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The Photographer Clayton Gates Writes - Dartmouth


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									                                                                                                           AUTUMN ’06

The Photographer Clayton Gates Writes:
So what am I doing? My wife asks me this question frequently so I’m not a stranger to it. Here are facts I’ve been able to put
together thus far:
    I live in Brooklyn with my wife Jenn and my two daughters, Mia (6, in triplicate, top) and Ella (4, bottom). We moved here
from Manhattan last year and we are loving it. I now have my own stoop to sit on which is a wonderful thing. I sit there to read,
chat with the neighbors, watch the kids jump rope, or just observe the ebb and flow of neighborhood activity.
    Stoopsitting unfortunately doesn’t yet pay the bills, so occasionally I’m forced to go inside and actually do something. Last
year I left the design firm I’d worked with since 1995 to pursue a variety of other pursuits. These include: independent web site
development and consulting, fine art and editorial portrait photography, children’s bookwriting and a couple of product devel-
opment ideas. The web work has been the most dominant so far, but I’d like to shift more time to
photography, something I look forward to doing as long as I can hold a camera. Like the rest of the
world, I’ve started a blog (www.brooklens.com). It’s mostly a photoblog at this point, but I’m hoping
to evolve it in other directions over time.
    I try to keep in touch with various other 90s. A few weeks ago we attended Jamie Pringle’s
rainy, rainy and rainy, but fun wedding in Durham, NH. Got to catch up a bit with other 90s: Tor
Blaisdell, Mark Sternman, Scott Spring, and Roth Herrlinger. And we visited with John and Becca
(Michaels) Kornet and family over the 4th of July weekend, which has become something of an an-
nual tradition.
                                                                Clayton (clayton@claytongates.com)
     ALUMNI GOVERNANCE                              Letter from our Class President
 Between September 15 and October 31, you will                                        September 2006
   have a say in Dartmouth alumni governance        Dear Class of ’90 friends,
when you take the opportunity to cast your vote
for or against the proposed new alumni constitu-         Remember the Fred Harris cabin out in
 tion. You may have heard one side or another       Etna? Many years ago, it was closed due to dan-
 on this debate...to find all the information you   gerous conditions, and then a heavy snowfall a
           need to be able to vote, go to           few years ago brought the roof down. Later that
          www.voxthevote.org/about.htm.             spring, we were sad to hike in and discover that
  If you care about the future of alumni gover-     all but the chimney had been burned down and
  nance at Dartmouth, educate yourself on the       permanently closed for safety reasons. We live
      issue and cast your vote by October 31.       just up the road from the cabin and this sum-
             *****************************          mer have been curious about the piles of lumber,
                                                    supplies and DOC vans parked at the trailhead.
             Class of 1990 Officers                 Sure enough, an energetic undergraduate put to-
                                                    gether a plan to rebuild Harris cabin...the largest
                   President                        DOC building project since the Ravine Lodge
            Kate Griffiths Harrison                 at Moosilauke. What an exciting discovery this
           harrison.family@valley.net               summer. It is nearly complete and the trail to
                                                    the cabin is greatly improved as well.
             Vice President                              Now it’s September in NH...and where did
              Matt Greene                           summer go?! For me, there is a silver lining as
    matthew@howardgreeneassociates.com              the days grow shorter and cooler: memories of
                                                    freshman trips (some of us walked right past or
                Co-Secretaries                      even slept in Harris Cabin on ours), fall sports
                 Brad Drazen                        and foliage. Dartmouth Homecoming is Octo-
           brad.drazen@nbcuni.com                   ber 13-14 this year, and we hope to see you there!
                   Bill Levin                       Jason Lichtenstein will be setting up our tailgate
               blevin@gcts.edu                      tent by the Sphinx Saturday morning. Please
                                                    stop by for some eating, drinking and ’90 cama-
                  Treasurer                         raderie. And if you can make it up to Hanover
                  Peter Pasi                        Friday night, join our families in the pre-bonfire
              petepasi@mac.com                      alumni parade...Phil Privitera just might bring a
                                                    convertible for us to pile into.
                 Head Agent                              As I write, ’90 gatherings are burbling up
                Matt Schmitz                        across the country. Watch for one in your area
             mschmitz@cisco.com                     soon. If you have recently relocated, you can up-
                                                    date your information and find other ’90s who
              Newsletter Editor                     live near you on our website (www.dartmouth90.
                 Jeanhee Kim                        org). Please make use of this great tool.
    jeanhee.kim.90@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG                    If you can believe it, we are just about half-
                                                    way to our next big reunion...our 20th will be in
                  Webmaster                         June of 2009... perhaps our class can rendezvous
                  Jason Kable                       around the old fireplace at the beautiful new
             jasonkable@gmail.com                   Harris Cabin at some point that weekend.
                                                              Cheers from Hanover, and stay in touch!
     Class Web Site: www.dartmouth90.org                                                            Kate
 Letter from your newsletter editor
 Hi ’90s,
     As I write this, it’s just three days from my daughter’s first birthday.
 I can now say from experience that in my life as a parent, the days are
 long and the years are short! I am having a hard time believing that it’s
 been 12 months since I stopped being able to make an evening plan
 without considering the logistics of the baby.
     I’ve also been reflecting on my direction, goals and ambition lately.
 Careerwise, I’ve slowed down to make time for family. I wonder wheth-
 er I will ever return to consumer media? Will I want to? Time will tell.
     Meanwhile, the newsletter. Clayton Gates volunteered to make
 our new logo. I like it, what do you think? This issue has a lot of College
 news -- if you have an email on file, I’m sure you’ve received lots of cam-
 paign mail for or against the new alumni constitution proposal. Please
 take a look at www.voxthevote.org/about.htm and vote!                        The munchkin, Chiara Kimelia, at
     Keep sending in your news and most of all, your photos!!!                11 months and six teeth. Any day
                                                             cheers, Jeanhee now, she’ll have a full eight!

