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     Brass Ensemble - Also Sprach Zarathustra                                                       Richard Strauss

     (Entire audience please stand)

     Tattam Band - Medley

     (Audience please sit while staff, students, Old Boys and former staff members remain standing)

     School Song: Honour the Work                                                                 Words: A G Daws
                                                                                                Music: Charles Breen
     Blithesome our hearts are and free is our fancy,
     Swift fly the hours in work and in play;
     Fain would we linger, but youth turns to manhood,
     School days are passing, and we must away.

     Honour the work, let our motto remind us,
     When courage weakens and stern grows the fight,
     Strong, like its pillars, the School stands behind us,
     Standing for duty, and standing for right.

     Lo! Steering westward through life's stormy surges,
     Those who once laboured and played here are gone;
     Before them the vision, a lamp lit by learning,
     A shrine to be guarded and fame to be won.

     (Only students will remain standing for the Traditional Songs)

     Gaudeamus Igitur                                                                             Traditional German
                                                                                                  Arr. Colin Brumby
     Gaudeamus igitur                                           Let us then rejoice therefore
     Juvenes dum sumus                                          While we are young;
     Post jucundam juventutem                                   After a pleasant youth,
     Post molestam senectutem                                   After a burdensome old age,
     Nos habebit humus.                                         The earth will receive us.

     CHOIR:                                                     CHOIR:
     Ubi sunt qui ante nos                                      Where are they who were
     In mundo fuere?                                            In this world before us?
     Vadite ad superos                                          Go forth amongst the living while you can
     Transite ad inferos                                        Before you go across to those
     Quos si vis videre.                                        Whom you would wish to see.

     Vivat academia!                                            Long live the seat of learning,
     Vivant professores!                                        Long live the professors,
     Vivat membrum quodlibet!                                   May the individual thrive,
     Vivant membra quaelibet,                                   As well as the group,
     Semper sint in flore.                                      May they always flourish.

     Forty Years On                                                                             Words: E E Brown
                                                                                                  Music: J Farmer
                                                                                                  Arr. Tony Paye

     Forty years on, when afar and asunder                       Forty years on, growing older and older,
     Parted are those who are singing today,                     Shorter in wind, as in memory long,
     When you look back, and forgetfully wonder                  Feeble of foot, and rheumatic of shoulder,
     What you were like in your work and your play;              What will it help you that once you were strong?
     Then, it may be, there will often come o'er you             God give us bases to guard or beleaguer,
     Glimpses of notes like the catch of a song;                 Games to play out, whether earnest or fun;
     Visions of boyhood shall float them before you,             Fights for the fearless, and goals for the eager,
     Echoes of dreamland shall bear them along.      .           Twenty, and thirty, and forty years on!
     Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!
     Till the field ring again and again
     With the tramp of the thirty-six men,
     Follow up! Follow up!

     Mr Mark Taft

     Mr Jeremy Ludowyke

     School Captain – Mario Matchado

     Dr. Peter Ellyard BSc.Agr.(Sydney), MS, PhD (Cornell), FACE, FEIANZ , FAIM

     Dr Peter Ellyard is a futurist and strategist who lives in Melbourne. He was born and spent his early years
     in Wagga Wagga. Peter is a graduate of Sydney University and Cornell University. He is currently
     Chairman of the Preferred Futures Group which he founded in 1991. He also chairs the Sustainable
     Prosperity Foundation and two start up environmental companies.

     Peter is a former Executive Director for the Australian Commission for the Future. He held CEO
     positions in a number of public sector organizations over 15 years including two associated with
     Environment and Planning, and one Industry and Technology department, and was also Chief of Staff of
     an Environment Minister in Canberra for 3 years. He is Adjunct Professor of Intergenerational Strategies
     at the University of Queensland, and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators, the Environment
     Institute of Australia and New Zealand, and the Australian Institute of Management. He is an elected
     Member of the International Union of Associations, based in Brussels. He has been a Senior Adviser to
     the United Nations system for more than 30 years. Peter is the author of the best selling book Ideas for the
     New Millennium (1998, 2001) and The Birth of Planetism to be published in early 2006. Among his less
     intimate passions are the music of Wagner, Strauss, Mahler and Bruckner, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, the
     Brisbane Lions and the international language Esperanto.

     Suite for Strings                                                                                    John Rutter

     Presented by: Ms Susan Bell

ACCOUNTING - (the gift of the late Mr Harry Tredinnick)                        Shantanu Joglekar
ART - The J M Mills Prize                                                      Angus McAlpineKendall
BIOLOGY - (the gift of Professor David Curtis)                                 Jason Lai
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - (the gift of Professor John Miller AO)                   Tim Garde
CHEMISTRY - The Dr Morris C Davis Memorial Prize                               Hiep Pham
ECONOMICS - (the gift of Mr Neville Drohan)                                    Drossos Stamboulakis
ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE - (the gift of Mr Arthur Cocks)                   Zhe-Wei Por
ENGLISH LANGUAGE – (the gift of Ms Sylvia Merkt)                               Daniel Ednie-Lockett
GERMAN - The Graham Willets Prize                                              Moritz Windelen
HEALTH & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT –                                                   Jamie Waduge
 (the gift of the family of the late Mr Clyde Garrow OAM)
HISTORY: REVOLUTIONS – The Colin Williamson Prize -                            Paul Scarmozzino
(the gift of Mrs Viola Williamson & family)
INDONESIAN – (the gift of Ms Pip Capon)                                        Karan Raghavan
INFORMATION PROCESSING & MANAGEMENT - (the gift of Mr John Grigsby)            Nathan Wyss
INFORMATION SYSTEMS - (the gift of Mr John Harrison AO)                        Wei Yeh
JAPANESE - (the gift of Mr Graham Homes)                                       David Chong
LEGAL STUDIES - (the gift of Mr Ronald Seaman)                                 Jeremy Shelley
LITERATURE - (the gift of Mr Paul Walshe)                                      Tim Brooks
MATHEMATICS - Further Mathematics - (the gift of Mr Bruce Stewart)             Van Nguyen
MATHEMATICS - Maths Methods - The T R Ritchie Prize                            Harry Wu
MATHEMATICS - Specialist Maths - (the gift of Mr Alan Middleton AO)            Roger Tao
MEDIA - (the gift of Mr Jonathan McCoy)                                        Kyle Sherer
MUSIC PERFORMANCE, GROUP - (the gift of Dr Norman Curry)                       Brendan Tsui
MUSIC PERFORMANCE, SOLO - The Daisy Corless Memorial Prize -                   Andrew Liu
(the gift of Mr Arthur Corless)
PHYSICAL EDUCATION- (the gift of Mr David Parkin)                              Daryl Cheng
PHYSICS - (in memory of the late Mr Mike Cauchi)                               Jim Wong
POLITICAL STUDIES - (the gift of Mr Gareth Evans)                              Cameron Grant
PURE SCIENCE - The Bob Dwyer Memorial Prize - (the gift of Mr David Hennell)   Jeremy Broad
STUDIO ARTS - (the gift of Mr Keith Marshall)                                  Mitchell Jones
THEATRE STUDIES - (the gift of Mr Ian Edmondson)                               Christian McKelvie
VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS AND DESIGN - (the gift of the late Mr Mark Hastings)     Welan Chu
HISTORY: AUSTRALIAN – The B J Munday Memorial History Prize -                  Damien Bruckard
(the gift of Mr Stephen Munday)
LITERARY – (the gift of Professor Max Corden AC)                               Damien Bruckard
FRENCH - (the gift of Mr Keith Lake)                                           Tom Dreyfus
INTERNATIONAL STUDIES - (the gift of Mr Colin Axup)                            Tom Dreyfus
ENGLISH - The K J Charles Memorial Prize - (the gift of Mrs T Charles)         Daniel McNamara
PHILOSOPHY - (the gift of Dr Janet Prideaux)                                   Daniel McNamara
GEOGRAPHY - The H H Reynolds Prize                                             Jack Regester
PSYCHOLOGY - (the gift of the late Mr Henry Volk)                              Jack Regester
DUX OF 2004 - in honour of Dr Graeme Duke - (the gift of Dr Janet Duke)        William Shi

    Presented by: Mr David Rush
AIR FORCE CADETS - (the gift of Squadron Leader John Elden)                                   Lachlan Saunders
AIR FORCE CADETS – SPECIAL PRIZE- (the gift of Mr Gordon Lowing)                              AshleyTaylor
ARMY CADET UNIT - The George Peters Prize                                                     Umar Sheikh
CAMERATA – (the gift of Ms Zina Berezin)                                                      Gerry Ma
CHESS - (the gift of Mr Alex Wosny)                                                           Artem Nikolayevsky
CHORALE – (the gift of Mr Bruce Macrae)                                                       Michael Ngan
DEBATING - (the gift of Dr Robin Matthews)                                                    Daniel McNamara
DICK TATTAM INSTRUMENTALIST PRIZE - (the gift of the late Mrs Ursula Tattam)                  Josh Barber
DRAMA - (the gift of Mrs Lorraine Pole)                                                       Christian McKelvie
HERITAGE - (the gift of Mr John Grigsby)                                                      Liem Truong
LIBRARY - (the gift of Mr John Peterson)                                                      Bei Xu
OPERA - (the gift of Mr John Diedrich)                                                        Reece Budin
SCHOOL PIANIST - (the gift of Mrs Pamela Coad in memory of Mr Daryl Towers)                   Leo Zhang
SINGERS - (the gift of Mr Alwyn Mott)                                                         Ken Chow
STAGE BAND - (the gift of Mr Tony Paye)                                                       Luc Weiner
STAGE MANAGEMENT - (the gift of Mr Laurence Pole)                                             St John Gill
STRING ORCHESTRA - (the gift of Mr W M English MBE)                                           William Lee
TATTAM BAND - (the gift of Mr Bruce Worland AM)                                               Kean Wong
THEATRE – The David Niven Memorial Prize - (the gift of Mrs Barbara Niven and family)         Jasper Garner Gore
ARMY CADET SERVICE - (the gift of past COs of the Unit)                                       Callan du Plessis
SENTINEL - (the gift of Mr Greg James)                                                        Callan du Plessis
MUSIC LEADERSHIP - (the gift of Mr Keith Williams in memory of his father Charles Williams)   Andrew Yap
ORCHESTRA - The Roy Anderson Award                                                            Andrew Yap
BEST ALL ROUNDER - (the gift of the late Mr George Deacon)                                    Robert Fell
SRC PRESIDENT – (the gift of Mr Max West)                                                     Adrian Siew
SCHOOL CAPTAIN - (the gift of Mr Brian Corless)                                               Mario Matchado
RAOUL WALLENBERG - (endowed by Dr Frank Vajda) –                                              Cameron Grant
including a $500.00 gift from the MHS Masonic Lodge

    Presented by: Mr Vic Evangelou
      ATHLETICS - The W J Daly Memorial Prize - (the gift of Miss P Daly)              Jason Poon
      BADMINTON - (the gift of Mr Stuart Cheng)                                        Timothy Chau
      BASEBALL - (the gift of Mr Rod Hill)                                             Tom Chynoweth
      BASKETBALL - (the gift of the late Mr Graham Warland)                            Daniel Wiseman
      CRICKET- (the gift of the MHSOBA Cricket Club)                                   Michael Rengarajah
      CROSS COUNTRY - (the gift of the late Mr George McTaggart)                       Joshua Moore
      FENCING - (the gift of the Derksen Family Trust)                                 Jeremy Shelley
      FOOTBALL - The Warren Fall Prize - (the gift of MHSOBA Football Club)            Stephen Wrigley
      GOLF - The George Stirling Memorial Prize                                        Eddie Godhino
      HOCKEY - (the gift of the MHSOBA Hockey Club)                                    Lachlan Bromley
      LACROSSE - (the gift of Mr Noel Melville)                                        Nathan Wyss
      LAWN BOWLS - (the gift of Mrs Margaret O'Bryen)                                  Liam Hickson
      SAILING - (the gift of the Remfry Family)                                        Nicholas Treleaven
      SNOW SPORTS - (the gift of Ms Lynette James)                                     Michael Lillis
      SOCCER - (the gift of Mr Jim Mountford)                                          Baran Kahraman
      SQUASH - (the gift of Mr John Tsinidis)                                          Matthew Fry
      SWIMMING - The W H Slade Memorial Prize - (the gift of Mr Malcolm Slade)         Anthony Yee
      TABLE TENNIS - (the gift of Mr David & Mrs Nicki Shandler)                       Wison Le
      TAEKWONDO - (the gift of Mr Rod Black)                                           Sean Debono
      TENNIS - (the gift of Mr John Las Gourges)                                       Jeremy Broad
      UMPIRING - (the gift of Mr Gary Allen)                                           Michael O’Donnell
      WATER POLO - (the gift of the MHSOBA Water Polo Club)                            Kane Smith
      ROWING - (the gift of Mr Rob Stephenson)                                         Daniel Brooks Reid
      RUGBY - (the gift of Mr Hans Eisen)                                              Daniel Brooks Reid
      NETBALL - (the gift of Ms Paulette Lester & Ms Ann Chandler)                     Theo Oostveen
      VOLLEYBALL - (the gift of Mr Fred Kok)                                           Theo Oostveen
      SPORTSMANSHIP - (the gift of Dr Merv Lincoln & Professor Ted Holdaway)           Theo Oostveen
      COCKHOUSE - WATERLOO - (the gift of Mr Peter Walker)                             Daniel Beckman
      SPORTS CHAMPION - The Alec McKenzie Award - (the gift of the MHSOBA)             Bill Girdwood

    SRC President – Adrian Siew

        Farewell to Melbourne High School                                                           Liam Dixon
        Irish Jigs                                                                                   Traditional

  The audience is requested to remain in the auditorium as the musical program follows immediately. The
program is being recorded. DVD copies may be purchased on application to the General Office at the School.

