Proceedings of the Fifty-fourth Annual Meeting of the by dfgh4bnmu


									                               American Mineralogist, Volume 59, pages 438453, 1974

                       Proceedings the Fifty-fourth
                                  of               AnnualMeeting
                                             Society America
                          of the Mineralogical
                                     in Dallas,
                                          JoaN R. CLnRK,Secretary

   The fifty-fourth annual meeting of the Society was     Washington, C. The third meetingwas held on
held on November ll-14. 1973. at the Convention           November ll, 1973, at the Statler-Hilton Hotel,
Center and the Statler-Hilton and Baker Hotels in         Dallas, Texas. The principal actions taken by the
Dallas, Texas. There were five technical sessionsin                                    are
                                                          Council at thesetwo meetinss summarized     here.
mineralogy, six in petrology, and a Symposium on
Instrumental Analysis in Mineralogical Research ar-
ranged by Larry W. Finger and Deane K. Smith, Jr.           The Council voted to award the RoeblingMedal
All these sessions were, as usual, integrated with        for 1974 to Ralph E. Grim, and the Mineralogical
those of the Geological Society of America and its        Societyof America Award to JamesJ. Papike.
other affiliated societies.
   The retiring President, Joseph V. Smith, addressed     Nominationsol Officersfor 1975
the Society on the morning of November 13th on the          The following slate of electiveofficersfor 1975,
subject "Lunar Mineralogy: A Heavenly Detective           based on recommendations      from the Nominating
Story." The annual luncheon of the Society was held       Committeefor OfEcers(CharlesJ. Vitaliano, Chair-
in the Texas Room of the Baker Hotel on Novem-            man), was chosenby the Council and will appear
ber 13th. The Roebling Medal was awarded to               on the ballot to be submittedto the membership  in
George Tunell, who was presented by Gunnar Kul-           September,  1974.
lerud, and the Mineralogical Society of America             President-Arnulf Muan, The Pennsylvania    State
Award was given to Paul B. Moore, who was intro-            University.
duced by J. V. Smith.                                       V ice-President-not yet determined.
   The annual business meeting of the Society was           Secretary-1ot on the 1975ballot.
held on the morning of November 13th, at which              Treasurer-George W. Fisher, The JohnsHopkins
time reports were presented by the Secretary, the           University.
Treasurer, and the Editor of The American Minera-           Councillors(1975-1977)-Two of the four to be
/ogrsf. Less than 5O people attended, and there was         elected:
no response when the President invited questions               Iris Y. Borg, LawrenceRadiationLaboratory;
and discussion.                                                W. BarclayKamb, CaliforniaInstituteof Tech-
   Throughout the meeting the Society maintained                  nologY;
a booth in the exhibits area with the Managing Edi-            CornelisKlein, Jr., IndianaUniversity;
tor, Mary Holliman, in charge. The Dallas Gem and              RichardA. Yund. Brown Universitv.
Mineral Society provided two display cases with
minerals and fossils of Texas. Eight photographs          Fellowship
were received for the identification contest. which         The Council elected 12 members to Fellowship,
was won by Charles T. Prewitt and Joseph R. Smyth,        approvingall recommendationsmadeby the Nomi-
each identifying four correctly. Other winners, in        nating Committee for Fellows (R. E. Newnham,
order, were Gordon Nord, Bruce Massar, Kris Hil-          Chairman).The new Fellowsare:
lock, and Gary Getz. (See pages 447-453, where                RobertH. Carpenter
the photographs are reproduced, with identifications           Petr Cerny
and photographers given on page 380.)                          FabienMarie PierreCesbron
                                                               Luke L. Y. Chang
            Actions of the 1973 Council                               Y.
                                                               George Chao
  The second meeting of the 1973 Council was held              Arthur J. Ehlmann
on April 19, 1973, at the Geophysical Laboratory,              Arthur J. Gude,3rd
                                            PROCEEDINGS                                             439

