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					How do I register my child for Ringette?
      Registration is only accepted on our new ONLINE REGISTRATION!
     Registration is not complete until payment is received. Payment can be made with Visa or
       MasterCard online, or a cheque can be dropped in the drop box at the arena or mailed to:
           o SMRA - Registrations
               Box 2112
               Strathmore, AB, Canada T1P 1K2
     Registrations received by midnight, August 14th will be entered into a draw for free registration

Is there a registration deadline?
        Registration deadline is September 4th. Any player who registers after this date is not
         guaranteed to be placed on a team. This deadline will allow the time needed to properly
         analyze the numbers registered and prepare the evaluation and communications to everyone
         before the evaluations start. All registrations received after September 4th from players who
         played in Strathmore last year will be assessed a $100.00 penalty in addition to their registration

What age division should I register my child in?
The following outlines the age divisions for the 2010/2011 Season. Please note for clarification that, for
example, U9 refers to "under 9" so ages 8 and under. It does not mean 9 and under.


Old Div.            New Div.             Age            Born (for 2010/110 season)
Pre-Bunny          U6     5 & under                2005 and later
Bunny              U9     6&7                      2004, 2003
                          8 (w/no exp)             2002 (as noted)
Novice            U10     8&9                     2002, 2001
Petite            U12     10 & 11                 2000, 1999
Tween             U14     12 & 13                 1998, 1997
Junior            U16     14 & 15                 1996, 1995
Belle             U19     16, 17 & 18             1994, 1993, 1992

To clarify the U9 and U10 age divisions, if someone is registering to be a Bunny for the 2010/2011
season they should register as a U9. If someone is supposed to be Novice for the 2010/2011 season they
should register as U10. This does not mean that Novice/U10 is a 1-year division, but that someone who
is 8 could register for either Bunny or Novice depending on their experience and ability (example: a new
player born in 2002 with no previous Ringette experience will register U9 while a player that has played
the game previously will register for U10). Please make this clarification on your registration form.

Note: 5 year olds with experience may be placed in the U9 division upon request depending upon
experience and ability. 8 year olds with experience may be placed in the U10 division upon request
depending upon experience and ability.
What is the cost?
        Included in fees are: powerskating session(s) or similar, home tournament, Zone 2 fees, Ringette
Alberta fees, provincial championship fees, fun, fitness, friendship and fairplay!
         2010-11 Fees
Division          Cost
U6 (Pre-Bunny) $ 150.00
U9 (Bunny)        $ 250.00
U10 (Novice)      $ 325.00
U12 (Petite)      $ 400.00
U14 (Tween)       $ 400.00
U16 (Junior)      $ 450.00
U19 (Belle)       $ 450.00

We live out of Strathmore - How do I know what Association is my “home
Zone 2 Boundaries are indicated on a map on the Zone 2 website, found below:
Rules and Operating Procedures – pg 44 “Zone 2 Boundary Associations”

What do I need to do to get a Release from SMRA if I want to play elsewhere, or
from my Home Association if I want to play in Strathmore?
       Please note that if you have previously played for SMRA but live in a different Association’s
        boundaries, or live in SMRA boundaries but have previously played in a different Association,
        you must register with your Home Association in accordance with Ringette Alberta Guidelines.
        No releases will be granted by any Association unless the player has first registered with their
        home association.
       Ringette Alberta Player Release forms must be filled out by the Home Association, the receiving
        Association and the Player/ family. Player Release forms are available at......???????