       Display Medley                                                                                   Various

15.     CAMERATA
        Waltz: from Serenade for Strings                                                      Peter Tchaikovsky

16.    CHORALE
      Love Song at the Grassland                                                               Traditional Folk
      A Man Should be of Self Help                                               James Wong Jim/Chua Hock San

      Dance Infernal from the Firebird Suite                                                     Igor Stravinsky
                                                                                               Arr. Meryl J Isaac

      Birdland                                                                                    Josef Zawinul
                                                                             Arr. Curtis Bayliss & Brendan Tsui

      Tribute to Miles                                                                         Arr. Mark Taylor

20.   YEAR 12 SONG
      Ride of Your Life                                                                            John Gregory
                                                                                               Arr. Andrew Yap
      Theme – Respecting the Past; Creating the Future

Everything Old is New Again                                                                      Peter Allen

When trumpets were mellow                                Dreams can come true again,
And ev`ry gal only had one fellow,                       When ev`rything old is new again..
No need to remember when                                 Get out your white suit,
`cause ev`rything old is new again.                      Your tap shoes and tails.
Dancin` at your Long Island jazz age parties,            Sing it backward when forward fails.
“Waiter, bring us more Bacardis!”,                       But leave Greta Garbo alone,
We`ll order now what they ordered then `cause            Be a movie star on your own.
ev`rything old is new again.                             Don`t throw the past away,
Get out your white suit,                                 You might need it some rainy day.
Your tap shoes and tails,                                Dreams can come true again,
Let`s go backward when all else fails.                   When ev`rything old is new again,
And movie stars you thought were long dead               Ev`rything old is new again
Now are framed beside your bed.                          .
Don`t throw the past away,
You might need it some rainy day,

Rainbow Connection                                                                                 Paul Williams

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and           Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the
what's on the other side?                                lovers, the dreamers and me.
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,and             All of us under its spell,
rainbows have nothing to hide.                           we know that it's probably magic....
So we've been told and some choose to believe it.        Have you been half asleep
I know they're wrong, wait and see.                      and have you heard voices?
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection,           I've heard them calling my name.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.                         Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors?
                                                         The voice might be one and the same.
Who said that every wish would be heard and              I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
answeredwhen wished on the morning star?                 It's something that I'm supposed to be.
Somebody thought of that                                 Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection,
and someone believed it,                                 the lovers, the dreamers and me.
and look what it's done so far.                          La, la la, La, la la la, La La, la la
What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing?
And what do we think we might see

Don’t Dream It’s Over          Tim Finn & Neil Finn
                                                                                                   arr Gavin Cornish

There is freedom within, there is freedom without.          Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum and I'm
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup.                     counting the steps to the door of your heart.
There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost, but you'll   Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof.
never see the end of the road while you're traveling with   Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief.
                                                            Hey now, hey now,
Hey now, hey now,                                           Don't dream it's over.
                                                            Hey now, hey now,
Don't dream it's over.
Hey now, hey now                                            When the world comes in.
                                                            They come, they come
When the world comes in.
They come, they come                                        To build a wall between us
To build a wall between us.                                 Don't ever let them win.
We know they won't win.

Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof.
My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no
In the paper today tales of war and of waste, but you
turn right over to the T.V. page.

Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate - Chorus Of the Hebrew Slaves from Nabucco                              Giuseppe

Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate;                              Go - Fly, thought, on wings of gold,
va, ti posa sui clivi, sui colli                            go settle upon the slopes and the hills.
ove olezzano tepide e molli                                 Where the sweet airs of our native soil smells soft
l'aure dolci del suolo natal!                               and mild!
Del Giordano le rive saluta,                                Greet the banks of the river Jordan
di Sionne le torri atterrate.                               and Zion's tumbled towers.
Oh, mia patria sì bella e perduta!                          Oh, my country, so lovely and lost!
Oh, membranza sì cara e fatal!                              Oh remembrance so dear yet unhappy!
Arpa d'or dei fatidici vati,                                Golden harp of the prophetic wise men,
perché muta dal salice pendi?                               Why hang so silently from the willows?
Le memorie nel petto raccendi,                              Rekindle the memories in our hearts,
ci favella del tempo che fu!                                tell us about the times gone by!
O simile di Solima ai fati                                  Remembering the fate of Jerusalem
traggi un suono di crudo lamento,                           play us a sad lament,
o t'ispiri il Signore un concento                           or else be inspired by the Lord
che ne infonda al patire virtù!                             to fortify us to endure our suffering!

O Fortuna (Chorus) - O Fortune, from Carmina Burana                                         Carl Orff

O Fortuna
velut luna                                            O Fortune,
statu variabilis,                                     like the moon
semper crescis                                        you are changeable,
aut decrescis;                                        ever waxing
vita detestabilis                                     and waning;
nunc obdurat                                          detestable life
et tunc curat                                         now oppresses
ludo mentis aciem,                                    and then soothes
egestatem,                                            as fancy takes it;
potestatem                                            poverty
dissolvit ut glaciem.                                 and power
                                                      it melts them like ice.
Sors immanis
et inanis,                                            Fate – monstrous
rota tu volubilis,                                    and empty,
status malus,                                         you whirling wheel,
vana salus                                            you are malevolent,
semper dissolubilis,                                  well-being is vain
obumbrata                                             and always fades to nothing,
et velata                                             shadowed and veiled
michi quoque niteris;                                 you plague me too;
nunc per ludum                                        now through the game
dorsum nudum                                          I bring my bare back
fero tui sceleris.                                    to your villainy
Sors salutis                                          Fate is against me
et virtutis                                           in health
michi nunc contraria,                                 and virtue,
est affectus                                          driven on
et defectus                                           and weighted down,
semper in angaria.                                    always enslaved.
Hac in hora                                           So at this hour
sine mora                                             without delay
corde pulsum tangite;                                 pluck the vibrating strings;
quod per sortem                                       since Fate
sternit fortem,                                       strikes down the string man,
mecum omnes plangite!                                 everyone weep with me!

      (Audience please stand)
      Advance Australia Fair                                                 Words & Music: Peter McCormick
      Australians all, let us rejoice,                   Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
      For we are young and free;                         We'll toil with hearts and hands;
      We've golden soil and wealth for toil,             To make this Commonwealth of ours
      Our home is girt by sea,                           Renowned of all the lands;
      Our land abounds in nature's gifts,                For those who've come across the seas
      Of beauty rich and rare;                           We've boundless plains to share;
      In history's page let every stage                  With courage let us all combine
      Advance Australia Fair.                            To Advance Australia Fair.
      In joyful strains then let us sing,                In joyful strains then let us sing,
      Advance Australia Fair.                            Advance Australia Fair

    Star Wars                                                         John Williams

                                   Director of Music
                 Anne Lierse Ed D, MEd, Grad DipEd Admin, MusBacEd
                             Assistant Director of Music
                      Sonny Chua BMus (Hons), F MusEd ASMC
                              Director of Choral Music
                             Curtis Bayliss BA, BMusEd
                               Director of Brass Music
                          Vladimir Goncharov BMus, DipEd
                                     Music Staff
                           Chris Brown BPA (Mus), BTeach
                Hildy Essex MMus, BMus (Hons), Grad. DipEd, L.Mus.A
                                 Instrumental Tutors
                          Zina Berezin BMus (Hons), DipEd
                                Edgar Chan L.Mus.A
                             Mark Dipnall BMus, DipEd
                                  Gayle Gardner BEd
                           Edward Grigoryan BMus, DipEd
                          Leonid Grigoryan BMus, DipMus
                    Sharon Lierse BMus (Hons), Grad DipEd, PDM
                Edward Mogilevsky M.Mus Music/Teaching Khanga USSR
                              Ron Parker DipArts, TTTC
                                  Jenny Skinner BEd
                                   Grant Wallis BA
                                 Christopher Watson
                               Adam Yee BMus (Perf)
                               Music Administration
                                   Judy Maller
                               Speech Night Production
                         Todd Asensio BA, DipEd (USA), MEd
                             Josie Belvedere BCom, DipEd
                                 Michael Blomeley BEd
                             Jan Devlin BSc (Hons), DipEd
                             Warren Fall BSc (Hons), DipEd
                 Anne Lierse Ed D, MEd, Grad DipEd Admin, MusBacEd
                               Michel Loriot BA, DipEd
                                     Narelle Smith

                                             PRINCIPAL’S REPORT


In the School’s centennial year, it is fitting that we close as we have begun, in an exultant celebration of our
heritage and achievements. The centenary year of state secondary education, and thereby the common origins of
Melbourne High and Mac.Robertson Girls’ High Schools, commenced with the Minister of Education announcing
a review of the Education Act on the site of the old Continuation School. Our Schools marked the moment the
original school opened its doors with a joint senior assembly at Melbourne Town Hall and later, the launch of Dr
Alan Gregory’s elegant history ‘Strong like its Pillars’. Across the year, the dedication of the new Memorial
Garden, the joint MHSOBA and Palladians Centenary Dinner, the unveiling of the Frank Tate portrait and
restarting of the MGHS clock by the Premier, the Centenary concert and Cadet Unit dinner as well as a state
education conference in Parliament House and the launch of the ‘More than just Marks’ educational text all
served to commemorate this milestone in the history of Victorian education.

We all owe a debt to the members of the joint schools’ Centenary Planning Committee, who laboured for over
five years to ensure that this moment was celebrated in a deserving manner, and in particular to both the late Mr
Ray Willis, whose vision and fitting testament this venture was and Dr Alan Gregory who has toiled before all
others to ensure that it came to pass.

The School’s theme for this year, ‘Respecting the Past - Creating the Future’ was given substance through the
Melbourne High School 2020 initiative; a strategic plan that will assist in guiding the School across the next
fifteen years. To employ a nautical metaphor, the School paused first to take its bearings and assess whether the
central tenets, which underpin the School, remain as valid and vibrant today as they had a hundred years ago. The
next step will require us to set our future course towards always uncertain horizons as we proceed upon our
journey into a second glorious century.


In 2005 Melbourne High School continued to attract applicants from not only Melbourne, but also country
Victoria, interstate, and around the world. Enquiries regarding entry into the School are made through the
Registrar’s office, which is also responsible for the administration of the entrance exam and enrolment procedures
at all levels. Mr Andrew Sloan filled the position of Registrar this year with Ms Rosemary Dickson continuing in
the role of Registrar’s Assistant. She is the first person that people making enquiries will generally deal with, and
she handles them all with patience and sensitivity.

In 2005 the school enrolment consisted of 336 students in Year 9, 336 students in Year 10, 355 students in Year
11, and 346 students in Year 12.

1247 Year 8 candidates sat the entrance examination for the 336 places, only 2 fewer than last year. The entrance
examination and the subsequent making of offers is undertaken in cooperation with Mac.Robertson Girls' High
School and a feature of 2005 was the excellent working relationship that has developed between the Registrar’s
offices at the two schools. The exam itself was held, for the second time, at the Royal Exhibition Building, in late
June. It is a great venue with a real sense of occasion, and our thanks go to the very efficient staff there for their
assistance both on the day and in the lead up to staging what is, logistically, quite a complex event.

All applications for the exam were made via the School website, which has considerably streamlined the process,
and has proven to be easily accessible to the public. The School employs the Independent Testing Services of
Australia (ITSA) to construct and administer the exam, and on-line applications, and we are very pleased with the
professional service they provide.

The Registrar convenes a selection panel of former Melbourne High School staff to shortlist applications for the
5% Principal’s Discretionary Intake of Year 9 students. 164 applications (19 more than in 2004) were received
for the seventeen available places. 129 applications were received for only a handful of places in Years 10, with
82 and 12 applications for years 11 and 12 respectively. The work of this panel, as well as that of the Year Level
Coordinators who interviewed candidates for the VCE levels, is rewarding, but not easy – it is very difficult to
select from the many fine applications received. The wealth of experience and knowledge of Melbourne High

School that the members of the panel bring, gives us confidence that they can identify those traits that will make
for a successful Melbourne High boy.

Open Day remains the main forum by which prospective students and their parents visit the school. Two ‘Meet the
Principal’ sessions were held in the Memorial Hall, to full houses. The Registrar’s booth was busy. A step-by-step
print out of the on-line application process and a map of public transport routes to the school both proved useful,
however for many parents the best aspect was chatting to two of the Junior School Captains who were in
attendance. They were able to give a personal perspective on sitting the exam and of the frantic few days that a
Year 9 boy faces when he arrives. The articulate and courteous way in which they dealt with the public is the best
promotion we can have. In addition, a number of tours were arranged later in the year, some after offers had been


Our Year 12 students of 2004 continued the School’s tradition of academic excellence. The Class of 2004
impressed with the way they managed to balance a rigorous study program with their involvement in the co-
curricular program. Dux of the School for 2004 was William Shi who achieved an ENTER of 99.9. Our median
ENTER was 94.4, meaning nearly half the cohort of 344 boys were in the top 6% of the state. Forty seven boys
achieved an ENTER of 99 or over, placing them in the top 1% of the state. Further, 70.6% (243) of boys were in
the top 10% in the state, with an ENTER score greater than 90. Our top achievers in 2004 were: Chamara
Basnayake, Ranjit Bhatia, Aaron Bloch, Kalhara Caldera, Joel Chan, Ling Chen, Wilson Fung, Harry Georgiou,
Amit Golder, Samuel Good, Michael Harut, Yi Huang, Thomas Kavanagh, Michael Kipp, Paul Kopanidis, Johnny
Lin, Matthew Loft, Jingwei Mao, Abhishek Nannegari, Arthur Nguy, Jeremy Noye, Victor Oh, Siddharth Paleri,
Jacob Pearce, Jun Penberthy, Sheng Qiang, David Shan, Jonathan Shandler, William Shi, Rami Subhi, Sanjevan
Subramaniam, Sanjayan Subramaniam, Joel Tito, Sylvester Urban, Yan Wang, Nimantha Wijewardena, Chu Wu
and Justin Yousef.

