athletics Director - Media Services ......... 338-7643
                                                                                                                          Sports: Men’s basketball, Men’s & Women’s water polo
     relatives or legal guardians, but does not include any contact made during          Mark Dodson ...............Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations ...... 338-5798
     your official visit to campus. Further, all communication between you, your                                          Sports: Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, Softball
     relatives, legal guardians, your coach, or anyone else involved with your par-      Tyler Geivett .................Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations ...... 338-7638
     ticipation in basketball, directly or indirectly, and a college coach during the                                     Sports: Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming
                                                                                         Maria Ortiz ..................Athletic Media Relations Graduate Assistant ........ 338-7768
     month of July, is prohibited.
                                                                                                                          Sports: Tennis, Rowing/Crew, Men’s Golf, Cross Country/Track, Cheer
     eVaLUatIons                                                                         Matt Casana ................Director of Academic Services .............................. 338-1736
     An evaluation is any off-campus activity used to assess your academic qualifi-      TBA .............................Assistant Director of Academic Services ................ 338-7583
     cations or athletics ability, including a visit to your high school (during which   Eric Wiener ..................Academics Assistant...................................................... TBA
     no contact occurs) or watching you practice or compete at any site. Currently
                                                                                         Brian Luft .....................Assistant Athletic Director - Development ............ 338-7853
     in all sports other than football and women’s basketball, a college coach is        Rob Anderson ..............Dir. of Annual Support for Athletic Giving ........... 338-2908
     limited to seven opportunities (contacts and evaluations combined) to recruit       tickets/Marketing/Promotions
     you and not more than three of the seven opportunities may be contacts. In          Karina Handeland ........Assistant Athletics Director - Marketing ................ 258-8608
     women’s basketball, coaches have a limit of five opportunities with which to        Jason Hanchar .............Corporate Relations Manager .............................. 338-5201
     recruit you (contact and evaluations combined) off the college campus. Not          Alisa Binetti..................Ticket Manager .................................................... 338-4537
                                                                                         ....................................Marketing Assistant ...................................................... TBA
     more than three of those five opportunities may be contacts. Once you sign a        Heather Herkenhoff .....Central Ticket Agency .......................................... 338-4537
     National Letter of Intent, you may be evaluated an unlimited number of times        General Ticket Office ................................................................................ 338-LION
     by a college coach from the college with which you have signed.                     strength Room
                                                                                         TBA .............................Strength and Conditioning Coach ................................. TBA
     LetteRs anD RecRUItInG MateRIaLs                                                    Sergiu Boerica ..............Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach ................... 338-5796
                                                                                         Ciara Carl ....................Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach ................... 338-5796
     In all sports other than men’s basketball, letters (including emails) and printed   training Room
     recruiting information may be sent to you starting September 1st at the be-         Keith Ellison .................Coordinator of Athletics Medicine ........................ 338-2874
     ginning of your junior year in high school. In men’s basketball, you may re-        Joe Gonzalez ...............Assistant Athletics Trainer..................................... 338-2764
     ceive these materials after June 15 at the completion of your sophomore year        Beth Drayer..................Assistant Athletics Trainer..................................... 338-2340
     in high school. This information can only be sent to you through regular mail       Steven Cortez ..............Assistant Athletics Trainer..................................... 338-5220
     services. College coaches are not permitted to send anything to you (expect
                                                                                         Shane Howell...............Athletic Facilities Manager ................................... 338-7641
     a National Letter of Intent offer) through any express mail service (e.g. Federal   Shelton Lorick ..............Athletic Facilities Assistant.................................... 338-7642
     Express, UPS, DHL, etc.).                                                           Angelo Rawles .............Athletic Facilities Assistant.................................... 338-7642
     For more information, please visit our website at                                   Jason Gill .....................Baseball Head Coach ........................................... 338-2949
                                                                                         Bill Bayno .....................Men’s Basketball Head Coach .............................. 338-7623
                                                                                         Julie Wilhoit .................Women’s Basketball Head Coach ......................... 338-7699
                                                                                         John Loughran .............Water Polo Head Coach ....................................... 338-1844
     Good Luck and Go LIons!!!                                                           Bonnie Adair ................Women’s Swimming Head Coach ........................ 258-4685
                                                                                         Dawn Regan ................Rowing/Crew Head Coach ................................... 338-7624
                                                                                         Scott Guerrero .............Cross Country/Track Head Coach ........................ 338-7630
                                                                                         Alex Galvan .................Men’s Golf Head Coach ....................................... 258-8619
                                                                                         Paul Krumpe ................Men’s Soccer Head Coach .................................... 338-7640
                                                                                         Joe Mallia ....................Women’s Soccer Head Coach ............................... 338-2795
                                                                                         Gary Ferrin ...................Softball Head Coach ............................................ 338-7651
                                                                                         Brad Sceney .................Men’s Tennis Head Coach .................................... 338-7589
                                                                                         Jamie Sanchez .............Women’s Tennis Head Coach ............................... 338-7506
                                                                                         Steve Stratos ................Volleyball Head Coach ......................................... 338-4528