    Donald David Hogarth                                  maintained aid the Treasurerand advisethe
    Donald Langmuir                                       Councilin overallfinancialmatters.    The Chair-
    Fiorenzo Mazzi                                        men of the Committeeson Managementand
    Martin Prinz                                          on Publications to becomemembers the
                                                                            are                     of
    Harold RobertSteacy                                   FinancialAdvisory Committeeand participate
                                                          in long-rangeplanning for the Society.
M embership A ssistan:ceFund                           2. The Treasurer empowered employa small
                                                                          is             to
   The Council unanimouslyadopted a resolution            management     group to take care of investments
establishing Membership
             a             AssistanceFund from the        for the Society.
legacy left the Societyby Miss Jewell J. Glass in      3. Methods of evaluation of the status of the
1966. The Fund is intendedto assistmembersof              portfolio are to be established the Treasurer
the Society, during periods of personalhardship, to       with the adviceof the FinancialAdvisoryCom-
maintain their association  with the Society; how-        mittee.
ever, under special and compellingcircumstances, 4. Securities        are to be held in the name of the
assistance membersfor other humanitarianpur-
           to                                             Society all times.
posesmay be authorized,    providing such assistance 5. The management        firm is to provide quarterly
directly contributes to the health and well-being of      analysis a yearlysummaryof actions
                                                                    and                             taken.
the member.     Members who wish to apply for as-      6. Changes    made in the portfolio by the manage-
sistance from this Fund should send a letter to the       ment flrm should be carried out without ex-
President explaining circumstances the
                     the              and     needs.      pense to the Society other than the regular
An announcement the Fund appears
                   of                   elsewhere in      brokerage   commissions.
this issue(pagei).                                     7. At the annual meeting,the Council is to fix
                                                          the goals to be achievedby the management
 Winter Meeting in Tucson,Arizona                         firm within a following three-yearperiod.
    The Council unanimouslyapproved joining the        8. Full accountingis to be made of the capital
Friends of Mineralogy, Mineral Museums Advisory           gain (or loss) and income of each security
Council,Universityof Arizona, and the TucsonGem           held in the portfolio. Addition of new funds or
 and Mineral Societyfor a joint meetingin Tucson,         removal of funds from the EndowmentFund
Arizona, February 10'11, 1974, with field trips be-       shouldbe madeonly with the majority consent
fore and after the meeting. An announcementof             of the Council.
the meeting with information about the field trips    9. The Treasureron the advice of the Financial
 and housing was sent to all Society membersin            Advisory Committeeshouldbe responsible       for
 October,1973.                                            the distribution and    assignmentof earnings
                                                          from the investment portfolio to the various
New Committee on Public Education and                      fundsin an equitable  manner.
 Informntion                                          10. The appreciation the Council to Mrs. Mar-
    The Councilunanimously   votedto establish new
                                              a           garet C. Green of Merrill Lynch, Pierce,Fen-
 Committee on Public Education and Information             ner, and Smith for her past service to the
 which is to considerways in which the Societycan         Societyin handlingits accountis to be suitably
 help educate public aboutmineralsand mineral-
               the                                         recorded.
 ogy and encourage the participation of minority
 groupsin mineralogy.                                             Actions otthe 1974 Council
                                                       The first meetingof the 1974 Councilwas held at
 Recommendation:s the Financial Aduisory
                    ol                               noon Wednesday,    November14, 1973,at the Statler-
 Committee                                           Hilton Hotel. Dallas,Texas.
    The Council unanimouslyadoptedrecommenda-
 tions brought before it by the Financial Advisory First Award lrom the Edward H. Kra:us
 Committee,H. S. Yoder, Jr., Chairman.These are CrystallographicResearchFund
 summarized follows.
              as                                       Twenty applications                  by
                                                                             werereceived the deadline
    1. A Financial Advisory Committeeof prudent of October 15, 1973. The Presidentappointed a
       members having sound judgment is to be Committee evaluate applications; members
                                                                 to          the              the

wereWayneA. Dollase, H. Fang,Clifford Frondel,
                         J.                                     Report of the Secretary 1973
and G. V. Gibbs. The Council consideredtheir
recommendations unanimously
                   and              voted to give the Resultsol the Elections
first grant from the Edward H. Kraus Crystallo-
graphic ResearchFund to Mr. Shu-chengYu, The             In the spring a specialvote on the new Constitu-
Pennsylvania   State University, for his proposal to  tion and By-Laws was taken. The ballots were
study the defectsin pyroxenestructures.               countedwith the help of CharlotteM. Warshaw,and
                                                      the new Constitutionand By-Laws were adoptedby
TreasurerAuthorized To Carrv Out Financiql            a vote of 924 in favor, 23 opposed.
Transactinns                                             The usual electionof officerswas held in the fall,
                                                      and the ballotswere countedon October 18, 1973,
   The Council unanimously authorized the Trea-
                                                      with the help of Charlotte M. Warshaw. Those
surer to handle the financial affairs of the Society,
                                                      electedare as follows.
including buying and selling stocks and signing con-
                                                         President-S. W. Bailey (1974)
tracts; he may delegatesuch authority consistent
                                                         Vice-Presidenl-Arnulf Muan (1974)
with the advisoryresolutions  passed the Council.
                                     by                  Secretary-Joan R. Clark (1974-1975)
                                                         Councillors-Arthur L. Boettcher (1974-1976\
                                                                      Philip M. Orville (1974-1976\
   The honorariumfor the Editor was continuedat
$1,500.The appointment Mrs. Mary Holliman as M embers:hip
                           of                                      Statistics
ManagingEditor was reaffirmedwith great apprecia-
                                                         The number of membersas of October l, 1973,
tion of her work with the journal and the exhibit
                                                      is comparedbelow with the numbersfor a few pre-
   The distribution of one or more newslettersdurins
197 wasapproved.
                                                                                  1971, 1972 1973
                                                        Members                  2,135 l,7Ol r,690
Short Courses
                                                        Student Members                  389 45r
                                                        Fellows                   530 572 586
  The Council agreed that plansshouldbe madefor         Honorary Fellows           10109
a Short Course to be given ahead of the 1974 an-
nual meeting Miami Beach.                                                        2,675 2,672 2,736