All of these students achieved ENTERs of 99.25 and above; as the top 10% of students these boys have their
names entered on the Honour Board in the Memorial Hall. Premier's Awards recipients were Daniel Dang
(Information Technology), Reece Lancaster (Business Management), Jackson McInerney (Theatre Studies),
Jeremy Noye (Geography), Jacob Pearce (Philosophy), Sheng Quiang (Studio Arts) and James Voung (Business
Melbourne High School students once again were successful in the Australian Students Prizes for 2004. These
prizes are awarded throughout Australia on the basis of Year 12 results. Each recipient receives a certificate of
excellence and an award of $2,000 from the Commonwealth Government as recognition of outstanding academic
achievement. The Class of 2004 gained four awards. Our warmest congratulations are extended to Joel Chan,
Bayden Hammond, William Shi and Rami Subhi. Congratulations to all of those members of staff who
contributed to the success of the Class of 2004 over their years at MHS.

Out of 348 who completed Year 12, 99% received a tertiary course offer (95% at university, 4% at TAFE). Of
these students 92% enrolled, 4% deferred and 4% gained employment, an apprenticeship or a cadetship.

   Table 1. Destinations of Students by Field of Study, Employment or Other
                                 Degree Courses                                  Students       Percentage

    Architecture, Building & Property (includes 4 double degrees)                    16             5%
    Creative and Performing Arts (includes 3 double degrees)                          9             3%
    Education                                                                         7             2%
    Engineering (includes 14 double degrees)                                         32              9%
    Food, Hospitality & Personal Services                                             2             1%
    Health Sciences (includes 24 double degrees and 21 places in Medicine)           53             15%
    Information Technology & Computer Science                                        15             4%
     (includes 4 double degrees)
    Management & Commerce (includes 61 double degrees, 19 with law)                  97             28%
    Natural & Physical Sciences (includes 6 double degrees)                          33              9%
    Society & Culture                                                                67             19%
     (includes 1 Deans Scholar, 25 double degrees of which 13 are law)
    TAFE                                                                             8              2%
    Repeating Year 12                                                                3              1%
    Employment, Apprenticeships & Cadetships                                         6              2%
    Total                                                                           348            100%

   Table 2: Destinations of Students of 2004 Shown by Institution
                                                                                  Accepted        Percentage
                             Victorian Institution                                 Offers

    Aust. Inst. Public Safety                                                         1             0.3%
    Deakin University                                                                23              7%
    La Trobe University                                                              12             3.5%
    Monash University                                                                95              28%
    RMIT University                                                                  35             10.3%
    Swinburne Uni. of Technology                                                      8             2.2%
    University of Melbourne                                                          148             44%
    Victorian College of The Arts                                                     1             0.3%
    Victoria University                                                               4              1%
    TAFE                                                                              8             2.2%
                             Interstate Institutions
    ANU                                                                               1              0.3%
    University of Adelaide                                                            3              0.9%
    Total                                                                            339             100%


In equal part through necessitous circumstance and deliberate intention, the School has commenced a major
restructuring of both its teaching and ancillary staff profile this year.

Over the next five years, the School will witness the retirement of many of its most experienced teachers. A
number of measures have been adopted to ensure that the School maintains an optimum balance of collective
wisdom and youthful invigoration across this period of generational change. Changes to the statewide teaching
service structure have further required that a major review of leadership positions has been undertaken and will be
phased in over the next two years.

The consolidation of the School’s leadership team was the first step in this process. The appointment of Dr Janet
Prideaux and Mr Warren Fall will provide some needed stability after a period of flux. Nevertheless, the School
will miss the wise counsel of Ms Susan Bell and Mr Vic Evangelou after ten and fifteen years of service
respectively as Assistant Principals.
Ms Susan Bell’s contribution as Acting Principal during the majority of Mr Ray Willis’s illness must not pass
unacknowledged or underestimated. She has succeeded in leading the School calmly through one of its most
painful periods. Equally, Mr David Smyth’s strength and profound dedication to the School has been pivotal to
maintaining the continuity and good order of the School in my first year as Principal. The support of Ms Janine
Randall as Acting Assistant Principal has also been integral to the effective leadership of the School this year.

The nature and purpose of the teaching profession is changing with a returning focus upon the craft of classroom
practice. This will also find reflection in changes to the role of school ancillary staff who will increasingly take
responsibility for a range of administrative tasks previously undertaken by teachers.

The apparent effortlessness with which the School delivers possibly the state’s most extensive co-curricular
programs as well as the most demanding academic program is due is no small measure to the daily care of Mr
Stefan Janus, our Daily Organizer and Mr Andrew Sloan, our timetabler. Mr Janus will be sorely missed as he
steps down from this role next year, whilst Mr Sloan has also undertaken the role of Registrar this year.

The daily care and monitoring of progress of every student in the School is entrusted to the Year Level
Coordinators, ably supported by their Form Teachers. Throughout 2005 the Year 9 Coordination team was led by
Messrs Paul Keyte and Todd Asensio, overseen by Acting Assistant Principal Ms Janine Randall. At Year 10, Mr
Vic Evangelou oversaw the work of Mr Sandro Bisetto and Ms Jan Devlin, whilst Mr David Smyth oversaw the
Year 11 Coordinators, Mr Fred Kok and Ms Veronica Hoy as well as the Year 12 Coordinators, Messrs Warren
Fall and Peter Wood. I cannot commend too highly the exceptional dedication of these staff to the needs of the
students entrusted to their care.

Our students are also supported by VCE Coordinator, Mr Paul Tonkin, the Student Services Manager Mr Ross
Gould, Careers Coordinator, Ms Anne Parker, and the Work Experience Coordinator Ms Liza Burman. These
staff provide vital ancillary care and vocational advice to all students and are ably supported by their respective
support staff.

The administration of the School is dependent upon many staff members who provide vital advice and leadership
through its key consultative Committees. These include the Local Curriculum Committee (LCC), the Local
Administration Committee (LAC), the Curriculum Resources Development Group (CRDG) and the Year Level
Coordinators' Meetings.

The LAC has dedicated much of the year to detailed consultation with staff towards construction of a new
leadership profile. The LAC’s Chairperson was Mr Stefan Janus and Secretary, Mr Peter Wood. They have
provided able guidance and I thank all members for the many hours they have dedicated to this task.

Ms Kerry Smyth has taken responsibility for Curriculum Coordination this year and convened the LCC. The
phased introduction of the new Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) has preoccupied the business of
the LCC this year in addition to our existing Charter commitments.

Community Links
There has been an active focus upon building stronger links with the School and education community over the
course of the year. On the local level, monthly meetings with the executive officers of the MHSOBA and Green
Maroon & Black Patrons Club have been initiated to build the links between these groups and to extend the range
of collaborative programmes undertaken in partnership with these key community associations. We are
increasingly strengthening our ties and programme links with Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School. The
introduction of an adjunct army cadet platoon at Mac.Rob is an instance of this expanding cooperation.

The School has also been more actively involved within the broader educational community both through the
Inner South Network of Schools and also through the exploration of links with various tertiary institutions.


Melbourne High School favours breadth and depth of learning rather than acceleration programmes. The
curriculum is based on the expectation that students will have the ability and desire to meet the challenges of a
broad education in a stimulating, supportive and competitive environment that caters for students intending to
progress to tertiary education. The School is committed to developing intellectual, artistic and sporting excellence
so that every student has the opportunity to reach his full potential and is provided with inspirational and
challenging teaching that is caring of the individual.

A strong curriculum continues to be a key feature of Melbourne High School. The Curriculum Standards
Framework II (CSF II) and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) broadly determine our courses, but the
School is responsible for interpreting course outlines and implementing guidelines that ensure challenging and
worthwhile learning situations for all our students. VET (Vocational Education and Training) continues to be a
viable choice for a small number of students. This opportunity for breadth of choice in VCE studies, together with
our strong VCE programmes in English, LOTE, Music, Humanities, the Arts, Commerce, Mathematics, Physical
Education, Information Technology and Science, are important in giving our students every opportunity to
develop their talents and achieve life and career goals.

At Years 9 and 10, the Key Learning Areas, (KLAs) have been guided by the Curriculum and Standards
Framework II (CSF II), which sets standards in Victorian schools and provides a framework from which
individual schools can develop and deliver programmes of study. CSF II describes what students should know
and be able to do at regular intervals from the Preparatory year to Year 10. Eight KLAs are covered and include
the following: The Arts; English and English as a Second Language; Health and Physical Education; Languages
other than English (LOTE); Mathematics; Science; Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE); and

Melbourne High School also gives students at Years 9 and 10 the opportunity to select semester-length electives.
Year 9 students choose two electives for the year from a possible ten. This choice is broader in Year 10, when
students select four electives, which may include two VCE single unit electives. The Years 9 and 10 elective
programme is designed to enhance and broaden students’ knowledge and skills before specialisation occurs at
Years 11 and 12. Core subjects in Years 9 and 10 continue to provide a solid foundation for students to pursue
any VCE units in Year 11. Students are encouraged to select electives not associated with career intentions;
rather, choices are to be made on the basis of enrichment and breadth.

The School continues to review the subjects it offers each year and examine ways to further engage the students
with new subject offerings. New electives have been added to the already broad range at Year 10, including new
VCE single unit electives, as well as new VCE subjects at Years 11 and 12.

A significant part of the focus for curriculum development for 2005 has been planning for the phased
implementation, beginning in 2006, of the new P-10 curriculum framework, the Victorian Essential Learning
Standards, or VELS which will replace CSF II. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards are a framework of
essential learning in two ways. First, the framework is based on the premise that there are three components of
any curriculum which are necessary to enable students to meet the demands of a modern, globalised world. These
components are:

    •    the processes of physical, personal and social development and growth
    •    the branches of learning reflected in the traditional disciplines; and
    •    the interdisciplinary capacities needed for effective functioning within and beyond school.

In the Standards, these components become the three core strands; Physical, Personal and Social Learning,
Discipline-based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning. Second, the Standards clarify the core elements of each
component which students need to acquire if they are to succeed in further education, work and life. The first
phase of VELS implementation will occur in English and Maths in 2006, and will extend across the curriculum at
Years 9 and 10 in 2007. Curriculum arrangements at Years 11 and 12 will remain unchanged.

In many respects, the new framework validates the School’s current curriculum structure. In comparison with the
current CSF, under VELS History and Geography are again identified as separate disciplines, a distinction

Melbourne High School has retained. Likewise the integration of Information and Communication technology
across a range of subjects, which is the current practice in Years 9 and 10, is recommended.

The new framework will also further legitimate the value and importance of the School’s extensive co-curricular
program, where many of the VELS components are already being addressed.

In addition to our two dedicated Curriculum Days three additional afternoons, when students were dismissed early
were devoted to curriculum matters. The VELS was the main focus of our first Curriculum Day in May, and of
two of the three afternoons that were devoted to auditing the current curriculum in preparation for VELS
implementation. After the release of the new ministerial guidelines on student reporting, the program for the third
afternoon focused on assessment and reporting. For our second Curriculum Day in October, ongoing professional
learning as an integral part of the work of teachers was the main focus with presentations from a number of staff
related to the ways in which they are fulfilling the requirements of their Professional Learning Plans.

Several significant groups and individuals help drive the School’s curriculum initiatives and their implementation.
The Local Curriculum Committee (LCC) meet regularly to discuss and make recommendations on such matters as
VCE changes, the new VELS, new subject offerings, curriculum days, assessment and reporting, and professional
development. This committee, and the major responsibilities in curriculum, came under the direction of the
Curriculum Coordinator, Ms Kerry Smyth and Assistant Principal, Mr Vic Evangelou.

The Curriculum Resources Development Group (CRDG) complemented the work of the LCC. Through the
leadership of three key members of the group, Ms Dianne Ruffles, Mr John Tsinidis and Mr Paul Wright, the
School has participated in the Department of Education and Training’s Creating eLearning Leaders (CeLL)
initiative, which is a key element of the strategy to develop teachers’ ICT skills. As part of this professional
development a group of staff completed the Intel Teach to the Future modules and further CeLL training will
continue to be offered in 2006.

Faculty and Subject teams continue to be the mainstay of curriculum development and improvement and the
leadership of Faculty Coordinators is essential to this work. Across the course of this year, Coordinators
collaborated to conduct an audit of current programmes to ensure that VELS requirements will be met following
the two stage implementation of the new curriculum framework in 2006-7. This has required a significant
commitment on the part of all staff and Faculty and Subject Coordinators in particular. The School Council’s
Education and Welfare Committee continued to advise on curriculum matters and provide valuable parent input
into decision-making.

Melbourne High School is committed to supporting its staff in the continual process of improving the ways in
which we engage students in learning by encouraging staff to attend professional development sessions, both
internal and external, in order to be conversant with initiatives in education and to take educated risks in being
inventive in the manner in which skills and knowledge are developed in students. Professional Development
Coordinators, Ms Suelyn Watterson (Terms 1-2) and Ms Maria Poletti (Terms 3-4), have introduced staff to the
opportunities for ongoing professional improvement.


