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Statement of Work


									PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

Statement of Work – DRAFT
Introduction and Background
The PMI-SVC website redesign project is an initiative approved in October 2006 by the
PMI-SVC Board of Directors (BOD). The initiative’s objectives are to:

      Redesign the PMI-SVC website with a professional and visually appealing image,
       a customer focus, and a consistent look and feel with intuitive navigation.
      Enable rapid development and delivery of content and services by providing
       functionality that meets the needs of the BOD and membership.
      Increase the visibility of the chapter, the project management profession, and the
       chapter membership with a professional website that helps market and promote
       the value of project management and the chapter’s membership to the Sacramento
       Metropolitan Region.

Strategic and Tactical Approach
The strategic approach for the website redesign is to use the modules, features,
functionality of Affiniscape to design and construct the website to enable rapid
development and delivery of robust services and content in phases.

In Scope: Phase 1
Phase 1 will focus on content transfer from the current website to the new website with
added functionality, a more consistent look and feel, and a more intuitive navigation.

Out of Scope: Follow-On Phases
Follow-on phases will focus on developing and delivering other services and contents
based on the chapter’s strategic objectives.

Implementation Approach for Phase 1
The implementation approach for Phase 1 which is “In Scope” for this phase of the
website redesign is listed below:

      The redesign of the website will be implemented as a project with a Project
       Manager (PM) and Project Team.

      The project will use Affiniscape

      Affiniscape will provide implementation guidance, design consulting,
       customization if requested, and technical support.

      The PM will create a project plan. PM will report and discuss status and progress
       weekly with IT Director.

      The IT Director will report status and progress to the BOD at the their monthly
PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

The major requirements addressed in the scope of work for Phase 1 are a website that
conveys a professional image, content management, event management, integrated
payment system, email, security, leadership profiles, search, suggestions, and forums.

The requirements mentioned above are described in the PMI-SVC Website Redesign
Requirements – Preliminary Outline document.

Other requirements as described in the PMI-SVC Website Redesign Requirements –
Preliminary Outline document will be addressed in future phases.

The table below briefly summarizes the phase in which a major requirement will be
addressed. In some cases, a requirement addressed in Phase 1 may be enhanced in a
future phase. For example, the Volunteer web page and process will be kept as is for
Phase 1 but a more robust version will be developed and delivered in a future phase.

   Requirement                                    Implementation Phase

   Website that conveys a professional image      Phase 1
   Content Management                             Phase 1
   Common Repository and Document                 Phase TBD
   Management (including Collaboration)
   Event Management                               Phase 1
   Integrated Payment System                      Phase 1
                                                  Phase TBD – Enhancement
   Email                                          Phase 1
   Volunteer Center and Management                Phase 1 – As Is
                                                  Phase TBD - Enhancement
   Career Center                                  Phase TBD
   Recruitment                                    Phase TBD
   Security                                       Phase 1
   Leadership Profiles                            Phase 1
   Search                                         Phase 1
   Surveys and Polling                            Continue with Survey Monkey
   Suggestions                                    Phase 1
   Forums                                         Phase 1
   Vendor Software and Support                    All Phases
                                                  Affiniscape meets requirement
                                                  for software, hosting, and
                                                  consulting and technical
   Application Software Architecture              All Phases
                                                  Affiniscape meets requirement
                                                  for modular architecture.
PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

The PMI-SVC Project Team in consultation with Affiniscape will design and construct a
new site that transfers and incorporates the content from the current website to the new

The rationale for proceeding in this fashion is to streamline the design and
implementation process with minimal delays. The PM will work individually with BOD
members and volunteers responsible for a major section of the web site. For example, the
PM will work with the VP Membership on the design, navigation, functionality, and
process related to the Membership web pages and sub pages.

The work to be done is outlined in the table below. A project plan with critical path tasks
and sub-tasks showing start and end dates will be created after consultation with
Affiniscape. Target dates shown are based on current information and subject to change.