94    LMU Women’s Soccer
      200 Media Guide
LMU Women’s Soccer
  200 Media Guide
                                                                                                                          insidE LmU

     Los Angeles

       Home of the Lions
                  rab your sunscreen and your towel, because LA has more than       Where to shop: Retail therapy
                  50 miles of coastline and 33 public beaches, so you can always    If you’re looking for that perfect bathing suit or pair of sunglasses or a
                  find a stretch of sand to snatch and plenty of waves to catch.    chic, antique accent table for your living room, you’ve come to the right
       But don’t forget your appetite, an extra suitcase and a sense of adven-      place. Head to Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade for several pedes-
       ture, because LA’s coastal cities are more than just a bunch of pretty       trian-only blocks full of well-known retailers such as Pottery Barn and
       places. From the quiet enclaves of Playa del Rey and Marina del Rey just     Urban Outfitters, as well as one-of-the-kind shops, plus three multiplex
       minutes from the LMU campus, to the funky ambience of Venice with            cinemas and a slew of restaurants, cafes and bars.
       its offbeat street performers, each of these waterfront wonders offers its
       own personality and its own take on dining, shopping, attractions and        Nearby, the hottest celebs — Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio,
       activities.                                                                  Gwyneth Paltrow and George Clooney among them — shop at Fred Se-
                                                                                    gal. Equally alluring is Montana Avenue, where you’ll find high-end de-
       Where to eat: coastal cuisine                                                signer boutiques, including some that are owned by celebrity clans. And
       Got a hankering for fresh seafood? How about a healthy entrée salad?         if it’s quirky you want, go straight to Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice
       Or a greasy burger? Our beach cities have them all. Representing diverse     for antiques, vintage clothing, funky collectibles and locally created art
       coastal cuisine is the spruced-up Mexican fare of celebrity chefs Susan      — all set in the neighborhood’s laid-back beach atmosphere.
       Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, hosts of the Food Network’s “Too Hot
       Tamales,” at Border Grill Santa Monica. For even more celebrity watch-       What to see: fabled attractions
       ing, head to The Lobster in Santa Monica or Geoffrey’s on the beach in       When you get tired of sunbathing and surfing, there’s always something
       Malibu.                                                                      fun to do. For classic serenity, visit the Getty Villa, presiding on a promon-
                                                                                    tory overlooking the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. It re-
       Artist types like the Asian fusion cuisine at Chaya Venice, where local      cently reopened after nearly a decade of renovations and has an exquisite
       artists, musicians and movie industry moguls hang out. Meanwhile, cou-       permanent exhibition of Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities.
       ples enjoy romantic dinners overlooking the marina and its million-dollar
       yachts at Café del Rey in Marina del Rey. More casual fare can be had at     Partake in good old-fashioned fun and take a ride on the 1916, fully
       a number of local hot dog and hamburger stands. And several eateries at      restored carousel inside a National Historic Landmark hippodrome build-
       San Pedro’s Ports O’ Call Village serve up freshly caught seafood cooked     ing on the Santa Monica Pier. The pier also is home to Pacific Park, where
       on outdoor grills.                                                           you can hop onto a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster and other rides and play
                                                                                    arcade games over Santa Monica Bay.