SpringMeeting ol the Council                          Necrology

   T\e 1974 Council will hold its secondmeetingin        In February, 1973, the Society lost its distin-
Washington, C., duringthe fifty-fifth annualmeet-    guished  HonoraryPresident, DeanEdwardH. Kraus.
ing of the AmericanGeophysical                       He had celebratedhis 97th birthday the previous
                                   Union April 8-12,
 r974.                                               December.A tragic accidentin January took the
                                                     life of our former President,William F. Bradley.
Committeesan:dOther Appointiae Officers              Later in January,word was received the deathof
                                                     one of our Honorary Fellows, Cecil E. Tilley. In
   A list of appointiveofficers,preparedby the Pres- addition, we have lost the following Members and
ident and his Committeeon Cornmittees,     was pre- Fellowsby deathsincethe last report.
sentedto the Council. With somechanges     made by         HerbertW. Allison
the Council, the list was completedand approved.           Kent C. Brannock
The Ad-Hoc Committeeon Endowmentand Funds                  Paul W. Gast
was dismissed  with the thanksof the Council for its                E.
                                                           Johannes Hiller
work. The name of the Committeeon Membership               ThomasN. McVay
Statuswas changedto Nominating Committeefor                H. W. Rinn
Fellows. The National ResearchCouncil has dis-             James  RobertSmith
continued its policy of asking for representatives         Arthur B. Sperry
from societies, the Societyno longer has an of-
                 so                                        A. P. Subramaniam
ficial representative NRC.
                    to                                     David K. Webb,Jr.
                                                   PROCEEDINGS                                                                                                         441

Acknowledgments                                               Tlsrp.            Endowment Fund, September 28, 1973,
                                                                                                                                                    Market       Dividends
   The assistance our staff at the Business
                  of                         Office                                                                   No. of     Total
                                                                                                                               adjusted             value,      anticipatod,
is gratefully acknowledged. The Secretaryis greatly                    Portfollo                                                 cost               9/2e/7t        l97J

indebtedto all the memberswho respond so cheer-               Bonds
                                                                                                                         t7    $r,7r9.t6            tr,862        $r48.76
fully when called upon for help-too many to list by             anelican        Tel.       € fel.,        8 3/4

                                                              Preferred         stock
namebut the response remembered
                      is            with apprecia-
                                                                Clty     Inv.      Cv28,       2/r7                     260     t0,202 s9
tion.                                                           FMC Corp,                                               r50       4,792-90            s,02s        253.14
                                                                General Tcl.             Elec.       5g                 300     t2,s84.25            il,062        7s0.00
                            Respectfully submitted,             Sun 0ll         co.                                     100       2,342,63            4,588        225.00

                            JonN R. Cl,lnr, Secreta:ry        Comon      Stocks

                                                                mer       Tel.        t Tel.                            570     1 4 , 8 8 09 5       29,640      r,596 00
                                                                Chase Manhattah                                         480     t4,702,45            28,200        960,00

          Report of the Financial Advisory                      Chessie         systen,        Inc.                     150       E,643.57            6,750        390.00
                                                                Colsbia          Gas                                    450       9,52047            12,600
              Committeefor 1973'                                Colubus          e So. ohlo                                                           6,562        4S0,00
                                                                Continental             can                             225       4,osI s6            6,047        360.00
   The portfolio's market value at the end of Sep-              Continental             0il                             600                          22,t25        900 00

tember 28, 1973, was 25 percent above its total                 Denison         Mines,        Ltd.                      ts0       3,09600             5,096        I9o 00
                                                                Detroir         Edison                                  220       s , 7 2 Ot 0        4,125        315.25
adjustedcost. Securities the portfolio are listed
                           in                                   Enhert      Corp                                        316       4,805.33            6,399        284.40

in the Table. The income estimated fiscal 1973
                                      for                       General         Motors                                  185      1 6 , 5 6 I4 2      12,395        808 S0
                                                                6ene!al         Portland                                150       2,93469             r,856        120.00
from securities  represenls 5.7 percent return on
                             a                                  Greyhound Corp.                                         708       6,0r68S            1I,062        736.32

the cost of the portfolio and a 4.6 percentreturn on             Indianapolis             PoNer                         100       3,08425             2,750         162.00
                                                                 Xinberly        Clark                                  300       8,84149            13,650         360 00
its marketvalue.                                                 Rloger     co.                                          300      3,24535             s.475         390 00

   A special situation developedin Control Data                  Marriott         Corp.                                  820       I,82853
                                                                 occidental           Petrol.                            l0l       4 , 3 5 30 5        1,0d8
which indicateda favorablefuture, and, on the ad-                P. P      G. lndustries                                 220       6 , 3 1 28 3       7,480         352 00

vice of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith,                Tenneco, Inc.                                           500     t4,t92 37            12,562        680 00
                                                                 Union Carbide                                                   r0,7r94l              6,869        363.14
100 shareswere purchased.The special situation                   wisconsin            Pover Lighl                        r10       2,3047S             2,is0        156,20

evolved.but the market value could not be main-                  l{arrants        M       Tel        G Tel.               34                             244

tainedin the general             of
                      depression the market which
                                                                                                                               $20i,986 6           $259,167.          u
followed. The portfolio was reviewed in detail on
                                                                        operating          Rescrve
January31, 1973,by Merrill Lynch, Pierce,Fenner,
and Smith.Saleof some$78,500worth of stockwas                    Control         Data                                    100       5,9:7 50            4,400
                                                                                                                         100       6,582.50            6.700         90 00
recommended not initiated because the pre-
               but                        of                     General         llotors

