Campus Sustainability - Fort Lewis College by liuqingyan


									Campus Sustainability Team
Team Goal: To reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from Fort Lewis College and aid in
implementing the campus sustainability action plan

Primary Responsibilities
• Assemble energy and transportation data necessary to do a greenhouse gas inventory
• Conduct a commuter survey for the FLC community
• Develop outreach materials for the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP)
• Audit and update the current status of the SAP
• Aid in evaluating and tracking progress toward our goals
• Develop an energy conservation campaign for the campus
• Maintain the campus sustainability section on the EC web site and the Pathways to
   Sustainability Website
• Research on campus sustainability

Time Dependent
• Organize an energy conservation campaign or contest for the FLC campus
• Conduct energy audits on campus and in the community
• Assist with county weatherization program
• Assist with research and labor to construct a biodiesel production facility on campus
• Assist with education about the green features of new campus buildings
• Research options for renewable energy production on the Old Fort campus
• Research improving the energy efficiency of buildings on the Old Fort campus
• Set-up a vehicle purchasing spreadsheet for Physical Plant
• Create a map for students showing how to get around the area without using cars
• Connect with other student climate and sustainability programs at other colleges in the region
• Work with Outdoor Pursuits to create a bike-share program

Other Ideas
• Coordinate with national campaigns such as Step It Up, 1Sky,, and Focus the Nation
• Set-up a ride-share and carpool program on campus
• Participate in the AASHE STARS rating system

Team Roles
• Coordinator
• GHG Inventory Manager
• Energy Programs Manager
• Education and Outreach Manager
• Climate Action Staff

Team Specific Training
• Greenhouse Gas Inventory – CA-CP Carbon Calculator
•   How to conduct energy audits
•   Weatherization
•   Tour of Smiley Building
•   Tour of FLC green buildings
•   Field trip to San Juan College Renewable Energy program
•   Field trip to San Juan Bioenergy

What Students Can Get From This Position
• Knowledge of ways to address organizational approaches to sustainability
• Knowledge of green building strategies
• Experience with running targeted campaigns
• Skill at creating change at an institutional level
• Research skills

Prior to First Meeting Students Should…
• Campus Sustainability section in staff handbook
• Climate Action and campus sustainability section on the EC’s website
• 3-2-1 Energy and Transportation Briefing Papers on EC Website
• Review the Sustainability Action Plan
• GHG inventory on the Pathways to Sustainability Website
• Community-based social marketing article in staff handbook
• The following websites: USGBC, Living Building Challenge and the 2030 Challenge,
   American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, Clean Air-Cool Planet,
   AASHE, Sustainable Endowments Institute, Second Nature

Think about:
• Whether you would like to work more on energy, green building, or transportation
• Whether you would like to work more on education, research, or direct action

First Meeting
• Divide up roles, designate student to attend PACEA climate sub-committee
• Review FLC Sustainability Action Plan
• Decide what additional projects to take on

Ways to Evaluate Our Work
• Continual reduction in energy use and GHG emissions
• Continual reduction in car trips associated with the university
• Ratings of new buildings constructed on campus
• External assessments of campus sustainability
• Number of people on campus who have knowledge of SAP

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