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					                              D e p a r tm e n t o f E d uc a ti o n

                    S T AT EM EN T O F D U T I ES – J u l y 2 0 1 0

                          Title Assistant Principal – Head of Campus - North
                      Number 964490
                       Division Learning Services
                        Branch Learning Services North
                       Section Tasmanian eSchool
     Sub-Section/Unit/School N/A
                    Supervisor Principal Manager Flexible Learning Tasmania
           Award/Agreement Teaching Service (Tasmanian Public Sector)
                 Classification Band 3, Level 3
     Employment Conditions Permanent or fixed term, full or part-time, up to 70 hours per
                           fortnight, 52 weeks per year including 11 weeks annual leave.
                                 Teachers are part of a statewide public education system and
                                 may, in accordance with the provisions of the State Service Act
                                 2000, and the Transfer and Isolated Locations Incentives
                                 Agreement 2000 as incorporated into the Teaching Service
                                 (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 2005, be transferred to any
                                 other location on a temporary or permanent basis. If
                                 permanently transferred to meet Departmental requirements,
                                 reasonable expenses will be met. If the fixed-term assignment is
                                 available for greater than 12 months the successful applicant will
                                 be required to relinquish their current substantive appointment
                                 and at the end of the assignment they will return to a
                                 classification the same as the one relinquished.
                      Location Tasmanian eSchool - North

 Using the Smarter Schools Low SES School Communities National Partnerships resource, the Flexible
 Learning Tasmania (FLT) program began in early 2010. FLT has two components: support and
 coordination to enable Tasmanian Government schools and Learning Services to develop and extend
 flexible learning opportunities for students; and implementation of a new Tasmanian eSchool which
 integrates and extends many of the existing services of the Online Learning Network and Distance
 Education Tasmania.

D e p art me n t of E d uc at ion
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\0827ce6a-8345-4bbb-8e19-b8d572ef2455.doc IS THE APPROVED STATEMENT OF DUTIES, this copy printed on 16/10/2011, page 2 of 4

The Role
To assist the Principal Manager in the general educational leadership, management and administration
of the Tasmanian eSchool.

Level of Responsibility/ Direction and Supervision
The Assistant Principal (Head of Campus North) is responsible for management of a group of
functions assigned by the Principal Manager. This role exercises delegations in accordance with a
range of Acts, Regulations, Awards and administrative authorities and functional arrangements
mandated by statutory office holders including the Secretary of the Department. Details of delegations
to this role are provided to the occupant and must be exercised in accordance with any specified
limitations. The Assistant Principal (Head of Campus North) receives broad direction from the
Principal Manager.

Primary Duties
1. Undertake teaching duties as required.
2. Assist the Principal Manager in developing and implementing educational policy in such areas as
   curriculum development, staff development, resource allocation, pastoral care, community liaison
   and the establishment of appropriate learning environments.
3. Carry out duties assigned by the Principal Manager such as providing leadership in professional
   development, taking responsibility for student welfare or resource management.
4. Deputise for the Principal Manager as required on all matters pertaining to the organisation and
   functioning of the school or college.
5. Responsible for the professional development growth of designated teaching staff.

Selection Criteria
Employment in the State Service is governed by the State Service Act 2000 and employment decisions
must be based on merit. A decision relating to appointment or promotion is based on merit if:
    an assessment is made of the relative suitability of the candidates for the duties; and
    the assessment is based on the relationship between the candidates’ work-related qualities and the
     work related qualities genuinely required for the performance of the duties; and
    the assessment focuses on the relative capacity of the candidates to achieve outcomes related to
     the duties; and
    the assessment is the primary consideration in making the decision.
Work-related qualities might include; skills and abilities; qualifications, training and competencies;
standard of work performance; capacity to produce required outcomes; relevant personal qualities;
and demonstrated potential for future development.
The following specific selection criteria must be addressed by candidates in this context. The
nominated role and duties contained in this statement of duties must also be used to assist in the
interpretation of these selection criteria.
1. Knowledge and understanding of current educational guidelines, policies and practices and the
   capacity to take a leadership role in putting these into effect.
2. Outstanding performance in a leadership role within the field of education in a wide variety of
   situations with a high level of skill and experience in planning, coordinating and managing
   educational activities including the development of close links with the community.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\0827ce6a-8345-4bbb-8e19-b8d572ef2455.doc IS THE APPROVED STATEMENT OF DUTIES, this copy printed on 16/10/2011, page 3 of 4

