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					Alberta Skipping Association

         CALGARY 2011            Canadian Rope Skipping Championships
                                           July 19-21, 2011

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

        P.3      The Venue
        P.5      Prices and Packages
        P.6      Food and Accommodations
        P.7      SAIT Accommodations Summary
        P.8      Hotels and Motels
        P.9      Getting to Calgary and SAIT POLYTECHNIC
        P.11     Driving Map from Airport to SAIT
        P.12     Getting Around Calgary – C-Train
        P.15     Calgary Stampede
        P. 16    Tentative Event Schedule

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                                                  THE VENUE
SAIT Polytechnic

                                                     SAIT is one of a very few post-secondary institutions
                                                     that have all of the necessary sports facilities on

                                                     LOCATION: All facilities (arena, gymnasium, wellness
                                                     centre, aquatic centre and training centre) are located
                                                     in the SAIT Campus Centre Building.

                                          SAIT Campus Centre is located on the south end of SAIT
                                          Polytechnic campus, just southwest of the iconic
Heritage Hall building. It is directly west of
the new SAIT Parking Garage (only steps
away from parkade) and attached to the
convenient LRT train stop. Also located in
SAIT Campus Centre is SAITSA's the Gateway
Restaurant & Pub and the Odyssey Coffee

The Trojan gymnasium is 210' x 220' with a
hardwood floor. The main court has a
seating capacity of 1,500, with the potential
for an additional 300 to 500 through portable seating. Take a virtual tour of the gym:

                                Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                                       July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                                 PRICES AND PACKAGES
CRSF National Registration Fees
Registration Fee (Forms Deadline June 3, 2011)       $ 85     *Payment due June 8
Please note: once results preparations have begun, athletes cannot be added to the program.

Withdrawal Schedule
    100% Refund               50% Refund          0% Refund
 Before June 15        June 15 – July 14        After July 14

Food Packages (more details on page 5)
                                                           July 2011
                                             T            W         TH          F
                                            19            20        21         22
Nationals Food Package
                                            1             3            3       1
$103.95 ($113.95 after May 31)
                                                   indicates number of meals

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                      FOOD AND ACCOMMODATIONS
Clubs can book their own accommodations with SAIT, or a near-by hotel/motel, in order to find
the best price and most appropriate lodging for their clubs.

Meals plans can be purchased through the Calgary 2011 committee. All SAIT rooms are
equipped with kitchens, so clubs who choose to cook their own food may also do that. Please
be aware that kitchens do not have plates, pots, pans, glasses or cutlery.

Meal Packages

Nationals Food Package                      $99.00 + 5% tax =         $103.95
Meal Package includes Supper on July 19 (Opening Ceremonies), 3 meals on July 20-21, and breakfast on
July 22.
* Late meal packages (ordered after May 31, 2011) will pay an additional $10.00 per package. Meal packages will
not be processed after June 30.

                                                             July 2011
                                               T            W          TH            F
                                              19            20         21           22
Nationals Food Package
                                               1            3            3          1
$103.95 ($113.95 after May 31)
                                                     indicates number of meals

Individual Meals

Breakfast        $10.00 + 5% tax =          $10.50
Lunch            $12.00 + 5% tax =          $12.60
Supper           $15.00 + 5% tax =          $15.75
Late meals (ordered after May 31, 2011) will pay an additional $1.00 per meal. Meals requested will not be
processed after June 30.

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                                 July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

For those participants wanting to stay on campus, SAIT offers several different kinds of rooms.
To book your accommodation, please contact SAIT’s residence services at (403) 284-8013.

All rooms have a private bathroom and kitchen. 4-bedroom rooms also have a living area. The
Calgary 2011 Committee has blocked both 2-bed and 4-bed rooms for our participants.

For double occupancy in a bed (beds are all doubles), there’s a $5.00 charge/bed.

2 Bed Rooms/1 Bath                                       4 Bed Rooms/2 Bath
Daily $100 (+ 9% tax)                                    Daily $160 (+ 9% tax)
Weekly $600 (+ 9% tax)                                   Weekly $960 (+ 9% tax)

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

If your club would prefer to stay in a hotel during Nationals, the PARSO Championship, or camp,
here are some nearby hotel/motel options:
For the hotels:

Hampton Inn & Suites                                                          Rooms from $159/night
Includes waterslides
Located in Banff trail - two c-train stations away from SAIT

Hyatt                                                                         July 18-20 $229/night                          July 21- 28 $175/night
Downtown Hotel - accessible to SAIT by c-train

                      Super 8 Calgary/ Motel Village                -more info »
                      1904 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 3Y7 (403) 289-9211

                    Econo Lodge Motel Village                -more info »
                    2440 16 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 0M5 (403) 289-2561

