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                or books mark
            “New” book
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             arrived in the
          6 months, an
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            are just that —
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                                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY                                                                               MARCH

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON!
                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY                                                                            mARcH
                                                                                                                       THE ESSENTIAL BOOK OF CROCHET                                                       THE LITTLE BOX OF CROCHETED BAGS
                                                                                                                       TECHNIQUES                                                                          Candace Eisner Strick
                                                                                                                       Nancie M. Wiseman                                                                   This cool collection of bags, purses, and totes is sure to delight fashion-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           conscious crocheters! Quick, fun and inexpensive to make, these hip
                                                                                                                       From the first chain stitch to buttonholes and blocking, readers will find          accessories will inspire today’s crocheters to carry their stuff in style. Twenty
                                                                                                                       expert guidance for mastering America’s hottest comeback craft! Dozens              projects spotlight a variety of fiber, from glitzy novelties and felted wool to
                                                                                                                       of handy hints guarantee a frustration-free adventure for first-timers, while       faux fur, suede, and pearl cotton.
                                                                                                                       smart tips will help seasoned crocheters sharpen their skills.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Box	set
                                                                                                                       Hardcover	                                                            6	x	9         1564776603	                             20	pp	                        $19.95
                                                                                                                       1564776298	                           128	pp	                         $24.95

                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY                                                                                                  APRIL
                                                                                                                       ESSENTIAL CROCHET                                                                   ApRIl
                                                                                                                       30	IRREsIstIBlE	pRojEcts	FoR	YoU	And	YoUR	
                                                                                                                       HomE                                                                                GET HOOKED!
                                                                                                                       Erika Knight                                                                        Kim Werker
                                                                                                                       Beautiful, contemporary, and simple—designs and instructions for 30                 0823050920	                                      	                      $9.95
                                                                                                                       decorative and fashionable easy-to-crochet projects. Created for the
                                                                                                                       novice, this comprehensive book begins with the basics: how to choose
                                                                                                                       yarn, the techniques to use, lists of materials, measurements, helpful tips,
                                                                                                                       and how to begin and finish each piece—all clearly explained with over
                                                                                                                       150 photos and step-by-step instructions.                                                                  MAY
                                                                                                                       softcover	                                                   9½	x	10¼
                                                                                                                       0762106328	                           176	pp	                         $26.95        mAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                           100 CROCHET PROJECTS
                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY                                                                            J. Leinhauser & R. Weiss
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hardcover	                                                           8½	x	11
                                                                                                                       THE HAPPY HOOKER                                                                    1402723091	                           224	pp	                         $24.95
                                                                                                                       stItcH	’n	BItcH	cRocHEt
                                                                                                                       Debbie Stoller
                                                                                                                       Chock-full of instruction, inspiration, and to-die for designs, from a
                                                                                                                       Fishnet Skullcap to a lacy evening wrap. Benefit by learning this sister craft
                                                                                                                       to knitting, a discussion of tools, all the cool yarns available, and what          mAY
                                                                                                                       the different gauges mean, plus basic techniques and stitch patterns—
                                                                                                                       including the chain stitch, picot, flowers, filet crochet, changing yarns and       CROCHETED WIRE JEWELRY
                                                                                                                       finishing.                                                                          InnovAtIvE	dEsIGns	&	pRojEcts	BY	lEAdInG	
                                                                                                                       softcover	                                                                          ARtIsts
                                                                                                                       0761139850	                           256	pp	                         $15.95        Arline Fisch
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Arline Fisch is the world’s foremost expert in adapting textile techniques for
                                                                                                                                                                                                           metal. In this volume she explains the unique characteristics of wire and all
                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY                                                                            the fundamental stitches, along with more advanced techniques such as
                                                                                                                       THE HAPPY HOOKER                                                                    making hairpin lace with wire.
                                                                                                                       stItcH	’n	BItcH	cRocHEt	8	copY	coUntER	                                             Hardcover	                                                          8½	x	10
                                                                                                                       dIsplAY                                                                             1579906605	                           128	pp	                         $24.95
                                                                                                                       Debbie Stoller
                                                                                                                       counter	display                                                                     mAY
                                                                                                                       0761140573	                                      	                  $127.60         EASY CROCHETED ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Michelle Pickering
                                                                                                                                          MARCH                                                            softcover
                                                                                                                                                                                                           0896892751	                           128	pp	                         $24.99
                                                                                                                       cREAtE	WItH	mE
                                                                                                                       BEADED CROCHET
                                                                                                                       Ann Benson                                                                          mAY
                                                                                                                       An interactive DVD Book. Includes DVD, CD ROM & Project Shopping                    HOOKED BAGS
                                                                                                                       guide. An Interactive DVD Book. Bestselling author Ann Benson (Beading              30	EAsY	cRocHEt	pRojEcts
                                                                                                                       for the First Time®, Beadpoint, Beadwork Basics, Beadweaving, The New               Margaret Hubert
                                                                                                                       Beadweaving, and Two-Hour Beaded Projects) is sending out a personal
                                                                                                                       invitation. Join her for the hottest new thing in crafting, a cool mix of crochet   Bags and totes are very popular crochet projects, and the more creative,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           the better. Hooked Bags presents 20 easy crochet projects for bags of
                                                                                                                       and beadwork. With her guiding you every step of the way, the dozens of             many sizes, shapes, and styles, such as the bucket, saddlebag, hobo,
                                                                                                                       necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are all marvelously easy to make.                clutch, drawstring, and amulet. The designs have unique looks featuring
                                                                                                                       Hardcover                                                                           novelty and cotton yarns; original straps and closures; and embellishments
                                                                                                                       140273249X	                           160	pp	                         $19.95        like beading, flowers, and fringe. For the many beginners, the illustrated
                                                                                                                                                                                                           basics section teaches the stitches. Unusual features of the book include
                                                                                                                                                                                                           alternative instructions for left-handed crocheters, creative bag linings, and
                                                                                                                       mARcH                                                                               a handy ruler. Hooked Bags launches an exciting series of crochet books
                                                                                                                       FABULOUS & FLIRTY CROCHET                                                           with easy, contemporary projects.
                                                                                                                       GoRGEoUs	sWEAtER	And	AccEssoRY	pAttERns	                                            spiral	Bound	softcover	                                                7	x	10
                                                                                                                       FRom	los	AnGElEs’	top	dEsIGnER                                                      1589232550	                             96	pp	                        $19.95
                                                                                                                       Katherine Lee
                                                                                                                       1592532160	                           144	pp	                         $24.99

                                                                                                                                WEB: • EMAIL: • FAX: 707-762-0335 • PHONE: 707-762-3362                                                    53


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON!
                                                                                                                            HOOKED HATS
                                                                                                                            15	EAsY	cRocHEt	pRojEcts
                                                                                                                            Margaret Hubert
                                                                                                                            Crocheted hats are in style on everyone from sophisticated urbanites to
                                                                                                                            women of a certain age. They are seen on hip skateboarders and happy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                This is the “Coming Soon” list as of
                                                                                                                            babies. No wonder the hat is such a popular crochet project. Hooked Hats
                                                                                                                            presents 15 easy crochet designs bursting with color, textures, and fashion         January 2006. New books are added
                                                                                                                            style. The projects feature a variety of yarns from bright cottons to novelty
                                                                                                                            yarns and offer extras like linings, edgings, and embellishments. For the
                                                                                                                            many beginners, an illustrated basics section teaches the stitches. There
                                                                                                                                                                                                                all the time, so remember to check the
                                                                                                                            are rare alternative instructions for lefties and a handy ruler. Hooked Hags
                                                                                                                            is part of an exciting new series of crochet project book.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                web site often or call us to find out about
                                                                                                                            spiral	Bound	softcover	
                                                                                                                            1589232569	                             96	pp	
                                                                                                                                                                                                  7	x	10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                the latest books. Please keep in mind
                                                                                                                                                                                                                that publishers regularly change their
                                                                                                                            NEW IDEAS FOR TODAY’S CROCHET                                                       scheduled print dates and books can
                                                                                                                            Jean Leinhauser, Rita Weiss
                                                                                                                            Hardcover                                                                           arrive earlier or later than expected.
                                                                                                                            1402723067	                           192	pp	                         $24.95

                                                                                                                                                                                                                If you would like to receive copies of all
                                                                                                                                                  JUNE                                                          the new books coming out this season,
                                                                                                                            jUnE                                                                                sign up for our Auto-Ship program.
                                                                                                                            GETTING STARTED CROCHET
                                                                                                                            Judith Swartz
                                                                                                                                                                                                                We send you the newest books, as they
                                                                                                                            Getting Started Crochet was designed for the total beginner. the author
                                                                                                                            comfortably demystifies the technique, the jargon, and the process, easily
                                                                                                                                                                                                                come in, and we cover the freight. You
                                                                                                                            bringing novices “into the loop.” It’s all spelled out in pictures and text:
                                                                                                                            You’ll begin with a trip to the yarn store for all the necessary tools and to       can choose the number of copies per
                                                                                                                            learn how to shop for yarn and equipment. Types and weights of yarn will
                                                                                                                            become comprehensible and you’ll learn about gauge and its importance
                                                                                                                            in simple language. Clear diagrams will address how to hold the hook
                                                                                                                                                                                                                title, the subjects you want, as well as
                                                                                                                            and yarn and how to form stitches. Next come the basic stitches, one at a
                                                                                                                            time, and your first project . . . a simple scarf. After you master the stitches,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                any publishers you may want to exclude.
                                                                                                                            you’ll tackle shaping techniques and make an evening bag, a simple top,
                                                                                                                            and some fun and funky toys! Working in rounds easily leads to working              Plus, all Auto-Ship books are returnable,
                                                                                                                            motifs and more intriguing projects like the Color Study Lap Blanket. Finish
                                                                                                                            up with edging that sweetens up a shrug. Resource list, index, and charts
                                                                                                                            complete the picture.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                so there’s no risk.
                                                                                                                            paper	over	Board	                                                         8	x	8
                                                                                                                            1596680067	                                      	                    $16.95