cipitous drop in market values. At what appeared                                                                                $r2,780 0
                                                                                                                                       0             sll,l00        s90 00
to be the bottom of the market cycle, purchaseof                        flenbership           Assistance       Fund
 100 sharesof GeneralMotors was made with ac-                  Bond

cumulated funds. In the interest of security, the                South Cenrrrl                Ber1, I      1/l';                   4 , 9 E 50 l        5,300        1 3 70 0

moniesof the Jewell J. GlassLegacy,as the initial
                                                                                                GUND IOTAL                     $ : 2 0 , 7 5 r7 6   $275,s67    $r2,585.11
part of the Membership AssistanceFund, were in-
vestedin a bond bringing 8/+ percent interest.
    The Committee                                                                             Report of the Editor for 1973
                   hasundertaken study of various
types of organizations with the aim of obtaining pro-           The changeto the new format was accomplished
fessionalmanagementfor the Society'sportfolio in              smoothlywith the January-February(1973) num-
 accordwith the wishesof the Council; a smallfinan-           ber. A shortagein paper stock occasionally   forced
 cial management   group was recommended best as              The William Byrd Pressto print our journal on the
 meeting needs the Society.
         the       of                                         stock availablerather than on that ordered.A tdtal
                                                              lack of paper actuallyheld up printing of the July-
                                                              Augustissuefor a week.
                       H. S. Yoosn, JR.,Chairm,an
                                                                Effort has been made to achievehigher quality
                       Pnresrrny TouturN, 3nn                                                       tableswhich
                                                              and uniformity of the author-supplied
                       PHIrtp M. Brtmr, Treasurer
                                                              we photograph  and reproduce.
  'Because of the change to a calendar fiscal year, the Re-      The number of papersreceived  and processed  re-
port of the Treasurer for 1973 and the Report of Audit for    mains about the same as in recent years.Statistics
1973will be publishedin a later issue.                        are given in the accompanying  table.
442                                                                  PROCEEDINGS

                               OprnlnoNs. 1973                                ELAPSED TIME FOR PUBL]CATIONT

                                                                                                                       Median MS      Average of Revi.ewed
                                        M,1i:"                                                                       1971**   1973        MSS. 1973
                                                 Notes* ^Bo9k   erstr. TT1L
                                                                              Fron     receipt    to   acceptance    82        85            1r8

 In Press (57,11-12;58,1-4)              57      39
                                                                              ltlith   author    for   revision                38             56
                                                         77             96
 Accepted, awaiting press                                               18    With editor        awaiting    press   68        65             42
 MSS in Process
   Editorial office   .                                                .0     With     printer                       t42
   Associate Editors,   authors,   revlewers                            9g       * In days.
 Total Mss on had                                                      116     ** 197I data fron An. I*inetal.         57' 677.
oPEMTIoNS, Jiluary    1 to Decenber 31, 1973                                  *** (four i
 Published (57, 11-12;58, 1-r0)     t18          S0      45            168
 Sent to Press (58,11-12i59, 1-4) 115**
                                                 49      53     30     r64
                                                                              AssociateEditor Prewitt presented    data (from Oc-
 Rejected (includes 14 withdrawn by authors)
                                                                              tober issues) that indicatedthat time betweenac-
STATUS, Decenber 31, 1973
                                                                              ceptanceand publication of Mineralogical Notes in
 In Press (58,11-12;59,1-4)             54**   38       25       30       92  The American Mineraloglsl compareswith those in
 Accepted, aNaiting press
 In Process, editorial     office
                                                                           0  Nature and Science, two journals associatedwith
 In process, Associate Editors, authors,
    revlewers                                                           Ll0
                                                                              "rapid" publication.A summaryof elapsedtime is
 Total MSS on hand
                                                                              as given in the accompanying  table.
 rlncludes    Awards, Errata, Menorials; New Mineral Nanes, p.roceedings.        On behalf of the Society,the Editor expresseshis
**Includes 1973 Index.
 tlncludes 2 held over fron previous year, awaiting authorrs                  gratitudeto the Board of Associate Editors who con-
     drafting  of figures.
                                                                              tribute so gteatly to The Americwt Mineralogist and
                                                                              in particularto retiringAssociateEditors,DonaldM.
    All manuscripts after acceptancewere sent im- Henderson                               and Paul H. Ribbe.Dr. MichaelFleischer
mediately to press. None (except by author's re- kindly contributes the material for New Mineral
quest) was held over for printing in a subsequent Namesand advises respect problemsof nomen-       in      to
number. Manuscriptsunder review spent about half clature.Thosewho graciously                                 reviewedmanuscripts
their pre-acceptancetime undergoing revision by at the requestof the Editor or AssociateEditors are
authors.At the Dallas meetins of the editorial staff. listed below.