3. Experience and skills in dealing with matters relating to student welfare across a range of student
   ability levels as well as outstanding achievement as a teacher, counsellor or administrator.
4. Demonstrated commitment to professional self-development and the capacity to assist staff in
   reviewing their teaching effectiveness and planning their professional development.
5. Interpersonal skills of a high order with particular emphasis on negotiation and supervision skills as
   well as high level communication skills for dealing with students, teachers, parents and the general
6. Personal skills such as adaptability, initiative, versatility and the capacity to innovate and bring
   about change.
7. Demonstrated commitment to the principles of equal opportunity in curriculum, leadership and
   consultative management practices.

      Essential           o Qualifications as established by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission in the
                            Teaching Service (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award, 2005. Current certificate
                            of registration; or provisional registration; or limited authority to teach
                            granted by the Teachers Registration Board (Tasmania) in accordance with the
                            provisions of the Teachers Registration Act 2000. The Commissioner has
                            determined that the person nominated for this position is to satisfy a pre-
                            employment check before taking up the appointment, promotion or transfer
     Desirable            o Four years or more training as defined in the Teaching Service (Tasmanian
                            Public Sector) Award 2005

Working for the Department of Education
The Department is responsible for providing public education, vocational education and training, adult
and community education, and library and archive services throughout Tasmania.
Our strategic focus is centered on achieving the Tasmanian Government’s priorities for education,
training and information services. These priorities are expressed through the goals of the Student at
the Centre plan, Qualifications and Skills for Tasmania Tomorrow, the Community Knowledge Network
strategy and Tasmania Together.
Our strategies aim to transform the way Tasmanians access education, training and information
services, provide a fresh and exciting approach to lifelong learning and build an education system that
realises the full value of every Tasmanian’s creative and productive spirit.
State Service Principles and Code of Conduct
Employment in the State Service is governed by the State Service Act 2000. All employees are
responsible for ensuring that the standards of behaviour and conduct specified in the State Service
Principles and Code of Conduct are adhered to. Employees who breach the code of conduct may
have sanctions imposed.
The State Service Principles and Code of Conduct are contained in the State Service Act 2000 and can
be found on the State Service Commissioner’s website at: together with
Commissioner’s Direction No. 2 State Service Principles. All employees must read these and ensure
they understand their responsibilities.
All employees are expected to utilise information management systems in a responsible manner in line
with the DoE Condition of Use policy statement located at Department of Education: Information
technology policies
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\0827ce6a-8345-4bbb-8e19-b8d572ef2455.doc IS THE APPROVED STATEMENT OF DUTIES, this copy printed on 16/10/2011, page 4 of 4

Supervisors are responsible for promoting, and for ensuring all practices within their area follow the
principles of OH&S and Managing Diversity, including Equal Employment Opportunity. All employees
are expected to promote and uphold the elimination of workplace harassment. Workplace
discrimination, bullying or harassment are considered to be breaches of proper standards of conduct
and behaviour and are illegal.
State Government workplaces and vehicles are non smoking environments.
Employees who do not have access to the above resources electronically must obtain a hard copy
from their supervisor, or by contacting HRMB on 6233 7048.

Category/funding/restrictions: Permanent or fixed-term. Cost code: Tas eSchool AE or SRP.

Office use only: APPROVED BY HRM DELEGATE: 103974 - Deputy Secretary Corporate Services – July 2010
Instrument to Vary Establishment: 001A-2010/11
Date Duties and Selection Criteria Last Reviewed: NJJ 05/10

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