                                                                                                                            voGUE	KnIttInG—on	tHE	Go!	
                                                                                                                            CROCHETED HANDBAGS
                                                                                                                            Trisha Malcom
                                                                                                                            Vogue’s® popular guide to take-it-with you projects gives women a
                                                                                                                            treat—after all, what girl doesn’t love a hip handbag? These come in
                                                                                                                            both traditional and fashion-forward styles, and every crocheter, novice or
                                                                                                                            experienced, will find something special she’s able to make. As always, the
                                                                                                                            colorful photographs and concise instructions confirm Vogue® Knitting as
                                                                                                                            the most trusted name in needlearts.
                                                                                                                            Hardcover	                                                        5½	x	7
                                                                                                                            1931543984	                             96	pp	                        $12.95

                                                                                                                       54              ONE-STOP BOOK SHOPPING • 40% OFF LIST PRICE • ONE SIMPLE PHONE CALL • TOLL-FREE: 800-289-9276
FoR	BlAnKEts,	tHRoWs	And	AFGHAns
Jan Eaton                                                                         BLUE RIBBON AFGHANS FROM AMERICA’S
For crocheting on the go, blocks can’t be beat. The author has included           STATE FAIRS
the skill level of each, offers suggestions for alternate color combinations,     40	pRIzE-WInnInG	cRocHEtEd	dEsIGns
explains how to work blocks in various sizes and how to assemble and
finish the project. Finding patterns is easy with the block directory that uses   Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader
thumbnail color photos. As an added bonus, drawings are in color which            Crocheters are sure to find several designs to their liking, given the variety
make them even easier to follow. Arrangements of blocks that combine              of patterns to select from. They include afghan stitch work in plaid,
two, three or four designs are shown in addition to color photos of each          multicolored sampler in afghan stitch with cross stitch embellishments, baby
finished block.                                                                   sampler afghan, bargello, luxurious textured one-color afghans, several
softcover	                                                         8¾	x	8¾        variations of traditional styles like grannies and ripples as well as two red,
                                                                                  white and blue afghans and one made with Halloween motifs. Thumbnail
1931499683	                          128	pp	                        $24.95        sketches of the crocheters are an added bonus. Drawings, photos, and
                                                                                  “Fair Facts” reflect the source of the designs, without becoming intrusive.
24 HOUR CROCHET PROJECTS                                                          Color photos on every page.
                                                                                  softcover	                                                          8½	x	10
Rita Weiss
What would you like to have crocheted by tomorrow? A cardigan with
                                                                                  1579906710	                           157	pp	                         $14.95
a matching halter top? A cozy afghan? Perhaps a warm hat to ward off
the wind? Then get out the needles and follow these patterns, because             BLUE RIBBON CROCHET
every one of them takes just a day to do. Even though a crocheter with            EXcEptIonAl	dEsIGns	to	cREAtE	YoUR	oWn	
average skill can handle them all, those with more experience will find
plenty of details to intrigue them in these fashionable designs. The sexy,        pRIzEWInnInG	pRojEcts
low-cut Glitter Glamour Top and Shawl make a lovely combination, and              Carol Alexander
photos present a variety of stylish ways to wrap the shawl. Or crochet a          A glorious collection of prize-worthy projects with designs as diverse as the
cheery multicolored scarf, sweaters, purses, outfits for babies and children,     talented artisans who created them.
and lots more.                                                                    softcover	                                                        8½	x	11
Hardcover                                                                         1592170714	                           176	pp	                         $19.95
1402713770	                          128	pp	                        $24.95
                                                                                  BULLIONS & BEYOND
THE ABC’S OF CROCHET                                                              tIps	&	tEcHnIqUEs	FoR	tHE	cRocHEt	BUllIon	
WHAt	EvERY	cRocHEtER	sHoUld	KnoW                                                  stItcH
Kathleen Ann Duesel                                                               Prudence Mapstone
The author herself describes her book better than anyone could. “The book         Specifically focusing on bullions, this book hopes to demystify the elusive
of basics, concentrating on tools, yarns, patterns, stitches and techniques       bullion stitch. Contains tips on the many variations and different applications
including step-by-step instructions for the basic stitches: what they are,        of the stitch including how to incorporate it into your freeform work.
how to make them, where to place them in a row, and abbreviation and              softcover	                                                          8¼	x	8¼
symbols.” Beginners should be delighted with this book, as their questions        0958044317	                             29	pp	                        $16.95
and techniques will be amply answered here. Teachers will find this a very
helpful adjunct to their classroom instruction. Profuse black and white
illustrations throughout.                                                         CANDY BABIES
spiral	Bound                                                                      cUtE	cRocHEt	FoR	WEE	onEs
0967177227	                                    	                    $12.95        Candi Jensen
                                                                                  From regular and high top booties to cardigans, pullovers, ponchos,
                                                                                  dresses, two-piece ensembles and wrap-front styles, each design is
                                                                                  presented in a full page color photo plus step-by-step instructions with
                                                                                  schematic drawings. Some styles are further enhanced by purchased
ADORABLE CROCHET FOR BABIES AND                                                   ruffled lace trim, fabric appliqué or binding, frog closures and faux-fur
TODDLERS                                                                          collars and trim. Most garments are given in three sizes—six, twelve and
22	pRojEcts	to	mAKE	FoR	BABIEs	FRom	BIRtH	to	                                     eighteen months. Charming introduction by the Grandma/author.
tWo	YEARs                                                                         softcover	                                                     8½	x	10
Lesley Stanfield                                                                  1931543542	                           136	pp	                         $19.95
Babies and crocheters are a born match and this new collection is a
match for them. Today’s crocheters have a new book for them that is               CANDY BLANKIES
well photographed, clearly explained, boosted with good instruction of
basics. The lay out is by colors with really sweet patterns, each with many       cUddlY	cRocHEt	FoR	BABIEs	&	toddlERs
nice blankets, hats, sweaters, booties, and a little white sweater with an        Candi Jensen
embroidered smocked crochet yoke.                                                 With simple instructions and more than 120 color photographs, anyone—
softcover	                                                            9	x	9       regardless of previous experience—can make beautiful afghans, throws,
1843402696	                                    	                    $14.95        and blankets. There are 30 projects for every taste and level of skill,
                                                                                  including a Bear Necessity blanket with adorable ears and big, cheerful
                                                                                  smile; the soft and snuggly denim perfection of Blue Note; the Ripple Effect
BEAD CROCHET                                                                      with its dazzling jewel tones and many more. You’ll get tips for selecting
Bethany Barry                                                                     yarns and needles, full crocheting charts and patterns, and hints for
                                                                                  finishing off each piece the way professionals do.
The author reveals the basic attraction to bead crochet in her introduction:
Unlike traditional seed-bead stitchery, it is a forgiving technique easy to       softcover	                                                       8½	x	10
“undo” should mistakes occur. Acknowledging the almost universal desire           1931543410	                           144	pp	                         $19.95
to “play” with beads, this book offers specific ways to do just that. Included
are instructions for selecting materials and tools, with drawings of basic
crochet stitches that are clear and detailed enough for even a beginner           CANDY TOTS
to understand. There are twelve step-by-step projects that include a purse,       Candi Jensen
bracelet, necklace, brooch, and earrings etc., all of which show the              Candi Jensen uses beautiful photos and colored charts to show off old-
inspiring exuberance of this self-taught creative designer.                       fashioned argyle patterns for little boys’ bright vests and fluffy mohair double
softcover	                                                            8½	x	9      flowers for little girls’ soft ponchos. A very furry, jacket in burgundy may take
193149942X	                          128	pp	                        $21.95        skill finding the stitches as you crochet, but what a powerful statement!
                                                                                  Vivid dancing shapes on a black crocheted blanket will mesmerize an
                                                                                  infant. Softer stripes on hat and sweater will keep baby cozy. An older child
BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CROCHET                                                       looks stylish in a hooded coat of vibrant granny squares. With this array
Pauline Turner                                                                    of over 25 designs; stripes and plain, innovative and simple, Candy Tots
                                                                                  will fill your days!
This innovative beginner’s guide uses clear step-by-step photographs to
show how to work the stitches. As you build up your skills, it includes clever    softcover	                                                             8½	x	10
ideas for using them at every stage. The ideal introduction to crochet,           1931543283	                           136	pp	                         $19.95
there is also a wealth of information for anyone wishing to improve their
knowledge. Projects show how to use yarns from chunky wool to fine
cotton, and include instructions for everything from simple bags and
scarves to a crocheted coat and a delicate lace cushion.
1903975468	                                    	                    $14.95