                       Hampton Inn Calgary University                  -more info »
                       2231 Banff Trail Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2 (403) 289-9800

Quality Inn University              - more info »
2359 Banff Trail Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2 (403) 289-1973

                    Econo Lodge Inn & Suites University                  - more info »
                    2231 Banff Trail, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2 (403) 289-1921

                       Royal Wayne Motor Inn                 - more info »
                       2416 16 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 0M5 (403) 289-6709 (Fax)

                                   Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                                         July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                       GETTING TO CALGARY

Arrival by Train

Alberta doesn’t really have passenger trains.
They’re mostly used for delivering freight. But if
you’re truly interested in riding the rails, you can
jump on an empty train-car in any small town in
Alberta (haha). You’ll stop in every small town
along the way as they pick up grain in Alberta’s
iconic “grain elevators”, so you’ll really get the
chance see the country-side and rural life. If you
plan to stow-away on a train, please jump safely.

Arrival by Airplane

Cities and towns in western Canada, and specifically Alberta, are generally very far apart, so
your best bet when flying in is to fly directly to the Calgary International Airport (YYC)

                                        The two closest cities with major air ports are Edmonton,
                                        Alberta and Vancouver, BC. While you might find a cheaper
                                        flight in to Vancouver (which is probable) or Edmonton
                                        (which is not very probable), these cities are very far from
                                        Calgary. The drive to Vancouver is about 12 hours and
                                        Edmonton is about 3 hours. Our recommendation is to fly
                                        straight to Calgary.

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

Getting from the Airport to SAIT

For Nationals Competitors

The Calgary International Airport offers an array of services such as shuttles, car rentals and taxi
pickups. The 15-20 minute cab ride from the airport to SAIT will run you about $35.00. Here’s a
list of cab numbers:

                                                     Company                       Phone #
                                 Advance Cab                                   403-777-1111
                                 Alberta South Co-Op Taxi Line Ltd.            403-531-8294
                                 Associated Cabs Ltd                           403-299-1111
                                 Black Top Taxi Company                        403-735-3222
                                 Canadian Cab Co                               403-777-1110
                                 Delta Cab Ltd                                 403-278-9999
                                 Checker-Yellow Cabs Ltd.                      403-299-9999
                                 Mayfair Taxi Ltd.                             403-255-6555
                                 Prestige Limousine Service                    403-275-4163

Here is a list of Calgary's airport sedan & shuttle companies . These are NOT TAXIS and offer flat
rates based on zones, and for non-airport trips typically a 1 hour minimum charge:

                              Company                                  City         Phone #
  Air Linker Limousine Service Ltd.                                Calgary    403-250-8300
  Airport Sedan Service                                            Calgary    403-299-1123
  Ride N Fly Airport Sedan                                         Calgary    403-777-5555

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                               July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

Driving Instructions

   If you’re planning to rent a vehicle while you’re in Calgary, here’s a map to get you to SAIT.,26473,26875,27552,27636,27740&xhr=t&q=airport+to+sait+polytechnic&cp=11&safe=activ

                               Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                                      July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                          GETTING AROUND CALGARY
Calgary Transit

SAIT is conveniently located on Calgary’s LRT line (known as the C-Train in Calgary). In fact the
C-Train station is less than 100 meters from the Trojan’s gymnasium where the CRSF and PARSO
events will be held.

Using the C-Train has its advantages. Many of Calgary's main attractions and venues are
conveniently located at or near several LRT stations, providing direct and easy access. There are
                                    no parking fees to worry about and with the use of a
                                    transfer, trips are economical. Several park and ride lots
                                    enable passengers to park their vehicles at no cost and
                                    board the train, very convenient for people commuting to
                                    and from outside the city. The fact that the LRT uses wind
                                    power makes it an environmentally-sound form of

The downtown C-Train stations see the most ridership, with many using it to commute to and
from work and within the downtown core. Strategic stations enable visitors to see some of
downtown Calgary's main attractions including the city landmark, the Calgary Tower. Tourists
can get off at either the Centre Street or First Street SW Stations and walk a block up to the
tower's location on Ninth Avenue. Many use the tower as a landmark in relation to other
downtown attractions. The Calgary Tower also provides a hub of tourist information and
resources including souvenir shopping, fine-dining, visitor information, free Internet access and
of course a fantastic view of the city. Recently installed, the glass floor provides dizzying views
of the street below, making for fun pictures and interesting views.

Located a block south from the Calgary Tower on Eighth
Avenue is the shopping and restaurant area known as
Stephen Avenue. Many shops, restaurants and pubs are
found along the boulevard making it an ideal resting stop
and providing a chance to enjoy some people watching. On
warm, sunny days, many vendors set up booths along the
strip, creating a market-themed shopping experience.