Around the Girdled Earth
John Christmas (john_                                    Paul Haffner: I can’t remember if I have checked
christmas@hotmail.com)                                   in since my big move. I left Cincinnati last year to
and Laine Tutane announce                                become VP and General Counsel of National inter-
the birth of their first child:                          state Corporation (Nasdaq: NATL). My wife, Karri,
Thomas Tutans Christmas,                                 and our 6 yr old twins Grace and Gus made the
4.53 kg (9.99 lbs), 55 cm                                move with me to Hudson, OH--home of Western
Born 27 February 2006,                                   Reserve Academy (where M.A. Long graced the
Marbella, Spain.                                         halls before heading to Hanover) and Tom Erwin’s
    We hope to continue                                  home town as well.
to spend much of our time        Thomas Christmas                   2033 E. Highgate Ct., Hudson, OH 44236
in Spain and will be happy
if any friends or relatives come to visit! John’s only   Chris Widdess: Recently made the move from the
business activity these days is investing, mostly in     sunny confines of southern LA back to the “unique”
Latvian real estate. Laine is from Latvia and is en-     climate of Chicago. What was I thinking! But seri-
joying fulltime motherhood, mixed with golf. John,       ously, enjoying being back in the midwest...and love
Laine and Thomas hope to make a long visit to the        the sports!
US next summer.                                              Along with a partner, we’ve opened a new online
                                                         business, Signature Days (signaturedays.com) We’re
Hunter Labovitz: My wife, son and I recently             the leading online provider of experience gifts. Our
relocated to Princeton, NJ after eight years in          premise is that a memorable experience--one which
DC. I am an ass’t federal public defender in Philly      enriches you, challenges you, or simply entertains
handling death penalty appeals. My wife Heather is       you--makes a fantastic gift! Check us out and tell
policy counsel to Governor Corzine and our three-        your friends!
year-old son Nate runs the show.
              50 Aiken Avenue, Princeton, NJ 08540                      41 E 8th St #1704, Chicago, IL 60605
                 609 751-0143, hlabovitz@yahoo.com                     312 282-2700, chris@signaturedays.com
Bill Hess (ideas_onlegs@earthlink.net): I am so              Richard and Mary Es (Anderson) Beaver: We
enjoying the stories of our classmates who are living        have just moved to Knoxville, TN where Richard
their lives a little dif-                                    is practicing orthopedics specializing in foot and
ferently--away from                                          ankle and Mary is practicing otolaryngology spe-
the doctor, lawyer,                                          cializing in voice (laryngology) medicine. We don’t
businessman that                                             know anyone so if anyone is in the area from our
seem to be typical.                                          class, look us up!
Kyrie Robinson’s                                                 Training and two kids (Jack, 6 and Ellie, 4) has
thoughts as a single                                         been busy these last years so we are now trying to
mom--including the                                           poke our heads up out of the water/sand/quick-
grocery list--was es-                                        sand... Wendy Silverstein Richmond is back in
pecially refreshing!                                         the US (she was truly Down Under in Sydney for
     My wife Wendy                                           the past 8 years or so) with husband Simon, daugh-
and I welcomed                                               ters Madison and Eden.
a little baby boy,                                                  Mary Es Anderson Beaver and Richard Beaver
Solomon on Febru-                                                                 3910 Glenfield Dr, Knoxville, TN
ary 17. What a total       Solomon Hess                                    865-524-3054, beavlodge2@hotmail.com
gift it is to be a par-
ent! Although totally tiring, it is filled with such
joy and growth in so many ways. My creative work             Michael Uram (mcohenuram@hotmail.com):We
                          is progressing quite well.         moved down to Fairfield CT about a year ago. I’m
                          My newest project is a line        just about to finish my first year of Oncology fellow-
                          of tiles and blocks created        ship at Yale. My wife Wendy (Brown ’89) is staying
                          from recycled glass. Archi-        home right now taking care of our two girls Anna 7
                          tects, builders and home-          and Claire 3. We see Matt Greene and his family
                          owners who have a “building        pretty often and they have just become a family of
                          green” sensitivity are jump-       five.
                          ing on them (sample at left).
                                                             Editor’s note: Our class Vice President Matt Greene and
Bill’s “blue and green concentric” tile made from recycled   his family welcomed a baby boy in July. More info in a
glass. To see it in color, look for this issue online:
                                                             future issue!