When does the season begin?
        Evaluation Dates for 2010-2011:
             Please note that evaluations are scheduled September 11 – 24th.
             Specific times and dates will be determined closer to September.
             Details will be on the website and registrants will be contacted regarding evaluation
        Season start dates:
             After evaluations are completed, teams are formed and Coaches are selected.
             Practices will generally start at the beginning of October.
             Scheduled games for U12 and higher divisions begin after the Thanksgiving weekend.
                Scheduled games for U10 division begin in November, and scheduled games for U9 will
                begin either in December or January (still to be determined by Zone 2). U6 does not
                participate in any scheduled games as it is primarily a “Learn to Skate” program.
When can I expect my child’s practice time and game times to be?
             Practice times will be confirmed at the beginning of the season. SMRA generally tries to
              keep a similar schedule from year to year, but this is not guaranteed.
           Practices for U6, U9 and U10 are all at Strathmore Family Centre, and are on shared ice.
           U12 and up divisions share practice ice in Strathmore, as well as utilize full ice practices
              when possible in Standard and Beiseker.
      Last year’s scheduled practice times were as follows (could change for 2010-11 season):
      U6 – Fridays 4-4:30 pm
      U9 – Fridays 4:15 – 5:15/4:45 – 5:45 pm and Sundays 8:00 am (Sunday changes to game ice after
      Dec, and will not always be assigned to U9’s)
      U10 – Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:15 and Sundays at 9:15 am (Sunday changes to game ice after
      November, and will not always be assigned to U10’s)
      U12 – Fridays 5:45 – 6:45pm in S’more /or Wednesday or Friday in Standard (alternated
      between teams)
      U14 – Fridays 5:45 – 6:45pm in S’more /or Wednesday or Friday in Standard (alternated
      between teams)
      U16 – Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30pm / or Wednesday 8:00 in Beiseker
      (*this upcoming season we will have a U19 team as well)
           Game times and locations will vary, depending on your team. Generally games are
              scheduled on the weekends. Players should expect to travel to Rockyford, Indus, Airdrie,
              and Cochrane (Zone 2 Associations). Some teams in the U12+ divisions will participate in
              the Ringette Calgary League and will have games scheduled in Calgary up until
              Christmas. Games against Zone 1 teams (Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Brooks and Bassano)
              will be encouraged in U12+ divisions on an exhibition game (not scheduled in SARL)

How many teams will there be next season? Will there be an A team in my
child’s division?
             Teams can have as few as 9 players, up to a maximum of 17 players. The number of
              players on each team depends on registration numbers each season.
                  o U6 does not have teams – players may be separated according to ability for
                      progressive skill training throughout the season
                  o U9 & U10 divisions: in the event that there is more than one team, the teams
                      will divided into balanced teams as much as is possible
                  o U12: in the event that more than one team is formed, SMRA currently has the
                      option of fielding two balance teams or one A and one B team. If there are three
                      teams, SMRA must field an A, B and C team.
                  o U14 and up: if there is one team in each division, SMRA can assign the team an
                      A or B level. If more than one team is formed in a division, then according to
                      Ringette Alberta regulations SMRA must field one A and one B team.
              Speculating on player registration numbers and teams would be premature until after
               our Registration deadline of September 4th. After that time, SMRA will review the
               numbers and establish a potential forecast of expected teams for the season.
What equipment is needed?
              Necessary equipment can be found on our website under “Bulletin Board” (on the far
               left column)
My child doesn’t know how to skate or hasn’t played before....
              Our U6 program is intended to introduce new skaters to the proper skating techniques
               through play and fun activities if your child is 5 years old or under.
              U9 is intended for 6 and 7 year olds, as well as 8 year olds that have no experience. 5
               year olds with experience can request to be placed in U9
              U10 is for 8 year olds with experience, and 9 year olds
              Players are encouraged to join our Association at all ages – children are resilient and
               generally quick learners. SMRA is fortunate to have several wonderful coaches, and our
               focus is to promote Fun, Friendship and Fitness amongst our athletes.
I am interested in Coaching.
      Coaching Application Forms are available on the website under the “Coaches” link in the far left
       column. Please submit your application prior to August 14th to our mailbox or by emailing our
       Coaching Director, Rina Hempel at
      Ringette Alberta coaching requirements are also posted on our website under the Coaches tab.
      Rina will be contacting applicants to set up interviews in September (usually during the

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