         WEB: • EMAIL: • FAX: 707-762-0335 • PHONE: 707-762-3362                                                  55
     CLASSIC CROCHET FOR BABY DOLLS                                                    COZY CROCHET KIT
     Marjory Fainges                                                                   sImplE	InstRUctIons	And	tools	FoR	25	tERRIFIc	
     This author presents a concise and understandable knitting book for               cRocHEt	pRojEcts
     doll clothes. She has worked diligently to adjust old patterns from the           Melissa Leapman
     1890s through the 1950s for today’s crafter. The original knit patterns           Whether you’re new to the craft of crochet or a veteran crocheter in search
     fit the adorable dolls of this day, which are now collectible, and yet will
     also do well on our modern dolls. The author recommends working in                of new ideas, this kit offers everything you need to whip up beautiful and
     wool because it is the original yarns used for these patterns. This keeps         practical crocheted creations. Includes a fully illustrated book with all
     the doll clothes authentic, especially if the project is for an antique doll.     the basic crochet techniques, 5 crochet hooks in different sizes, enough
     The completed designs are presented on antique dolls in large color               yarn for one or two projects, and 25 chic and simple patterns. Printed on
     photographs. The knitting directions are detailed and yet easily understood,      lightweight cards.
     perfect for dressing those precious dolls of days gone by.                        Box	set	                                                             7	x	7
     softcover                                                                         0811845613	                                    	                   $22.95
     0743224175	                                    	                    $13.00
                                                                                       CREATIVE CROCHETED DOLLS
     CLASSIC CROCHETED VESTS                                                           50	WHImsIcAl	dEsIGns
     Nancie M. Wiseman                                                                 Noreen Crone-Findlay
     Introduce the “wow!” factor into crochet with these versatile vest designs.       The author shows what can be done with a few basic stitches, simple
     This collection features fashions for every style, season, and occasion.          shapes, plus inventive add-ons. Instructions include full-size patterns; dolls
     Choose from designs for women and men, plus a few unisex styles. Sixteen          take on personality with clothes, wigs, charms used for faces, feet, etc.
     pullover and button-up vests present classic silhouettes and texture-filled       Dolls are made from yarn or cut strips of fabric and are stuffed for play
     stitches. Small to extra-large projects are crocheted with classic yarns,         dolls or un-stuffed to make into pins, or to be used as appliqués to other
     including wool and cotton. Neckline and border options provide an extra           items including purses. Some have their own wardrobe of simple styles.
     dash of fashion.
                                                                                       “Creative Variations” chapter shows button-jointed dolls. Some people-
     softcover	                                                      8½	x	11           size jewelry is also included. For all levels of experience.
     1564775437	                            96	pp	                       $24.95        softcover	                                                   8¼	x	10	7/8
                                                                                       0873497414	                          144	pp	                       $22.99
     tHE	stoRY	And	pAttERns	oF	An	IRIsH	cRocHEt
     Maire Treanor
                                                                                       A CREATIVE GUIDE TO CROCHET
     This is a very thorough study of the intricate craft of Irish crochet with its    Jan Eaton
     dense flowers, curlicues and delicate grounds. The history of this craft lie      The crocheted lace in these magnificent photos makes even my wool-only
     deep in Irish culture and illuminates Irish craft. The section on this history    crocheting fingers itch for the hook and thread. Beginning with the brief
     will give the newcomer to this area of crochet a better grounding of the          historical view of the lace-making art, through the equipment and stitch
     section that details the technique and patterns for this crochet lace like no     explanations, the quality of the book is evident. Ten projects (tablecloths,
     other form of crochet. Those familiar with Irish crochet will appreciate this     bedspreads and other smaller projects) are followed by a pattern library
     addition to their pattern libraries.                                              of edgings, borders, all-over stitches, filet crochet motifs and insertions.
     softcover	                                                      8¼	x	11¾          Although the instructions are written in English terms, a chart gives the
     1856353834	                                    	                    $19.95        American equivalent stitch names; most crocheters can automatically
                                                                                       “translate” English instructions. An added bonus is frequent use of symbol
                                                                                       crochet along with written-out patterns and charted filet designs.
     THE COMPLETE CROCHET SET                                                          softcover
     tEcHnIqUEs,	stEp-BY-stEp	pRojEcts,	mAtERIAls	                                     1853682896	                                    	                   $12.95
     (REAdER’s	dIGEst)
     Margaret Maino
     The perfect set for everyone—even if you’ve never held a crochet hook—            THE CROCHET ANSWER BOOK
     complete with a techniques book, a projects book plus a starter set of            Edie Eckman
     materials.                                                                        The expert authors, Margaret Radcliffe and Edie Eckman, leave no
     Box	set                                                                           question unanswered, no quandary unaddressed. Each book contains
     0762106530	                          144	pp	                        $30.00        detailed, illustrated answers to literally hundreds of questions, from the
                                                                                       common to the more unusual.
     tHE	complEtE	IdIot’s	GUIdE	to                                                     softcover	                                                   4½	x	6	3/8
                                                                                       1580175988	                          320	pp	                       $12.95
     sEcond	EdItIon
     Barbara Breiter & Gail Diven
     If you feel like an idiot when it comes to learning and improving your
     knitting and crocheting skills, take a look at this revised guide and enjoy its   CROCHET BAGS! & CROCHET SCARVES!
     big dose of humor and bigger fount of well presented lore. Learning and           8	copY	coUntER	dIsplAY
     improving your needlework from a book is really dependent on the quality
     of the illustrations, supporting lore like yarn labels and tools, and a batch     Candi Jensen
     of fun projects with challenging stitch patterns. Humor and information,          Holds 4 copies of each book.
     what a combo!                                                                     display	Unit
     softcover	                                                            8	x	10      1580177719	                                    	                  $119.60
     1592570895	                          231	pp	                        $16.95
                                                                                       CROCHET BAGS!
     COOL CROCHET                                                                      15	HIp	pRojEcts	FoR	cARRYInG	YoUR	stUFF
     30	Hot,	FUn	dEsIGns	to	cRocHEt	And	WEAR                                           Candi Jensen
     Melissa Leapman                                                                   Includes 15 projects ranging from a swinging cotton bag in hot summer
     Forget everything you ever knew about crocheting, because this book               colors to an integrating evening purse adorned with feathers. Specialty
     takes the easy, fast fun of crochet and dumps the frumpy afghans, lumpy           techniques include working with suede yarn, fan-shaped purse, integrating
     hats and bumpy scarves of the past. With this book this top-selling author        beads, string market bag, and even crocheting with recycled plastic
     moves crochet light years ahead, into exciting designs such as; tanks,            shopping bags to create a colorful and waterproof beach bag. Irresistible
     pullovers, halters, a skirt, a dress even a bikini—they’re all just a hook and    to all the fashion-conscious crocheters.
     a dream away! Includes valuable tips on assembling garments, plus an
     appendix of stitches and guidance on yarn and materials.                          die-cut	paper	over	Board	                                          7	x	9
     softcover	                                                           8½	x	11      1580176194	                          112	pp	                       $14.95
     0823011240	                          128	pp	                        $19.95
                                                                                       CROCHET BASICS
     COZY CROCHET                                                                      All	YoU	nEEd	to	KnoW	to	GEt	HooKEd	on	cRocHEt
     26	FUn	pRojEcts	FRom	FAsHIon	to	HomE	dEcoR                                        Jan Eaton
     Melissa Leapman                                                                   Ah ha! Finally learning to crochet our way! To make crochet comprehensible,
     Oh, I just love the dishcloth as an opening project! Right off the bat, Cozy      the author uses excellent photographs, includes good clear charts, and
     Crochet draws in even the beginner! “I can do it!” I think. Success ensured,      adds brief directions. Whatever way we personally learn best, these pages
     I venture into pages of basic technique, stitches, and finishing then peruse      fill the bill. Includes a quick start for beginners: pillow covers, a child’s
     the entire book and all its projects: color photographs show off blankets,        sweater; presents fine projects for intermediates: a bobble sweater, chevron
     pillows, tops, shawls, purses and a belt, hats, a toy mouse, edgings and          scarf; and offers challenges for those more accomplished: a lace evening
     more. Everything you need to create that cute dishcloth and who knows             wrap, harlequin afghan, and filet top. Edgings, buttons, lace patterns, and
     what else!                                                                        motifs are included.
     softcover	                                                          8¾	x	8        Hardcover	                                                        8½	x	11
     0811840794	                          120	pp	                        $19.95        0764156780	                          128	pp	                       $22.95