  Tracy Gleason Rats Out (Or Is It Bunnies Out?) Liz (Allen) Edgar
     I just got the latest ’90 newsletter and I have         ter, Ellery, on Dec. 11, 2005.
 discovered something terribly important. Liz                     (We are saving a nickel for every time some-
 (Allen) and James Edgar are singlehandedly re-              body asks us if they are identical.)
 sponsible for overpopulation, and the world needs                I’d send a picture of myself with the kids like
 to know! Let me explain:                                    Kyrie did (WOW she looks great!), but I haven’t
     At Liz and James’s wedding, there were three            slept in 5 months so that seems like a poor idea.
 bridesmaids: Katy Milligan,Kyrie Robinson,                       So that’s my story. Thanks!
 and myself. All three of us now have twins.
     COINCIDENCE? I think not.                                                          Tracy R. Gleason, Ph.D.
     Moreover, we’re gender balanced. Katy has                                Associate professor of psychology
 twin girls, Kyrie twin boys (as I discovered in the                                            Wellesley College
 most recent newsletter),and my husband, Dave                                                  106 Central Street
 Kaiser (’93) and I are hereby delighted to an-                                       Wellesley, MA 02481-8203
 nounce the arrival of my son, Toby, and my daugh                           781-283-2487, tgleason@wellesley.edu
Kendall Genre (kendallgenre@yahoo.com): I’ve              Nathan D. Emerson: Continue to live and work
moved back to New Orleans, which is where I grew          in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China with my wife
up, and am working in a hospital here as a psychia-       Nadia Hsu and two kids Chance (6) and daughter
trist along with my husband, David Galarneau,             Lucky (3). It seems amazing to me that I’ve lived
who is also a psychiatrist though not a native New        and worked out here since I graduated in 1991.
Orleanian. He and I are acclimating to life outside       Greater China continues to amaze me with the
of New York, where I lived for more than 10 years.        growth, opportunities and excitement but of course
We are really happy to be here, but missing our           there are times when I miss not being in the US--
Dartmouth friends in NYC. Noticed a picture of            particularly NH and Maine!
Steve Cosson in the New York Times last Sunday                It was great to spend some time with Peter
that made us miss them more! Anyway, please come          Harvey (classmate and fellow Aire!) in Taipei
visit us here, any ’90s who are passing by or coming      in May 2006. His brother got married to a great
to help New Orleans out post-Katrina by touring.          Taiwanese-American woman and since the wedding
    This is my daughter Finn who is 17 mos in the         was in my backyard--couldn’t resist seeing Pete for a
cowboy boots given to her by Nina Beattie ’89.            few days. I even remember most of them!
                                                              Currently living in downtown Hong Kong.
                                                          Would love to meet with any Dartmouth folks here.
                                                                    46 Caine Road, Scenic Rise, 36/F Apt. B/C
                                                                         Mid Levels, Hong Kong, SAR CHINA
                                                                    852-2147-5600, nathan_emerson@mac.com

