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					               Symbiosis R.A.F.T.
Create a product of your choice that illustrates, represents or describes a symbiotic
relationship in nature.

   1. Choose a symbiotic relationship to represent (Mutualism, Parasitism, or
   2. Research your chosen relationship, and find a real example in nature
   3. Choose one of the project options shown below, and complete all requirements

Project Options:
   1. Make a “personal ad” (with pictures) to illustrate a symbiotic relationship of your
      choice (Ex. “I’m a lonely bee, desperately seeking a flower…” (mutualism), or
      “I’m a harmless flea seeking a loving dog to shelter my family…” (parasitism)).
      Make yourself sound and look extremely attractive, and describe clearly what you
      are looking for in your potential partner.
   2. Write a song/rap/poem from one symbiotic partner to another. It could be a love
      song about how much you benefit from them (mutualism), or a song about feeling
      used and betrayed in your relationship (parasitism), or maybe a song about
      having no feelings for your partner any more (commensalism). Write it out on
      paper & decorate the page (perform/record/video it if you want!)
   3. Create a Facebook Profile (on paper) about yourself, as one partner in a
      symbiotic relationship. Describe your likes and dislikes, provide a picture, and
      create links to your fan pages (ex. A bee might list “Nectar Addicts Anonymous”
      or “Flower Slaves Support Group” as a fan page)
   4. Write a letter to your symbiotic partner, from the following perspectives:
          a. A formal letter of complaint from one “injured party” (the victim) to another
              (the parasite).
          b. A love letter from one mutualistic partner to another
          c. A “Dear John” breakup letter from one commensalistic partner to another

Grading Rubric:
See the point distribution provided over the page

Research Chart:
   ROLE           AUDIENCE             FORMAT              TOPIC
Ex. Bee         Flower              Personal Ad        Mutualism          Nectar
                                                                          Pollination
                                                                          Color

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