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    The Altamont   Enterprise—Thursday,    July   1,1999

    Village dealing with dogs,deadbeats
           By J o E. Pwrat                   "Shut them off once, and you         possibly with tongue in cheek,
    VOORHEESVILLE — Ongo-                 won't have the problem again,"          conferred a lapel pin on Stevens
 ing concerns about unrestrained          Meacham said in May.                    "for service above and beyond
 dogs and non-paying water                  At the June meeting, Meacham          duty," he said. "The pin says,
 users occupied the village               cited a June 3 Enterprise article       'Railroad crossing.'"
 board's agenda in June. Also, the        which quoted Albany county                  Stevens said concerts will be
 board discussed centennial               spokesperson Monica Mahaffciy,          held in the park later this year for
 events scheduled for the rest of         saying the village might have to        the centennial.
 the year.                                go through legal hoops to tarn              He said 600 bricks, which cost
    "We have a slight problem             off water for non-paying users          $40 each, have been sold and will
 with a dog," said resident David         outside the village limits.             be laid around the new village
 Ballagh of Severson Hill Road.                                                   clock in early September. He said
 He said a large dog that lives on
 a property between Severson
 Hill Road and Stonington Hill
 Road attacked him, and has done
so in the past.
   Referring to the dog, Ballagh
                                                 'I would like
                                                  there to be
                                                                                  bricks are still for sale.
                                                                                      Resident Michael Jarus asked
                                                                                   the board to consider laying
                                                                                  bricks with names of each of the
                                                                                  village's past mayors, but the
                                                                                 board tabled the decision. Jarus
said it was "a little bit worrisome            another way out

                                                                                 said that the cost would only be
to me that he came after me."                                                    $100, and he would donate the
 Ballagh said his neighbors were              of Severson, if this               money.
also concerned about the dog.                                                        "Well, that's different," joked
   He said the Albany County                  problem persists.'                 Clark.
Sheriffs Department had ad-                                                          Jarus also said the face of the
vised him to carry pepper spray                                                  clock installed to celebrate the
to use on the dog.
   "I would like there to be an-
                                              "I don't agree, and neither does
                                           the Albany County Health De-
                                                                                 centennial is tilted and should be
                                                                                 repaired under its one-year war-
                                                                                                                                  ALL JULY LONG!
other way out of Severson, if this         partment," Meacham said.              ranty. But Superintendent of               NO MINIMUM, NO MAXIMUM, NO KIDDING!
problem persists," Ballagh said.              He said he spoke with Cliff        Public Works William Smith said
"There's no way out walking,               Ferrand of the health depart-         the angle may be an optical illu-             8 Vi x 11 Only - Offer good in July 1999 only.
coming from Severson to Ston-              ment. ~He said they do it all the     sion.
ington Hill Road."                         time," Meacham said about Fer-                    Other business                                         MAIL BOXES ETC
   Stonington Hill Road is the             rand.                                     In other business, the board:
only access road to the village for           Ferrand would not comment              — Refused to double the youth
homes in the Salem Hills housing           when The Enterprise asked for         and recreation committee's bud-
development. Severson Hill                 verification.                         get of $1,000 for basketball pole               1971 Western Ave. Albany, NY 12203
Road, where Ballagh lives, circles            Mahaffey told The Enterprise       covers. "I think we went the dis-
through the development, with              this week that the county's health    tance with $1,000.1 don't want to                 Next to Hewitt's Garden Center
access directly to Stonington Hill         commissioner, James Crucetti,         double it," Clark said. The board
Road.                                      said, "This is not our jurisdic-      agreed.                                               452-6085 Fax 452-6392
   Mayor Edward Clark said cre-            tion."                                    "I'll tell them," said Trustee
ating another street with access              According to Mahaffey, Cruc-       William Hotaling, the commit-                                                   Awarded for editorial
out of the neighborhood would              etti also said that the health        tee's liaison with the board;                                                      writing by the
be difficult.                              department has not taken a posi-         — Learned from Smith that
   "It doesn't seem that it's be-          tion for or against shutting off      Niagara Mohawk would charge                                                   New York Press Association
yond our means to stop the dog.            water for residents who don't         $280 per street light annually for I
There is a leash law," Clark told          pay bills.                            installation and use for three
Ballagh. "We will see if we can't
take care of it right away."
   On an unrelated issue, Village
                                              At the village board meeting,
                                           Meacham compared what the
                                           villages of Altamont and Voor-
                                                                                 lights on Crescent Court, which
                                                                                 had no lights previously.
                                                                                     "My major concern was that |
                                                                                                                            WHY DID SOME OF
Attorney Donald Meacham said               heesville charge for water re-        this cost approximately the same
he would review and "fine tune"            storation after it has been shut      for the same service as elsewhere
the village's leash law about dogs         off. The charge in Altamont is        in the village," Clark said.
on public property.                        $100, according to Altamont Su-           Smith said that, according to
         Substantial fees                  perintendent of Public Works          the Niagara Mohawk represen-
   In May, the board discussed
shutting off water to users out-
                                           Walter "Dan" Jensen.
                                              "Ours is substantially more,"
                                                                                 tative, the cost would be compa-
                                                                                 rable; and
side the village who do not pay            Meacham said. Diane Williams,            — Heard from Village Clerk
   The mayor explained then that
inside the village, a lien can be
                                           Voorheesville's treasurer, said
                                           the cost is $500.
                                                   Centennial notes
                                                                                 Lauren Hatch that the board re-
                                                                                 ceived a letter praising Codes En-
                                                                                 forcement Officer Gerald Gor-
                                                                                                                           OUT SICK FROM
put on a property if a water bill is          "It was amazingly well done,"      dinier.                               !
unpaid. But he said that the $25
late fee is not a deterrent.
                                           Clark said about the Memorial
                                           Day weekend centennial cele-
                                           bration. He told Trustee Jack
                                                                                     Because of construction on the
                                                                                 Stonington Hill Road bridge, a
                                                                                 70-year-old resident was unable
                                                                                                                           ASBESTOS?    _
                                           Stevens, who headed the cen-
                                           tennial committee, "You did a
                                                                                 to walk the seven-tenths of a mile |      {Because They Dicln 7•Know Then
                                                                                 to a regular bus route stop. The
      • Break the cycle of pain and        marvelous job." Clark also rec-
                                           ognized Williams and Village
                                                                                 woman said Gordinier spoke                 ....••''What WeKnowNoui]^
       spasm.                                                                    with the Capital District Trans-
      • Get relief from stress and         Historian Dennis Sullivan, who        portation Authority on her behalf I
                                           helped organize the events.           and the bus was temporarily
        muscle tension.                                                          rerouted.
                                              Meacham ceremoniously, and
      • Improve your flexibility and
       increase your range of motion                                                                                              eople who were exposed to
       with therapeutic massage.                                                                                            Asbestos in the 50's, 60% 70's and 80's
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