CROCHET EDGINGS & INSERTIONS                                                       CROCHET LACE
FRom	20tH	cEntURY	soURcEs                                                          WItH	complEtE	dIAGRAms
Jules & Kaethe Kliot (Editors)                                                     Ondori
Close to 200 patterns from the 1913 & 1916 Priscilla Crochet Books are             If you’ve never seen an Ondori book, and never tried working crochet
reproduced here. Included are corners, filet work, balled fringe, Irish roses,     instructions from symbol crochet drawings, you’re in for a great treat.
fan and church lace, Cluny and Reticella work, and coronation braid.               Although instructions are written out in the traditional way, it’s the drawings
There’s something for all skill levels.                                            that shine. Once you’ve learned a few definitions for the symbols used
softcover	                                                        8½	x	11          in the drawings, it will free you from what many people find to be the
0916896803	                                     	                    $18.00        single most daunting obstacle to learning to crochet—reading those
                                                                                   instructions. Finished projects (here they include tablecloths, tabletop-size
                                                                                   doilies, runners, cushions, coasters and bedspreads) are all shown in color
CROCHET EDGINGS & MORE                                                             photographs that are exceptionally clear with attention focused on the
FRom	tURn-oF-tHE-cEntURY	soURcEs                                                   needlework, not the setting as is sometimes the case. Because the symbols
Jules & Kaethe Kliot (Editors)                                                     used for the stitches actually mimic the appearance of the stitches, the
                                                                                   drawings can be considered a forecast of what the finished piece will look
Here are clear reproductions of crochet and tape laces from manuals                like. In some cases, the drawings may need to be enlarged for clarity or for
published from 1891 to 1917. They’re for all skill levels with basic stitches      less experienced crocheters.
shown in the first third of the book. You’ll find table runner ends, insertions,
medallions, doilies, fringes and corners, and more.                                softcover	                                                         7¼	x	10¼
softcover	                                                          8½	x	11        0870404156	                                    	                    $15.00
0916896811	                                     	                    $20.00
                                                                                   CROCHET MORE EDGINGS
CROCHET FOR BABIES & TODDLERS                                                      FRom	tURn-oF-tHE-cEntURY	soURcEs
Betty Barnden                                                                      Jules & Kaethe Kliot (Editors)
This book was a delight! It was easy for me to become inspired just flipping       This contains work from 8 publications circa 1910–1937. Both pictures
through. The pages are colorful, glossy, and full of pictures. A more in           and instructions have been reproduced clearly. Beginners are not forgotten;
depth perusal revealed clear, illustrated instructions from how to hold            there are directions for edgings for pillowcases, sheets and towels. For
the hook, to the stitches and techniques used. I found the most helpful            the more experienced, there are circling edges and fringes, the delicate
feature to be stitch diagrams. Having a pictorial representation of the            Reticella edgings that mimic bobbin lace, and an exquisite grape and leaf
stitches in each pattern helped to clear up any misunderstandings I had            border.
with the written instructions. A collection of timeless classics and whimsical     softcover	                                                      8½	x	11
creations—that’s a must-have for anyone who crochets for the children in           0916896846	                                    	                    $20.00
their life. Color pictures.
1564774198	                                     	                    $24.95        CROCHET NOVELTIES
                                                                                   FRom	tURn-oF-tHE-cEntURY	soURcEs
                                                                                   Jules & Kaethe Kliot (Editors)
                                                                                   It’s time I retired from reviewing books so I can crochet all 11 lambrequins
                                                                                   featured here for the windows and doorways of my Victorian home! In
CROCHET FOR BARBIE DOLL                                                            addition to these and the basic stitches, you’ll find motifs such as the
75	dElIGHtFUl	cREAtIons	to	cRocHEt                                                 lighthouse and sailboat done in filet crochet. The crocheted calling card
                                                                                   cases, button covers, lamp shades, and lettuce bag are wonderful. I found
Nicky Epstein                                                                      this a really exciting book. This is another in a series of reproductions of
If you already read the review for Knitting for Barbie, then I might be            1883 to 1917 manuals.
tempted just to say “ditto” here. What else do you need to know but that           softcover	                                                         8½	x	11
these are Barbie clothes to crochet? Well, yes, they are as clever as creative     091689682X	                                    	                    $20.00
designer Nicky Epstein can make them, and that’s pretty darn clever. If
this is your “thing” then you know who you are and you have to buy this
book. Full color.                                                                  CROCHET RUGS & THROWS
softcover	                                                         8½	x	10         Janet Hobbs
1931543488	                           144	pp	                        $17.95        This book has several qualities that will appeal to crocheters: the level
                                                                                   of difficulty is specified for each pattern so as not to overwhelm the less
                                                                                   experienced crocheter; large, clear color photos of finished projects;
CROCHET FOR KIDS                                                                   variety of sizes such as rug, lap throw, baby shawl, crib afghan, etc, and
sWEAtERs	FoR	InFAnts,	GIRls,	And	BoYs                                              large diagrams. However, unless you learned or have adapted to reading
Ann E. Smith                                                                       instructions written in British terminology, the going may be too difficult for
                                                                                   you. No “translation” chart is included to assist you.
Love to crochet? Love kids? Here’s a craft book for you! “Down by the
Sea,” “Costume Party” and “The Wild West” are chapter titles for some              softcover	                                                        8½	x	11
fanciful projects. There is a beribboned Scottie dog adorning a red, white,        0684019035	                            54	pp	                       $12.00
black and yellow cardigan, a baby clown jumper complete with tummy
pompoms, a yellow and black tunic trimmed with tiny peeking bats, a                CROCHET SCARVES!
red sailor’s jacket, cowboy and cowgirl sweaters with gold sheriff stars or        16	HIp	pRojEcts	FoR	dREssInG	Up	YoUR	looK
fringe. Many of the 22 projects include cleverly designed booties, hats and
purses (even a playful “coonskin” hat!) Colorful crochet will please the           Candi Jensen
giver as well as the recipient! Color photos of each finished sweater.             Features 15 original patterns to create bold, new looks. Using a popular
                                                                                   array of wool, mohair, cotton, and novelty acrylic-blend yarns, these
softcover	                                                          8	x	10         patterns are easily accessible to beginning crocheters, but sure to excite
1561585122	                                     	                    $17.95        experienced crocheters as well. Scarves are the most popular item
                                                                                   among needleworkers, and patterns such as Sparkle Plenty, Easy Argyle,
                                                                                   Ripple Effect, and Skinny Minnie are sure to be popular additions to the
CROCHET FOR TOTS                                                                   repertoire.
20	FREsH	And	FUn	dEsIGns                                                           die-cut	paper	over	Board	                                          7	x	9
Nancy Queen                                                                        1580176208	                            96	pp	                       $14.95
Kids will be the hit of the party and the talk of the town in these downright
adorable outfits! Even beginners can easily crochet projects that fit little
girls and guys from six months to four years of age. Features pullovers,           THE CROCHET STITCH BIBLE
berets, rompers, pants, cardigans and dresses. Find step-by-step crochet           Betty Barnden
basics, plus directions for making buttons and decorate edgings. Cotton-           Thumbnail photos of each of the more than 200 stitches are used as a table
and-acrylic blends guarantee easy care.                                            of contents, with stitches grouped by structure: fan and shell; mesh and
softcover	                                                          8½	x	11        filet; openwork and lace; clusters, puffs and bobbles plus several others.
                                                                                   Individual stitch formation is illustrated with colored drawings that include
1564774570	                             95	pp	                       $24.95        arrows to indicate hook movement, a feature I find most helpful especially
                                                                                   for beginners. A larger photo shows a swatch of stitch combinations,
                                                                                   with symbol crochet diagram of the combination below, followed by the
CROCHET FROM THE HEART                                                             traditional written instructions. You may find symbol crochet to be so clear
qUIcK	pRojEcts	FoR	GEnERoUs	GIvInG                                                 and precise, you may not want to go back to written patterns again. Color
Kristin Spurkland                                                                  photo on every page.
These easy crocheted accessories make ideal gifts for friends, family and          Hardcover	                                                        5¾	x	7¾
charities. Eighteen projects which include baby blankets, booties and hats,        0873497171	                          256	pp	                        $29.99
scarves, bags and even pet beds. Includes basic how-tos for those new to
crochet as well as a list of charities that accept crocheted donations!
softcover	                                                         8½	x	11
1564776069	                             80	pp	                       $22.95

         WEB: • EMAIL: • FAX: 707-762-0335 • PHONE: 707-762-3362                                                 57
     CROCHET WITH BITS & PIECES                                                       CROCHETED & TATTED YOKES & COLLARS
     Carol Alexander                                                                  BOOK 2
     Crochet with Bits & Pieces contains more than 80 colorful, creative projects     Jules & Kaethe Kliot
     that have been specially designed to crochet with small amounts of yarn
     and thread. With all of the great ideas we’ve included in this appealing         Lacis has put together another collection of feminine laces of yokes,
     collection, you’ll save money by using up your leftover odds and ends of         camisoles, and lovely trims from our needlework past. The patterns in these
     thread and yarn while making room to add new supplies to your stash!             historic booklets are surely as interesting to costumers as needleworkers
     From projects to dress up your home with decorator looks without the high        for their diversity and quantity. From many different sources from another
     price, to fun, trendy fashions and accessories that are big on style but small   era, they are simple enough to follow. Some of the booklets even have
     in cost, you’ll love the creative designs that can be made with a variety of     instruction sections for novice crocheters and tatters; a nice thick collection
     colorful scraps!                                                                 here from Lacis.
     Hardcover	                                                                       softcover
     1592170854	                                    	                   $19.95        1891656325	                                    	                    $22.00

     CROCHET WITH STYLE                                                               CROCHETED ARAN SWEATERS
     FUn-to-mAKE	sWEAtERs	FoR	All	sEAsons                                             Jane Snedden Peever
     Melissa Leapman                                                                  Crocheters who have been envying those lovely Aran sweaters which for
     This well-known knitting and crocheting designer provides crocheters a           some are the zenith of the knitters art now can do so with crochet. The
     wardrobe of jackets, vests, pullovers and cardigans in a variety of styles,      results are a close enough approximation of the style and design to fool
     pattern stitches and colors. Includes; multi-colored garments, laces and         all but the most knowledgeable needleworker. For those who object to
     exquisite sweaters in the style of Aran knitting for crochet. Each garment       the somewhat bulkier nature of crochet, there is a version worked on the
     includes easy-to-follow diagrams for each garment section plus finished          bias to produce the soft, drapeable look of a knitted version. Ideal for the
     measurements. Throughout the book, the author provides her usual high-           careful, experienced crocheter but may be too difficult for the beginner.
     quality instructions for making and finishing each garment. Sprinkled            Ten designs shown in full color. Schematics clear stitch drawings and very
     throughout, she reaches out to crocheters with tips and alternatives shown       detailed instructions.
     in reference boxes providing alternate color suggestions and design tips         softcover	                                                       8½	x	11
     permitting each crocheter the opportunity to personalize their garment with
     there own special touches.                                                       1564774848	                                    	                    $24.95
     1561583391	                                    	                   $19.95        CROCHETED EDGINGS INSERTIONS &
     CROCHET WITH WIRE                                                                cRocHEtER’s	HIstoRIcAl	pAttERn	sERIEs	volUmE	
     Nancie Wiseman                                                                   tHREE
     Crocheting takes on a new dimension in this fun and creative collection          Pastime Publications
     of 30 stunning yet easy-to-make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets—all           Do you remember the edgings and laces your grandmother added
     made using wire. Those new to crochet will get all the basics of crocheting,     lovingly to towels and pillowcases? Now, you can reproduce them yourself.
     including finishing off, adding new wire, and planning projects—with             The collection brings beloved, antique crochet patterns from yesteryear to
     plenty of illustrations throughout for guidance. There is also a discussion      today’s crochet lover. Crochet the laces, from simple to elaborate art forms
     of which crochet hooks to use, and how to choose the right wire gauge to         in any weight yarn or thread. Use them to embellish quaint items such as
     suit any project. Most of the projects are simple, requiring single crochet,     an egg cozy, ottoman cover, beaded bag, or umbrella case. Both historical
     half-double crochet, and double crochet in the same basic patterns used          and beautiful, this book is a welcome addition to crochet devotees.
     in yarn crochet. Beaders will delight over a new way to play with beads,         softcover
     and seasoned crocheters will relish this fresh, innovative approach to a
     time-honored, favorite technique.                                                1929169027	                                    	                    $18.95
     1931499772	                            96	pp	                      $14.95        CROCHETED LACE
                                                                                      tEcHnIqUEs,	pAttERns,	And	pRojEcts
     CROCHET YOUR WAY                                                                 Pauline Turner
     Gloria Tracy & Susan Levin                                                       Capture the romantic look of lace with this comprehensive guide to
                                                                                      traditional crochet methods.
     If you have no crochet books in your library, this is the first to own—the
     best yet for every crochet level. Part I: Beginnings & Basics, provides clear    softcover	                                               7½	x	10
     illustrations of hand positions and every basic stitch accompanied by well-      1564775763	                          128	pp	                        $24.95
     explained symbol charts. Part II: Learn-to-Crochet-Afghan, offers dozens
     of luscious multi-colored pattern swatches to make and join together for
     a gorgeous afghan, richly textured and multi-patterned. Part III: Creative       CROCHETED SOCKS!
     Projects offers 25 crochet projects including hats, bags, sweaters, vests,       16	FUn-to-stItcH	pAttERns
     jackets, tunics, shawls, mittens, scarves, a pillow and baby afghan.             Janet Rehfeldt
     softcover                                                                        If you thought handmade socks were just for knitters, think again! This
     1561583103	                                    	                   $22.95        wonderful collection of crocheted socks ranges in style from fun to
                                                                                      fashionable. Lean how to crochet socks that mimic the luxurious look and
                                                                                      feel of knitted socks. Sixteen sock patterns are each given in a variety of
     CROCHET                                                                          sizes for both women and men. These crochet patterns will knock your
     20	sImplE	And	stYlIsH	dEsIGns	to	WEAR                                            socks off! (Some patterns used our Lana Grossa cotton sock yarn).
     Jane Davis                                                                       softcover	                                                    8½	x	10½
     If you don’t have time to pull out your 0000 size hook and some #40              1564774945	                            64	pp	                       $18.95
     cotton to crochet an elegant lace shawl, then this book can take you to the
     opposite extreme, a largish wool hook, enough worsted weight yarn, and
     a weekend’s worth of time for creating a simple garment or accessory. The        CROCHETED SWEATERS
     beauty of it is, the vests and mittens and scarves are nice and beginners        sImplE	stItcHEs,	GREAt	dEsIGns
     can get some projects finished, which is also good.                              Susan Huxley
     softcover	                                                      8½	x	11          This author’s goal was to present a special collection of stylish garments
     1579902332	                                    	                   $14.95        that even beginners could make successfully. Fortunately, she doesn’t
                                                                                      believe that “easy to make” has to mean “boring.” A chapter on perfecting
                                                                                      fit is most helpful. Some sweaters are soft and cuddly, made on a big, fat
     CROCHET                                                                          hook. Then there is a beautiful Aran classic with exceptional detailing, and
     tHE	poRtABlE	cRAFtER                                                             a Two Way Tee that lets you reverse it from a square to a rounded neckline.
     Carolyn Christmas                                                                An evening shell with matching stole has iridescent beads to reflect in the
     The third handy-size, take-it-everywhere entry in the Portable Crafter series    moonlight. A classic crew is updated with a basket weave design, and a
     focuses on crochet, a form of needlework that just keeps getting more and        vest with an Asian flavor has crocheted frog buttonholes. Full color.
     more popular. With projects created by the design editor for The Crochet         softcover	                                                       8¼	x	11
     Guild of America, this collection offers something beautiful for stitchers       156477399X	                                    	                    $27.95
     of all levels. The styles range from traditional to contemporary, and the
     items all use rich, soft yarns. Many take advantage of the newest textured
     patterns, which give added appeal and dimension to every garment and
     accessory. Select from a cute Baby Cupcake Hat in spring colors, a super-
     simple yet elegant Beaded Purse, a ruffled Cherries Pillow, a Summer Shell
     that’s embellished with a flower; plus afghans, flip-flops, booties, scarves,
     caps, bookmarks, and towels.
     1402718756	                            96	pp	                      $12.95

