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									 India’s Leading
   Equity Broking Houses 2007

                             Prabhudas Lilladher Private Limited

                                                                                                    D&B D-U-N-S®: 92-568-8962
 Corporate Address : 3rd Floor, Sadhana House, 570 P.B. Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra
 Phone : 91-22-66322222 Fax : 91-22-66322229
 Email : Website :
 SEBI Registration : NSE - INB/INF 230597738, BSE - INB/INF 010502855

 Introduction                                                                                       NUMBER OF TERMINALS
     Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd (Prabhudas Lilladher) was established in 1944 and since
 then it has penetrated the capital market and derivative segment. The company was              TOTAL                             195
 founded by Mr. Prabhudas Lilladher on the principles of uncompromising dedication              MAJOR CITIES
 to quality and steadfast adherence to ethics. Today the company provides investment            Mumbai                            140
 services leveraged across a distribution network, which has enabled them to evolve into
                                                                                                Delhi                              15
 a full-fledged financial solutions provider.
                                                                                                Kolkata                           15
 Market and Network
    Prabhudas Lilladher is a member in the premiere stock exchanges of India. It is a           Chennai                            10
 member in National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE).             Ahmedabad                          15
 The company is a depository participant in Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL). It          OTHER CITIES                        -
 has a nationwide network of 5 branches, 110 sub-brokers and a team of 211 well trained
 employees spread over 57 cities in the country.                                                MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                                Cash Market : NSE BSE
 Areas of Expertise                                                                             Derivatives : NSE BSE
    Prabhudas Lilladher offers a comprehensive range of investment products and                 Debt :        NSE BSE
 services for its institutional and retail clients which include Equity Broking, Derivatives,   REACH & ACCESS
 Mutual Funds, Portfolio Advisory, IPO services and Depository Services.                        No. of Employees :    211
 Equity Broking                                                                                 No. of Branches :       5
                                                                                                No. of Cities/Towns :  57
     Prabhudas Lilladher, as a member of Mumbai and the National Stock Exchange,                No. of Sub Brokers :  110
 offers its clients equity execution services at these premier exchanges through a network
 of 100 offices across the country. It also facilitates day trading at both the above            CLEARING BANK
 exchanges. Prabhudas Lilladher provides the flexibility to their clientele in executing         ICICI Bank, Centurion Bank
 trades through multiple channels, viz. through their main office or branches, or at any of      MANAGEMENT
 their franchise centers or through the telephone. They also offer their clients technical      Chairman & Managing Director
 recommendations for short term & day trading.                                                  Arun Sheth
                                                                                                Chief Compliance Officer
 Derivatives                                                                                    Uday Kajaria
     Prabhudas Lilladher is a member on the Derivatives segment of the BSE and the              Designated Directors
 NSE. They offer trading in derivatives to their clients to enable them to carry out            Arun Sheth, Dhiren Sheth
 Hedging, Speculation and Index Arbitrage. The company has set up a Derivatives Desk            PRODUCTS & SERVICES
 to take care of specific needs and help maximize returns by applying strategies devised         IPOs
 by their team.                                                                                 Trading (Equities/ Derivatives)
                                                                                                RBI Relief/Tax Saving Bonds
 Online Trading
                                                                                                Depository Services
    Prabhudas Lilladher offers its clients an online trading portal through the MajorGainz      Margin Financing
 website. This user friendly platform provides clients an access to all the information         Technical Analysis
 regarding their Trades, F&O Open Positions, Margins and Exposures and their Demat              Fundamental Analysis
 Holdings with the company. Along with Technical & Fundamental calls and access to              Mutual Funds
 company snapshots. It offers clients the facility to make a fund transfer into their trading   Investment Advisory
 account via ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank or UTI Bank payment gateways. It also features               Company Research
 regular commentaries updating users with the happenings in the equity market. It               Internet Trading
 provides clients with stock specific movements in the market and daily round-ups on the
 top markets worldwide. The other features provided in this portal include current news
 covers, live market updates, portfolio manager, and desktop tickers, online research,
 technical analysis, IPO updates and newsletters among others.
 Portfolio Management Services
     The company also offers discretionary Portfolio Management Services, which aims
 to provide consistent returns in the long-term at a moderate level of risk. They provide
 their clients with fundamentally strong stocks and appropriate diversification to meet
 the stated objective of each Portfolio scheme. Portfolio Management Services provided