                                                                     1973 Referees

Arden Albee                                Maryellen Cameron                  V. C. Farmer                                 Necip Giiven
J, Amoros                                  D. M. Carmichael                   J. J. Fawcett                                Stefan Hafner
Daniel E. Appleman                         Alden B. Carpenter                 Larry Finger                                 E. Haines
Joel Arem                                  Neville Carter                     JosephJ. Finney                              G. N. Hanson
John Axe                                   P. eerny                           A. G. Fischer                                Moyle Harward
S. W. Bailey                               C. L. Christ                       D. W. Fischer                                J. F. Hays
Anatoli Baktin                             I. A. Clark                        D. J. Fischer                                Kurt Heinrick
H. U. Bambauer                             Joan R. Clark                      M. Fleischer                                 H. C. Helgeson
G. Bancroft                                M. G. Clark                        M. Fleet                                     D. M. Henderson
Werner H. Baur                             Robert Coleman                     P. D. Fleming                                Roger Hewins
P. Bayliss                                 Iames R. Craig                     F. F. Foit                                   David A. Hewitt
M. H. Beeson                               Percy Crosby                       R. Fournier                                  Lincoln S. Hollister
Richard Beger                              L. S. Darken                       M. Friedman                                  H. D. Holland
Peter Bell                                 P. Datta                           A. J. Frueh                                  Wm. T. Holser
Alfred E. Bence                            Wm. H. Dennen                      Alan M. Gaines                               D. W. Hood
A. E. Beswick                              Art Doan, Ir.                      Robert L Gait                                J. StephenHuebner
A. L. Boettcher                            Wayne Dollase                      A. J. Gancarz,Jr.                            Frank E. Huggins
Bruce F. Bohor                             Robert C. Doman                    Subrata Ghose                                Juan Iglesias
Michdel Bown                               Gabrielle Donnay                   G. V. Gibbs                                  Earl Ingerson
William F. Bradley                         Eric Dowty                         R. F. GieseJr.                               Jun lto
E. J. Brooker                              Wendell A. Duffield                M. C. Gilbert                                H. W. Jaffe
Gordon E. Brown                            Richard Erd                        J. Gittins                                   W. D. Johns
G. R. Buckley                              W. G. Ernst                        J. R. Goldsmith                              J. B. Jones
C. W. Burnham                              Bernard Evans                      D. L. Graf                                   Robert Kable
Roger Burns                                Howard T. Evans                    John E. Grover                               Miriam Kastner
EugeneN. Cameron                           JosephJ. Fahey                     Arthur I. Gude                               Klaus Keil
                                             PROCEEDINGS                                      443

D. M. Kerrick         Dan Mclachlan, Jr.            Arthur L. Reesman   S. Sueno
Cornelis Klein, Jr.   Herbert A. McKinstry          P. Reitan           Norm Suhr
Judith Konnert        E. P. Meagher                 Paul H. Ribbe       P. C. Taylor
O. C. Kopp            Helen D. Megaw                C. I. Rich          T. P. Thayer
T. D. Kurtz           Paul B. Moore                 Keith Robinson      P. Toulmin, III
R. N. Kushiro         E. M. Moores                  Peter Robinson      A. L. Turnock
T. A. P. Kwak         S. A. Morse                   P. E. Rosenberg     R. T. Tettenhorst
GeorgeLager           Mary Mrose                    A. Rosenzweig       Gene Ulmer
Donald Langmuir       L. P. J. Muffier              Malcolm Ross        F. Uricks
D. M. Lapham          F. A. Mumpton                 George Rossmann     David J. Vaughan
A. A. Levinson        I. Munday                     John C. Rucklidge   J. C. Van Loon
Don Lindsley          Alexandra Navrotsky           Douglas Rumble      David Virgo
L. L. Lohr            Gary A. Novak                 M. Sato             Ernest E. Wahlstrom
John Louisnathan      Robert E. Newnham             Surrendra Saxena    D. R. Waldbaum
William C. Luth       A. Niggli                     R. N. Schock        D. H. Watkinson
Che-BaoMa             Yoshikazu Ohashi              S. D. Scott         Victor Wall
J. B. MacChesney      H. Ohmoto                     George B. Skippen   W. B. White
F. T. MacKenzie       Peter Okamura                 Brian I. Skinner    F. J. Wicks
L A. Mandarino        Adolf Pabst                   Maynard Slaughter   Ray Wilcox
Anthony Mariano       Norman J. Page                Deane K. Smith      Wm. O. Williamson
R. H. Mariner         J. J. Papike                  Douglas Smith       W. S. Wise
Robert McCallister    William Parrish               JosephR. Smyth      Gunther Wolff
Henry Meyer           Donald R. Peacor              L. W. Staples       David R. Wones
Gregory J. McCarthy   Michael W. Phillips           Hugo Steinfink      Thomas L. Wright
J. W. McCauley        D. C. Presnall                David B. Stewart    B. J. Wuensch
Duncan McConnell      C. T. Prewitt                 R. E. Stoiber       Hubert P. Zeck
Fred McDowell         V. Rajamani                   V. S. Stubican


                                 List of Former Officersand Meeting Places
                                             Honorary Presidents
                                         Edward S. Dana 1925-L935
                                       - CharlesPalache1949-1954
                                        Edward H. Kraus 1955-1973