                                                          C.J. Strickland: I am shamed into writing in after
                                                          your great efforts. It has only been 16 years...Nicole
                                                          (Gueŕon, Harvard ’90) and I have lived in Brooklyn
                                                          for the past 10 yrs, and we are having a blast with
                                                          our 6 yr old son Julien and our 4 yr old daughter
                                                          Charlotte. We do escape to New Paltz on some
                                                          weekends to hike and have recently started to rock
                                                          climb with our young ones. I commute out to the
                                                          fair city of Newark, where I teach at Rutgers Law
Finn Elise Galarneau in her new bedroom in New Orleans.   School and litigate environmental cases, including
                                                          one that opened up the Jersey coast for public ac-
                                                          cess. Classmates that have come through NYC re-
Scott Lush: Recently moved from Greenwich,                cently include John Ryan, Sebastian de Atucha,
CT to Boston with my wife Melissa and our golden          Emily Hill, unfortunately all at the same time. A
retriever. I own a consulting firm called Defense         lot of the folks who played rugby were at the in-
Commercialization. We spin out advanced tech-             auguration of the new clubhouse in fall 2005. Let’s
nologies from defense contractors and govern-             just say that was the last alumni game I will play and
ment labs with funding from VCs, hedge funds and          it took a few weeks to walk normally. If you are in
government contracts. Before that, I was at Lucent        NYC, please look me up, and keep writing in.
Technologies as senior manager of product portfo-                        15 Clark St. #4C, Brooklyn,, NY 11201
lio strategy for the Network Solutions Group. We                    718 643-1309, cstrickland@kinoy.rutgers.edu
are happy to reconnect with friends in the Boston
            518 Columbus Ave. #2, Boston, MA 02118 Melodee Armstrong has been appointed as
                  617 848-0516, scottlush@yahoo.com Municipal Court Judge, Court No. 8, of the City of
                                                    Dallas, TX
Jen Gee Conway Tells Her Tale
MAY ’06                                                 both bring me joy and make me proud, my biggest
Okay, I admit it took something drastic for me to accomplishment since graduation is the bicycle
write. In this case, a brain tumor! I was diagnosed trip I made in the summer of 2000, traveling 2000
with a benign and very operable meningioma              miles from the Oregon Coast to the Great Lakes,
about the size of a golf ball back in March. Ap-        mostly on my own. I highly recommend such a trip
parently, it had been hanging out just above my         as an intimate way to get to know our country!
eyes and between the two halves of my brain for             This brain tumor has brought several significant
oh, the past ten years or so. This diagnosis was a      gifts into my life, not least of which is reconnecting
joyful one for me, as it explained my headaches         with people I haven’t seen or been in touch with
and mysterious dizziness and collapsing, which          for years. So if there’s anyone out there who wants
had been growing increasingly annoying as well          to give a yell my way, I’d love to hear from you.
as worrisome. Three weeks from the diagnosis, I
was in surgery, which was totally successful, and       UPDATE: AUGUST ‘06
a week after that I was released                                       Just had my four month surgery
from the hospital. I am healing re-                                     anniversary and am doing great,
ally well and able to walk around                                       driving around and living life like a
(I can even do stairs!) Not allowed                                     normal person -- more normal than
to drive yet, and still on antisei-                                     before my surgery, for sure. I am
zure meds, but no more staples in                                       getting ready to go back to school
my head, no pain and seemingly                                          to teach my fourth graders this fall
none of the symptoms that were                                          and more active in my interests
giving me such grief prior to the                                       of weaving and feng shui. (I am a
diagnosis and surgery--hurrah!                                          certified feng shui consultant now,
    Besides the tumor, there are a                                      too). I am busy making the changes
few bits of other news about me. I                                      in my house I knew I should have
am a Waldorf teacher, and the first The culprit, in black and white     made three years ago, but ulti-
class that I started teaching as first                                  mately focusing on building a new
graders and left as eighth graders are graduating house right next door. So, there’s plenty going
seniors this year! Up until my tumor diagnosis, I on...Hope all is going well with you, and I’ll look
was teaching my second class, which I also started forward to reading all about everyone else soon,
with when they were in first grade. They are now too!
finishing up third grade without me, but I plan to                                                   Take care,
be back with them in the fall to start fourth grade                                 Jennifer Gee Conway ‘90
at our little Madrona School on Bainbridge Island,                                 8599 Springridge Road NE
in Washington state.                                                             Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
    I met my husband, Jim, when I went to school                      206-780-5605, mrsconway@gmail.com
to train as a Waldorf teacher in 1991. We got mar-
ried at Glacier National Park in 1996, with Sarah
Stearns, Meg Sommerfeld and education professor
Tom Callister representing the Dartmouth contin-
gent. So we’ll be celebrating our tenth anniversary
this summer!
    No kids yet, but we do have a lively household
with our three dogs, conveniently sized small, me-
dium and large.
    Aside from my marriage and profession, which
 Adam Lichstein (alichstein@whenu.com):
 My wife Becky, sons Will (3), Ellis (soon to be
 2) and I are all still living in Brooklyn Heights
 within a few blocks of Richard Morris,
 Carter C.J. Strickland and Tamar Sch-
 reibman. I’m working as general counsel of
 whenu, a technology company in NYC. I was
 recently out in Seattle where I caught up with
 Howie Willson, his wife Laurie, and their two
 kids Noah and Talia. They have three hens and
 Howie collects the eggs every morning!