Phase 1 PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign                                Critical Path
                                                                 target end dates
1. Visual Design                                                 10/25/06
      Complete SiteBuilder form to create initial site design
2. Graphics                                                      11/30/06
    Select initial graphics for site (Graphics Consultation)
    Complete site template
    Create site “mockup” – “placeholder” site
    Review “mockup” design
3. Site Production                                               12/15/06
      Begin PMI-SVC content transfer to “placeholder” site
      Review PMI-SVC content
      Begin building site
      Format member “database” for upload
4. Site Population and Data Integration                          12/15/07
    Upload initial graphics
    Upload member “database”
    Setup account with merchant services provider
5. Build PMI-SVC Site                                            01/26/07
     Create initial web pages and sub pages with content
          Who We Are
          Membership
          Events
          Programs
          Professional Development
          News
          Sponsors
          PMI Links
   Note: The person responsible for web page and sub pages
PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

Phase 1 PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign                              Critical Path
                                                               target end dates
   will help validate functionality, navigation, design, and
   change to current process. For example, VP Membership
   will validate membership related web pages and sub
6. User Validation                                             02/16/07
      Begin online training for user validation
      Create user validation scenarios
      Perform pre-go live user validation testing
           o Functionality
           o Navigation
           o Design
           o Process
           o …
   Note: Members will be asked to volunteer to validate
   design, navigation, functionality, and process.
7. Go Live Preparation                                         02/28/07
    Setup domain name
    Setup email accounts
    Change DNS
    Update process documents
    Train BOD and authorized users in updated process
    Continue to add online training for BOD and members
8. Launch                                                      03/30/07
      Setup launch
          o Launch partial membership on new site
          o Keep partial membership on current site
          o Continue to update process
          o Continue to train BOD and authorized users in
              tool use and process
9. Cutover                                                     04/02/07
    Setup to cutover entire membership to new site
    Cutover to new site
    …
PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

The Phase 1 “In Scope” deliverables are shown in the table below. The deliverables
closely coincide with the critical path target end dates. This provides the ability to easily
track the deliverables.

Phase 1 Web Site Redesign Deliverables                                 Target
(In Critical Path Sequence)                                            Dates

Project Startup Deliverables                                           11/17/06
        Statement of Work
        Project Schedule
Site Setup Deliverables                                                12/15/06
    Site Build Elements
    Content Transfer
    Graphics Transfer
    Database Transfer
    “Placeholder” Site
Site Build Deliverables (all to complete within the same               01/26/07
time frame)
     Home Page         Professional Development
     Who We Are        News
     Membership        Sponsors
     Events            PMI Links
         Programs
User Validation Deliverables                                           02/15/07
        Online training (for user validation participants)
        User Validation Plan (User Scenarios)
        User validation (by individual responsible for web page)
Go Live Deliverables                                                   02/28/07
        Users trained with Affiniscape online education
        Domain name
        Email accounts
        DNS registration
        Updated processes
        Responsible individuals familiar with updated processes
Launch Deliverables                                                    03/30/07
        Launch plan
        Additional users trained with Affiniscape online education
         and familiarized with updated processes
        ½ membership on new site for 1 month
Cutover Deliverables                                                   04/02/07
        Cutover plan
        New site – access to all members
PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

The Website Redesign project will report status and progress as follows:

      The IT DIrector will report project status and progress monthly to the PMI-SVC
       Board of Directors.
      The Project Manager will report and discuss project status, progress, and issues
       with the IT Director weekly.
      Critical issues and proposed resolutions will be immediately discussed with the IT
       Director and escalated, if necessary.

Performance Period
The performance period of the initial phase (Phase 1) of the project is expected to begin
early October and end March 31st 2007 (End 1Q 2007)

Success Criteria
The success criteria for Phase 1 is:

      Website with professional image, consistent look and feel, and intuitive
      Content management tool that enables authorized users to develop, manage, and
       deliver content.
      Transfer of content from current website to new website.

The funding for Phase 1 is $15,000. The funding covers:

      Annual fee
      One-time Site Setup (Design and Construction)
      Extended Support
          o 2 Hour Guaranteed Response Time
          o Mon-Fri 8AM to 8PM CST; Sat-Sun 8AM – 4PM CST
          o 48 Hours of “How To” Advice
          o Additional $300 annual cost ($995 instead of $695) buys quicker response
              time, more advice and guidance, and weekend coverage – Critical 1st year
              support requirement from build to launch plus first few months in
      Additional Design and Construction Support (to provide a unified look for the
       content on the site)
          o Custom design PMI-SVC website
          o Design landing page and custom sub-page template
          o Transfer and reformat content
          o Custom style sheet (along with style guide)
      Annual Conference
PMI-SVC Web Site Redesign Initiative - DRAFT

Applicable Documents
Previous work done for this project includes:

      Website Redesign Vision Statement
      Website Redesign Issues Table
      Website Redesign Requirements – Preliminary Outline
      Website Redesign Project Charter

Requests for these documents require an email to In the majority, the
documents mentioned above have been previously distributed and reviewed. Original
and future recipients will be notified of any updates to the documents.

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