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                        2011-2012 Campus Corps Member Application
                             Montana State University-Bozeman
                             Office for Community Involvement
Full Legal Name:

MSU Student ID #_______________

Current Local Address:

Telephone #:_________________________________________________________________

Permanent Address:

Email Address:_______________________________________________________________

Are you currently 17 years of age or older?      Yes             No

Are you a current MSU-Bozeman Student?            Yes            No

Will you be enrolled in 6 or more credits during the 2011-2012academic year?             Yes     No

Academic standing during 2011-2012:
Freshman       Sophomore         Junior                 Senior        Graduate Student


Anticipated date of graduation          ______/______/______

Are you a United States Citizen?          Yes           No
       If not, are you a U.S. National or lawful permanent resident alien of the U.S.?     Yes    No

Have you served in any of the following Programs? (Please Circle)            Yes            No
             AmeriCorps VISTA             AmeriCorps State                    AmeriCorps NCCC

       If yes, what year(s) and name of specific program(s)?_____________________________________

       If yes, did you receive an education award as a result of completing your AmeriCorps service
       term?      Yes           No
Position(s) applying for:
Please list ALL Campus Corps positions you are interested in (open positions can be found on the Office for
Community Involvement website). Please list in order of preference. If interested in all open positions, please state

Do you have reliable transportation?             Yes             No

Do you have a work-study award for the 2011-2012academic year?                Yes           No              Unsure

               If yes, what is your award amount?_________________________________

There are two mandatory Montana Campus Corps trainings that all Members MUST attend:
       Building Engaged Citizens Training: Sept. 23-25, 2011
       Spring Summit: April 2012 (dates TBA)
*All costs are covered for both trainings.

               Are you able to attend these trainings?           Yes             No

How did you hear about Campus Corps? You may check more than one.

               Campus Corps Representative/Office for Community Involvement Staff
               Current/Former Campus Corps or AmeriCorps Member__________________________(name)
               Directly from the nonprofit organization I am applying to
               Internet: List Site(s)_____________________________________________________
               Faculty/MSU Staff Member
               Radio Story
               Television Advertisement
               Information Session on Campus
               Bulletin Board on Campus
               MSU Career Services
               Other _____________________________________________________________

                                     Montana Campus Corps, MSU-Bozeman Application 2011-2012                   pg. 2

    Background Check

    I understand that MSU’s Office for Community Involvement or the Campus Corps program will perform
    background checks for all AmeriCorps Members.

    Applicant Signature: _______________________________________            Date: ____________

    Term of Service

    I understand that Campus Corps is a federally funded national service program. I understand that funding
    for the position(s) I am applying to may not be awarded.

    Applicant Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ____________

    I certify that all statements made in this application are true, correct, and complete, to the best of
    my knowledge.

    Applicant Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _______________


                                Montana Campus Corps, MSU-Bozeman Application 2011-2012                pg. 3

Please provide a current resume with at least your last three work experiences. Be sure to include the following
information for each job listed:
            Employer's & Supervisor’s name (if different)
            Position(s) held and dates
            Duties and achievements

Statement of Interest
Please explain why you would like to become a Campus Corps Member in a brief narrative (2-3 paragraphs). Feel
free to be creative. We are interested in learning more about who you are and about your interests.

Community/Organization Involvement
The Montana Campus Compact and MSU Office for Community Involvement are looking for Campus Corps
applicants with leadership potential and demonstrated commitment to community service. We define community
service in broad terms; service work may include church activities, coaching, childcare, or other relevant life
experiences. In a brief narrative (2-3 paragraphs), please describe your involvement in community service.

Please provide the following information for three professional (non-relative) references:
            Name
            Address
            Telephone number
            Email address
            Relationship to you

                                   Positions will remain open until filled.
                 We will not accept hand-written applications. Please TYPE all documents.

If you need assistance with your application materials, please contact MSU Career Internship & Student
Employment Services: 177 SUB, 994-4353.

                                     MSU Office for Community Involvement
                         330 Culbertson Hall or 286 SUB ~ Bozeman, Montana 59717-0545

                              Electronic Submissions:

                              If mailing application materials, please mail to:
                                   MSU Office for Community Involvement
                                           Attn: Mandy St. Aubyn
                      Campus Corps Commonly Asked Questions
                                              P.O. Box 170545
                                        Team Leaders and Service Team positions
                         *For full-time Bozeman, Montana 59717-05454
                     Please keep the following pages for your reference.
                                     Questions? Call 406-994-6902 or 3113
                          Email: Mandy St. Aubyn, Campus Corps Program Coordinator:
                                     Montana Campus Corps, MSU-Bozeman Application 2011-2012                   pg. 4
Please keep these pages for your reference

What is AmeriCorps?
AmeriCorps is a national service program that is similar to the Peace Corps. Citizens agree to serve a term of
service and, after successfully completing service, they receive an educational award. There are AmeriCorps
programs across the country meeting all kinds of community needs, ranging from tutoring children to refurbishing
houses for the needy to doing environmental work. Besides GETTING THINGS DONE (the AmeriCorps motto),
members also try to encourage citizens to give something back in their own communities. AmeriCorps was created
in 1993 by the National and Community Service Trust Act and most recently expanded by the Edward M. Kennedy
Serve America Act in 2009.

