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                                                                      MASS INTENTIONS
                                                            Saturday, March 7
                                                                  9:00 Margaret & Joseph Vienneau
Sunday, March 8, Grade 10 Penance                                       Memorial
Sunday, March 8, Blood Pressure Clinic after Masses               4:30 John Frawley Birthday Memorial
Tuesday, March 10, 10am, Caregiver Support Group            Sunday, March 8
Wednesday, March 11, 7pm, RCIA                                    8:00 Helen Aherne Month’s Mind
Wednesday, March 11, 9:30am or 7:30pm, Parish Pulse               9:30 Paul Donovan Anniversary
Update Meeting for all parishioners!                              11:00 Rosa Soares Memorial
Thursday, March 12, 7:30pm, Choir Rehearsal                       5:00 Joao DaRocha & Custodia Maruja
Thursday, March 12, 7:45pm, New Jerusalem Prayer                        Memorial
Group                                                       Monday, March 9
Friday, March 13, 3:30pm, Stations of the Cross                   9:00 Maurita Moan Month’s Mind
Friday, March 13, 6pm, Soup Supper
                                                            Tuesday, March 10
Friday, March 13, 7pm, Prayer Service (led by our
Baptism Ministry)                                                 9:00 Arthur J. Coté Memorial
                                                            Wednesday, March 11
                                                                  9:00 Martin & Maurice Conroy and
                                                                        Sean O’Toole
                                                            Thursday, March 12
                                                                  9:00 Mary Hayes 1st Anniversary
            Liturgical Minister Schedule                    Friday, March 13
                     March 14/15                                  9:00 Bob Briody 14th Anniversary
                                                            Saturday, March 14
4:30 Lector: Daniel Bolivar, Bob Wennerstrand                     9:00 John Machado
4:30 Server: Craig Riley, Katie & Peter Horsfall                  4:30 Paul Clifford Anniversary
8:00 Lector: Nick Huckle, George Antonetti                  Sunday, March 15
8:00 Server: Scott Smith, Karl Baer                               8:00 Cliff Ryding & Joan Maher
9:30 Lector: Dave Hern, Monica Stevenson                          9:30 Gregory Zochowski Memorial
9:30 Server: Greg Campion, Colleen Berry, Erin Reilly             11:00 Gregory Puricelli 2nd Anniversary
11:00 Lector: Frank Connell, Eliza Celardo                        5:00 Dante Petrozzi Month’s Mind
11:00 Server: Colleen Walsh, Devin Bartlett,
              David Salvatore
5:00 Lector: Neil Gomes, Tim MacDonald                               Financial Report for March 1, 2009
5:00 Server: Erin & Shannon Kahaly, Mike Petro              Envelopes Collected                              306
                                                            Amount in envelopes                        $6,541.00
        Eucharistic Minister’s 3rd weekend team
                                                            Percentage of collection in envelopes           63%
                                                            Loose donations                            $3,903.00
                                                            Total parish offertory                   $10, 444.00
Lector and Altar Server schedules have been emailed. If
you did not receive one, please call Colleen and one will
                    be mailed to you.

                                                            Join fellow parishioners for our Soup Supper in the
                 Sunday, March 8                            Church Hall at 6pm on Friday, March 13. This will
               Second Sunday of Lent                        be followed by a Prayer Service in the Church at
                 Sunday, March 15                           7pm, presented by our Baptism Ministry.
                Third Sunday of Lent

