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Kilimanjaro Climb Brochure by dfgh4bnmu


                           AFRICA UNiTE CAMPAIGN

                           Africa UNiTE is the regional component of the
                           United Nations Secretary General’s Global
Make a climb that counts
                           Campaign and a continent-wide partnership to
                           end all violence against women and girls.

                           We are speaking up and speaking out in order
                           to prevent violence, provide services to
                           survivors and promote justice The overall
                           objective of the Campaign is to mobilize and
                           support governments in fulfilling their
                           commitments to end violence against women
                           and girls.


                           THE CLIMB TO MOUNT KILIMANJARO

                           In 2011 Africa UNiTE Campaign will raise once
                           again our voices to end violence against women
                           from a unique platform: the so-called “Roof of
                           Africa”, The Mount Kilimanjaro.

                           Governments, civil society, private sector,
                           celebrities, media, academic institutions and
                           gender activists worldwide are invited to
                           support and join the Climb to Mount
                           Kilimanjaro under one vision: an Africa free of
                           violence against women and girls, and one
                           message: Speak out and climb up: Africa UNiTE
                           to end Violence against women and Girls.
                          SPEAK OUT! CLIMB UP

                         The Climb, organized by UN Women, will take
                         place from 18 to 24 July 2011, with an opening
                         ceremony in Arusha (Tanzania), on 15 July 2011.
                         The objective is to put up the Africa UNiTE
                         against violence flag on the top of “the Roof of
                         Africa”, the Kilimanjaro.
Speak out! Climb up
                         Through the initiative 1 meter climbed = 1 USD
                         funds will be mobilized to accelerate the roll out
                         of the Africa UNiTE Campaign and hence the
                         implementation of African Government’s
                         commitments to end VAW by 2015.

                         During the 6 days, climbers will be supported by
                         wide social media mobilization across Africa and
                         worlwide; Kilimanjaro blog and facebook page as
                         well as other key platforms and media will be
                         made available to send messages of support to
                         climbers and raise our voices to advocate for an
                         end of all forms of violence against women in

                         JOIN THE CLIMB, WALK THE TALK
                         There are two main ways to join us: you can
                         symbolically support the Climb or come to climb
                         with        us.       Visit      Kili      blog
                         send            us           an           email
                         (    to     get
                         registered. Your message of support is very
                         important as we will ask our donors to commit 1
                         USD per message received through the blog.
                         With your messages we will compile a
                         “Kilimanjaro Diary”.
                    THE KILIMANJARO LAUNCH: 11-16 APRIL

                    The Kilimanjaro Climb will be launched through
                    a social media event taking place from 11 to 16
                    April 2011. Visit our blog to participate at the
                    daily activities, share your tips on climbing or
                    country good practices to end violence against
                    women; post your message of encouragement
                    to the initiative or raise a question for Africa-
                    wide discussion … Visit Kili facebook page,
Walk the Talk
                    share your testimony, videos and links to world
                    wide initiatives to end violence against women;
                    share your own experience, key information,
                    messages of support ... Raise your voice.

                    SPREAD THE MESSAGE, VOICE IT OUT.

                    The Kilimanjaro Climb is a united message to
                    speak out to end violence against women
                    across Africa. Your voice counts, help us make a
                    difference by:
                    Organizing parallel events from wherever you
                    are during the week of the Climb and share
                    these with us for dissemination.
                    Circulating widely our call to ensure that your
                    networks send us a message of support through
                    the blog.
                    Advocating with your Government to
                    encourage them to be part of this initiative and
                    engage with the Africa UNiTE Campaign.
                    Participating in the cyber discussions that will
                    be organized during the official launch of the
                    Climb (11-16 April) and the week of the launch
                    (18-24 July)
                    Mobilizing funds to be with us in Arusha
                    (Tanzania) for Kilimanjaro opening ceremony
For information on Africa UNiTE:
UN WOMEN (Headquarters)
UN WOMEN (Liaison Office Addis Ababa)
UN WOMEN (Southern Africa)

For information on Kilimanjaro:
Tel. + 27 11 517 16 13

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