 In the next issue: news from Josh Wolf-Powers,
 M.J. Lytle and possibly Michael Lowenthal.             According to their dad, Will, left, and Ellis are contributing to
                                                        the Lichstein household by working in a local Italian restau-
                                                        rant. Here they are on their juice break.

                                           Faculty Chalk Talk
                                         9 - 10 am Hanover Inn

Stop by the Hanover Inn on Saturday mornings this       Venezuela, and of course, Cuba. The year promises
fall and enjoy a provocative and interactive one-       a further spate of elections in Latin America -in
hour lecture before the Dartmouth football game.        Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico. In
                                                        many cases, leftist candidates lead the early polls.
October 7 (Yale)                                        Who are these politicians and what do they stand
Running Red Lights and Ruling the World                 for? What is the appeal of the left in Latin America
Ned Lebow, James O. Freedman Presidential               in the 21st century, and what are the implications
Professor of Government                                 for the United States?
    There are changing narratives of self-interest
in the United States. They have moved from what         November 11 (Brown)
Tocqueville called “self-interest well understood” to   Survival of the Unexpected: Darwin Revis-
individualism. Professor Lebow will describe how        ited Dorothy Wallace, Professor of Mathematics
this movement appears in domains as diverse as              In many species of birds, the male sports much
driving, sports, business, the U.S. Congress, and our   brighter plumage than the female. Darwin hy-
increasingly unilateral foreign policy.                 pothesized that this is a result of “sexual selection”
                                                        on the part of females of the species-also a belief
October 14 (Holy Cross - Homecoming)                    broadly held by biologists. Superficially this plum-
What’s Right and Wrong with The Da Vinci                age appears to be a disadvantage for the species, as
Code? Susan Ackerman, Professor of Religion             bright males are easier targets for predators. New
    Learn about the book’s contextual accuracy as       mathematical biology models show, however, that
it relates to New Testament gospels, non-canonical      ordinary natural selection may suffice as an explana-
first- and second-century Gnostic Christian texts,      tion of this phenomenon.
as well as traditional Christian understandings of
Mary Magdalene.                                         For more information contact:
                                                        Christopher Coleman
October 28 (Harvard)                                    Dartmouth College Office of Alumni Relations
21st C. Latin America: The Impact of a Left-            (603) 646-9159
ward Swing John Carey, Professor of Government          ar.ace@dartmouth.edu
   By early 2006, politicians calling themselves        http://alumni.dartmouth.edu/conted
socialists governed Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia,
              Homecoming Weekend                               My Dartmouth Alumni Portal
       2006 Multiple Class Mini-Reunion                 Sign up for a web site that you customize to your
 October 13 – 15, 2006 • Classes of 1976 – 1991                       own specific interests!
                     Music Fest!
  Dartmouth Family Party at the Top of the Hop!        Choose your preferred features from over 200
Purpose: To gather 15 Classes (1976-1991) of the        Dartmouth web sites, including the updated ‘90
Dartmouth Family                                        site, your local alumni club, athletic teams,
When: Saturday, October 14                              academic programs, student organizations
Where: Top of the Hop                                   and news publications.
Time: 2-4:30 p.m.
Entertainment: A variety of student musical per-       Also select features with non-Dartmouth
forming groups                                           content, such as weather, national and
But wait, there’s more!                                  regional newspapers and magazines.
Upgraded (no, not just supersized) food and enter-
tainment.                                              To get started, go to: http://dartmouth.alumsonline.
Enjoy a centrally-located gathering place for class-   com/signup90.php .
mates, families and guests. Listen to music, eat,
drink, and enjoy student entertainment groups.         Thanks for your participation, and enjoy!
Soda, juice, milk, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, some
sandwiches including for children (PB&J or the like)                                          Best regards,
and a subsidized cash bar (beer, wine and mixed                                                Jason Kable
drinks) will be served.                                                               ’90 Class Webmaster

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