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Choppers and Chicks

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					                                                                    for $1,200.00. Me and a couple of bros went back the next
                                                                    evening and as we were loading my new chopper in Partying
                                                                    Piere’s truck I noticed it was snowing. It so happened it was
                                                                    a Friday evening too so we headed to Stick’s house with my,
                                                                    well new to me chopper.

                                                                    It was cold and snowing in the middle of January 1974 as
                                                                    we unloaded my new chopper and put it Stick’s garage. By
                                                                    now a bunch of us was gathering and started partying and
                                                                    carrying on as usual. So we started taking things apart. We
                                                                    were having a take apart Fuzzy`s new chopper party.

                                                                    Well, through the next couple of months I made a few
                                                                    changes. Put on a jockeyshift, new sissy bar, handlebars and
                                                                    gas tank with a new paint job. Well by now me and Cheeks
                                                                    are riding around on what I call my new chopper “Grandpa”.
                                                                    That old 1956 panhead chopper ran good and was dependable
Choppers and Chicks                                                 and everything worked as Slim had said. Slim was true to his
                                                                    word about that chopper. Me and Cheeks had many a good
Back when I first started to ride in the spring of 1972. I bought   time at the parties and runs.
a 1965-900 XLCH Ironhead Harley Sportster and rode it
around for a couple of years doing a few changes to my bike.        You know as I sit here and write this story and think about
Nothing really major, you know just bolt on chopper parts.          those times, those precious memories. I truly believe that as
                                                                    we make our journey through life we have some of the best
Well this chick named “Cheeks” and me were a pair at the            times of our lives and not even realize it, till later. That’s why
time, while running this Sportster on a few runs and several        they are precious memories.
parties. Back then many a weekend started out at Stick’s
house on a Friday night we would start gathering. Then a            Well a few years went by and I sold that chopper to a bro
couple of years went by.                                            named Larry Moore. He rode it for a few years and changed
                                                                    some things then he ended up selling it to Cheeks younger
By then I wanted a hardtail, with a jockey shift a 1200 cc          brother J.W. Well while I sit here still in the thinking mode. I
Panhead chopper, like some of my bros. So I sold the                wish I had that chopper and that chick “Cheeks” back .They
Ironhead Sporty to some guy and started looking around. Well        were both definitely keepers.
somebody told me about a guy that worked out at Chrysler
named “Slim”, that was a member of the Road Saints MC.              But as you go through life things change like, you get a new
I was told that he lived behind the bowling alley and had a         chopper, another new ol lady, another new tattoo and we are
Panhead for sale.                                                   back in the making precious memories mode again. “Cheeks”
                                                                    is no longer with us and has crossed over to the other side.
Well I went down there with a couple bros. As I was looking         But that chopper and chick were perfect timing in my life.
at it I noticed the black coffin gas tank. It had a large dagger
with a snake wrapped around the dagger and the words                I thank Cheeks and her family for the memories we all had
“Death Before Dishonor” and a pair of dice painted on the           together and thank you “Slim” for selling me such a life
back of the rear fender.                                            changing chopper. Thank you to all my brothers/sisters back
                                                                    in the 70s that are still my brothers/sisters to this day and all
I thought now that looks familiar, then I remembered my dad         my brothers that I have come to know the last 35+ years.
had the same thing tattooed on his right arm. “Death Before
Dishonor” it was from back in his U.S. Navy days. I listened        Well it’s that time. Here is Dirty Johnny with this to say. you
to it run and looked at the long front end and tall sissy bar.      might meet the nicest people on a Honda. But when you are
I said to myself. We got us a chopper here. I just need to          on a Harley chopper you meet the hottest chicks. And you
change a couple of things and paint it.                             know the old saying. Its ass, gas, or grass nobody rides for
                                                                    free. Is still the same as always “timeless” just like choppers
Well, because it was cold and there was snow on the ground          and chicks, “forever”, good point Johnny. It’s that time of
we went inside Slim’s house trailer. I asked about the tranny       the year my brothers of the wind be careful and have a safe
and a couple other things cause I could not ride it due to          Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As always see you
the weather. Slim assured me it all worked. Yep, I bought           sometime, someplace, soon. Fuzzy
that chopper without riding it. Well, we worked out a deal

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