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									                         Campus STAR Chart FAQs


What is the STAR Chart?

The Texas Teacher STaR Chart is an assessment tool developed around the four key areas
of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology:

      Teaching and Learning
      Educator Preparation and Development
      Leadership Administration and Instructional Support
      Infrastructure for Technology

The Teacher STAR Chart is designed to help teachers, campuses, and districts determine
their progress toward meeting the goals of the Long-Range Plan for Technology, as well as
meeting the goals of the district.

MISD receives Title II, D funding, so our teachers are required to complete the Teacher
STAR Chart in accordance to the guidelines for E-Rate submission.

Who is responsible for completing the STaR Chart?

All certified teachers on a campus are responsible for completing the survey. A principal
may designate another person to coordinate the task, but, ultimately it is the responsibility
of the principal to ensure that 100% of a campus’ staff completes the STaR chart.

What is the deadline for completing the STaR Chart?

All surveys, including the campus STaR chart should be completed and submitted by April 7,
I have teachers who are listed on my staff roster who are no longer on my
campus. How do I remove them?

If there is a need to inactivate a Teacher STaR Chart account, choose EDIT next to the
teacher name on the Teacher List and uncheck the box next to the Active indication.
Teacher email addresses can also be updated at this location. Choose "Update" when done.
This should be done even if the teacher is still in the district, but not on your campus.

I have some new teachers who are not listed on my staff roster. How can
they be added so that they can complete the chart as well?

   1. Log on to Campus STaR Chart.
   2. Click on the Teacher List link.
   3. Under "Add a teacher to my list," each teacher name should be added by adding the
      teacher first name and last name.
   4. Click the button, "Add Teacher".
   5. Continue for each teacher not currently on the Teacher List for this campus .

I added the new teachers, and I see their username on the campus roster,
but where do they get their password?

The first time they login, new teachers should use the generic password, “PASSWORD”.
They will then be prompted to create a profile where they can create their own password.
A teacher is considered “active” when you see an email next to his/her name. This will
happen once the teacher has submitted a profile.

None of the teachers on my campus are listed as active, but they have been
in the district for several years. Why is this?

Anytime a teacher moves to a new campus, they are considered new. They will need to
complete a new profile and set up a new password. The system will generate a new username
for them that will be different than the username they had at a former campus. This new
username and password is the one they should use to complete this year’s STaR chart.
I have several returning teachers who cannot remember their password.
How can they get it so they can complete the survey?

Active Teachers (those with an email address next to their name on the campus roster) can
retrieve their passwords by going to the login page
( and entering their username in the field under
“Forgot Your Password”. The password will be sent to the email address listed on the
campus roster.

What is the campus STaR Chart?

The campus STaR chart should be completed and submitted by the principal. It is a
summary of campus technology use for each campus in the district. Once each teacher has
completed the teacher STAR chart, principals should complete the campus form by logging
in to the campus page.

Where can I find more information?

More information can be found at the STaR chart home page including printable materials
and links to the STaR Chart helpdesk.

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