                Religious Education                                         Youth Formation Ministry
                        Grades K-6                                            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION.
                                                               Grades 8 and 10 YFM Religious Education classes will meet
Stations of the Cross for all Kindergarten-Grade 6             this afternoon, March 8, 2009. Grade 8 will meet at the regular
Religious Education students during the week of March          time of 3:15. Grade 10 will meet at 4:45 for the 5 pm Mass,
9-12 at 4pm. This will be held during regularly scheduled      followed by class at 6 pm. Grade 10 students should meet in
classes. All Sunday classes are welcome to attend on any       the church initially, and will be instructed from there where to
day.                                                           go. The Thursday evening students will meet at St. Catherine’s
                                                               the regular time of 6:30 for grade 8 and 7 pm for grade 10.
                                                                                     PASSION PLAY
                  Sunday, March 15
                                                                We are looking for a few more people to assist in this year’s
            Grade 2 Parent/Student Programs                     Passion Play. To sign up, please contact Frank in the youth
                     9:30am Mass                                office at 617-792-3433. Rehearsals will begin on Monday,
       10:45am-11:45am Parent /Student Programs                 March 16 at St. Catherine’s at 7 pm.
                                                                            CONFIRMATION RETREAT TEAM
                  Saturday, March 28                            This year’s Confirmation Retreat team will meet Tuesday,
 First Eucharist Supper for our First Eucharist Class and       March 10 in the Convent at 7 pm. The retreat will take place on
                      their families                            Saturday, March 21, 2009 and Sunday, March 22, 2009. We
        4:30pm Mass followed by 5:30pm supper                   are assembling a retreat team of peer ministers and adults who
   Please remember to send in RSVP’s to Judy Miley              wish to assist with the staffing of this year’s retreat. Please
                                                                contact the office if you would like to be a part of the team.
                                                               ST. CATHERINE’S/ ST. TIMOTHY’S CYO BASKETBALL
                   Pine Street Inn                              Congratulations to our three CYO basketball teams who all
On Monday, March 23, we will be serving supper at               finished the season with outstanding records this year, and will
the Pine Street Inn. Please call Jane at 508-668-4977           be advancing to the Eastern Mass CYO Basketball
if you can help prepare or serve.                               Tournament. Our boys grade 7 and 8 team, lead by Bryan
                                                                Gearty have a 12-1 (.92) record. The boys grade 9 and 10 team,
Thank you to all those who have made generous
                                                                lead by Dan Schultz finished the season with a 12-2 (.85)
donations in the past. $500 is sent to the Pine Street          record. Our boys grade 11 and 12 team, lead by Brian Harvey,
Inn each month. Please help to support this ministry.           finished the season with a 12-4 (.75).
Donations to pay for these meals may be sent to:                                CATHOLIC YOUTH RALLY
Campagna, 86 Countryside Ln., Norwood, MA.                      Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 28 to be at Xaverian
                                                                Brothers High School in Westwood. The four parishes of
Please make checks payable to St. Timothy
                                                                Norwood and Westwood, St. Catherine’s, St. Timothy’s St.
Christian Service Fund.                                         Denis’s and St. Margaret Mary’s have put together in
                                                                conjunction with Xaverian Brothers High School and Ursuline
               March Outreach Project                           Academy an extraordinary Catholic Youth Rally from 2 pm to
The month of March features a Nursing Mission to the            9 pm. Although the planning began after the print of our YFM
Dominican Republic. The mission is sponsored by                 Syllabus, I have been talking to the students about this
Intercultural Nursing, Inc., a national health organization.    extraordinary event and I want to see our entire high school
Kathe McDonough, a St. Tim’s parishioner, is once again         students in attendance. Cardinal Sean will be in attendance
                                                                along with the keynote speaker, Luke Vercollone, former New
asking for support for the group of students, faculty, and
                                                                England Revolution player. Luke has an extraordinary witness
advisors from Northeastern University School of                 story to share about balancing his professional soccer career
Nursing’s graduate Nurse Practitioner Program. For two          with his Catholic Faith. After the keynote address, the 500
weeks in April, they will provide primary health care           students in attendance will be attending various Breakout
services to impoverished and underserved populations.           Workshops. The breakout workshops will be limited, so please
Please take a look at the bulletin board in Ruocco for a        do not wait to register. Students should have received a
list of supplies needed. Monetary donations are also            registration packet this week at all YFM Classes. Another will
accepted.                                                       be sent home via e-mail. Please do not wait to register!!! I
                                                                know the popular workshops will be going fast.
                   Operation Rice Bowl
As we continue our Operation Rice Bowl journey, let us                             Employment Watch
                                                               The next meeting of the Employment Watch
remember in prayer that as a community of faith, we have
                                                               Ministry will be Monday, March 9, 2009 in Ruocco 6
the obligation to reach out to those most in need. May our
                                                               from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Anyone who is in an active job
fasting move us to action on behalf of the poor. May our
                                                               search, knows of someone who is, or who would just like
almsgiving assist Catholic Relief Services as we learn
                                                               to help, please attend.
about agriculture programs in the Philippines.
                                                  SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT
Just a comment about the first week of YFM March
Madness. The week was sensational!!! Fr. Dan
O’Connell did an excellent job with his presentation, and
many of the parents in attendance had nothing but
positive things to say about his message. I’m sure the
kids are still feeding off their parent’s energy. Pam
Stenzil presented to a packed church last Sunday, and so
far comments have been extremely positive. By the way,
driving back to the airport, Pam commented on the
behavior and attitude of our students and she was very
impressed. I am, of course, so very proud of our high
school students. Finally, LIFTED HIGHER worship and
praise service was fantastic!! We hope to have the Lift
Ministry back to St. Catherine’s next year.

