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a Glossary of Campus Solutions by liuqingyan


									CS                  OSS                  LJMU
Set ID                                   Institution ID
Term                Calendar             Acad Year
Effective Date      Effective Date       Start/End Date
Matricualation      Accepted             Pre Enrolled
Academic Career     Enrolment Category   Aademic Level
Course              Unit                 Module
Class               Unit Offering        Module Offering
Units               Credits              Credits
Academic Level      Unit Set             Level of Study
Academic Load       Attendance Type      Mode of Study
Service Indicator   Hold                 Hold or Ban
Academic Program    Award Aim            Route
Sub Plan            n/c                  n/c
Session             Teaching Calendar    Semester
CS                 OSS                LJMU
Academic Org       Org/Unit           Faculty/School/Partner
EMPLID             Person Number      Student No/ Employee No
Subject            Program Group      Subject Reporting Group
Campus             n/c                Campus Student Zone
Location           Location Code      Address
Building           n/c                Building
Facility           n/c                Room no
Academic Group     ?                  ?
Instructor         Instructor         Academic (staff)
Advisor            n/c                Personal Tutor
Course Component   n/c                Delivery Details
Course Offering    Res Org Unit,      Home School
Class Section      Class              Class (Tutorial Group)
Gradebook          Assessment Items   Assessment Items
                                      Component Marking
CS                         OSS                              LJMU
Term Activation            Program Attempt Administration   Logging Arrival
Transcript                 Transcript                       Transcript
External System ID         Alternative ID                   UCAS ID
External System ID         Alternative ID                   HESA ID
External System ID         Alternative ID                   SLC ID
Program Action             Decisions                        Decisions
Program Status             Program Attempt Status
Withdrawal                 Discontinued                     Withdrawn
Program Action Reasons     n/c                              n/c
Class Enrollment Status    Unit Attempt Status              Module Attempt Status
Class Enrollment Reasons   n/c                              n/c

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