1920 Edward H. Kraus         1934 lohn E. Wolff          1,947M. J. Buerger           1960 JosephMurdoch
1921 Charles Palache         1935 Clarence S. Ross       1948 M. A. Peacock           1961 E. F. Osborn
1922 Thomas L. Walker        1936 William S. Bayley      1949 John W. Gruner          1962 lan Campbell
1923 Edgar T. Wherry         1937 Norman L. Bowen        1950 George Tunell           1963 C. S. Hurlbut. Jr.
1924 Hemy S. Washington      1938 Ellis Thomson          l95l A. Pabst                1964 Leonard G. Berry
1925 Arthur S. Eakle         1939 Max N. Short           1952 Michael Fleischer       1965 George T. Faust
1925 Waldemar T. Schaller    1940 William F. Foshag      1953 J. D. H. Donnay         1966 Brian H. Mason
1927 Austin F. Rogers        1941 Frederick E. Wright    1954 Sterling B. Hendricks   1967 Felix Chayes
1928 Esper S. I-arsen        1942 Arthur F.'Buddington   1955 Harry H. Hess           1968 James B. Thompson
1929 Arthur L, Parsons       1943 John F. Schairer       1956 Clifford Frondel        1969 Francis J. Turner
1930 Herbert E. Merwin       1944 R. C. Emmons           1957 D. Jerome Fisher        1970 William F. Bradley
1931 Alexander H. Phillips   1945 Kenneth K. Landes      1958 George E. Goodspeed     1971 Julian R. Goldsmith
1932 Alexander N. Winchell   1946 Paul F. Kerr           1959 Ralph E. Grim           1972 Hatten S. Yoder, Jr.
1933 Herbert P. Whitlock                                                              1973 JosephV. Smith

                                                Vice Presidents
1920 Thomas L. Walker        1934 William A. Tarr        1947 Carl Tolman             1960 E. F. Osborn
1921 Waldemar T. Schaller    I935 Ellis Thomson          194E A. Pabst                1961 Ian Campbell
1922 Frederick A. Canfield   1936 Harold L. Alling       1949 l. D. H. Donnay         1962 C. S. Hurlbut, Jr.
1923 George F. Kunz          1937 H. V. Ellsworth        1950 Ralph E. Grim           1963 l-eonard G. Berry
1924 WashingtonA. Roebling   1938 Kenneth K. Landes      1951 Michael Fleischer       1964 George T. Faust
1925 Herbert P. Whitlock     1939 Burnham S. Colburn     1952 I. D. H. Donnay         1965 Brian H. Mason
1926 George Vaux, Jr.        1940 Ian Campbell           1953 Sterling B. Hendricks   1966 Felix Chayes
1927 George L. English       1941 William J. McCaughey   1954 Harry H. Hess           1967 James B. Thompson
1928 Lazard Cahn             1942 Martin J. Buerger      1955 Clifford Frondel        1968 Francis L Turner
1929 Edward Wigglesworth     1943 John W. Gruner         1956 D. Jerome Fisher        1969 William F. Bradley
1930 John E. Wolff           7944 Harry Berman           1957 George E. Goodspeed     1970 Julian R. Goldsmith
1931 William F. Foshag       1945 George Tunell          1958 Ralph E. Grim           1971 Hatten S. Yoder, Jr.
1932 Joseph L. Gillson       1946 S. B. Hendricks        1959 Joseph Murdoch          1972 JosephV. Smith
1933 Frank B. Guild                                                                   1973 S. W. Bailey

           Secretaries                            Treasurers                                Editors
1920-1922Herbert P. Whitlock           1920-1923Albert B. Peck                1920-t921 Edgar T. Wherry
1923-1933Frank R. Van Horn             1924-1929 AlexanderH. Phillips         1922-1955Walter F. Hunt
1933-1934Albert B. Peck                1929-1930Albert B. Peck                t957-1961 Lewis S. Ramsdell
1934-1944Paul F. Kerr                  1930-1940WaldemarT. Schaller           1961-1966E. Wm. Heinrich
1944-1959C. S. Hurlbut, Jr.            t94l-1958 Earl Ingerson                1966-1972 William T. Holser
1959-1966GeorgeSwitzer                 1958-196E MarjorieHooker               1972-     F. Donald Bloss
1966-1969Ralph J. Holmes               1969-1972 Alvin Van Valkenburg,Jr.
1970-1971Arnulf Muan                   1973-     Philip M. Bethke
1972-    JoanR. Clark
                                                  PROCEEDINGS                                                      445

