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Campus Christian Fellowship Constitution


									                            Campus Christian Fellowship

Article I. Name

The name of the Association shall be Campus Christian Fellowship. It shall further be
referred to as “CCF.”

Article II. Purpose

       A. CCF was formed by Christians who agree in their belief that man’s only
          access to God is through Jesus Christ and faith in His deity, His death as full
          payment for man’s sins, and His resurrection. While this is the foundation for
          the Bible study, those holding other beliefs are welcome to attend.
       B. CCF is a student-run non-denominational club, distinct from Campus
          Ministry, that exists to provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the
          Bible, worship, and pray, all in a group setting, which also provides
          opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and spiritual among members.
       C. CCF seeks to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to
          discuss spiritual matters, have fun, and provide such resources as outside
          speakers, videos, books, articles, and off-campus activities, all for their
          benefit and consideration.

Article III. Membership

       A. All members of the Stonehill College community are welcome to attend our
          meetings and Bible studies.
       B. One becomes an official member of CCF by attending three consecutive
       C. The obligation of membership is that each member must attend 75% of
          CCF’s meetings.
       D. Being a Christian club, members will not be removed unless we feel that they
          are being detrimental to the mission of CCF. A majority vote will officially
          remove them from CCF.
       E. Special powers of membership include voting privileges.

Article IV. Officers

       A. The positions available are President, Vice President, Secretary, and
       B. One can self-nominate or nominate others for a specific position. The
          nomination is seconded and, once all nominations are voiced, voted on by
          participating members via secret ballot.
       C. Any member make a motion to remove an officer. A majority vote of CCF
          members present successfully removes an
        D. An eligible officer is one who has been an active member during the semester
           prior to nominations, in that they have attended 75% of the meetings.
        E. As a whole, the duties of the officers are to maintain order in the club, as well
           as uphold the principles of the constitution and SGA.

Article V. Titles of Officers

        A. President
                   i. Oversees all meetings by either leading or delegating leadership of
                      each Bible study or spiritual discussion.
                  ii. Responsible for designing an agenda for the semester, as well as a
                      meeting to meeting agenda, with help and input from any and all
           B. Vice President
                   i. Carries out any responsibilities in the President’s absence.
                  ii. Help President in carrying out duties when needed.
                 iii. Oversees the election process.
           C. Secretary
                   i. Records and maintains CCF’s attendance and minutes.
                  ii. Administers all group emails.
                 iii. Oversees meetings in the absence of the President and Vice
           D. Treasurer
                   i. Responsible for maintaining CCF’s budget, as well as delegating
                      monies per authorization by a majority of the members present.
                  ii. Responsible for overseeing meetings in the absence of any and all
                      other officers.
                 iii. Makes sure CCF is in compliance with all SGA monetary policies.

Article VI. Advisor

   A. The advisor will be a member of Stonehill’s administration, faculty, or staff
      selected, by the officers, upon their support of the mission of CCF.
   B. The duties of the Advisor will be to provide resources, support, and guidance.
      He/she will attend one meeting per semester.

Article VII. Meetings

   A. CCF will meet once a week.
   B. As few as two members are necessary for a meeting to occur.

Article VIII. Voting

   A. Five members must be present for a vote to occur.
   B. A majority of the group must vote “yes” in order for a motion to pass.
   C. All members present at a meeting are eligible to vote.
   D. Voting privileges are revoked upon loss of membership.

Article IX. Elections

   A. Elections will be held once per year, during the end of the Spring semester. If an
      officer steps down a special election will occur to replace said officer.
   B. There will be open nominations, followed by a second from another member of
      the group. After all nominations have been considered, the group will vote on any
      candidates via a secret ballot.
   C. Eligibility for election to office is dependent upon good standing in CCF.
   D. The presence of five members is required in order to hold an election.

Article X. Amendments and Bylaws

   A. Bylaws may be proposed by any CCF member and will be approved by a majority
      vote of CCF’s members.
   B. In order for the constitution to be amended, a motion must be made, followed by
      a second from another member, proceeded by a two-thirds vote in favor of the

Article XI. Indemnification and Disillusionment

        Campus Christian Fellowship recognizes that the SGA of Stonehill College is not
responsible or accountable for the actions of the members of the group, but reserves the
right to sanction any members or Campus Christian Fellowship as a whole. When
Campus Christian Fellowship dissolves as an organization for any reason, all of its assets
become the property of the Student Government Association of Stonehill College.
Campus Christian Fellowship is dedicated to following and abiding by the mission and
policies set forth by SGA and Stonehill College

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