What is Montana Campus Corps?
Montana Campus Corps is a program of AmeriCorps. The mission of Montana Campus Corps is to actively engage
college students in meeting community-identified needs through meaningful service. The program is sponsored by
the Montana Campus Compact, a network of 19 college and university campuses located throughout Montana and
committed to renewing the public purposes of higher education.

MSU Office for Community Involvement (OCI): A campus-based office striving to bring students into the
general community, addressing community identified needs with area agencies. The OCI coordinates a variety of
programs giving students the opportunity to be of service in the Bozeman area (e.g. MSU America Reads*America
Counts, Community Involvement Fair, BreaksAway, Service Saturdays, etc.) in addition to acting as a host site for
AmeriCorps Members through the Montana Campus Compact program.

Do I need to be currently enrolled as a full- or part-time student in order to apply to Montana Campus
If you are applying for a full-time leader position, you should NOT be a currently enrolled college student. The
AmeriCorps regulations state that anyone who is a U.S. citizen or a legal resident and is 17 years or older may apply.
The Montana Campus Compact and the MSU Office for Community Involvement requires that participants
applying for part-time positions be enrolled during the entire academic year in a minimum of 6 credits. This does
not apply to summer members. Team Leader applicants should not be current students.

What are the monetary benefits?
Each 450 or 1700 hour participant receives an annual living allowance and an Education Award upon successful
completion of the service term and all assignments.

       Service Term                          Education Award                       Living Allowance (stipend)
       Full Time: 1700 Hours                 $5,550                                $12,100/year
       Quarter Time: 450 Hours               $1,468                                $3,200/year

What happens if I only complete a portion of the minimum service hours required?
Any participant who accomplishes fewer than the minimum number of service hours will NOT be eligible for any
part of the post-service educational award unless extenuating circumstances exist.

What other monetary benefits do Campus Corps members receive?
In addition to the Education Award received by all successful participants, full-time members (Team Leaders) can
expect to receive health care, child care (if eligibility requirements are met), and loan forbearance for the months
served as an AmeriCorps member. Quarter-time Members are not eligible for these extra benefits.

How can I use my Education Award?
                              Montana Campus Corps, MSU-Bozeman Application 2011-2012                           pg. 5
The Education Award can be used for expenses associated with future education or to pay back qualified student
loans. The Parent PLUS loan is not among the loans that can be paid back with the AmeriCorps Education award.
You have seven years after completing your service term to utilize this award.

When would I begin?
For those applying to a position that is over the academic year, Members and Team Leaders are eligible to start on
August 15th, 2011 and have until August 14th, 2012 to complete the service term.

Can I transfer midyear to another Montana Campus Corps position on a different campus?
We do not encourage applicants who cannot complete the term at the initial campus.

How long will it take me to complete my term of service?
         Full-time Team Leaders (1700 hours) at MSU-Bozeman will complete their terms of service between
            August 15th, 2011 and August 14th, 2012. They must work approximately 35 to 40 hours per week to
            complete their hours. The Team Leader end date is negotiable with the campus-based supervisor.
         Quarter-time members (450 Hours) for the 2011-2012 year will complete their terms of service between
            August 15th, 2011 and August 14th, 2012. They must work approximately 10-15 hours a week. The end
            date is negotiable with the community partner and campus-based supervisor.
         Weekly schedules will be agreed upon by both the campus-based supervisor, community partner and the
The training requires travel and time away from home and campus. Why is this important?
During the term of service, there will be several retreats designed to provide training sessions to members and Team
Leaders. The training sessions help develop specific leadership and civic engagement skills to assist you in
completing your service assignments, as well as cultivating professional skills that will serve you beyond the scope of
the program. The mandatory trainings are a crucial time for the entire Campus Corps (statewide) to plan, solve
problems, share best practices, and form a cohesive network of members across Montana. The trainings are also a
place where a great deal of networking and exposure to professionals in the service field occurs. Transportation,
lodging, and meals are provided at these events and members will count the hours at these events as training hours
to be applied to their minimum service hours requirement. Summer members do not have training requirements
outside of their service site.

What happens if I have to miss classes for training or another Campus Corps event?
Your attendance at the trainings is mandatory. In the event that it is necessary for you to miss class, The Montana
Campus Corps Project Director, and/or your campus supervisor at MSU-Bozeman, will assist you in notifying your
professors of the importance of these events. We will work with your professors to accommodate everyone’s needs.

I am involved in several activities on my college campus and may not have time for every aspect of this
program. Will that be a problem?
Being a member of Campus Corps is an intense experience that requires a great deal of commitment on the part of
the participant. You should NOT plan to participate in the program if your other priorities will conflict with the
program’s broad requirements.

Who will my supervisor be?
Full-Time Campus Corps Team Leaders will be supervised by the OCI’s Campus Corps Program Coordinator.
Quarter-Time Members will have a supervisor at their host site and will also be supervised by the OCI’s Campus
Corps Program Coordinator. These Members will also be supported by the full-time Team Leader.

What will my day-to-day responsibilities include?
Day-to-day responsibilities vary from campus to campus and depend upon the position. PLEASE view position
descriptions BEFORE applying.
                                     Montana Campus Corps, MSU-Bozeman Application 2011-2012           pg. 6

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