• Clinicals
Area           Hours   Location
E.R.           24      St. Clare
Ambulance      30      S.T.A.R.

Worth 500 points
To sign up:
• Check the Clinical calendar before
  submitting a request
• Use the online registration
• If there is a conflict I will notify you as
  quickly as I can after receiving your
• E.R. time may be done at any time on any shift
12 hrs. South station (bls)
6 hrs. North Station (als) with anyone
6 hrs. North Station (als) with Don
6 hrs. with Jared als / bls
• 10:00 p.m. curfew
• South Station: Preferable to report at 0800 or
  Noon. If not:
• If no truck or crew to be assigned to, report to
  North Station
• Clinical Rotation Log
• Reminder Slip
• I will keep a master log, each class you
  must present your log sheet to me to
  update the master.
• Any hours not recorded on the master will
  not be credited
Clinical Rotation Policy and Procedure
• Immediately upon arrival, report in.
• Only one student for ambulance time.
• A student in one clinical area cannot
    “crossover” into another clinical area and
    gain additional hours.
• Upon completing your clinical hours, make
    sure you give your log sheet to the
    appropriate person for completion.
•   Successful Completion: 500 points
•   Requirements:
•   Hours:
•   Ambulance: Thirty (30) Hours
•   E.R.:        Twenty four (24) Hours
•   Location:
•   St. Clare Medical Center
•   S.T.A.R. Ambulance
• Dress: No earrings
• Polo Shirt
• Black pants
• Black shoes (dress)
• Punctuality
• Attendance
• Behavior
• Appropriate demonstration of knowledge and skills
• Documentation of your observances and experience

• Communication with Staff, Physicians, Patient, and Family
Written reports:
• Ambulance: You will fill out a run sheet of
   your own after each run to be turned in at
   the next class session.
• E.R.: A one to two page report submitted
   for each visit.
• Timely Completion: Due date will be 03/24.
Please note:
• If you are asked to leave a clinical area,
  disciplinary actions up to and including
  expulsion from the class will result.
• Please understand if you are asked to stand
  back or are not allowed to participate in
  patient care. In cases such as this, observe
  and learn from the experience.
• If you have any problems or concerns, don’t
  hesitate to call me or come talk to me.
• Preceptor Evaluations

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