Staffing in 2005 was managed by Acting Assistant Principal, Ms Janine Randall. It has been a year where we
have welcomed and farewelled staff members in various stages of their careers. Notable farewells this year
include the retirement of Mr David Rush after 31 years of dedicated and loyal service, not only in the classroom,
where his outstanding knowledge of history will be remembered by all students who enjoyed his teaching, but also
for his untiring work with the Parents and Friends Association.

Ms Susan Bell accepted the Position of Principal at Monash College International, an adjunct of Monash
University after a ten year career as Assistant Principal and Acting Principal at Melbourne High. Her calm
leadership of the School during the illness of the late Mr Ray Willis was invaluable and her strength during a time
of great need will long be remembered.

Mr Vic Evangelou retired at the end of October, vacating the position of Assistant Principal after 15 years. Vic’s
work in leading the School in all aspects of administration and his exceptional knowledge as a teacher of
Accounting will be remembered by all who encountered him in a professional capacity. Most importantly his
work with staff, students and parents, his most welcoming manner and care of all will be sorely missed. Two other
staff members resigned during the course of the year in order to join family in Britain, namely Ms Adrienne
Borelli and Ms Pippa Sowman.

The close of the school year sees the retirement of several other valued staff members. Ms Mary Bryan is set to
start ‘chapter two’ after 29 years of service at Melbourne High School. Her professionalism and knowledge of the
English curriculum will be a significant loss to Melbourne High School.

Mr Stefan Janus is also retiring, leaving a significant role to be filled the School’s leadership team as Daily
Organiser and as an outstanding teacher of Economics in the Commerce faculty. Stefan has spent 30 years at
Melbourne High School and his immense efforts in teaching and administration will be remembered by all.

The commencement of 2005 saw a number of teachers join our staff whilst several others took leave for the
duration of the year; namely Mr Tony Goodwin who has been working with the Commonwealth Games team, Ms
Lucy Pring and Ms Pelissa Tsilimidos who have both been on (and will continue) their maternity leave and Ms
Leanne Sturzaker. Melbourne High School filled these vacancies with very enthusiastic and professional
teachers; Mr Stefan Rotella replaced Tony Goodwin, Dr Shelley O’Reilly replaced Lucy Pring, Mr Ben Davidson
replaced Leanne Sturzaker and Mr David Crynes replaced Pelissa Tsilimidos.

Due to the retirement of staff last year we have also recruited some outstanding new teachers in other areas.
These new staff include Ms Hildy Essex in Music, Ms Merren Ward in the Library, Mr Mark Goodey in Science,
Ms Joan Morgan in Theatre Studies/English and Ms Nonie Shepherd also in the Library.

We farewell with regret Mr Matt Charles-Jones from our Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre. Matt has decided
to continue his career in a more traditional classroom setting. We thank him for all his work with the Year 9 and
10 students and all staff who have spent time at MOEC.

Long Service Leave was taken by a number of staff creating subsequent short term vacancies. We would like to
acknowledge the work of Mr Saki Ganella, Mr Tim O’Neill, Ms Christine McRae, Ms Louise Howlett, Mr John
Gowans, Ms Amanda Clifford, Ms Melissa Mejias, Ms Jodie Fox, Dr Voula Sideris, Mr John McMahon, Mr
Martin Shakespeare, Ms Kathleen O’Shaughnessy and Ms Liza Burman for their enthusiasm and energy in
stepping into frenetic school life in such a professional manner.


The number of non-teaching staff appointed by the School for 2005 was thirteen employed with Department of
Education and Training (DET) funds and seventeen employed by the School Council. They gave vital support and
assistance to the Administration, teachers and students. The Office Administration continued to focus on the
changing Ministerial requirements and the devolution of financial and human resource responsibilities to schools.
As Finance & Administration Manager, Ms Fran Walshe maintained the School finances and records in a most
efficient and effective manner. Ms Walshe was well supported by Administrative Officers, Ms Marie Daou and
Ms Annabelle Yeaman, who maintained efficiency and good humor in the face of many demands on their time
and talents. Ms Rosemary Dickson, as Assistant to the Registrar, provided excellent support to our Year 9 intake
students and their parents. Ms Rhonda Miller, as Assistant to the Finance Manager, has provided much
appreciated support in all aspects of School financial and personnel management. Ms Linda Gunzburg has
provided excellent relief services in the General Office during the year. Reception and telephone were the
responsibilities of Ms Val Nixon, the ever patient Receptionist and a valued member of the team. As the
Principal’s Secretary, Ms Narelle Smith has provided support to the Principal and Assistant Principals during the
year at Melbourne High School. All members of the team provide courteous and caring service and support to
teachers, staff, parents, students and the wider School community.

The Library technicians, Mrs Agnes O’Connor and Mrs Jenny Krasnowski provided efficient support to all staff
and students. Ms Jan Beattie, as part-time Laboratory Technician, with Mr David Armitage and Mr Krishna

Kishor as full time Laboratory Technicians, provided invaluable backup and class preparation in the science
faculties. In providing much needed support for the maintenance of computer hardware and computer systems, Mr
Wes Stanczyk (Systems Manager), Mr Karun Pathmanathan (Network Manager), Mr Steven Dedrick (Computer
Technician) and Mr Aswin Narasimhan (DET Computer Technician) have worked tirelessly, establishing
programmes, developing systems and ensuring the smooth functioning of the network. The School farewelled Mr
Senthil Thyagarajan as the Network Manager in April and we wish him well in his future endeavours. Under the
guidance of Technology Development Coordinator, Mr John Tsinidis and Internet Services Coordinator, Mr Paul
Wright, this team has provided superb support to staff and students.

Ms Jenny Mill, the Health Centre Co-ordinator, provided an essential service to students and staff, with first aid
support at School and at sporting events, advice on health and safety issues and informal counseling on a range of
adolescent concerns. Canteen Manager, Ms Rosemary Kerr, ably assisted by Ms Anlie Herberg and Ms Sue-Ellen
Mahony-Walsh, continued to provide a variety of foods at reasonable prices. The School sadly said goodbye to
Ms Christine Rodda, who retired at the end of 2004, and we all thank her for many years of work in the canteen.
With outstanding support from parents and staff, the Canteen offers an essential service to the entire School
community. The Canteen returns a significant profit to the School and these funds are used to improve facilities
for students.

The Director of Sport and all the staff and students involved with the School’s extensive sports programme have
been very appreciative of the work undertaken by Ms Vivian Sipsas as the Administrative Assistant to Sport. Ms
Sipsas also co-ordinates the Yarra District Sports Cluster, which runs inter-schools sports programmes.


2005 has seen a strengthening of the facilities team within the School. Mr Tony Morrison has completed his
second year as Facilities Manager. He oversees the ground staff, the cleaning team and the South Yarra Sports
employees. In Tony Morrison, the School is fortunate to have someone who combines a love for the School with
the energy and knowledge to maintain it, as well as always working on a vision to enhance its future facilities. He
does much work behind the scenes that coordinates the many important areas of the School’s physical resources.

Mr Tim Lye has completed his second year as Head Curator, and Mr Greg Rowsell completes the team as
assistant groundsman. Mr Peter Stemmer continued to be our part time carpenter, proving a popular and valued
source of urgent minor repairs and dramatic theatrical constructions around the school. Mr Isat Kurti headed the
cleaning team that has so efficiently maintained the extensive School buildings. Thanks to his team of Ms
Nedzmija Kurti, Mr Manuel Acevedo, and Ms Ransil Wyayasingha. Mr Paul Psonis retired after many years of
dedicated service to the School and was ably replaced by Mr Ajet Ajro.

Ms Jane Kopecek led South Yarra Sports in another successful year’s operation. The management structure of
SYS was remodelled this year with a number of sub-managers employed to ease the load at the top as well as
creating a more streamlined mode of operation. We welcomed Ms Neroli Nixon, Mr John Smith and Ms
Katarzyna Willoughby to the SYS management team.

The School outdoor education camp at Millgrove has completed another excellent year under the caring and
professional management of Mr Matthew Charles-Jones, Ms Megan Wilson, Ms Sarah McIntyre and Ms Janine
Haag. This resource continues to provide an essential extension to the social, environmental and personal
education of our Years 9, 10 and 11 students.

The Resources and Development sub-committee of School Council has once again provided valuable professional
support to the School. Many thanks to these people who have given much time, effort, expertise and guidance to
the school’s resources: Mr Michael Fooks, Mr Warren Jensen, Mr Ron Iddles, Mr Colin Heath, Mr Don Fulton
and Mr Rick Kornhauser.

This committee’s collective expertise has been instrumental in resolving many issues that have arisen during the
year. Warren Jensen has been most generous in sharing much time and expertise in improving the fire safety at the
Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre. Ron Iddles has worked with Tony Morrison to ensure the two School buses

have been well maintained and officially registered, giving reliable service to the Millgrove camp and to various
School involvement groups.

2005 has seen a number of significant capital works completed on the Forrest Hill site, all funded by the
government’s Department of Education and Training. On the first day of the school year, teachers were welcomed
with a brand new main driveway. This major project was completed within the daunting timeline of the five-week
Christmas break and has created a smooth, secure driving surface as well as an additional 15 car parking spaces.
During second semester the entire slate roof of the Twenties Building was replaced. This was done smoothly and
professionally along with a few remarks on the amazing diversity in size, colour and quality of the original 1920s
slates. In the September holidays, the final repairs to the southern windows of the original building were begun.
The bulk of this project was done in 2003, but funds have only just been found to complete this task. The School
appreciates the readiness of the DE&T to fund these major repairs to the heritage-listed Twenties Building.

While the main driveway was replaced in January, the Alexandra Avenue and Claremont Street gates were
removed and repaired. These had not been refurbished before and this work has resulted in a much more
significant entrance at each of these points.

Another major upgrade greeting teachers at the start of the year was the repainting and recarpeting of the School
library. The old carpet was replaced with carpet squares which should result in greater flexibility and longevity of
this much-used area.

Every term holiday, several classrooms and other student areas are repaired and repainted. The School has entered
a long-term contract with a painting firm to refurbish all classrooms and provide regular annual maintenance. The
Art department has been involved in selecting the most educationally sound colours for the classrooms and we
thank Ms Mihaela Brysha for this assistance. This exciting project will begin in 2006.

The Arts Studies Centre that has been planned for so long moved closer to completion this year. A design has
been approved and plans for funding have progressed. We hope to finalise arrangements for this long-awaited
project in the near future.

The Woodfull-Miller main oval continues to improve under the care and management of the grounds staff. The
spring top-dressing and improved drainage has created an enviable turf wicket and playing surface.

The last major capital works project for 2005 has been the much-needed resurfacing of the School’s hockey field.
This was undertaken in conjunction with the MCC Hockey Club which was a significant contributor to the
original hockey field and along with the School, is the joint manager of the facility and the Hockey Pavilion. The
new field surface will be an improved synthetic material. A Grade players tested this material at the recently
completed Altona hockey field and found it created an excellent playing surface.

A highly significant contribution to Building and Grounds each year is the working bee programme. Two are held
each year at the Forrest Hill campus and two at Millgrove. Between 30 and 70 motivated bodies attended each of
these during 2005, with each day extending from 9am to 3pm. These days resulted in exceptional facility
improvement for each campus. Sincere thanks are due to all parents and students involved. You have all added
something of long-lasting value to the School.


The Heritage Society calendar was dominated by the Centenary commemorations, commencing with the joint
assembly at the Melbourne Town Hall with Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School. In addition to the seniors, the
junior members of the Heritage Society were granted permission to attend this historic event much to their delight.

A cyclical photograph of the whole School was taken in February. This has been taken every four years since
1994 with the next one due in 2009. We have also begun the process of adding names and dates to various staff
and SRC photographs placed around the School

The second round of the Distinguished Old Boys gallery was announced in September. Applications close in
December this year with the planned opening in March 2006. The first round of the gallery with around 100
individual portraits was opened in 1999.

As School archivist, Glen Turnbull has completed his first full year in the position and continues to consolidate
and enhance the impressive School archives. Along with Liem Truong, president of the Heritage Society and its
keen members, Glen has created a welcoming and informative display in the recently opened John Elden Heritage
Room at the top of the tower. He also oversaw the extensive renovation of the heritage storerooms under Room
T29. We are at last nearing the end of the long process of gaining a semblance of order and control over the
School’s heritage.

Once again the Society played a major role in the annual Melbourne High School Open Day. For the first time,
the Heritage Society expanded its displays within the Twenties Building allowing for greater exposure of the
school’s history and archives by its enthusiastic members.

Another heritage highlight of 2005 was the Ben Munday Memorial History lecture in August. Professor Richard
Selleck gave an illuminating lecture on the early history of the School and the wisdom and leadership displayed
by Frank Tate in the development of State Secondary Education.

Many thanks to Liem Truong for his leadership of the Heritage Society this year. Liem, along with Welan Chu
(former President) and Ben Lee (Vice-President) worked most efficiently in organising the group.


‘Gently dipped paddle strokes, a trickle of water downstream, the rustle of the breeze in the trees, the crunch of a
                    cycle on the path and the sense of space afforded by views and peace.’

The Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre again invited, encouraged, compelled and sometimes persuaded folks to
explore; the beauty of the bush, the challenge of community and the limits imposed upon ‘self.’

We were able to provide 24 programs at the Year 9 and 10 levels and through good fortune, somehow managed to
fit these in amongst a year of wild weather, record temperatures and then days of perfect clear skies.

