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									                                       CAMPUS DINING
                             INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS PLAN

                                         Mission Statement

The Office of Campus Dining provides the university community and guests with food and beverages.
Campus Dining provides meal services for resident students, along with retail dining outlets and catering
services. Campus Dining is contracted to ARAMARK Campus Services, Inc., and reports administratively
to the Office of Auxiliary Services.

Campus Dining provides support to the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism through scholarships,
support with special projects and in-service training for students.

Campus Dining supports the financial needs of the university through revenue sharing.

Campus Dining aids in the recruitment and retention of students by providing clean and comfortable
facilities, name brand concepts, and quality food items.

Approved by:                                                 Date: ______________
               Gary Willis, Director of Campus Dining
               Aramark Campus Services

Approved by:                                                 Date: _______________
                 Darlene Berggren, Director
                 Auxiliary Services

Approved by:                                                 Date: _______________
                 Will Peneguy, Associate Vice Chancellor
                 University Relations & Campus Services

Approved by:                                                Date: _______________
                 Donald Pekerek, Vice Chancellor
                 Student Affairs, University Relations & Campus Services
                                     CAMPUS DINING

                                    Goals and Objectives

Goal 1.                Campus Dining shall provide nutritional, enjoyable meals at
                       reasonable and competitive prices to the members of the UNO
                       community, served in clean, attractive settings.
      Objective1.1     Increase gross sales by developing enjoyable and reasonable
                       menu cycles for the Galley and The Flambeau Room that reflects trends in the
                       market, as well as the style and flavor of cooking in New Orleans and this
                       region, allowing for various price ranges.

              Strategy 1.1.1    The Production Manager shall research local establishments and
                                resources for menu items typical of this region.

              Strategy 1.1.2    Change out cycle menus to keep customer satisfaction high.

              Strategy 1.1.3    Conduct market surveys and use national and regional trends to
                                determine successful programs used at campuses with
                                demographics similar to UNO.

              Strategy 1.1.4    Conduct a Catering Showcase to introduce new catering items and
                                solicit feedback from clients.

              Strategy 1.1.5    Conduct periodic sampling of all products in the units.

              Strategy 1.1.6    Conduct annual price comparisons with local competitors to ensure that
                                our pricing is at or below the market.

      Objective 1.2    Maintain a sanitary and safe work place for food preparation and serving by
                       achieving satisfactory Health Department inspections (no critical violations) and
                       having no Lost-Time accidents during 2004-2005.

              Strategy 2.1.1    Conduct Quarterly Standards audit.

              Strategy 2.1.2    Employees will receive regular training in sanitation and food handling.

              Strategy 2.1.3    100% of all employees will attend "Food Safety is No Mystery" and
                                view “Remember Charlie video”.

              Strategy 2.1.4    All management personnel will be Serv-Safe certified.

              Strategy 2.1.5    Conduct Quarterly Standards of Operation Reports in all dining outlets.

      Objective 1.3    Score a minimum score of 95 or above on all mystery shopper reports and
                       achieve an overall score of 3.83 or better on the Fall and Spring Customer
                       Satisfaction Surveys.

              Strategy 1.3.1    Conduct periodic Fall and Spring Semester Customer Satisfaction
                                Surveys On-Line with the assistance of the University.
                Strategy 1.3.2   Anyalyze Mystery Shopper reports and establish systems to
                                 immediately rectify any below standards areas.

                Strategy 1.3.3   Raise customer service expectations; develop and implement a team
                                 based employee incentive program that rewards outstanding customer

                Strategy 1.3.4   Conduct customer intercepts to get immediate feedback on how we are
                                 doing on a day-to-day basis.

Assessment Tool(s):      Sales Reports
                         Customer Satisfaction Surveys
                         Mystery Shopper Reports
                         Quarterly Standards of Operation Reports
Goal 2.                  Campus Dining shall improve the perception of the capabilities
                         of its Catering Department.

        Objective 1.     Maintain customer complaints regarding catering service at less than 3% in
                         FY 2004-2005.

                Strateby 2.1.1    Fax surveys to each catering customer within 48 hours of their event.

                Strategy 2.1.2    Immediately contact any dissatisfied customers to assure them of no
                                  future issues.

                Strategy 2.1.3    Conduct on-going training with hourly staff to ensure they understand
                                  the importance of flawless catering.

                Strategy 2.1.4    Develop and implement a new program to ensure timely pick up of all
                                  catering events throughout campus.


        Objective 2.     Maintain the percentage of customers rating our Catering service for their event
                         as excellent at 95% or better.

                Strategy 2.2.1.   Conduct on-going training with hourly staff to ensure they understand
                                  the importance of flawless catering

                Strategy 2.2.2    Conduct a Catering Showcase to introduce new and exciting items to
                                  our clients and solicit feedback from them.

                Strategy 2.2.3    Conduct Quarterly Standards of Operation Reports in Catering

Assessment Tool(s):      Catering Event Surveys
                         Calendar of Training Programs
                         Quarterly Standards of Operation Reports

Goal 3.                  Campus Dining shall increase total net sales and the revenue
                         support to the University.

        Objective 1.     Increase net sales by 6% and total commissions paid to the University by 6% in
                         FY 2004-2005.

                Strategy 3.1.1    Refresh all Campus Dining Outlets by August 20, 2004.
                Strategy 3.1.2    Develop and implement an aggressive 2004-05 marketing plan to
                                  increase year-over-year revenues.
                Strategy 3.1.3    Open one new food outlet on campus.
                Strategy 3.1.4    All employees will receive customer service training.

Assessment Tool(s):      Revenue Share to the University
                         Sales Reports
                         New Outlet completion document

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