THE CROCHETER’S COMPANION                                                         DOG SWEATERS TO CROCHET
Nancy Brown                                                                       EAsY	stYlEs	FoR	smAll	to	mEdIUm	sIzE	doGs
Critters today are always on the go with projects in tow. With limited            Mary Ellis
room in a tote bag, it’s not easy to tote around reference materials, and         (With Special Sizing for Long Dogs)
unfortunately coming upon a problem in the middle or your child’s soccer          leaflet	                                                           8½	x	11
practice can bring everything to a halt. I feel this book is the perfect carry-   1702569201	                                    	                      $9.95
along reference: compact and full of useful information for novice and
advanced critters alike. The diagrams are easy to understand and the
explanations clear and concise. The book itself is sturdy, so will take lots of
travel abuse. I found it to be quite useful.
spiral	Bound	                                                           7	x	5     donnA	KoolER’s
1931499136	                                    	                    $19.95        CROCHETED AFGHANS
                                                                                  Donna Kooler
KIds	cAn	do	It                                                                    Over 40 imaginative afghans, designed by 17 artists, fill this pattern book,
                                                                                  each clearly photographed in color capturing the detailed variety of motif,
CROCHETING                                                                        texture and tone. Lovely photos of neat, folded stacks of blankets begin
Gwen Kinsler                                                                      six chapters with such titles as “Soft & Gentle”, “Sophisticated Elegance”,
In this book, basic instructions are broken down into easy-to-follow              and “Masculine Comfort”. These blankets run the gamut from pastel baby
steps with each illustrated by large, clear drawings showing correct hand         designs to bright flower blocks to subtle monochromes. From the simplest
position, yarn path and hook position. It has one of the simplest slip knot       chain and single crochet stitches to the more complex star and bobble
drawings I’ve seen. The use of red arrows to show hook movement is                stitches, there is something here for everyone.
extremely helpful. Changing the color of the drawings to emphasize a              softcover
new technique or stitch further clarifies the instruction. Projects aimed at      1402722303	                           128	pp	                       $14.95
youngsters (daisy flowers, scarf, bookmarks, headband, purse, belt and
locker organizer) can easily be adapted by adult learners.
softcover                                                                         EASY CROCHET
1553371771	                                    	                      $6.95       50	FAsHIon	And	HomE	pRojEcts
                                                                                  Family Circle
                                                                                  Family Circle Magazine has been giving us creative projects for many
CROCHETING FOR DUMMIES                                                            years. Summery lace tops, handy hand bags and carry-alls, very elegant
Karen Manthey & Susan Brittain                                                    afghans, and fashionable outfits are exceptional. The projects are not only
I give this book my highest rating for both content, presentation and             beautiful and interesting, but well presented with text and chart instruction,
organization. It’s especially valuable for those who want basic instructions      beautiful photography, and appealing design to study and plan for. Simple
but have no previous experience. Aside from the excellent text, large,            to advanced patterns offer a project for everyone.
clear drawings almost make explanations unnecessary. Tips and warnings            Hardcover	                                                           9	x	10
offer help when a teacher or friend is not available, and clever titles and       1931543356	                           144	pp	                       $24.95
cartoons add a bit of humor. The authors introduce crochet symbols which,
in fact, eliminate the need for written instructions once the crocheter has
some experience. Excellent quality of the content overrides the limited           EASY LIVING CROCHET
number of color photos.                                                           Carol Alexander
softcover	                                                    7	3/8	x	9¼          Enhance your easy living lifestyle with projects for him, for her, for the kids
076454151X	                          360	pp	                        $19.99        and for your home. Take a break from today’s breakneck pace and find a
                                                                                  place where the stitching is easy with this colorful, creative book and your
                                                                                  favorite patterns.
CROCHETING IN PLAIN ENGLISH                                                       softcover	                                                          8½	x	11
Maggie Righetti                                                                   1592170684	                           176	pp	                       $19.95
Even if you’ve never held a crochet hook before, Maggie Righetti’s
sound instructions and encouragement will help you get started. If you’re
an experienced crocheter, you’ll find dozens of tips for perfecting your
techniques. This comprehensive, common sense guide covers virtually
everything you need to know about crochet. Each technique is illustrated          ESSENTIAL CROCHET TREASURES
with drawings, charts, or photos. What’s more, Righetti’s light style makes
the book fun to read.                                                             cRocHEtER’s	HIstoRIcAl	pAttERn	sERIEs	volUmE	
0312014120	                                    	                    $16.95        Pastime Publications
                                                                                  Do you long to have your grandmother’s basic crochet pattern book? This
                                                                                  is your chance. Ten chapters include, basic stitches, edgings and insertions,
CROCHETING SCHOOL                                                                 hair-pin lace, motifs for afghans, filet crochet any many more. Especially
A	complEtE	coURsE                                                                 charming are patterns for “fascinators” crocheted or hair-pin lace. Patterns
Sterling                                                                          for “Circular cobweb shawls” are as beautiful when made today as they
                                                                                  were then. Garments are detailed, fitted and so well constructed that
Find a project you’d like to create and bring it to Crochet School! Each          generations of babies and children wear them then and again today.
page or two presents a new stitch to learn and you’ll progress page by            Today’s “quickie” patterns just can’t compare to the beauty, fit, detail and
page as would students in a class. As a beginner you will find techniques         high quality garments made in the 1880s to last for more than one life-
presented for beginning crochet and many different stitches. Instructions         time.
for intermediates are well represented, as are the more challenging skills.
Borders, corners, laces, filet, rounds, jacquards, wrapped, braided and           softcover	                                                          7	x	10
3-D patterns are included. Hundreds of full color clear photos make               1929169035	                                    	                    $19.95
crocheting look exciting and fun.
Hardcover	                                                7½	x	10	3/8             FABULOUS CROCHETED PONCHOS
1402708319	                          144	pp	                        $24.95        nEW	stYlEs,	nEW	looKs,	nEW	YARns
                                                                                  Terry Taylor
THE DESIGN SOURCE BOOK OF HOME                                                    Two hot trends combine in one classic collection: the popular poncho and
                                                                                  the hip craft of crochet. And these 33 designs take the versatile wardrobe
DECOR                                                                             staple to new heights of sophistication: they feature a range of neckline
tHRoWs	And	pIlloWs	to	KnIt	&	cRocHEt                                              and hem variations, and come in a variety of yarns, including novelty
Judith Shangold                                                                   types like ribbon, faux suede, and fur. With the help of a well-illustrated
Here are delightfully sophisticated color combinations of Manos del               basics section, brand-new or out-of-practice crocheters can confidently
Uruguay hand dyed yarns fashioned into afghans that feature large color           pick up their needles and create an open-weave poncho with sleeves and
blocks with textural interest, hexagon patchwork-type motifs, stripes and         cuffs, a wrap-up for winter, a shimmering gold lacy poncho, and other
more. Detailed motifs to challenge the advanced knitter or crocheter. All         showstoppers.
feature carry-along pieces to be joined later. Patterns are predominantly         softcover	                                                       8½	x	10
in knit, some in crochet. Pillow forms are traditional or spiced up with a        1579907229	                           144	pp	                       $14.95
cruciform and Grandmother’s flower garden patchwork type shapes;
all are made from lush colors. Most projects shown in full page color
photos. Color charts, black and white drawings make for easy to follow
1664389631	                            63	pp	                       $15.95