                                                                                             India’s Leading
                                                                                               Equity Broking Houses 2007
by the company largely cater to those investors who want to be free from
making day-to-day investment decisions. The Portfolio management Services
comprise of two schemes viz. EQUITRA and EQUIGROW.
   EQUITRA is an investment cum trading scheme with an objective to take
advantage of volatility in the market in the short to medium term. EQUIGROW
aims at giving high returns by investing in growth stocks across sectors and
market capitalization.
Mutual Funds
    Prabhudas Lilladher’s team tracks the performance of Mutual Funds across
the gamut of investor options and advises investors on the same. In addition
to tracking the key performing funds and analyzing the portfolios and maturity
profiles of different funds, the team also advises investors on the available
options to best suit their investment needs.
    Prabhudas Lilladher’s team of IPO sub-brokers offers complete range
of services to the investors, across the nation. Investors are able to make                        Arun Sheth - CMD
informed investment decisions due to their access to primary market research
                                                                                                       CMD Speak
done by the company. Along with advice on forthcoming IPOs and Public Issues
through Book building, write ups on selected Issues and post issue feedback is            After the introduction of SEBI – a regulatory
also provided to the investors through its online venture.                            authority for the Indian capital market, the
                                                                                      volume in terms of the number of players and
Depository Services
                                                                                      the depth of the secondary markets has grown
   The company is a depository participant with CDSL and offers a range of
                                                                                      manifold. The online trading base has widened
services including free account opening facilities, dematerialization of physical
                                                                                      the horizon for any player (big or small) to enter
shares, Re-materialization, Pledging and Settlements.
                                                                                      the market without any fear of systematic risk.
Support Services                                                                      Due to the increasing competition & greater
                                                                                      penetration of online trading, it has been
Research                                                                              observed that clients have become more
    At Prabhudas Lilladher, the research team undertakes technical and                alert and well informed, thereby demanding
fundamental research to tap the markets. They also internally develop                 more and better value added services from
analytical tools and models which help provide their clients with an updated          brokerage houses. We at Prabhudas Lilladher
overview of the market. The Technical Analysis is used to determine stock
                                                                                      feel that the Investor base in India which is
price behaviour and predict price movements. The company employs this
                                                                                      hardly 1% of the population can go up to at
approach to supplement fundamental analysis and to add value to forecasts
                                                                                      least 3-4% in the near future.
using fundamental analysis with technical indicators. The fundamental research
carried out by the company provides advisory support to clients to complement              Having foreseen this scenario Prabhudas
their equity broking and portfolio structuring requirements.                          Lilladher has established itself as a full service
                                                                                      brokerage house. It has created a niche for
Growth Areas
                                                                                      itself with regards to Research of Companies
    Prabhudas Lilladher is planning to diversify its investment banking business
                                                                                      and has a full fledged research team. Having
and introduce off-shore funds and management boutiques. It is in the process
                                                                                      rendered satisfactory services to big players
of tapping more overseas business, with London and Singapore being the
                                                                                      like FIIs, Domestic Funds including Domestic
focus areas. Besides newer avenues of business & growth Prabhudas Lilladher
                                                                                      Institutions, Corporates and High Net Worth
is constantly focusing on expanding its existing Institutional and FII client base.
                                                                                      Individuals, Prabhudas Lilladher is now focusing
Research Outfits and Regional Brokerage Outfits are new areas of business
                                                                                      it’s attention in expanding its presence in the
that the company would focus on in the future.
                                                                                      retail segment through the establishment
                                                                                      of branches and sub-brokers who will offer
                                                                                      both offline & online trading along with other
                                                                                      services like Mutual Funds & IPO’s.
                                                                                                                   - Arun Sheth, CMD

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