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									                                                August 2009


Delta Drops Noon Flight, Seeks Subsidy Status
  Citing escalating fuel prices and low yield,           The process has required Delta to file a notice
Delta has announced it will be cutting out one of      with the DOT to discontinue service at Barkley
Barkley Regional’s three round trip flights per        as it is currently managed. However, according
day starting in August. From August 1 - 15, the        to Delta representatives, the airline fully intends
noon arrival and departure flights will be elimi-      to continue service without interruption for at
nated on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.             least 90 days, which is the time period deter-
Beginning August 16, the noon flights will be          mined by DOT. During that time airlines that
cancelled daily.                                       wish to bid on the DOT subsidized service to
  Passengers will still be making connections          Barkley may do so.
twice a day through the Memphis hub to destina-          After October 12, DOT will determine if Delta
tions around the world. Ninety of those destina-       or another airline will provide air service for
tions can be reached with only the one stop in         Barkley Regional.
Memphis.                                                 The process for filing for support/subsidy was
  Delta is taking steps also to continue its service   established in 1978 when Congress deregulated
to Barkley Regional with support from the              the airline industry. The EAS program guaran-
Department of Transportation’s Essential Air           tees air service for small airports like Paducah.
Service program.

                                                       Paducah Middle Students
                                                       Practice Leadership Skills
                                                         Eighth graders in the GTC program at
                                                       Paducah Middle School got an exciting
                                                       experience when they traveled to Philadel-
                                                       phia recently. The seven students and their
                                                       teacher, Jeannie Miller, participated in the
                                                       National Project Citizenship Showcase for
                                                       three days.

                                                         A highlight of the Showcase was a visit to
                                                       C-Span where the students became the
                                                       interviewers during a live broadcast. They
                                                       also attended speeches and other activities
                                                       to hone their leadership skills.
Volunteers playing the role of injured passengers arrived at Lourdes Hospital to
receive treatment. Some were suffering from imaginary hazardous chemical spills.

                          “This Is A Drill”
On a hazy summer evening an Embraer 120               “Having a water rescue was something we had
plane, operated by SkyTrack Airways, suffered         been wanting to test. This use of multiple sites
an in-flight collision with a Piper Cherokee 180.     plus the first time assistance from Red Cross
This imaginary situation was the beginning            made it more involved than usual.”
scenario for the FAR Part 139 and TSA 1542
Emergency Drill recently.                             Planning for the drill started several months ago.
                                                      The exercise is designed to test the appropriate-
The drill, which is required by the Federal           ness and effectiveness of the airport in regards to
Aviation Administration every three years, is         intra-agency and inter-agency communications,
designed to evaluate the appropriateness and          rescue response including mutual aid fire and
effectiveness of the Airport during an emer-          rescue, law enforcement response, airport emer-
gency.                                                gency operation center operations, EMS trans-
                                                      port and hospital response, accommodations for
Volunteers played the roles of upset family           family and friends, plus accommodations for the
members, a prisoner on the loose, and passengers      media.
to test the rescue skills of fire and rescue staff,
police, hospitals, Red Cross, and airport staff. In   Each of the agencies involved was asked to
total, there were over 100 people and 15 emer-        identify goals it wanted tested during the drill.
gency agencies involved in the drill.
                                                      “We knew going in to the drill that communica-
According to Richard Roof, airport manager, this      tions was a top priority for everyone involved. At
year’s emergency drill was complex in that two        a post drill de-briefing we found that it was still
sites were involved. The first was at the airport     the primary area that needed work,” Roof said.
while the second was in the Ohio River.
Survey Reveals Top Destination Requests
  In order to determine Barkley Regional Airport      Chicago, Cincinnati, Nashville, St. Louis, and
users’ flight preference, an electronic survey was    Washington, D.C.
conducted from July 1- July 15. The Paducah             Thirty-four percent (432) identified Nashville
Area Chamber of Commerce enlisted the assis-          as their most preferred destination. Twenty-four
tance of KRW Strate-                                                 percent (307) identified Atlanta, as
gies to administer the                                               the second most preferred destina-
survey and the Cham-                                                 tion. Also, in the top four were St.
ber and Airport staff                                                Louis and Chicago.
were responsible for                                                   When asked how likely passen-
advertising and inviting                                             gers would potentially take a flight
responses. In all, 1,303                                             that included a short layover on the
responded.                                                           way to a destination, 53 percent
  The majority of those                                              responded positively.
who responded re-                                                      Eighty-nine percent of the
ported living in Western Kentucky with 49%            respondents reported flying out of any airport at
identifying McCracken County as their place of        least once in the past year. Forty percent flew 1-3
residence. Those who live outside of the region       times in the past 12 months, 2 percent reported
and fly in to Barkley participated in the survey as   flying more than 51 times.
evidence by the 20 states other than Kentucky           According to Jackie Jones, Marketing Director,
cited as places of residence for respondents.         information gained from the survey will be
  The main point of the survey was to solicit         beneficial to potential airlines, as well as to the
feedback on the potential destinations of Atlanta,    incumbent.

Buy Local:
It’s Everybody’s Business
  Only two months into the initiative and over
500 Chamber member businesses are signed-
on to Buy Local. The Paducah Area Chamber
of Commerce launched the public relations
effort in mid-May to help support the local
business community, which includes the
  “The most important aspect of the effort is
awareness,” said Chamber Board Chair Susan
  “If we can keep $100 in this community as
opposed to sending it to Nashville, St.. Louis
or some faceless online provider, the business Buy Local committee member Patrick Kerr
community will be able to turn that dollar over gives initiative materials to Delta Manager,
and over again,” Guess said.                    Randy Crain.

                         Barkley Regional Airport Authority
                 P. O. Box 1131     Paducah, KY 42002 1- 270-744-0521

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