1920 Arthur S. Eakle, Frank R. Van Horn, Frederick E.        1948 R. E. Grim, Ioseph Murdoch, H. H. Hess, Clifford
     Wright, Alexander H. Phillips.                               Frondel.
1921 Frank R. Van Horn, Frederick E. Wright, Alexander       1949 JosephMurdoch, H. H. Hess, Clifford Frondel, Lewis
     H. Phillips, Austin F. Rogers.                               S. Ramsdell.
1922 Frederick E. Wright, Alexander H. Phillips, Austin F.   1950 H. H. Hess, Cliftord Frondel, Lewis S. Ramsdell,
     Rogers,Thomas L. Watson.                                     E. F. Osborn.
1923 Alexander H. Phillips, Austin F. Rogers, Thomas L.      1951 Clifford Frondel, Lewis S. Ramsdell, E. F. Osborn,
     Watson, Esper S. Larsen.                                     Georse T. Faust.
1924 Austin F. Rogers, Thomas L. Watson, Esper S. Lar-       1952 Lewis S. Ramsdell, E. F. Osborn, George T. Faust,
     sen. Arthur L. Parsons.                                      Victor T. Allen.
1925 Thomas L. Watson,'Esper S. Larsen, Arthur L. Par-       1953 E. F. Osborn, George T. Faust, Victor T. Allen, C.
     sons,William F. Foshag.                                      Osborne Hutton.
1926 Esper S. Larsen, Ar.thi,rrL. Parsons,William F. Fos-    1954 George T. Faust, Victor T. Allen, C. OsborneHutton,
     hag, William A. Tarr.                                        Felix Chayes.
1927 Arthur L. Parsons, William F. Foshag, William A.        1955 Victor T. Allen, C. Osborne Hutton, Felix Chayes,
     Tarr. Alexander N. Winchell.                                 L. G. Berry.
1928 William F. Foshag, William A. Tarr, Alexander N.        1956 C. Osborne Hutton, Felix Chayes, L. G. Berry, C. B.
     Winchell, Ellis Thomson.                                     Slawson,A. O. Woodford.
1929 William A. Tarr, Alexander N. Winchell, Ellis Thom-     1957 Felix Chayes, L. G. Berry, C. B. Slawson, A. O.
     son. ClarenceS. Ross.                                        Woodford, S. S. Goldich.
1930 Alexander N. Winchell, Ellis Thomson, Clarence S.       1958 L. G. Berry, C. B. Slawson, A. O. Woodford, S. S.
     Ross,Paul F. Kerr.                                           Goldich, B. H. Mason, R. H. Jahns, C. Milton.
1931 Ellis Thomson, Clarence S. Ross, Paul F. Kerr, Wil-     1959 S. S. Goldich, B. H. Mason, R. H. Jahns, C. Milton,
     liam S. Bayley.                                              W. R. Foster. E. W. Nuffield.
1932 Clarence S. Ross, Paul F. Kerr, William S. Bayley,      1960 R. H. Jahns,C. Milton, W. R. Foster, E. W. Nuffield,
     William J. McCaughey.                                        J. R. Goldsmith, Horace Winchell.
1933 Paul F. Kerr, William S. Bayley, William J. McCau-      1961 W. R. Foster, E. W. Nuffield, J. R. Goldsmith, Horace
     ghey, Kenneth K. Landes,                                     Winchell, R. M. Garrels, O. F. Tuttle.
1934 William S. Bayley, William J. McCaughey, Kenneth        1962 l. R. Goldsmith, Horace Winchell, R. M. Garrels,
     K. Landes.E. P. Henderson.                                   O. F. Tuttle, Francis J. Turner, Hatten S. Yoder, Jr'
1935 William J. McCaughey, Kenneth K. Landes, E. P.          1963 R. M. Garrels, O. F. Tuttle, Francis J. Turner, Hat-
     Henderson.J. F. Schairer.                                    ten S. Yoder, Jr., W. F. Bradley, Howard T. Evans, Jr'
1936 Kenneth K. Landes, E. P. Henderson,J. F. Schairer,      1964 Francis J. Turner, Hatten S. Yoder, Jr., W. F. Brad-
     Arthur F. Buddington.                                        ley, Howard T. Evans, Jr., Harold L. James, Joseph
1937 E. P. Henderson, J. F. Schairer, Arthur F. Budding-          V. Smith.
     ton. Arthur P. Honess.                                  1965 W. F. Bradley. Howard T. Evans, Jr., Harold L.
1938 J. F. Schairer Arthur F. Buddington, Arthur P. Hon-          James, Joseph V. Smith, William T. Pecora, William
     ess,R. C. Emmons.                                            S. Fyfe, Walter D. Keller.
1939 Arthur F. Buddington, Arthur P. Honess, R. C. Em-       1966 Harold L. James, Joseph V. Smith, William S. Fyfe,
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[940 Arthur P. Honess, R. C. Emmons, Carl Tolman, D.              MacKenzie.
     Jerome Fisher.                                          1967 Eugene N. Cameron, Robert G. Coleman, William S.
l94l R. C. Emmons, Carl Tolman, D. Jerome Fisher, Mar-            Fyfe, Donald L. Graf, Walter D. Keller, William S.
     tin A. Peacock.                                              MacKenzie.
1942 Carl Tolman, D. Ierome Fisher, Martin A. Peacock,       1968 F. Donald Bloss, Eugene N. Cameron, Charles L.
     Adolf Pabst.                                                 Christ, Robert G. Coleman, Donald L. Graf, William
1943 D. Jerome Fisher, Martin A. Peacock, Adolf Pabst,            S. MacKenzie.
     C. S. Hurlbut, Jr.                                      1969 Robert G. Coleman, Donald L. Graf, F. Donald Bloss,
1944 Martin A. Peacock, Adolf Pabst, Michael Fleischer,           Charles L. Christ, W. Gary Ernst, Gunnar Kullerud.
     S. J. Shand.                                            1970 F. Donald Bloss, Charles L. Christ, W. Gary Ernst,
1945 Adolf Pabst, Michael Fleischer, S. J. Shand, R. E.           Gunnar Kullerud, David R. Wones, Peter J. Wyllie.
     Grim.                                                   l97l W. Gary Ernst, Gunnar Kullerud, David R. Wones,
1946 Michael Fleischer, S. J. Shand, R. E. Grim, Joseph           Peter J. Wyllie, Sturges W. Bailey, George Switzer'
     Murdoch.                                                1972 David R. Wones, Peter J. Wyllie, SturgesW. Bailey'
1947 S. J. Shand,R. E. Grim, JosephMurdoch, H. H. Hess.           George Switzer, George W. Brindley, Edwin Roedder.
                                                             1973 Donald H. Lindsley, George Switzer, George W.
                                                                  Brindley, Edwin Roedder,Daniel E. Appleman, David
                                                                  B. Stewart.
446                                             PROCEEDINGS