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

                                               Walk up along Stephen Avenue or take the C-Train
                                               at the Seventh Street LRT Station and get off three
                                               stops down at the Olympic Plaza Station. As the
                                               name implies, Calgary Olympic Plaza was
                                               constructed for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games
                                               for medal presentations. Today, the plaza hosts
                                               concerts, festivals, a wading pool and ice-skating.
                                               Within three blocks of Olympic Plaza is a hub of
                                               performing arts venues and galleries known as the
                                               Calgary Arts District including the EPCOR Centre
          Calgary Olympic Plaza 3
                                               for the Performing Arts and Theatre Calgary.
Other cultural attractions in the area include the Glenbow Museum, the Art Gallery of
Calgary and the TELUS Convention Centre.

Stampede Grounds
One stop after City Hall brings visitors to the Victoria Park/Stampede Station, providing an
entrance to the Stampede Grounds, headquarters of the world-renowned Calgary Exhibition
and Stampede. Several venues are found on the grounds including the Pengrowth Saddledome,
the Calgary Roundup Centre and the Big Four Building.

The Pengrowth Saddledome, or the Dome as it is known, is the
city's main concert venue and hosts Calgary Flames and Calgary
Hitmen hockey games. C-Train schedules may be extended to run
later after major games and events. Many conferences and trade
shows take place at the Roundup Centre including the
popular Calgary Women's Show. The Big Four Building is home of
the Stampede Casino, offering year-round adult entertainment and

Calgary Zoo
The Calgary Zoo, along with its Botanical Gardens, is one of Calgary's main tourist destinations
offering an exciting day out in the city. Riders can disembark at the Zoo Station and make their
way through a connecting tunnel, adorned with animal pictographs carved into the walls of the
                                               passageway leading into the zoo grounds. The
                                               Calgary Zoo is always working on innovative ways to
                                               capture the interest of visitors including the
                                               construction of Destination Africa, a complex
                                               housing African animals including western lowland
                                               gorillas, river hippos and giraffes.

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

The Dorothy Harvie Gardens offers a relaxing stroll, allowing visitors to admire the blossoming
flowers, plants, trees and shrubs that thrive in Calgary's chinook weather climate. A walk
through the conservatory complex takes visitors through a lush tropical rainforest, an arid
garden and even a colourful butterfly sanctuary. The zoo also hosts several events throughout
the year including the popular Zoolights, featuring Christmas light displays and Boo at the Zoo,
filled with Halloween fun. The Pre-Historic Park includes realistic sculptures of dinosaurs and
pre-historic landscapes, providing a look back at an ancient time.

Many of Calgary's main shopping centres can also be accessed using the C-Train including
Calgary's largest mall, Chinook Centre. Other malls that are accessible along C-Train routes
include, Southcentre, Sunridge and TD Square.

                              Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                              July 19-21, 2011
Alberta Skipping Association

Calgary Stampede
July 8-17, 2011

                              The Calgary Stampede will be taking place just prior to the CRSF National
                              Championship’s kick-off. If possible, try not to miss it! For ten
                              exhilarating days every July, the Old West comes alive with a citywide
                              celebration of true western hospitality and rousing fun!

From our world famous, ground shaking Chuckwagon Races, to the richest eight seconds in
Rodeo to our spectacular evening Grandstand Show extravaganza, the Calgary Stampede offers
non-stop action that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ditch your city slickers look, grab your western duds and join us for the high steppin’ parade,
pancake breakfasts, the hair raising rush of the midway, authentic Indian Village, musical
entertainers, hands-on agriculture exhibits and dazzling fireworks. If you thought the West had
been’re only half right.

Buy Tickets On-Line

Calgary Stampede
1410 Olympic Way SE
Calgary, AB T2P 2K8
Phone: (403) 261-0101
Toll Free: (800) 661-1767

Calgary Attractions is thrilled to offer you valuable coupons to all of our great attractions.
Please click here for great saving coupons to The Calgary Stampede.

                               Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                                July 19-21, 2011
   Alberta Skipping Association

                            TENTATIVE EVENT SCHEDULE
Tuesday       12:00-5:00 – Scheduled practice times for clubs
July 19, 2011 2:00-5:00 – CRSF Board Meeting
              TBA (5:30 or 6:00) – Opening Ceremonies – CRSF Nationals (includes group routines)
Wednesday     8:00-9:00 – Open Gym
July 20, 2011 9:00-5:00 – Team Events
              8:30 – CRSF AGM
Wednesday     8:00-9:00 – Open Gym
July 20, 2011 9:00-5:00 – Masters Events

                                 Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships
                                                 July 19-21, 2011

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