During March, we also offered 16 parents the opportunity to explore what it means to participate at Millgrove – to
be humbled by a hole in the ground, to enjoy the thrill of a strung cable and to join the river for some time on the
journey down hill. Similarly, we enjoyed the enthusiastic support totalling approximately 100 parents and
students in the two working bees. Thanks again for the wonderful assistance and the countless offerings of skilled

Throughout 2005 we were able (with the gracious support and cooperation of students) to provide a safe
environment for Year 9 and 10 students with little to report beyond the odd knock, bump, bruise and scrape. This
terrific and thankful blessing has come as a result of the ongoing hard work by Ms Megan Wilson, Mr Matthew
Charles-Jones and Ms Sarah McIntyre (who was our tireless trainee for the year). And safety is ‘empty’ without
full bellies, so thanks also to Ms Janine Haag and Ms Pat Van Rooyen for cooking up so many delicious storms!
The Millgrove team has also enjoyed the voluntary support of many Year 11 student leaders. Big thanks to them
and to Ms Veronica Hoy and Mr Fred Kok for the countless hours of organisation.

All this can’t happen without the generous assistance provided by Mr David Smyth, the Year 9 and 10
Coordinators, the Administration team and certainly the extraordinary effort tendered by each Year 9 and Year 10
Form teacher in an already busy school year. Much appreciated and well done.


The Student Services area of the School combines a wide variety of support staff - the Student Services Manager,
Health Centre Coordinator, Careers and Work Experience Coordinators and School Psychologist. With this
talented range of people the breadth of support we are able to offer is extensive. Student Services works in close
collaboration with Form Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Year Level Coordinators, Assistant Principals and the

The provision of support by Student Services staff is an important part of the coordination and delivery of the
academic program and personal development of our students.

Years 10, 11 and 12 all progress with the strong support of the VCE Coordinator, Mr Paul Tonkin, the Careers
Coordinator, Ms Anne Parker, and the Work Experience Coordinator. We thank them for their vital work in
making sure that career options are seriously explored and that all details relating to the VCE and course selection
are followed. At all levels, the boys are supported in their emotional and social development by the Student
Services Manager, Mr Ross Gould, and psychologist, Dr Betty Levy. The essential work they complete with the
boys, and then with the Year Level Coordinators and Form Teachers to help the boys, is always done with the
highest level of professionalism, empathy and confidentiality. The range of issues our students are confronting is
becoming more complex with the breakdown of many societal support groups. It is reassuring to know they have
the backup of such a team as our Student Services group.

Student Welfare
The individual and group counselling services provided by the Student Services department combined with the
support given by Year Level Coordinators in their dealings with students, is the mainstay of our work. Individual
subject teachers are integral and are always kept informed of any circumstances that may impact on a particular
student in their class. A team approach is used in supporting a boy, working towards the best possible outcomes.
Parents are an essential part of that team, providing the necessary link and consistency of approach between home
and school. 'Duty of care' in the exchange of information is of paramount consideration, within the needs of

Mr Gould has been able to support various groups within the School with the provision of notices translated into
other languages and the co-ordination of interpreters for various School functions and interviews, to enhance the
participation of all members of the School community. Supporting staff, parents and administration is an integral
part of increasing the awareness of, and developing appropriate responses to, student needs. The Student Services
section of OURS brings to the attention of parents the various parenting and welfare programs that are available in
the community.

There is a broad range of other information of interest to our School community, including exchange and
scholarship opportunities as well as suggestions for assisting adolescents in their development. The provision of a
wide range of access numbers for support agencies provides the School community with crucial contact points at
critical times. The department also operates the Tax File Number Scheme, ensuring all students are able to gain
access to a Tax File Number. The Education Maintenance Allowance Scheme is also administered by Student
Services. This enables parents to receive the support they are entitled to as well as enabling the School, through
the confidential approach of Student Services, to have a better understanding of student circumstances. The
monitoring and support of our students who are in receipt of the Commonwealth Youth Allowance is another
responsibility of the Student Services Manager.

The Peer Mediation program continues and enables our students to develop a non-confrontational means of
resolving conflict. Some students have trained as peer mediators, and have assisted in the resolution of conflict
between others. The feedback from those mediated is very positive about this process. Other programs have
included study and time management, stress management, relaxation practice and grief counselling. The Student
Services department continues to expand the resources available to our School community, particularly with the
helpful financial assistance of the Parents and Friends Association.

This year has seen considerable changes in staffing, with Dr Betty Levy, the School Psychologist, retiring in third
term, after a long career of service to the Department. Betty has been an invaluable resource for the School for
many years working with students, parents and teachers. She has a wide range of skills that she has been able to
bring to the School. Her work has been characterised by an insightful understanding of the needs of adolescents,
especially the particular needs of the boys at Melbourne High School. The School will be ever grateful for her
work. During third term, the Student Services Manager, Mr Ross Gould, took long service leave and his role for
that period was taken over by Ms Jodie Fox. Jodie quickly gained the confidence of the School community and
established herself as someone that had the welfare of our boys as her paramount concern. We would like to thank
her for her efforts in this demanding position. Ross Gould continues to work across the broad spectrum of the
School's functioning, drawing upon his deep understanding of the issues confronting boys in today's society and
carrying out his role in a compassionate and caring manner.

First Aid Centre
It has been another busy year for the First Aid Centre with an average of 30 students being assisted each day.
Presentations cover the whole range of health issues, which are either dealt with in the School or referred to
outside practitioners. Within the framework of the team approach adopted by Student Services, regular referrals
are made to the Student Services Manager, School Guidance Officer and Year Level Coordinators. Articles in
OURS bring to the attention of the School community various health issues that are relevant to our boys. The
varied nature of the role includes providing breakfast for the rowers, organizing influenza immunisations for the
staff, lunch for those students who, for varied reasons, are without it, assisting Stonnington Council Health
Department with Year 10 immunisations or so importantly, being there to listen. Ms Jenny Mill has worked
tirelessly in ensuring the welfare of the boys is always considered within the broad functioning of the School. The
boys have a real confidence in her actions and know that they can bring any issue to her for support and
understanding. Jenny forms a vital link in providing for the total welfare of our boys.

Careers and Work Education
The Managed Individual Pathways Government funding once again enabled us to offer a range of special
programs such as the Interviews Skills Workshop for Year 12 students and the Myer-Briggs Program for all Year
10 boys. The Interview skills workshop, attended by about 50 students gave a realistic understanding of the
competitive workforce and what it takes to succeed at an interview. The Myer-Briggs program has enhanced
students' awareness of themselves from a personality perspective and provided them with useful information
about their preferred learning style and potentially suitable careers. Changing the location and structure of the
VTAC briefings for Year 12 this year to smaller groups in T29 improved the quality and quantity of the
information. Having the facility to go online to the VTAC site, enabling students to complete a practice
application was a welcome improvement.

The Old Boys Careers Night held in June was again very well attended and I thank all who were involved for their
assistance and participation. Equally, the Old Boys lunchtime careers talks and the annual visit by Monash and
Melbourne Universities ensures that our students are well informed about courses and careers. Sincere thanks are
extended to our Careers Coordinator, Ms Anne Parker for her approach of continuous improvement to the

Over the course of the year Ms Pippa Sowman (Term 1) Mr John Gowans (Term 2) and Ms Liza Burman (Term
3-4) have worked diligently as supervisors of the Work Experience program to ensure that almost all Year 10 boys
completed these very important placements. We also thank the many members of the School community who
offered to take students on work placements.


The challenge of equipping our students with the skills necessary to achieve success in present and future study
and careers, to participate productively in society, and to become independent lifelong learners is an exciting and
stimulating one, and one which is the focus of the Melbourne High School Library program. Teacher-librarians
work with classroom teachers to develop learning activities incorporating the use of information and
communication technologies, and encouraging the development of the information literacy skills of analysing,
synthesizing, critically evaluating information and developing new knowledge. We provide both pedagogical
support and assistance with the use of hardware and software. A range of resources in print, audiovisual and
digital formats is selected and promoted to the students. Teacher-librarians have also been involved this year in
discussions with staff related to the planning and implementation of the new VELS curriculum, particularly the
integration of ICT and thinking skills into the teaching program.

The library continues to provide a welcoming environment for studying, reading the paper, completing school
work (especially at the computers), or just meeting friends before school and at recess and lunchtime; at these
times it is often standing (or sitting on the floor) room only! The Global Learning Centre, where the provision of
computers and a data projector facilitates access to electronic resources, is heavily booked by classes, who also
have easy access to the book and periodical collections.

Competitions and quizzes, both internal and external, and literary excursions continue to provide popular ways of
encouraging the boys’ reading, with boys successfully participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge (which
was conducted online), the Reviewer of the Year Awards and The Age Ultimate Story competition, and attending
Booktalker’s sessions at the State Library of Victoria.

We are always grateful for the beneficence of Old Boys, who generously make donations to the library, often of
their own publications. In addition, this year we received a large bequest from the late Mr Philip Simpson, whose
extensive library included many interesting and valuable books. Also much appreciated is the support of the
Parents’ and Friends’ Association who this year enabled us to buy an additional digital video camera and a digital
still camera.

An important contribution to the efficient operation of the library is made by the many volunteers and student
assistants, whose work in returning books to the shelves, preparing books for use and helping at the circulation
desk is much appreciated. Some of our volunteers continue to assist the library long after their son(s) have left the
school; particular mention must be made of one such volunteer, who only ended his long period of dedicated
service this year because of his increasing ill health. Special thanks are also due to Mr David Rush for his
assistance to the library for many years until his retirement from the staff in September.
Late last year, a study conducted in Victoria and Queensland, which replicated overseas research, indicated that
the quality of the information literacy program delivered by qualified teacher-librarians has a positive and
significant impact on student academic achievement. We are indeed fortunate in having the services of a team of
experienced, talented and hard-working teacher-librarians and library technicians to support the teaching and
learning program (of the School), and ensure that the library is the hub of learning in the School.

Ms Kris Paterson resigned at the end of 2004 to take up a position at Scotch College, and our Director, Ms Dianne
Ruffles took a year’s leave to undertake further studies. Their positions were filled by Ms Merren Ward and Ms
Nonie Shepherd, respectively. Ms Marie Buckland and Ms Fiona Starford as well as our library technicians Ms
Jenny Krasnowski and Ms Agnes O’Connor also took leave of varying lengths during the year. We were fortunate
to have qualified people to fill these temporary vacancies – Ms Lisa Andersen, Ms Kathleen O’Shaughnessy, Ms
Margaret Gardner and Mr Martin Shakespeare. Ms Lisa Andersen acted as Director during the first part of the
year and Ms Nonie Shepherd was appointed as Director for the remainder of 2005.


In the School’s Centenary year, present students have certainly maintained the level of excellence that is
traditional at Melbourne High School. The year has been marked by participation, competition, training and
special events. Many boys have consistently displayed qualities such as leadership, mateship, skill, commitment
and organisation in all challenges presented. In addition to this, an extraordinary amount of pride in the traditions
of the House Competition, were evident in what has been one of the closest Cock House competitions ever.

The following report provides an overall perspective of sport throughout the year. More specific details, including
individual reports are available within the Unicorn.

Waterloo began the year by winning the Swimming and Athletics, setting up a major assault on the title that they
had not won since 1992. Como responded by winning the Cock House Junior Round Robin, Forrest dominated
the Chorals and the Instrumentals competition and Yarra were consistent performers in all events. Ms Devlin
(Como), Mr Kemp (Forrest) and Mr Roberts (Yarra) were all keen to put a dent in Mr Flanagan’s (Waterloo)
confidence and enthusiasm by fielding strong teams in the team sports competitions during term 2 and term 3.
Como dominated the Basketball and Water Polo, Waterloo and Como split the Junior and Senior Football, Yarra
won the Hockey, Volleyball and Theatre Sports and Forrest were chipping away reaching many Finals. Predicting
an overall winner was becoming very difficult as the competition progressed and by the time the Ray Willis
trophy for the Cross-Country came along, all four Houses were within twenty points of one another. This meant
that the winner of the Cross Country would determine the overall Cock House winner. In a completely dominant
performance, Waterloo won all four age groups to dispense with all challenges. It was an enthralling battle, but
Waterloo fully deserved to end the year winning the Cock House Trophy. Congratulations to Mr Flanagan,
Captain Daniel Beckman and Vice Captain Ben Calder for all of their work and energy. The result would not be
possible without the tireless contributions of age group staff and the many Waterloo foot soldiers, who turned up
and performed with endless determination and skill. Well done to all.

The House Competition is essential to the sporting development of many boys, as it is their chance to compete at a
school level in their chosen sports. I would like to thank all the other staff and students for making 2005 such a
memorable year for House Sport.

Representation in Inter-school sporting competitions was an integral part of the sport program during 2005 with
over 35 teams representing the Melbourne High School with varying levels of success. Most of our teams in the
VSSSA competition made it through to the Northern Zone finals and the following teams competed in the State
finals: Swimming, Diving, Athletics, Senior Football, Senior and Intermediate Squash, Senior and Intermediate
Badminton, Senior and Intermediate Table Tennis, Senior and Intermediate Netball and Intermediate Basketball.
Further congratulations to the following teams who won state titles: Senior Cricket, Senior Hockey, Senior Table
Tennis and Intermediate Badminton.

Melbourne High school teams also competed in ‘All-Schools’ events and competitions in the following sports:
Rowing, Rugby, Water Polo, Athletics, Fencing, Cross Country running, Lawn Bowls, Orienteering, Swimming
and Netball. One of the major highlights was Rob Fell captaining the State Schools’ Orienteering team, finishing
second nationally in his event and winning a national sportsmanship award along the way. Rob’s performances
reflect so many of the positive benefits of participation in sport and competition.

In Netball, the intermediate team coached by Ms Chandler won the All Schools championships. This is the first
Melbourne High School team in eight years to win the tournament. Congratulations to all team members for their
efforts. The first XI cricket team embarked on an International Tour during June/July visiting England, Wales,
Ireland and France. This was the sixth occasion that our cricketers have traveled overseas and it was the most
successful. The MHS XI returned undefeated unlike the Australian XI that lost the Ashes series.