         WEB: • EMAIL: • FAX: 707-762-0335 • PHONE: 707-762-3362                                                59
     FIRST CROCHET                                                                           tHE	HARmonY	GUIdEs
     pRojEcts	FoR	BEGInnERs                                                                  300 CROCHET STITCHES
     Lesley Stanfield                                                                        volUmE	6
     This comprehensive introductions will guide beginners from first loop to last           This is a comprehensive pattern library containing hundreds of different
     seam. Start with basic stitches; then move on to creating fashion-forward               stitches written in easy-to-follow language and with a simple diagram.
     designs. Twenty projects include stylish garments, baby clothes, and home               The patterns range from variations on the basic stitches to intricate and
     decor items. Easy to understand text with close-up photos.                              colorful textured fabrics. Covered are Basic Stitches, Clusters, Textured
     Enclosed	spiral	Bound	softcover	                             7½	x	9	5/8                 Stitches, Spikes, Relief Patterns, Puff Stitches, Basket Weave, Knobbles and
     1564776204	                             128	pp	                          $24.95         Bobbles, Filet Crochet, Openwork and Lace Patterns, Motifs, Edgings and
                                                                                             Trimmings, and Tunisian (Afghan) Crochet. Illustrated in color and black
                                                                                             & white.
                                                                                             softcover	                                                       8¼	x	11¾
     FREEFORM                                                                                1855856387	                                    	                   $16.95
     sEREndIpItoUs	dEsIGn	tEcHnIqUEs	FoR	
     KnIttInG	&	cRocHEt
     Prudence Mapstone                                                                       tHE	HARmonY	GUIdEs
     Well, knitters, here we are in the new millennium and knit designers                    220 MORE CROCHET STITCHES
     have left the old tradition of knitting a row of stitches from one side of              volUmE	7
     the garment to the other. What else is there? Patchwork: little pieces of               Another collection of crochet stitches from this publisher of stitch pattern
     oddments of yarn worked up a small patch at a time into a garment or                    dictionaries, this one includes all-over patterns, edgings, motifs, Tunisian
     home accessory. What? How? Well might you ask. This gem of a book                       crochet and Irish crochet elements. All designs are written out, fully
     will guide the knitter through the process or reconstructing linear knitting            diagrammed using the most modern symbols and clearly photographed.
     into this new, millennial method. No stitch by stitch instruction. Mostly               softcover	                                                    8¼	x	11¾
     guidance, inspiration, and illustrations.                                               1855856395	                                    	                   $16.95
     softcover	                                                     8¼	x	11¾
     0958044309	                                        	                     $36.95
                                                                                             HOOKED ON CROCHET
                                                                                             Candi Jensen
     FREEFORM KNITTING & CROCHET                                                             Excellent large drawings to get you started crocheting, with color photos
     Jenny Dowde                                                                             and enlarged shots of details. Instruction is well within the grasp of the
     This book is packed with information—basic colour and design theory,                    beginning crocheter; yarn types featured cover the spectrum of those
     creating knit & crochet fragments, 18 wonderful projects with instructions,             most currently popular: ribbon, thick-and-thin, tweedy mixes, eyelash etc.
     plus special effects for your creations, polymer clay closures to create, a             to keep the more experienced crocheter interested. The projects (caps,
     stitch collection and finally a gallery of wearable art, jewelry and more!              jackets, sportswear, baby items, personal accessories, things for the home,
     Welcome to the wonderful world of freeform knitting and crochet, or                     etc) are updated versions which occasionally reference grannies or other
     “scrumbling.”                                                                           more traditional motifs but used here in a new way.
     softcover                                                                               softcover	                                                        8½	x	10
     1863513272	                             160	pp	                          $17.95         1580175473	                          144	pp	                       $18.95

     FROM KNIT TO CROCHET                                                                    HOOKED ON STYLE
     HoW	to	GEt	tHE	looK	And	FEEl	oF	KnIttInG	                                               FABUloUs	FAsHIons	to	cRocHEt
     WItH	cRocHEt!                                                                           Catherine Blythe
     The Needlecraft Shop                                                                    These fashionable crochet projects use yarn from Paton’s, well-known for its
     This is crochet with the look and feel of knitting! Each of our crochet projects        high-quality product and cutting-edge designs. Everything is fresh, young,
     started with a favorite knit pattern stitch. Then the designer developed that           and colorful—and even beginners will be able to do them, thanks to the
     same look using her crochet hook!                                                       helpful basics section. Select from summer ensembles, elegant holiday
     softcover	                                                           8½	x	11            outfits, springtime glamour, and accessories. Coordinate a tropical-bright
     1573671908	                             176	pp	                          $19.95         beach cover-up and halter top with a pretty purse—or crochet a classic
                                                                                             V-neck with a flattering tie. Each project comes with details on sizing the
                                                                                             garment, choosing the hook, materials, and yarn tension.
                                                                                             Hardcover	                                                       8½	x	10
     FROM NEEDLES TO HOOK                                                                    193154381X	                          144	pp	                       $24.95
     complEtE	GUIdE	to	convERtInG	KnIt	pAttERns	
     to	cRocHEt
     What a great idea! This book opens up so many more possibilities for                    HOW TO CROCHET
     the crocheter. No longer limited by using patterns just for crochet, now                tHE	nEEdlEcRAFt	REsoURcE	lIBRARY,	volUmE	
     even knit patterns can be successfully translated into crochet patterns. I              tHREE
     liked the side-by-side comparison showing color photos of the finished                  TNNA
     knit and crochet stitches, and was glad that is explained how to construct              The four books in this series (crochet, knit, embroider, needlepoint) are
     both versions. Several projects are also included so that you can practice              excellent resources for beginners. Each offers precise and clear instructions,
     each technique.                                                                         easy-to-follow diagrams, and a brief history of the technique. The “Tools
     Hardcover	                                                        8	x	11                of the Trade” and “Rules of the Trade” sections provide a great foundation
     157367124X	                                        	                     $24.95         for learning. All four volumes conclude with tips for finishing and caring for
                                                                                             completed projects. If you want to learn how to do any of these techniques,
                                                                                             or if you know someone who wants to learn, you won’t go wrong with any
     FUN AND FUNKY CROCHET                                                                   from this series.
     30	EXcItInG	pRojEcts	FoR	A	stYlIsH	nEW	looK                                             softcover	                                                         8½	x	11
     Sophie Britten                                                                          1664551031	                            46	pp	                        $6.50
     Crochet 30 trendy projects, from hats, bags, and belts to a choker and
     even a daring bikini. Customize items you already own with fun edgings,
     collars and cuffs. Get a complete introduction to basic techniques, plus                HOW TO CROCHET
     advice on yarns and hooks.                                                              tHE	dEFInItIvE	cRocHEt	coURsE	complEtE	WItH	
     softcover	                                                   8½	x	8½                    stEp-BY-stEp	tEcHnIqUEs,	stItcH	lIBRARIEs	And	
     1564776190	                               96	pp	                         $24.95         pRojEcts	FoR	YoUR	HomE	And	FAmIlY
                                                                                             Pauline Turner
                                                                                             This is a course that starts with basic stitches in the Beginner’s Workshop
     HAIRPIN CROCHET                                                                         which lead to projects that run the gamut from a feminine padded clothes
     Jules & Kaethe Kliot                                                                    hanger to a geometric pillow or bath rug, to a soft, textural baby blanket.
     So you’ve been studying lace techniques for ages and still need a challenge.            The more advanced chapter on Tunisian Crochet (or afghan stitch)
     You may have thought hairpin crochet was right up there with daisy looms                offers gently shaded toss pillows, and the one on Circle Motifs follows
     (well sort of, but the quality of the piece is related to the skill of its creation.)   naturally into wearables such as hats, bags, and a three dimensional floral
     Look through this collection of early 20th Century pattern books from                   headband. There are lessons on feathery Broomstick Lace, as well as Filet
     Lacis. Another piece of the past of our fore mothers handiwork.                         Crochet’s appealing pictorial patterns. A good overview of the subject
     softcover	                                                                8½	x	11       matter.
     189165618X	                                        	                     $17.00         Hardcover	                                                         8½	x	11
                                                                                             1855858274	                                    	                   $29.95

IRISH CROCHET LACE                                                                 THE LITTLE BOX OF CROCHETED HATS &
Lacis Publications                                                                 SCARVES
This title is a completely revised edition of Irish Crochet Lace: Instructions &   Denise Black & Sandy Scoville
Designs published in 1983.                                                         Meet the perfect little concept for crochet on the go! This clever box of 20
softcover	                                                           8½	x	11       project cards features pairs of coordinating hat and scarf patterns. From
9781891656620	                        120	pp	                        $19.00        berets and beanies to scarves with fringe and fuzzy trims, crocheters can get
                                                                                   whimsical or stay chic. Projects for winter wear and summer fare feature a
                                                                                   range of affordable yarns, as well as special novelty yarns. Each laminated
                                                                                   card features a color photo, size and materials information, step-by-step
KIDS’ CRAFTS CROCHET                                                               directions and schematic drawing. The ultimate in convenience!
FAntAstIc	jEWElRY,	HAts,	pURsEs,	pIlloWs	&	                                        Box	set	                                                       10½	x	16½
moRE                                                                               1564776077	                            20	pp	                      $19.95
Jane Davis
A sparkling new entry in the popular Kids’ Crafts series. From colorful            THE LITTLE BOX OF CROCHETED PONCHOS
shoelaces to shimmering amulet bags, these 50 crocheted creations will             & WRAPS
enchant kids and take them from the very beginning to a more experienced
level. Even children who have never picked up a pair of needles will master        Denise Black & Sandy Scoville
the fundamentals quickly, thanks to the many detailed directions and               Find top of the trend designs in this exciting addition to the popular “Little
instructive, attractive color photos. The fun begins as youngsters try their       Box” series. Choose from 20 ponchos, shawls, capes, and wraps; many
hand at the basic chain stitch, and then learn to crochet around a ring            are as easy to crochet as scarves. Spotlights styles for all occasions from
to make a key chain. Small, accessible projects follow, including a yellow         everyday to elegant, plus yarns for every budget. Portable projects cards
purse with a glass button accent and comfy wool slippers. As kids’ skills          feature full-color photos; schematics, size, and materials information; and
increase, they can move on to clothes, toys, backpacks, and more.                  step-by-step directions.
softcover	                                                      8½	x	11            Box	set	                                                         5½	x	8½
1579904777	                           112	pp	                        $19.95        1564776638	                            20	pp	                      $19.95

