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					                                                                   Darah Bonham, Director
                                                                   Michael Mountjoy, Assistant Principal
                                                                   Bruce Bosselman, Apprenticeship/Adult Coordinator
           HIGHLIGHTS                                              Debbie Gannon, Career & Instructional Technology Coord.
                                                                   1000 E. Rio Road, Charlottesville, VA 434-973-4461

Volume 2 January 2011
From the Director . . .                                            Calendar            of     Events:          Feb/March

                   Half way through the school year and we         February
                                                                   7 Blood Drive hosted by Nurse Aide program
                   continue to see so many great things coming
                                                                   16 Make-Up Academic Session 3:30-6:30 p.m.
                   from our programs and our students at
                                                                   21 Professional Learning Day (No Students)
                   CATEC. As I’m sure you are aware, our           22 Snow Make-up Day
                   motto at CATEC is “My School, My                21 SkillsUSA District Competitions
Choice, My Future.” This statement is exemplified in much
of the learning we see coming from classrooms on a daily           March
basis. Having students engaged in their work, in a relevant        16 Make-Up Academic Session 3:30-6:30 p.m.
way, is exciting to see.                                           31 End of 9 week grading period

A recent article in the Daily Progress indicated that often,
when people are dissatisfied with their job, they tend to blame    Adult Education/Apprenticeship
their boss or the work conditions. All too often, as the article
points out, the real cause for dissatisfaction is a simple         Interested in learning a new trade? Please call the CATEC
disconnect between the personality and interests of the            Adult Education and Apprenticeship office at (434) 973-1945
employee and the job itself. This is why we feel CATEC is          or visit us online at to find out about the
such an important part of our community. Providing                 training programs we offer.
exploratory opportunities for students to determine what area
of study/work fits with who they are, and their likes or
dislikes, can prove invaluable.                                    Academic Make-up Sessions:

Soon we will begin the marketing of our programs to high           Make-Up Sessions: The remaining school-wide make-up sessions
school students at the base schools for classes next year. We      will be held on February 16, March 16, April 20, and May 18 from
will impress this need to “explore” with future candidates at      3:30 – 5:00 p.m. at CATEC. These sessions are for students
our school to see what opportunities may present down the          who need to make up days due to an absence. Students must
road. We feel that you, the parent, and our students are the       stay for two hours and do academic work to earn one make-
best ambassadors of our programs and we encourage you to           up day.
reach out to neighbors, friends and acquaintances to share         Regular attendance is vital in order to be considered a
some of the great things CATEC has to offer.                       CATEC Completer and receive a CATEC certificate. We
                                                                   encourage any student needing to make up absences to take
                                                                   advantage of the make-up sessions. To be considered a
SkillsUSA District Competition                                     CATEC completer, students may not miss more than 16 days
                                                                   for a one-year program, or 32 days for a two-year program.
The purpose of the SkillsUSA Virginia program is to evaluate       Absentees: When students are going to be absent from
contestants’ entry-level job skills and to recognize outstanding   CATEC, they are required to call their teacher before the start
students for excellence in their field of training. On February    of class. This not only helps to enhance their real-life work
21st, many CATEC trade areas will compete in the District          ethic, but it also earns them a 50% grade for the day instead
level competitions hosted by CATEC.                                of a 0% grade. Doctor visits and court appearances are the
                                                                   exception and are excused with documentation. Please call
                                                                   (434) 973-4461 for any questions on our policy or your
                                                                   student’s attendance.
                                                             Albemarle County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis
                                                             of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, national origin,
Student of the Quarter                                       pregnancy, or marital status.

                     November 2010
Tyrone Wheeler              Intro to Culinary      CHS
Jesky Rodriguez             English 11             AHS
Bryce Marshall              English 11             AHS
Hunter Marshall             English 10             MHS
Byadunia Buluma             English 11             CHS
Marbella Najera-Gonzalez    Nursing                MHS
Tania Sanchez               Nursing                AHS
Scott Hoerman               Fire/EMT               AHS
Brian Farmer                Fire/EMT               AHS
Kimberly Breeden            Cosmetology I          PG
Jessica Boling              Cosmetology II         MHS
Jesky Rodriguez             Cosmetology I          AHS
Rachel Moya                 Cosmetology I          PG
Raven Curtis                Auto Tech              PG
Eric Tsai                   Auto Tech              PG
John Waring                 Building Trades        FLU
Chaevis Ashley              Auto Body              WAHS
Joren Sacre                 Auto Body              AHS
Sierra Clark                Pharmacy Tech          AHS
Dalton Tavenner             English 11             AHS
Dvyne Staton                English 12             CHS
Jeethang Subba              Newcomers              AHS
Tyler Tabah                 Barbering              PG
Davonte Ragland             Barbering              CHS

              CATEC 2011-2012 Programs

                Geospatial Technology
      New        Green Energy Design
               Green Energy Technology

   Call us at (434) 973-4461 to
   explore all the program areas we
   offer or to schedule a tour.

  For more information on what’s happening at CATEC, visit

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