                                            Annual Meeting Places
1920 Chicago, Illinois                  1938NewYork,NewYork                 1956 Minneapolis, Minnesota
l92l Amherst, Massachusetts             1939 Minneapolis, Minnesota         1957 Atlantic City, New Jersey
1922 Ann Arbor, Michigan                1940 Austin. Texas                  1958 St. Louis. Missouri
1923 Washington,D. C.                   1941 Boston, Massachusetts          1959 Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
1924 lthaca, New York                   1942 No meeting held                1960 Denver, Colorado
1925 New Haven, Connecticut             1943 No meeting held                1961 Cincinnati.Ohio
1926 Madison, Wisconsin                 1944 No meeting held                1962 Houston, Texas
1927 Cleveland, Ohio                    1945 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania       1963 New York. New York
1928 New York. New York                 1946 Chicago, Illinois              1964 Miami Beach,Florida
1929 Washington,D. C.                   1.947 Ottawa. Canada                1965 KansasCity, Missouri
1930 Toronto" Canada                    1948 New York. New York             1966 San Francisco,California
1931 Tulsa, Oklahoma                    1949 El Paso, Texas                 1967 New Orleans, Louisiana
1932 Cambridge, Massachusetts           1950 Washington,D. C.               1968 Mexico City, Mexico
1933 Chicago, Illinois                  1951 Detroit, Michigan              1969 Atlantic City, New Jersey
1934 Rochester,New York                 1952 Boston, Massachusetts          1970 Milwaukee. Wisconsin
1935 New York, New York                 1953 Toronto, Canada                                  D.
                                                                            1971 Washington, C.
1936 Cincinnati, Ohio                   1954 Los Angeles,California         1972 Minneapolis, Minnesota
1937 Washington,D. C.                   1955 New Orleans, Louisiana         1973 Dallas, Texas

                                       Recipientsof the Roebling Medal
1937 Charles Palache                    1953 William F. Foshag              1963 John Frank Schairer
1938 Waldemar T. Schaller               1954 Cecil Edgar Tilley             1964 Cliftord Frondel
1940 Leonard lames Spencer              1955 Alexander N. Winchell          1965 Adolf Pabst
1941 Esper S. Larsen, Jr.               1956 Arthur F. Buddington           1966 Max H. Hey
1945 Edward H. Kraus                    1957 Walter F. Hunt                 1967 Linus Pauling
1945 Clarence S. Ross                   1958 Martin J. Buerger              1968 Tei-ichi Ito
1947 Paul Niggli                        1959 Felix Machatschki              1969 Fritz Laves
1948 William Lawrence Bragg             1960 Tom F. W. Barth                1970 George W. Brindley
1949 Herbert E. Merwin                  1961 Paul Ramdohr                   1971.J. D. H. Donnay
1950 Norman L. Bowen                    1962 lohn W. Gruner                 1972 Elburt F. Osborn
1952 Frederick E. Wright                                                    1973 GeorgeTunell

                            Recipients of the Mineralogical Society of America Award
1951 Orville F. Tuttle                  1959 Harry F. W. Taylor             1966 David B. Stewart
1952 Frederick H. Stewart               1960 Donald L. Graf                 1967 Alfred E. Ringwood
1953 L. H. Ahrens                       1961 JosephV. Smith                 1968 Barclay Kamb
1954 Hatten S. Yoder, Jr.               1962 Douglas S. Coombs              1969 W. Gary Ernst
1955 Julian R. Goldsmith                1963 Nobuo Morimoto                 1970 Bernard W. Evans
1956 George C. Kennedy                  1964 William S. Fyfe                1971 Roberf A. Berner
1957 Rustum Roy                         1965 Peter I. Wyllie                1972 Arthur L. Boettcher
1958 Charles E. Weaver                                                      1973 Paul Brian Moore


   At the GSA meetings Dallas,November 1973,
the Mineralogical Societyof America displayedthe
photographson the following pagesin an impromptu
identification contest. Visitors to our booth were
askedto identify the rocks or minerals in thesepic-
tures. The largest number of correct identifications
was for photographnumber 8, but no one got num-
ber 1 (a blow below the belt). Photos 2 and 3 were
in color. (All photographsare printed approximately
Vz ther display dimensions).
   In easeyou would like to try your skill, the photo-
graphs (and photographers) are identified on page

448                                  PROCEEDINGS

                                                              No. 2. Original in color.

      No. 1 Actual size 3.5 cm.

                                  No. 3. Orisinal in color.

No. 4. Electron microphotograph.
    No. 5. Electron microphotograph.
No. 6. Electron microphotograph.

         250 A
No. 7. Electron microphotograph.
           PROCEEDINGS                     453

No. 8. Scanningelectron microphotograph.

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