KIDS CROCHET                                                                       MAKING EYELASH CROCHET LEIS
Kelli Ronci                                                                        Coryn Tanaka & May Masaki
Written for children of reading age and older, this book presents everything       Quick and easy to make, eyelash crochet leis combine multi-textured
from finger-crocheting to crocheting shapes to crocheting in the round,            ribbons and specialty yarns in an endless variety of designs, can be custom
all supported by easy-to-follow instructions full color illustrations, and         made for any recipient and any occasion, are washable and uncrushable
charming photos.                                                                   and can be worn as hatbands, head or neck leis, wristlets, anklets, or hair
Hardcover                                                                          ornaments.
1584794135	                           128	pp	                        $19.95        Enclosed	spiral	Bound	softcover	                                  8½	x	11
                                                                                   1573061808	                            44	pp	                        $9.95

KNIT AND CROCHET WITH BEADS                                                        MAKING EYELASH CROCHET LEIS 2
Lily M. Chin                                                                       vol.	2
I’m finding it hard not to go overboard with this review. For those whose          Coryn Tanaka & May Masaki
knitting or crochet has become somewhat commonplace, the innovative                34 New designs, with photographs and diagrams, arranged by style for
beading treatments suggested here will give a new look. The text is casual         easy selection.
in tone but highly informative. Color photos, illustrations, drawings,             Enclosed	spiral
all lend to the excitement any knitter or crocheter will find in this book.
Suggestions are made for selecting compatible yarns and beads and show             1573062316	                            48	pp	                        $9.95
the versatility of these techniques. Projects include socks, necklace, evening
shawl, sleeveless and long sleeve pullovers, beaded pockets, collars, etc.
My favorite: Mosaic Madness Bag.
softcover	                                                            8½	x	9
1931499446	                           128	pp	                        $21.95        MINIATURE CROCHET
                                                                                   pRojEcts	In	1/12	scAlE
                                                                                   Roz Walters
LEARN TO CROCHET                                                                   One of my personal objections to miniature work is that the scale of
A	BEGInnER’s	GUIdE                                                                 stitches is often too coarse to be realistic. This author has overcome that
Sue Whiting                                                                        problem by using fine crochet and tatting threads and even bobbin-
As a needle craft, crochet has stood the test of time and remains as               lacemaking threads. Though using the British terms for stitches in the
popular today, especially with the resurgence in vintage-style fashions            instructions, a chart of equivalent American terms is provided. Skill level
and decorating. Now readers can acquire this craft quickly and easily with         required is indicated for each project. Clothes for all occasions and ages
Learn to Crochet. Beginning with the basics such as hooks and yarns,               plus household textiles. This book is a cut above many other miniature
moving through simple stitches, and on to creating patterns and delicate           needlework books.
filet crochet, readers will find the step-by-step instructions accompanied         softcover
by full-color photographs easy-to-follow. Novice crocheters will soon be           1861082738	                          117	pp	                       $14.95
creating beautiful projects, from fashion items such as hats and scarves to
home fashions such as bedspreads.
softcover	                                                        8½	x	11          MORE CROCHETED ARAN SWEATERS
1580111769	                             80	pp	                       $14.95        Jane Snedden Peever
                                                                                   It was proven in Crocheted Aran Sweaters—you can create the traditional
                                                                                   look of knitted Aran sweaters in crochet! This popular author returns with
LEARN TO CROCHET                                                                   more Aran-style designs featuring all-new stitch patterns. Give a fresh twist
clEAR	stItcH	dIAGRAms	And	InstRUctIons,	20	                                        to this fashion classic with 13 beautiful sweater and vest patterns · Create
sImplE	pRojEcts	to	mAKE                                                            the look of knitted cables, bobbles, moss stitches, and more in crochet ·
Sally Harding                                                                      Use the helpful step-by-step stitches guide for easy reference.
Crochet is back in fashion, a favorite with today’s up-and-coming textile          softcover	                                                        8½	x	11
designers. That’s why so many people want to learn its simple, textural,           1564775909	                            96	pp	                      $24.95
and attractive stitches. From choosing yarns and hooks to making a
loop and foundation chain, from doing simple edgings to working in
rounds, would-be crocheters will find all the basics of the craft right here.      MORE TAPESTRY CROCHET
The projects begin with an easy pot-holder and progress to blankets for            Carol Ventura
babies and adults; striped and scalloped cushions, scarves, purses, and            Another foray into this realm of multi-colored figured crochet by this
Christmas decorations.                                                             author is full of global ethnic examples and inspirations for contemporary
softcover	                                                       6¾	x	8½           crocheters. The crocheted caps and bags of other cultures are the stepping
1402728697	                             80	pp	                       $14.95        stones for today’s crochet enthusiast to emulate. Instructions for left and
                                                                                   right handed hookers, beading ideas, large tapestry, and several full-page,
                                                                                   crochet graph papers for copying and designing on are good resources
                                                                                   for practicing this crafts.
                                                                                   softcover	                                                       8½	x	11
                                                                                   0972125302	                                    	                   $30.00

         WEB: • EMAIL: • FAX: 707-762-0335 • PHONE: 707-762-3362                                                61
     MOSAIC MAGIC AFGHANS MADE EASY                                                    QUICK CROCHET, HUGE HOOKS
     Lily M. Chin                                                                      Sally Harding
     The designer’s intent for this book was to develop crochet patterns that          This book offers great designs, interesting yarns, and simple patterns for
     are easy to do by using only one color per row, but still look complicated.       a collection of more than 20 projects. Worked in no time at all on giant
     By combining stitches that drop down into a row or rows below plus using          hooks, the projects can be made one day, and used the next. This book
     post stitches for more texture, these mosaic-like patterns emerge. Designs        features contemporary designs for bags, scarves, cushions, throws and
     include pastel patchwork baby afghan, full size Afghans in soft colors,           rugs.
     dramatic black and white, a new take on a ripple pattern, stole and hat,          softcover	
     pillow, vest, jacket and man’s pullover. Thoroughly illustrated with full-page    1571203125	                          128	pp	                        $25.95
     color photos of each project.
     Hardcover	                                                         8½	x	11
     0848719026	                          144	pp	                        $19.95        QUICK STITCH CROCHET AFGHANS
                                                                                       ovER	60	BEAUtIFUl,	tImE-sAvInG	dEsIGns	FoR	
                                                                                       AnY	dEcoR	oR	GIFt-GIvInG	occAsIon
                                                                                       Carol Alexander
     Susan Bates
                                                                                       These gorgeous creations were designed to be created in 16 hours or less
     The title says it all. Start at the beginning, carefully read the instructions,   with luscious textures and intricate-looking stitch patterns.
     study the diagrams, and practice step-by-step. You’ll soon be able to
     make all the items in this book, finding each one more rewarding. Projects        softcover	                                                    8½	x	11
     include edgings, place mats, hanger covers, children’s sweaters, Christmas        159217065X	                          158	pp	                        $19.95
     stockings, afghans, and more. (Previously titled “Learn to Crochet: In 8
     Easy Steps for Left & Right Hand Crocheters”)
     softcover	                                                          8½	x	11
     7721617370	                                    	                      $4.95       READY SET CROCHET
                                                                                       lEARn	to	cRocHEt	WItH	19	Hot	pRojEcts
     NEVER TOO MANY HANDBAGS                                                           Susie Johns
     A	GUIdE	to	cREAtInG	YoUR	oWn	oRIGInAl	                                            Pop open this Velcro secured book and set it up on its own easel, thus
     HAndBAG	UsInG	FREEFoRm	KnIttInG	&	cRocHEt                                         providing a convenient way to work on any of these “Hot” numbers.
                                                                                       Beginners can clearly see the finished product as well as the crochet
     Prudence Mapstone                                                                 hook twisting in and out of loops in the many color photographs. Basic
     This guide to creating your own original handbags using freeform knitting         techniques, patterns, and illustrations are printed on heavy card stock,
     and crochet is filled with bright, bold, casual or elegant designs. Perhaps       whether it is a beginner’s belt, an intermediate bikini top, bucket hat, mesh
     you have found that sometimes knitted or crocheted bags droop and                 coverup, beaded bag or even a trickier camisole.
     go out of shape as soon as they have to carry any weight. Prudence                stand-up	format	                                              7½	x	10	7/8
     Mapstone has solutions in this book, from simply adding some freeform
     embellishments to a pre-made bag with hot glue or stitching, adding a stiff       1589231864	                            96	pp	                       $19.95
     inner liner between bag and bag lining such as rug canvas, plastic canvas,
     cardboard and so on, to crocheting a variety of yarns directly onto plastic       SIMPLE CROCHET
     canvas for truly-one-of-a-kind bags that will bring rave reviews. Design
     ideas for gorgeous freeform purses include patchwork, crocheted flowers           Erika Knight
     and leaves, random stripes, additions to fabric bags, crocheted spirals,          I am attracted to books that are more than their title implies. Gorgeous,
     and knitted windmill flowers.                                                     stylish close-up photos of the recommended yarns, swatches, and projects
     softcover	                                                      8¼	x	8¼           inspire the mind and inform the fingers of the basics of crochet. The yarns
     0958044325	                            51	pp	                       $19.95        are not the usual: leather, hemp, various cotton string. The household
                                                                                       items get their appeal from the yarn. Simple is the technique; beauty is
                                                                                       the outcome.
     THE NEW CROCHET                                                                   softcover	                                                    9½	x	10¼
     40	WondERFUl	WEARABlEs                                                            1400050790	                          128	pp	                        $19.95
     Terry Taylor
     These stylish, contemporary patterns come from a variety of artists, and          SIMPLE CROCHET FOR CHERISHED BABIES
     they’re far from those musty designs Grandma used to make. And
     because most use familiar and easy to learn stitches, you can easily make         Jane Davis
     them yourself with the help of the well-illustrated basics section. All the       How simple can crochet be for a small baby? The intricate crochet stitches
     classic garments—including a cloche, fringed poncho, Chanel-inspired              and unusual garments are not simple. The toys and blankets are fun and
     jacket, and itsy-bitsy bikini—are created with both traditional and specialty     unique. I think the only simple thing about these cute crochet pastimes is that
     yarns, and they feature a range of fashionable embellishments like textured       they are small. So try out a funny jester hat, a puppy footed long john, or any
     bobble stitches, corkscrew fringe, and delicate edgings.                          one of many little garments for your baby.
     Hardcover	                                                        8½	x	10         softcover	                                                           8½	x	10
     1579906869	                          160	pp	                        $24.95        1579907407	                          127	pp	                        $19.95