In March, Melbourne High School hosted North Sydney Boys High School and dominated the competition with
an overall result of 11.5 pts to 2.5 pts. Many of the competitions were very close, however having the home
advantage certainly paid dividends. It will be essential for our touring team next year to be well organised if they
wish to again taste success. The Prefects’ Cup tour to Adelaide High School was a much more competitive affair
with Adelaide trying their best to put us off our game by changing the dates at the last minute. This decimated
many of the Melbourne High School teams and Adelaide had some early victories in Badminton, Volleyball and

Table Tennis. Melbourne High School fought back very hard to win the Football, Tennis and Lacrosse. On the
final day, in a Theatre Sports led recovery, Melbourne High School dominated the scoreboard to eventually win
7.5pts to 5.5pts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff involved as coaches and assistants, as well
as staff who covered classes during the Exchanges. The billeting families also need to be thanked for their
generous hospitality. Without this support, the Exchanges would really struggle to exist.

One of the main reasons for the high standard achieved by our interschool sporting teams is the dedicated support
provided by a number of teachers, parents, friends and members of the Old Boys’ sporting clubs. In particular, the
School thanks the following: Mr P Wood, Mr W Fall, Mr D Chippindall, Mr M Bowen, Mr D Smyth, Ms V Hoy,
Mr M Nicholas, Mr N Ward, Mr L Woodard, Mr W Lim, Mr R McCloskey, Mr M Blomeley, Ms J Devlin, Mr J
Guthrie, Ms A Pilkington, Ms L Pring, Mr S Chua, Ms N Smith, Mr S Banks, Mr C O’Brien, Ms N Stone, Mr C
Templin, Ms E Brooks Reid, Ms R Girdwood, Mr E Heller, Ms D Brereton, Ms A Tashevska, Mr C Axup, Mr R
McComb, Mr D McKenzie, Mr S Wyss, Mr D Chalmers, Mr N Scott, Mr O Richter, Mr A Molyneux, Mr L
Kaaden, Mr A Carr, Mr Sean Williams, Mr Steve Williams, Mr E Haldane, Mr R Black, Mr S Kemp, Mr S
Bisetto, Ms A Chandler, Mr N Wawryk, Ms P Lester, Mr B Flanagan, Mr S Rotella, Mr K Haydn, Mr S Janus, Mr
M Fujino, Ms L Laskey, Mr C Parkes and Ms V Parkes. To all other staff who helped with the weekly, House or
inter-school teams, we express our appreciation.

The Director of Sport depends on the assistance of coaches and sport staff, along with masters the enthusiasm of
the student body. The House staff members have again been tireless in their contribution to the whole school
program and I thank them very much. Much of their work may seem to go unrewarded, however I would like to
publicly acknowledge their commitment and contribution. Ms Vivian Sipsas has continued to be of invaluable
assistance and without her ideas, initiatives and work rate the year would not have gone so smoothly. The
Assistant Sport Coordinators, Mr Bushell and Mr Flanagan, have taken on many responsibilities throughout 2005
and have been integral to the success of the year.


During the Centenary Year of State Secondary Education, Melbourne High School took on a significant role in the
celebrations and combined with Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School to present music at a number of important
functions. These began in March with the joint Assembly held in the Melbourne Town Hall followed by the
Centenary Dinner in April held at Sofitel, and culminated with the Centenary Concert held at the Dallas Brooks
Hall in August.

The Centenary Concert was a particularly momentous occasion with the two schools presenting a most ambitious
program involving some of the largest ensembles ever presented. Invitations requesting participation by former
students, and to Malvern Primary School to provide a children’s choir for the performance of ‘Carmen’, further
extended the already large ensembles. A special celebratory work for the orchestra was commissioned for the
occasion and composed by Sonny Chua. Another new work was composed by former student Anthony Williams
for the combined stage band. The concert began with a massed Concert Band of over 130 players and this was
followed by performances by choirs, the Brass Ensemble and the Stage Band. The Symphony Orchestra, with
more than 140 players, performed Capriccio Espanole by Rimsky Korsakov before combining with the massed
choir to present choruses from Operas by Verdi and culminating with ‘Carmen’ by Bizet.

These performances were in addition to over 50 other events on the music calendar which included the House
Chorals, the Family Concert, the Musical, Open Day and the Spring Breakfast. A new event, the Staff and
Student Cabaret, was added this year to replace the Promenade Concert and the Staff Concert. A Jazz Night was
organised by the Music Captains from both Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School and Melbourne High School. The
Music Captain Andrew Yap, and Music Vice Captain Brendan Tsui, are to be commended for their outstanding
leadership and support during the year and for their great work in organising the Jazz Night.

The massed singing and choral program at Melbourne High School continued to strengthen its tradition of
forming a focal point in the music education for all students. This year we were fortunate in the appointment of a
new classroom music teacher and choral specialist Ms Miss Hildy Essex who, along with Mr Curtis Bayliss and
Mr Sonny Chua expertly take the massed singing classes. As part of this program, all students in Years 9 & 10
receive choral instruction each week and present a massed singing recital at each end of term assembly. This year

our Years 9 & 10 boys were privileged to perform for the Premier Mr Steve Bracks at one Assembly and tonight
they combine with Years 11 & 12 students to form a Speech Night choir of 1,300 voices.
The House Music competition is another event where all boys in the School sing in one of the four house choirs.
This year this event was held at Melbourne Town Hall, a move which proved very popular with the entire School

Melbourne High School’s reputation as a leading Australian school in boys’ singing was further enhanced this
year with performances of our students at a number of important musical events. The Singers and Unicorns took
part in performance titled ‘Aqafest’ held at The Edge at Federation Square in June. The Chorale was particularly
active with performances at Parliament House for the State Education Conference, and at the National Conference
of the Australian Society of Music Education in July. Melbourne High School’s hosting of a second Boys’ Voices
symposium, organised by the Association of Music Educators (Amuse), further established its place as a leading
pedagogical institution for boys singing. The excellent work achieved by both our Assistant Director of Music
Sonny Chua, and our Director of Choral Music Curtis Bayliss, has led to invitations to provide workshops and
presentations throughout Australia this year.

The instrumental program
Instrumental lessons on orchestral and band instruments are offered to students along with voice, classical guitar,
bagpipes and piano. The School has 15 part time instrumental teachers, that are provided by the state and a small
number of additional days of instrumental tuition are funded through our own Budget. Up to 500 students
participated in one or more of the 25 ensembles that performed on 50 different occasions and Melbourne High
School also combined with Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School to present the annual musical ‘Once upon a
Mattress’. A special event this year was the piano recital to ‘unveil’ our new Yamaha 9 which was the outcome of
the superb work of two members of the Parents and Friends of Melbourne High School. Ms Elly Brooks and Ms
Linda Edwards were the organisers of a Grand Piano Auction which raised the money for the purchase of this
beautiful instrument. The music department wishes to publicly thank them and everyone else who contributed in
any way.

Success of our students
Students experience outstanding success in VCE with some winning Premiers Awards and others selected as the
Top Class and Top Act performers in the State. We congratulate Gerry Ma as a Top Class performer on viola in
2004 and all the other students who were among the top achievers in the State.

Congratulations are also extended to a number of students who were awarded the Associate Diploma of Music
(A.Mus.A) on piano from the Australian Music Examinations Board in December 2004 and to those who have
fulfilled these requirements in 2005. They were Leo Zhang, Kin Shaun Mak, Yaodong Tan, Jack Liang, Daniel
Tong, and Garath Huang. Flautist William Docherty also won prizes in a number of prestigious flute

This year the Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr Anne Lierse entered two competitions and was
awarded a silver shield in the Melbourne String Festival, along with second place at the Royal South Street
competitions in Ballarat. Congratulations also to the two string quartets for their performance at the Victorian
Secondary Schools Chamber Music competitions.

Providing inspirational experiences for our young musicians is an ongoing goal of the music department. Each
year a number of master classes and workshops with internationally recognised performers are arranged for
students. 2005 began with staff and student workshops with the American choral conductor Professor Rodney
Eickenberger. This year opportunities were offered to members of the symphony orchestra to perform alongside
members of the State Orchestra of Victoria and to present a concert as part of the Alfred Deakin Innovation
Workshops conducted by Richard Gill who also came to Melbourne High School to present a workshop with the
orchestra. The Stage Band and Big Band were treated to a workshop with the legendary trumpet player and band
player John Hoffman. Master classes were also presented by other musicians of international standing. Piano
master classes were presented by Professor Ron Farren Price and Ms Elizabeth Michell, and top performers and
teachers from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in Singapore also treated our students to recitals and master
classes on piano (Thomas Hecht), violin (Zui Jun), trombone (Allen Meek) and piano accompanying (Kerim

Vergazov). The Singers and Unicorns took part in a special workshop with the Australian Voices under conductor
Stephen Leek.
2005 is a significant year for music education in Australia with a National Review of School Music Education
taking place. Dr Anne Lierse is contributing to this research in the role of Critical Friend of the Review and she is
also chairing the research committee on the Music Council of Australia. The National Review team has selected
Melbourne High School as a school with an exemplary music program. Curtis Bayliss and Sonny Chua continue
to work in the area of the music education of boys with a focus on boys’ singing and have presented workshops in
Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Tasmania. Dr Anne Lierse also presented seminars and research papers on piano
pedagogy, VCE music and music education research at national and state conferences in Melbourne, Adelaide and
Brisbane. Special congratulations are extended to Sharon Lierse (teacher of double bass) on attaining a Doctor of
Philosophy for her research into instrumental music education in Victoria.

The Friends of Music
The Friends of Music are a most valued part of the music program at Melbourne High School. Under the
leadership of their President Mrs Pauline Tsui, they have been pro-active in music advocacy and have supported
every music function providing management assistance and refreshments. Exceptional effort has also been put
into fundraising with their launching of an instrument fund. This has enabled the music department to purchase
instruments such as a tuba, xylophone, saxophone, double bass, two synthesizers, and two A clarinets. Grateful
appreciation is extended to all the members of this important support group.

Special mention and appreciation is also extended to the team of classroom and instrumental teachers for their
outstanding work this year.


Four years ago the then recruits were told, “amongst you are the CUOs of 2005, our Centenary Year”. Four years
on and the Centenary Year of the “modern” Melbourne High School Army Cadet Unit brought with it similar
challenges to those that the Unit has faced in the past and similar successes. The year began with the enthusiasm
of newly appointed Under Officers and NCOs all ready to take command.

Recruit numbers were down, again, and this provided the first challenge for the year. With the old adage of
quality not quantity in mind, the Ramsay Company staff set out to train the centenary members of the Unit.
Completing a modified training camp of one day, followed by an information session for parents, the year began
positively. The seniors headed out bush for their standard sojourn at Mt Disappointment and the recruits joined
them for their first night in the bush. This was their opportunity to learn and test the skills of drill, navigation,
field craft, field engineering, first aid, communications and survival.

The Unit again fulfilled a range of ceremonial obligations, beginning with the multitude of Anzac related services
including the Vice Regal Guard for Legacy, Waverley RSL’s march and general support for Anzac Day. The
Ceremonial Band continues to make a positive contribution towards the Unit. The Unit, and especially the Band,
continues to be requested for ceremonial assistance; a positive indicator of the esteem in which it’s held.

History repeated itself with Bivouac being moved backed to the end of second term and therefore in conjunction
with the Squadron (although the last time we went to bivouac together they were the Flight!). With the advent of
the wettest camp we’ve endured since 1996, all members of the Unit were challenged by the conditions. It was a
great camp!!

In July we conducted a Centenary Dinner for the Unit. Held in Memorial Hall, the guest list comprised Old Boys
from across the decades. At this event the Unit was presented with the Brigadier Tony Hammett Sword by a
group of Old Boys, to be carried by the parade commander at all major parades.

The big surprise for the year was the introduction of cadets from our sister school, Mac.Rob. The keen response
from over 20 girls saw the formation of a platoon of girls that began training at the beginning of Term 3. Their
enthusiasm saw them participate in the Brigade annual camp and our Ceremonial Parade.

Annual camp was originally intended to be similar to last year, however our erstwhile opponents for the 48 hour
exercise, CGS, retreated before an asset was even built in anger! As a result, we went to Redcastle State Forest by
ourselves, accompanied by members of the Squadron and even a few Bandsmen!? With the Unit divided in two
from the moment they stepped off the bus it was game on! Suffice it to see MHSCU won?! With the positive
experiences of annual camp and two weeks school holidays behind us, preparations began in earnest for the
Annual Ceremonial Parade. The return of the slow march offset the disappointment of the parade not being
armed; for the first time in many, many years. In the presence of Old Boy and ex-CUO, Brigadier Simon Gould,
who also visited us at camp, the parade was an outstanding success.

Whilst declining numbers remain a concern, the dedication of the OOCs, CUOs, NCOs and cadets should ensure
the continuing viability of the Unit. The Cadet Unit will continue to meet the challenges of change and provide a
genuine opportunity for student leadership within the School. The thanks of the School are extended to the
following Officers: Lieutenant Colonel C Axup, Major G James, Captains S Huysing, D Baker and N. Moran;
Lieutenants S Bell, S Dedrick, J Herzel, M Roberts and C Watson and Second Lieutenants T Jones and R
Williams (who is new to the Unit this year) and CPL A Morrison; along with the Cadet Under Officers: CUOs S
Debono, C du Plessis, J Slocombe and A Yee and the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Unit WO1 U Sheikh and
his team of Non-Commissioned Officers. Many of the benefits of cadet training will be realised by the boys and
the community in years to come.