96   LMU Women’s Soccer
     200 Media Guide
insidE LmU

Just south of the pier, there’s plenty to gawk at along the Venice Beach boardwalk,            Things To See And Do In
from the off-the-wall street performers on Ocean Front Walk, to the washboard                     Southern California
stomachs and bulging biceps at the Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Or rent some                Anaheim Ducks             Los Angeles sparks
skates and draw some of your own attention.                                              Big Bear Mountain / Lake  Los Angeles Zoo
                                                                                         Catalina island           Malibu
If you’re farther south, visit the spectacular wood and glass Wayfarers Chapel, de-
signed by Lloyd Wright, Frank’s son, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean just south        Disneyland                Mammoth Mountain
of Palos Verdes. While you’re in the area, stop by the pristine Trump National Golf      Disney studios            Manhattan Beach
Club for a round of golf and breathtaking views.                                         Dodger stadium            Marina del Rey
                                                                                         Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Mann’s Chinese theatre
If it’s family fun you’re looking for, you can get an up-close-and-personal look at
                                                                                         edison Field              Melrose
the Pacific Ocean’s inhabitants at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Rainbow Harbor in
Long Beach. In San Pedro, the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium recently had a $10 million
                                                                                         Getty Museum              newport Beach
facelift and features a hands-on Exploration Center and an aquatic nursery. While        Great Western Forum       Queen Mary
you’re in San Pedro, catch the fantastic views from Point Fermin Lighthouse, one of      Greek theatre             Paramount studios
LA’s most historic landmarks. Or better yet, take a stroll on the new San Pedro Wa-      Griffith Park observatory Planet Hollywood
terfront Promenade, lined with magnolias, peppermint trees and colorful gardens.         Hard Rock Cafe            Redondo Beach
                                                                                         Hermosa Beach             Rodeo Drive
If you’d rather be on the water, you can take a cruise with Hornblower Cruises &
Events in Marina del Rey or with Spirit Cruises & Yacht Parties in San Pedro. Din-       Hollywood Bowl            Rose Bowl
ner cruises are available, and if you want to celebrate a special occasion with 40       Hollywood Park            santa Monica Pier / third
to 400 of your closest friends, you can charter yachts from Hornblower, Spirit or        Hollywood Walk of Fame        street Promenade
FantaSea Yachts & Yacht Club. You can even get away to Catalina, the “island of          House of Blues            sea World
romance,” in less than an hour and a half from San Pedro or Long Beach via the
                                                                                         Huntington Beach          shrine Auditorium
Catalina Express ferry.
                                                                                         Knotts Berry Farm         six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Where to stay: Hot, Hip Hotels                                                           Legoland                  six Flags Magic Mountain
After a day in the sun, there are plenty of places to relax and get a good night’s       Long Beach Aquarium       snow summit
sleep. Santa Monica Beach is virtually the backyard of Shutters on the Beach and         LA Angels of Anaheim      staples Center
Casa Del Mar. Just steps away are Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and Le Merigot,         Los Angeles Avengers      universal studios /
a JW Marriott Beach Hotel and Spa. Nearby, the Viceroy Santa Monica is a hip, ur-
                                                                                         Los Angeles Clippers          City Walk
ban, boutique retreat, while the historic Fairmont Miramar Hotel Santa Monica.
For a little vintage style, stay at Venice Beach Suites & Hotel, right in the midst of   LA Memorial Coliseum      Venice Beach
Venice’s bustling scene. Farther south, the Marina del Rey Marriott and the Ritz-        Los Angeles Dodgers       Walt Disney Concert Hall
Carlton Marina del Rey overlook thousands of yachts moored in one of the world’s         Los Angeles Kings         Warner Bros. studios
largest man-made recreational marinas.                                                   Los Angeles Lakers

                                                                                                                              LMU Women’s Soccer
                                                                                                                                200 Media Guide

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