     NEW IDEAS FOR CROCHET                                                             SINGLE CROCHET FOR BEGINNERS
     stYlIsH	pRojEcts	FoR	tHE	HomE                                                     Frazie Crandall
     Darsha Capaldi                                                                    The author brings to light an easy-to-understand approach to single
     A very good resource for beginners who want to learn to crochet                   crochet. Whether you are a first-time crocheter, or someone looking to
     fun, interesting and useful items right from the start. Begins with the           expand your skills, you will learn how to: select hooks and yarns, increase
     fundamentals, including tips for left-handed crocheters; moves on to              and decrease stitches, crochet in the round, assemble a finished project,
     mastering the main stitches, covers mixing stitches, crocheting for texture,      and much more!
     color and crochet in three dimensions. Chapters work on the 14 projects           softcover
     within your newly learned skill level. The first is an afghan in which you        0896891763	                          160	pp	                        $22.99
     practice your various stitches and end up with a cozy throw. Includes bold,
     contemporary designs for place mats, throw rugs and cushion covers in
     bright hued yarns, and traditional patterns for a child’s coverlet and table      SO SIMPLE CROCHET
     piece worked in cotton.                                                           A	FABUloUs	collEctIon	oF	24	FAsHIonABlE	
     softcover                                                                         And	FUn	dEsIGns
     1861081928	                                    	                    $14.95        Melody Griffiths
                                                                                       From chic ponchos to trendy scarves, the book includes 24 patterns that
                                                                                       showcase all of today’s styles. The designs, including wraps, boleros,
     NIHON VOGUE’S GOLDEN LACE                                                         jackets, hats, and mittens, use many of the popular fashion yarns available,
     Nihon Vogue                                                                       such as cottons, tapes, mohairs, and metallic threads. All of the pieces are
     Even though this is a Nihon Vogue book, this one’s in English using NV            amazingly fast and simple to make. Basic techniques are explained to get
     symbols and shows how to use them. Actual how-to text is printed at the           beginners started, while clear, concise pattern instructions and full-color
     top of each page of directions along with DMC crochet cotton to use               photographs show stitch details. Readers will discover how easy and fun
     and hook. Several pages explain how to join motifs, make frills, finish and       the craft of crochet can be.
     clean your laces. You get place mats edgings, doilies with linen centers,         softcover
     and antimacassars with matching coffee table lace. Not all are white—             1580112765	                          128	pp	                        $19.95
     some have color work. Most of these are portable projects and if your
     grandmother didn’t leave you with a drawer full, you’ll certainly want to
     make and use these.
     softcover	                                                      8¼	x	10
     0870405624	                                    	                    $17.00

TAPESTRY CROCHET                                                                   UNDER COVER
Carol Norton                                                                       60	AFGHAns	to	KnIt	And	cRocHEt
Tapestry crochet, also known as “Jacquard” or “Mosaic” crochet, is a multi-        Trisha Malcolm
color crochet technique. It can be used to make unique and sturdy clothing         60 afghans to knit and crochet. Include easy stripes, home essentials,
accessories, baskets and tapestries. It differs from ordinary crochet in its       timeless classics, quilty pleasures, retro chic, nursery call, and on a whim.
texture, tension, and method of working color patterns without floats on the       Hardcover
back. The basics of the technique are clearly explained and diagrammed.            1931543593	                          160	pp	                        $24.95
Ten projects are provided for practice. Illustrated.
softcover	                                                        8½	x	11
0932394159	                                     	                    $18.95        voGUE	KnIttInG
                                                                                   CROCHET BASICS
TEACH YOURSELF VISUALLY: CROCHETING                                                Vogue Knitting
Kim P. Werker & Cecily Keim                                                        This On-the-Go guide from Vogue’s popular series will grab crocheters—
                                                                                   hooks, yarn, and stitches. It’s a thorough guide to almost every basic
This highly VISUAL guide makes it easier than ever to get hooked on                technique, plus 11 fabulous and fun projects to practice them on, from cute
crocheting. The approximately 30 million crocheters in the U.S. make               booties to a pretty “Pop Princess” dress with an eyelet bodice. The course
crocheting one of today’s hottest hobbies. This VISUAL guide makes it              methodically proceeds one skill at a time, from making a foundation chain
easy to pick up a hook and a ball of yarn and get stitching, with clear,           to weaving in ends, from working in a spiral to joining yarn, so newcomers
step-by-step presentations of techniques accompanied by detailed color             can confidently master the craft.
photos that show readers exactly what to do. The book’s more than 20
patterns–everything from blankets to mittens to a man’s necktie–appeal to          Hardcover	                                                         5½	x	7
hip, modern crocheters.                                                            1931543658	                            96	pp	                       $12.95
0764596411	                           304	pp	                        $24.99        voGUE	KnIttInG
                                                                                   CROCHETED HATS
TODAY’S CROCHET                                                                    Trisha Malcolm
sWEAtERs	FRom	tHE	cRocHEt	GUIld	oF	AmERIcA                                         Featuring more than twenty quick-stitch projects, Vogue Knitting on the
Susan Huxley                                                                       Go!: Crocheted Hats is the perfect way to spice up a wardrobe. Whether
Join classic silhouettes with contemporary style in this collection of beautiful   you prefer a pretty little cap, a mini-ruffle pillbox hat or a dramatic braided
designs! Rich color and textures are created from a range of fibers, from          helmet, this collection offers a vast selection of hats and caps from which
wool and mohair to easy-care cottons. Thirteen projects feature fun-to-            to draw inspiration.
make pullovers, vests and cardigans. Includes a beginner-friendly stitch           Hardcover	                                                          5¾	x	7¼
primer, row-by-row pattern guidance and blocking tips. Patterns specify            193154378X	                            96	pp	                       $12.95
generic yarns for easy substitution; true-to-size photos of yarn strands will
help you choose the right yarn every time.                                         voGUE	KnIttInG
softcover	                                                           8½	x	11
1564774872	                                     	                    $24.95        CROCHETED SCARVES
                                                                                   Vogue Knitting, Trisha Malcolm
                                                                                   Although lively colors add much to this book which is part of the “Knitting
TOO CUTE CROCHET For Babies & Toddlers                                             on the Go” series, it’s the inventive use of traditional stitches put together
A	WHImsIcAl	collEctIon	oF	HAts,	scARvEs,	                                          in fresh, new ways that sets this book apart. Taking the basic rectangular
mIttEns	&	BootIEs                                                                  (or triangular) shape, the designers have come up with elegant finishing
Cynthia Preston                                                                    touches beside the usual fringe ends to give projects that “Vogue” look.
From a little black kitten cap with pointed ears to a peppermint pinwheel          Some scarves are clearly functional and quick to make while others are
beret (complete with candy cane scarf), these 30 crocheted items for baby          more elaborate and intended as a fashion accent. Pocket-size format.
will inspire oohs and ahhs. Helpful instructions teach all the necessary           Hardcover	                                                         5¾	x	7¼
specialty stitches and explain how to master such techniques as crocheting         1931543429	                            88	pp	                       $12.95
3-dimensional forms. The projects (organized by theme) feature adorable
images and each one is simply irresistible: a lion hooded jacket with a fuzzy
yarn mane and matching mitten paws, a Heidi hat with a folk design and
fake yarns braids, and a dress-up royal purple cape and bejeweled crown.
There’s no collection like it.
1579905811	                                     	                    $14.95

tHE	complEtE	BooK
Rebecca Jones
This reprint from Lacis was originally an import from Australia, and covers
Tunisian crochet/Shepherd’s knitting. Detailed photos and diagrams teach
18 basic stitch patterns, 6 textured stitches, 11 laces, 8 trebles and cables
including an interesting birdsfoot. The 10 color patterns include waves
and ripples. Projects include vests, sweaters, booties, shawls, fingerless
mittens, hats, and afghans. There’s also information on dyeing yarn in a
microwave and charming old photographs including one of ear flaps for a
horse, circa 1896! And remember: this is faster than knitting!
Hardcover	                                                       8½	x	11¼
1891656287	                                     	                    $22.00

UltImAtE	soURcEBooK	oF
ovER	900	GREAt	stItcHEs	dEtAIlEd	FoR	
Harmony Guides
This superb encyclopedia of stitches will be a great foundation for the
needle worker’s reference materials. Accompanying every pattern are up-
close color photos, carefully lighted in clear relief to catch the delicacies
of texture. The book is divided into two separate divisions, Knitting and
Crochet, each with 20 pages on technique, design, finishing, and
abbreviations. Both include sections on medium-weight and heavyweight
stitching and intricate edgings for both. Knitting additionally has a section
on ribbing, lace, and panel patterns. Crocheting includes openwork and
motifs. With over 900 stitches displayed with illustrations and instructions,
originality will flourish.
Hardcover	                                                          8½	x	9
0762104058	                           320	pp	                        $26.95

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