Lieutenant Colonel C Axup continued as Commanding Officer of the Unit, in addition to his role on National
Cadet Headquarters, with Captain S Huysing as Second-in-Command. The Band continued under the baton of Mr
G Wallis and the Pipes and Drums have been under the tutelage of LT C Watson. I commend Lieutenant Colonel
Axup for his leadership and I especially extend the School’s appreciation to the many Old Boys who have
returned as Officers and supporters to assist the Unit.


The 415 Squadron operated in 2005 with a strength of 50 cadets. The results from the January promotion courses
were excellent. CFSGT Saunders completed his CUO course and CSGT Taylor completed his CWOFF course.
The senior squadron structure consisted of CUO Saunders, CWOFF Taylor, CSGT Pow, CFSGT Richardson,
CFSGT Treleaven and CSGT Mattingley. They proved to be a very experienced, enthusiastic, loyal and capable
team. An intensive Induction Training Camp was held at RAAF Williams Point Cook in February where cadets
studied service knowledge, drill and ceremonial. In April, the senior cadets participated in a training camp at
Millgrove, where they completed ground navigation exercises as part of proficiency field craft. Special thanks for
the major contribution made by PLTOFF (AAFC) Pritchard. ANZAC Day activities were prominent along with
participation at the Waverley RSL Service. During the Term vacations, members of the Squadron attended Junior
NCO Courses, General Service Training and Work Experience Camps at RAAF East Sale. The Wing Annual Drill
Competition and Annual Parade were held at RAAF Williams, Point Cook, in May and we performed reasonably
well. Once again a highlight of the year was the five day bivouac held in June at Mt Disappointment State Forest.
The senior cadets put into practice survival skills learnt at the Squadron, while the recruits were introduced to
field craft in the bush. Mr Scott Kingston, a former cadet, made a major contribution to this activity. In third term
PLTOFF (AAFC) Pritchard assumed the role of Acting CO whilst FLTLT (AAFC) Kemp was on Long Service
Leave. In September the Squadron was invited to compete in the Major JRJ Grigsby Dress and Drill Competition.
The week before, the Squadron formed the guard at the Shrine of Remembrance in the Battle for Australia

The flying and navigation programs proceeded well during 2005. Due to a restructure this is the last year that the
flying program will run under its present guise, with practical flying instruction from PLTOFF (AAFC) Denver.
Over 9 years the contract between the School and TVSA, at Moorabbin Airport, has proved to be the basis of a
very successful relationship. This is the last year of service of PLTOFF (AAFC) Denver with 415SQN. His 9
years of service as a flying instructor has lead to over forty students going solo and six students obtaining their
private pilot’s licence and the School thanks him for his great service.

FLTLT (AAFC) S Kemp led the Squadron with distinction. He was ably assisted by PLTOFF (AAFC) R
Pritchard, PLTOFF (AAFC) I Denver, FLGOFF (AAFC) D Kitchen, PLTOFF (AAFC) C Saunders and Mr S
Kingston. We thank them for their caring leadership and for their immense investment in time to the Squadron

and we express the School's appreciation for their effort and commitment. This year marks fifty-four years of
continuous operation by the Squadron. It was first formed in 1942, disbanded in 1945 and reformed in 1952. We
have had the opportunity to view many AAFC activities, and we are highly impressed with the dedication shown
by staff and outside assistants. The AAFC foster the development of leadership, patriotism, discipline, teaching
skills, responsibility, self-discipline, survival skills, neatness, bearing and an array of specific skills, knowledge
and abilities that are unlikely to be learnt as effectively through other activities. In fulfilling this role, the AAFC
will continue as a most valuable part of the School's broad education.


The combined Musical Production this year saw the talents of Melbourne High School and Mac.Robertson Girls’
High School students in the musical comedy production of “Once upon a Mattress”.
Reuniting with the girls from Mac.Rob clearly demonstrated the natural synergy between the two groups of
students. This dedication and commitment was evident in sticking to a gruelling rehearsal schedule, where the
entire show took only nine weeks from first rehearsal to the first performance.
The musical this year was under the Direction of Rachael Forgaz an ex member of staff from Mac.Robertson Girls
High School. Mr Curtis Bayliss vocally trained over 50 voices for the production. ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ would
not have been possible without the musical talents of our combined Orchestra under the talented directorship of
Mr Sonny Chua. Our Production Managers, Ms Lauren Barnes and Mr Vic Evangelou did an outstanding job in
keeping the production on track, looking after all aspects of the show including designs for the entire production –
from sets and costumes to sound and lighting. Mr Steven McDowell enthusiastically assisted the directors with
choreography. Members of both the MHS and Mac.Rob Stage Crews capably undertook the hard work and
manual labour of construction, painting, rigging, set changing, lighting, sound and make-up. Ably led by the
Stage Manager St John Gill the crew worked collaboratively and demonstrated once again their ability to run an
entire production.
There are many people who should be thanked for their part in this production. Mr David Bramble for his
enthusiasm and hard work as Properties Manager and with scenic painting; Ms Kara Coughlan (from Mac.Rob)
for co-ordination of costumes; Ms Suelyn Watterson, Mr Paul Wright, Mr Ian Bull and Mr Vic Evangelou who
dealt with the considerable demands of Front-of-House; Mr George Marotous for producing the souvenir
program. A special thanks goes to all teachers and parents involved – from parents who helped with wardrobe to
teachers who assisted with rehearsals and back-stage supervision. All cast and crew would also wish to extend
their appreciation to Mr Vic Evangelou, for his stalwart support of School Musicals across his entire career at the


This year’s Combined School Play was the intense Greek tragedy, Oedipus Tyrannus by Sophocles. To stage any
Greek play written over 2,500 years ago and make it accessible, relevant and convincing for a modern audience is
a challenging task for any director. With twenty-five very talented and committed cast members, and a dedicated
and hard working team behind him, director Mr George Marotous was able to realise his ambitious undertaking.
He successfully showcased the immense talents of the students of Melbourne High School and Mac.Robertson
Girls’ High School, and the production was an outstanding achievement.

Appreciation is extended to Ms Joan Morgan and Ms Melissa Mejias who assisted with all elements of the
production, helping maximise each cast member’s performance and working tirelessly on costumes. Both gave up
many hours of their free time to help ensure the production ran smoothly prior to and throughout the play’s
season. Mr John Rice once again showcased his innovative creativity with his lighting and set designs – described
by one audience member as “elegant but menacing”. With his fine editing of the film footage and atmospheric
soundtrack, the end result was a visually and aurally spectacular production. Special thanks goes to Ms Merren
Ward whose every free moment was spent tirelessly searching and tracking down the director’s request for film
footage of natural and ‘man-made’ disasters, and for her expertise in managing ticket sales and Front-of-House.

Ably led by the Stage Manager Jesse Overton-Skinner, Sasha Caulfield, Jason Vuong (back stage), Uyen Nguyen,
Callum Dawlings (wardrobe), and Gerard Geer and Chryssie Lambostos (make-up) worked collaboratively to

ensure success of the production. Special mention is extended to Laura Adams who capably realised Mr Rice’s
lighting designs and successfully plotted each cue, ably assisted by St John Gill.

It is the cast though who had the most daunting task of all. With only a fourteen day rehearsal period of ninety
minute sessions, these twenty five talented and committed members undertook a most ambitious task: to bring to
life one of the most difficult and demanding plays of all time. Together they worked assiduously, stretching
themselves beyond their limits, always rising admirably to the challenge until they achieved the seemingly
impossible. Imbued with high spirits, no director could have asked for a more professional and creative team of
actors whose intuitive delight in the work and on-going commitment, created a piece of theatre they will long
remember with pride.

Oedipus Tyrannus was a resounding financial and critical success with capacity houses at each session. Watching
the powerful performances against a visually spectacular set, one immediately forgot they were attending a school
production. The entire cast and production team embraced the dramatic scope of Oedipus Tyrannus,
demonstrating great teamwork and brilliant camaraderie. The play surpassed all expectations and we thank Mr
Marotous and his team for maintaining the tradition of quality productions at Melbourne High School. They
should be proud of their achievements in realising the talents of our students and drawing the best from them. All
involved with the School Play are to be commended for bringing together such a dynamic and innovative
production that will be remembered for many years to come.


In April 2005, at the Annual General Meeting of the Melbourne High School Old Boys' Association, Mr Scott
Green was again elected as President for the 6th year and Mr Nicholas Psyhogios as Vice President of the
Association. Mr S Beasley was elected as Treasurer and Mr P Osborn was elected as Secretary. Mr R Pulham,
Mr L Savage, Mr S Jones and Mr F Cader were elected to Council. Mr A Neilson was co-opted to Council.

Mr Colin Green, appointed as Executive Director, continued to provide invaluable service to the OBA Council
and School community and was well supported until mid-year with a part-time office administrator, Ms Eleanor
Reid. Mr Luke Savage has greatly assisted in office administration for the remainder of 2005. Mr Green’s areas
of operation included administration, Registrar duties, Executive Officer of The Green Maroon & Black Patrons’
Club and Foundation, President of the MHSOB Football Club, Unicorn Club operation, publications, organisation
of fifteen separate Year Group reunions, monthly luncheons and many other tasks. His contribution is enormous
and greatly appreciated by his Council colleagues, the wider Old Boy community and the School. Under Mr
Green’s direction, the Unicorn Club continued to operate as a focus for OBA social activities, especially for year
group reunions and the sporting clubs. The Club Manager this year has been Mr Chris Eva.

The Association appreciates and enjoys the counsel and support of its patrons, Mr John Elden, Mr Ronald
Seaman, Mr Alan Middleton, Mr Harold Seeley and Mr Colin Green. It is with deep sadness that we mourn the
passing of former Principal and OBA Patron Mr Lou Barberis.

The Annual Founders' Dinner was combined with the Palladians of Mac.Robertson GHS as a Centenary Dinner in
April at The Sofitel on Collins. The vivacious Chloe Dallimore was our special guest. The eighth NSW
MHSOBA Dinner was held in Sydney on Thursday 20 October at The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, with the
help of our NSW convenors, Mr Peter Capp, Mr M Baker, Mr Dean Comer and Mr Gerran Clowes. Mr Athol Guy
of The Seekers was our guest speaker.

In the Centenary Year of State Education we played an active role in a number of School based events. The
unveiling of the facsimile portrait of Mr Frank Tate, the former Director General of Education, by the Premier of
Victoria was a highlight of the year. The MHSOBA Council presented this portrait to the School as a centenary
gift, as the plaque affixed to the portrait testifies. The dedication of the Memorial Garden, adorned with part of an
original pillar from the Spring Street School, was another highlight.

The Green Maroon and Black Patrons’ Club has focused attention on the 100th year celebrations of the School and
State education in 2005. New membership has blossomed this year. The Mentor program unveiled earlier this

year has been successfully piloted prior to widening its scope in 2006. Thanks to Mr Dechlan Ellis in particular
for structuring this program.

The Football Club consolidated its place in B Grade finishing fifth. The Reserve XVIII finished fourth, the Under
19s fifth and the Under 17s second. The Water Polo Club, now combined with Richmond, continues to enjoy
success. The Cricket Club 1st XI, under the Presidency of Mr I Burrage, consolidated and rebuilt during the 2004-
05 season. The new season promises to be successful with the re-establishment of a third senior team. The Hockey
Club had a very successful year with promotions for most of its teams to higher grades. The OBA Early Morning
Fitness Group, (the Breakfast Club) is in its fifteenth year under the guidance of Mr. T Goldstein, providing an
opportunity for Old Boys and their friends to have a healthy and productive start on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The annual OBA sporting events, the Harold Roberts Bowls Championship and the Golf Days were, once again,
very successful, with Mr Colin Green looking after overall administrative aspects and Messrs K Alcock, N Fidge,
W Angus, N Hooper and E Lynch providing organisation of the venues, players and trophies. The number of
people at both events again proved their popularity. The golf championship this year was held over four days with
official handicapped players needing to submit their two best cards to be eligible for the championship.

The Luncheon Club, in its twenty second year in 2005, continues to provide interesting guest speakers for its
regular diners. The ten lunches throughout the year regularly attract 30-45 people. Our thanks go to the
management of The Kelvin Club, The Elms Room at Caulfield Tabaret, Graduate House and Bell’s Hotel, in
particular, for their continuing support.

The Student Assistance Fund, originally set up purely to provide students with support on a needs basis, has been
widened to give greater benefit to more students. An example of this was the twelfth presentation of the re-
instituted Bluey Truscott Scholar Awards, this year adding Tyson Jones and Matthew Taft to previous recipients.
These awards are made annually, providing two boys with significant financial support in their VCE years at
Melbourne High School. The winners' names are recorded on bronze plaques presented to the School by Old Boy
and previous winner of the Bluey Truscott Award, Professor J Miller AO. In 2005 the MHSOBA Alan Kermond
Undergraduate Scholarship was awarded to Alexander Ring. These scholarships are made possible through the
generosity of Old Boy Dr A Kermond and are awarded annually to outstanding young Old Boys needing financial
assistance with their mainstream university courses. In 2005 the George Fincham Scholarship was awarded to
Jamie Zhu through the generosity of Mr. G Fincham and his family. 2005 saw the continuation of the GM&B
Patrons’ Club Peter Hutchins Bursaries, through the generosity of MHSOBA Patron Mr Harold Seeley, assisting
ten Year 9 students in financial need.

Group reunions now cover all year groups at five-year intervals. Younger Old Boys conducted lunchtime career
seminars, with free sausage sizzles, introducing current students to possible career choices. This year’s MHSOBA
Careers Night, organised by the School’s Careers Coordinator Ms Anne Parker in conjunction with the Old Boys
Association, was an outstanding success.