De Colores, please join us for Ultreya, a faith and joy
filled gathering, Thursday, March 19th, 2009, 7:00pm at
St. Mary’s Church, Avery St., Dedham. ( We meet in the
Chapel at the parish Center). Mass will be Celebrated.
For more info, please feel free to call 781 326 0674

                     40 Days For Life
40 Days for Life, a campaign of prayer, fasting and
encouragement to stop abortion. This is a national effort
to stop abortion. Information about 40 Days for Life in
Boston can be obtained by calling Judi @ 781-762-0288
and accessing it's website @ .

  Faith & Reason Scholarship for College Freshmen

Thomas More College in Merrimack, NH is awarding
$120,000 to incoming Freshmen who win the Faith and Reason
essay contest. After reading Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensberg
Address of 2006 as well as the address to educators at CUA in
2008, applicants are invited to submit an essay of 2 to 3 pages
in answer to the question: “How should the student display
courage and engage the whole breadth of reason?” For more
information, go online at or
contact Jessica Rock at (800) 880-8308. Deadline is March 15.

                 Newman Catholic Center
To all future graduating high school students: as spring
approaches and you look at countless colleges and universities,
consider what kind of community each school has to offer a
young Catholic student. At the U. of Mass Amherst, the
Newman Catholic Center seeks to serve a large Catholic
student population. We offer ways to meet life long friends, get
involved with social outreach and grow in your faith. Email
Newman’s Esselen Peer Ministers at for more information.
                                                SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT

         “A Message From Our Pastor”
Dear friends-
    I would ask you to consider two things this week.
    First off, we are hosting the follow up sessions to our
parish pulse program that was held last year. A speaker
from our Parish Council will be present at the Masses this
weekend to invite you to attend, and we hope that you
can join us next Wednesday, March 11 at either the
9:30am or 7:30pm session. We would like to use this
opportunity to give you an update on where we are as a
parish and our hopes for our future growth.
    This weekend begins the Catholic Appeal for 2009.
Each year we are asked to help fund the charitable works
of the Archdiocese as well as to assist the Cardinal with
the administration of the Archdiocese.
    Obviously, it is difficult to ask for financial assistance
in this very difficult economy. Some who have given in
the past will not be able to give this year because of lost
jobs or diminished retirement or investment income.
    On the other side of the coin, when the economy is
bad, that is the time when charities are called upon to
respond time and time again. For many people, the
Church becomes their only safety net, their only refuge in
times of distress.
    Those of you who have been able to give to the
Appeal in the past should have received materials in the
mail. If you can help again this year, that would be
    Others may not be able to give as much, but whatever
you can do is greatly appreciated.
    Last year, about 240 people from our parish
contributed. This year, if each parish member who did
not contribute last year could contribute even $50 or
$100—that is one or two dollars per week for a year—we
could reach our parish goal and do a tremendous amount
of good for others.
    There are Appeal materials in the benches for those
who need them. If you use these envelopes, please note
that you are a member of St. Timothy parish.
    Part of the notion of tithing is to place our trust in
God, and that if we make a sacrificial gift, it is a sign that
we trust that the Lord will watch over us and help us with
our needs. One of the three “pillars” of Lent, in addition
to prayer and fasting, is almsgiving. Let us try to help
others through this Appeal so that we can continue to
help others in Jesus’ Name.
    Thank you for all you do and for considering this
special need.

                        Fr. Culloty
MARCH 8, 2009
MARCH 8, 2009
                                     END OF BULLETIN

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