Now in its fourth year the MHSOBA ‘Say G’day!’ communications and network directory where all Old Boys
can register continues to grow. The development of this software has been assisted by Mr J Dodd, Mr R Barber
and Mr H Seeley and their companies, for which we are most appreciative.

The School continues to work closely with Mr S Green and Mr C Green. The solid relationship between the
School and the OBA continues to grow and is being assisted by ongoing discussions between the Old Boy
executive and the School Administration. We thank them for their continued support of the School.


The School's Student Leadership Program provided many opportunities for our boys to develop their leadership
skills throughout 2005. Over sixty Year 11 students took part in the Millgrove Leaders Training Days, which
were conducted in February and April. The emphasis on these days was to provide the boys with some practical
leadership experience and to prepare them to assist with the supervision of activities such as bike riding, caving,
canoeing and the high ropes course. In February, twenty four newly elected Year 9 Form Captains and Vice

Captains attended a training seminar that helped to prepare them to effectively perform their roles. Experienced
senior student leaders participated in the planning and conduct of these sessions.

Throughout the year leadership luncheon meetings was held involving the School Captain, Vice Captain,
members of the SRC Executive, the House Captains, the Junior School Captains and other representatives of the
student body. These meetings were chaired by the School Vice Captain and provided a forum where a wide range
of curriculum and welfare issues were discussed. Throughout the year regular meetings of the Senior School
leaders, SRC Executive and the Junior School Captains, with the Principal and other members of the
Administration, established an avenue of communication that assisted in the effective running of the School.

This year many Melbourne High School students were able to participate in leadership activities such as the Lord
Somers Camp, the Very Special Kids program, World Vision Youth Conferences, Future Leaders Seminars, the
City of Melbourne Youth Council 2005, Step to the Future seminars, the Model United Nations Assembly, Youth
Leaders International, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund Youth in Philanthropy Project and a variety of other
leadership seminars aimed at today’s youth. Each of these activities was aimed at building community awareness,
working with other students and developing leadership potential. Through their participation our boys also had the
chance to develop their communication, organisational, public speaking and business skills. In addition a group
of students is participating in the World Team Challenge and organizing a trip to Borneo at the end of 2005.

The School Captain for 2005 was Mario Matchado with Joshua Crook assisting him as School Vice Captain.
Together they formed a very effective leadership team that worked cooperatively with the other senior student
leaders. Mario and Josh demonstrated an exemplary level of commitment and loyalty to the School through
participation in a wide range of activities and they quickly gained the respect and confidence of the entire student
body. The open and friendly personalities of both senior boys meant they were very approachable and this
enabled them to assist new students to settle into the School, host visitors to the School, and officiate at formal
occasions. Both boys maintained the fine tradition of outstanding leadership and commitment that had been set by
their predecessors. The senior leaders of the School have further developed the relationship with our sister school
Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School. We congratulate both Mario and Josh on a fine year in their leadership

Our Junior School Captains continued to perform an important function in the School. Christian Camilleri, Will
Hart, Tallon Mason-Kaine and Alan Taing are thanked for their excellent commitment throughout the year. They
worked extremely well together whilst at the same time continued to develop their individual leadership styles. In
particular their support at Parent/Teacher nights and when representing the School and student body at a number
of official functions was appreciated.

Leadership opportunities at MHS are diverse, ranging from Form Captains and SRC Form Representatives, team
captains and interest group leaders to House Captains and the School Captain and Vice Captain. I would like to
acknowledge all of those students who occupied leadership roles at MHS throughout 2005 and would also like to
thank Mr Colin Axup who has continued in the role of Student Leadership Co-ordinator this year.


The Community Service Program was established as part of a compulsory co-curricular activity for all Year 10
students in 1998. Students are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours Community Service during the year.
This program aims to provide valued assistance to the community as well as giving each student the opportunity
to develop personally by gaining understanding, compassion and tolerance towards those who are disadvantaged
in the community, experiencing a sense of achievement and independence by assisting others and further
enhancing communication skills and cooperative work skills.

All students participate in activities that involved personal interaction with those in the community who are less
advantaged, especially those that may be physically, mentally or health impaired. Assistance in Aged Care
facilities, working in special schools or helping in volunteer organisations that care for the sick or impaired is a
major focus of the program. In many cases students have been placed outside their “comfort zone” and have been
challenged to respond to the physical and emotional needs of others.

Volunteer organisations are asked to follow a code of practice, established by MHS, to ensure maximum benefit
to both students and the community is gained as a consequence of this program. As in previous years, the
program commenced with all Year 10 students involved in the launch of the Annual Red Cross Appeal in March.
This year the boys were treated to a sausage sizzle before they collected for the appeal in the Central Business
District. The students, who undertook this task with enthusiasm and purpose, collected about $9940.

As part of the communication requirement, students provide a class report describing their experiences. This helps
develop speaking skills and personalizes their experience. Many situations, including some sad but inspiring
accounts have been observed by students. Stories of hope, humour, despair, appreciation and caring have also
been told. Year 10 students who are active in the MHS Cadet Unit or the Ceremonial/Tattam Band can gain up to
10 hours recognition for community service via these activities. These students provide a well-recognized service
for both the School and the community.

The Community Service program was supported and encouraged by the Year 10 Coordinators, Ms Devlin and Mr
Bisetto, and Assistant Principal Mr Evangelou. The Coordinator of the program during 2005 was Mr Bisetto. I
thank Mr Bisetto for undertaking this extra role in the School and for the compassion and diligence he has shown
in its execution. Finally the involvement and encouragement of the Year 10 Form Teachers has ensured that
students have achieved significant benefits through this activity.


The Parents and Friends (P&F) Association is a group of parents and staff that is involved in fund raising and
volunteer work for the School. It gives an opportunity for parents to meet and get to know one another, and is a
way to provide feedback to the School administration on issues of concern. An important part of the P&F role is
to promote a greater sense of connectedness within the School community, enabling parents to better understand
the School and better support their sons to make the most of their educational opportunities. Once again, a large,
culturally diverse group of highly committed people have worked selflessly in support of projects and the
infrastructure of Melbourne High School, and hence of the students themselves.

As one of the many support groups within the School, the P&F has a full and varied agenda. The ongoing
activities of the Link Groups, coordinated by Ms Annette Buckley, ensure that there is a network in place that
links families living within the same geographical area. This is particularly important for incoming boys and their
families and enables interaction that continues throughout the year and is supported by local area coordinators.
Early in 2005, a meeting was held with parents from non-English speaking backgrounds, to inform and encourage
them to be involved in the School community. Interpreters were present to enhance communication.

As in previous years, P&F members have been available at parent/teacher interview nights, to meet and welcome
parents, provide them with information and assistance, and supply refreshments. The role of P&F on Open Day is
to help showcase the School to the public and this year our involvement was again coordinated by Ms Elly
Brooks. Parents not only raise funds through the provision and sale of food, but are also involved in the
promotional activities and dissemination of information. Particular thanks to Ms Veronica Hoy who was staff
liaison person for Open Day.

The Uniform Shop continues to be a very useful service for many students’ families, offering cost savings and
helping to maintain the high standard of students’ appearance. It has been very capably run this year by Ms
Desiree Taylor, Ms Eva Papas and numerous other helpers, and continues to provide a consistent and useful
source of income to the P&F. The School Raffle was coordinated this year by Mr James Lyon, and raised over
$10,000, as well as providing a chance for the students and staff at form level to be involved in fund raising.

Two major social events, Trivia Night and International Night, have now become institutions at MHS and tickets
are highly sought after. Trivia Night, in March, was again coordinated jointly by Ms Gillian Ednie and Ms Janet
Gregory, and was another financial success, very entertaining, and a great chance for the erudite MHS staff and
parents to show their stuff. The spectacular International Night, in August, was organised by Ms Gillian Read and
Ms Ganga Fernando, with great support from Ms Barbara Martin and a host of volunteers. The night featured
fantastic food from many nations, musical entertainment, dances, and colourful national costumes, all provided by
our culturally diverse parent and student community.

A Mothers Day Brunch, for MHS mothers and grandmothers, was held for the third time this year, coordinated by
Ms Elly Brooks, featuring a guest speaker and music from the MHS singers.
The contribution of the P&F Executive is invaluable. Mr James Lyon filled the role of President with Ms Annette
Buckley as Secretary and Mr Steve Fabiny, as Treasurer, has kept the P&F accounts in fine order. Vice Presidents,
Ms Eva Pappas and Ms Margot Sims Cohen, provided great support throughout the year, as did Ms Ann Tregear
and Ms Mary Milione. To the many parents who work so hard during the year, our thanks to you all. Particular
thanks also go to the always genial and ever practical Mr David Rush, our long serving staff representative and
school liaison person, who has made an inestimable contribution to P&F over many years. We will miss him
greatly, and wish him well in his retirement.

All of the funds raised by P&F are allocated to activities and equipment within the School community. This year
our major contribution has been for a new projector system, which will enable cinema-quality film and video
presentation in the Memorial Hall. We have also provided smaller amounts for other equipment items which
would not be funded from other sources, including new mattresses for Millgrove, digital cameras for art and
media studies, graphics calculator systems for the Maths department and helmets for the snow sports team. Again,
P&F paid for the useful and attractive MHS calendar, and for first time we funded the acquisition of a major
student art work for permanent display in the school.

These contributions are part of the ongoing commitment to assist in providing the best possible facilities and
opportunities for the boys at Melbourne High School. To meet this challenge, the Parents & Friends Association
in turn relies on, and appreciates, the support of the Principal, staff, students and their families. We welcome all
parents to P&F in future years, confident that we will all benefit from our involvement with this wonderful


School Council’s focus in the centenary year has been on celebrating the past while mapping the future. In the
course of the year Melbourne High School has celebrated its own history and achievements alongside those of
Mac.Roberston Girls’ High School. Memorable events have included the combined school assemblies at
Melbourne Town Hall, the centenary winter concert at Dallas Brooks Hall and the launch of Alan Gregory’s
history of MHS ‘Strong Like Its Pillars.’

School Council has embarked upon the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to chart the
future direction of MHS. The School Council Retreat in July was generously assisted by Peter Ellyard, the former
Executive Director of the Federal Commission for the Future. Preliminary discussions suggest that parents wish to
maintain the pursuit of academic excellence and value the co-curricular programme. On the other hand parents
identify improvement of teaching quality and facilities and infrastructure as priorities.

Jeremy Ludowyke commenced as Principal in January. He came to the School as an experienced and successful
secondary principal, as a thinker, a man with energy and vision and with great respect for the history and
traditions of MHS. His skills have been greatly relied upon during the year.

School Council elections conducted in March resulted in a Council composed of: Mark Taft – President, Elly
Brooks – Vice-President, Michael Hills – Treasurer, School Principal/Executive Officer Jeremy Ludowyke,
Louise Laskey, Ron Iddles, Patrick Low, Colin Heath, David Cohen, Cuc Lam, Warren Fall, Anne Parker, Pip
Capon, Sonny Chua, Matthew Taft (Year 11 student representative) and observers Nicholas Psyhogios
(MHSOBA), Fran Walshe (minute taker and finance administration manager), Tallon Mason-Kaine (Year 10
student observer) and Marc Ngan (Year 10 student observer).

Departing Council members have included former President Pam Caven, Helen Szoke, David Rush, Tony
Goodwin and student representative Cameron Grant. Their contribution is respected.

The physical revitalisation of the School continues – the driveway of the school has been transformed and the
slate roof replaced. The condition of the School oval has much improved. The hockey field resurfacing is
scheduled for completion late in the year.

Significant progress is finally being made on the Art Studies Centre project. Funding is being negotiated with
assistance from the State Government and with the advocacy and support of prominent Old Boys.

Detailed discussions are currently taking place to consolidate the long term future of the rowing programme and
the facilities that are needed to support it.


There is something magical about the spirit of Melbourne High School. As the events of recent years and our
School song so poignantly remind us, all of us, who labour and play here eventually, will be gone. Yet there is a
spirit, a magic that somehow transcends this. Each year we greet a new intake of eager Year 9 students with little
prior understanding of the School. Each year we farewell a Year 12 class that have become proud and
impassioned about this School.

The School has wrought this magic for generations. It has done so for one hundred years. To finish this report as it
began; with a nautical metaphor, Melbourne High School has always had the courage and confidence to chart its
own course and destiny. I am convinced it will continue to do so into its second century triumphantly.

                                               “Honour The Work”

Jeremy Ludowyke

                                                Lou Barberis
                                            Melbourne High School
                                                 1975 – 1986

The Melbourne High School community was saddened to hear of the death of Lou Barberis, Past Principal of the
School, in early September following a short illness.

Lou was an accomplished, dignified, intelligent and compassionate man who championed the School through
some of its most difficult times for more than a decade. His appointment as Principal of the School in 1975 was
the culmination of a distinguished career of service to education.

He was the perfect Principal for the period. He fought off many governmental challenges to the School’s special
status, including a push to convert MHS into a local area school. He successfully led the defence of the School’s
Army Cadets against government pressure to disband during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Lou steered the School through a period of rapid staff turnover and he introduced the employment of specialist
guidance counsellors to the School and the State. Lou also initiated the major planning and fundraising that was to
culminate in the ‘new’ Nineties Building in later years.

Lou Barberis did much to create the school that we love today. He believed Melbourne High School should be
based on more than a formal authoritarian structure. He believed in having general adult expectations clearly
understood by the students, with clear expectations of self-discipline from every student. Lou frequently exhorted
students to remember that the School was “much more than an academic high school.” As now, the students of
the era responded to this and made the most of everything the School offered.

John Elden, one of our School patrons says of Lou: “His warm personality, dry humour and great social
conscience made him a man among men.”

Lou Barberis truly was a man that Honoured the Work.


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