CHARACTERS in Picture Books
Youth Services Section, Main Library
LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library System (4/07 dt)

Picture Books
By the Dawn’s Early Light (by Karen Ackerman)                          E Ack
Black Is Brown Is Tan (by Arnold Adoff)                                E Ado
Hard to Be Six (by Arnold Adoff)                                       E Ado
Where Does the Trail Lead?(by Burton Albert)                           E Alb
The Legend of Freedom Hill (by Linda Jacobs Altman)                    E Alt
Booker T. Washington (by Thomas Amper)                                 E Amp
The Key into Winter (by Janet S. Anderson)                             E And
When You Were Born (by Dianna Hutts Aston)                             E Ast
I Can Do It Too! (by Karen Baicker)                                    E Bai
One Fall Day (by Molly Bang)                                           E Ban
Ten, Nine, Eight (by Molly Bang)                                       E Ban
Allie’s Basketball Dream (by Barbara E. Barber)                        E Bar
Saturday at the New You (by Barbara E. Barber)                         E Bar
The Barber’s Cutting Edge (by Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert)                 E Bat
Li’l Dan, the Drummer Boy: A Civil War Story (by Romare Bearden)       E Bea
Beauty, Her Basket (by Sandra Belton)                                  E Bel
Mayonnaise Sandwiches And Sunshine Tea (by Sandra Belton)              E Bel
Pictures for Miss Josie (by Sandra Belton)                             E Bel
Grandmama’s Pride (by Becky Birtha)                                    E Bir
Daniel’s Dog (by Jo Ellen Bogart)                                      E Bog
The Legend of the Valentine (by Katherine Grace Bond)                  E Bon
How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt (by Tamara Bower)      E Bow
More Than Anything Else (by Marie Bradby)                              E Bra
Shawn Goes to School (by Petronella Breinburg)                         E Bre
Honey...Honey…Lion?: A Story from Africa (by Jan Brett)                E Bre
Grandmother and I (by Helen E. Buckley)                                E Buc
Grandfather and I (by Helen E. Buckley)                                E Buc
Fatuma’s New Cloth (by Leslie Bulion)                                  E Bul
The Blue and the Gray (by Eve Bunting)                                 E Bun
Imani’s Gift at Kwanzaa (by Denise Burden-Patmon)                      E Bur
Grandma’s purple flowers (by Adjoa J. Burrowes)                        E Bur
Abby (by Jeannette Caines)                                             E Cai
Just Us Women (by Jeannette Caines)                                    E Cai
Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry (by Bebe Moore Campbell)                 E Cam
Wild, Wild Sunflower Child Anna (by Nancy White Carlstrom)             E Car
One Child, One Seed: A South African Counting Book (by Kathryn Cave)   E Cav
Snow on Snow on Snow (by Cheryl Chapman)                               E Cha
On The Day I Was Born (by Deborah M Newton Chocolate)                  E Cho
The Piano Man (by Deborah M. NewtonChocolate)                          E Cho
The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Spring (by Lucille Clifton)              E Cli
Everett Anderson’s Friend (by Lucille Clifton)                         E Cli
My Big Brother (by Miriam Cohen)                                       E Coh
Wash Day (by Barbara HancockCole)                                      E Col
The Foot Warmer and The Crow (by Evelyn Coleman)                       E Col
The Glass Bottle Tree (by Evelyn Coleman)                              E Col
The Foot Warmer and the Crow (by Evelyn Coleman)                         E Col
To Be a Drum (by Evelyn Coleman)                                         E Col
Uptown (by Bryan Collier)                                                E Col
The most important Gift of All (By David Conway)                         E Con
Full, Full, Full of Love (by Trish Cooke)                                E Coo
So Much (by Trish Cooke)                                                 E Coo
Getting’ Through Thursday (by Melrose Cooper)                            E Coo
My Family Plays Music (by Judy Cox)                                      E Cox
Strong to the Hoop (by John Coy)                                         E Coy
Bigmama’s (by Donald Crews)                                              E Cre
I’ll Catch the Moon (by Nina Crews)                                      E Cre
Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! (by Pat Cummings)                          E Cum
For You are a Kenyan Child (by Kelly Cunnane)                            E Cun
Jamela’s Dress (by Niki Daly)                                            E Dal
Not So Fast Songololo (by Niki Daly)                                     E Dal
Once Upon a Time (by Niki Daly)                                          E Dal
Pape Lucky’s Shadow (by Niki Daly)                                       E Dal
Tower to Heaven (Retold by Ruby Dee)                                     E Dee
Grandaddy’s Street Songs (by Monalisa DeGross)                           E DeG
My Steps (by Sally Derby)                                                E Der
An Enchanted Hair Tale (by Alexis De Veaux)                              E DeV
My Steps (by Sally Derby)                                                E Der
Rap a Tap Tap: Here’s Bojangles Think of That! (by Leo & Diane Dillon)   E Dil
Bintou’s Braids (by Sylviane A. Diouf)                                   E Dio
Home Place (by Crescent Dragonwagon)                                     E Dra
Honey Baby Sugar Child (by Alice Faye Duncan)                            E Dun
Miss Viola and Uncle Ed Lee (by Alice Faye Duncan)                       E Dun
An African Princess (by Lyra Edmonds)                                    E Edm
Josias, hold the book (by Jennifer Riesmeyer Elvgren)                    E Elv
Big Wind Coming! (by Karen English)                                      E Eng
Hot Day on Abbott Avenue (by Karen English)                              E Eng
Neeny Coming, Neeny Going (by Karen English)                             E Eng
Speak to Me: And I Will Listen Between the Lines (by Karen English)      E Eng
A Bus of Our Own (by Freddi Williams Evans)                              E Eva
The Green Lion of Zion Street (By Julia Fields)                          E Fie
The Patchwork Quilt (by Valerie Flournoy)                                E Flo
Celie and the Harvest Fiddler (by Vanessa & Valerie Flournoy)            E Flo
Sophie (by Mem Fox)                                                      E Fox
Yesterday I Had the Blues (by Jeron Ashford Frame)                       E Fra
King of Another Country (by Fiona French)                                E Fre
Greetings, Sun (by Phillis & David Gershator)                            E Ger
Rata-Pata-Scata-Fata: A Caribbean Story (by Phillis & David Gershator)   E Ger
Indigo and Moonlight Gold (by Jan Spivey Gilchrist)                      E Gil
Madelia (by Jan Spivey Gilchrist)                                        E Gil
Music From The Sky (by Denise Gillard)                                   E Gil
The Genie in the Jar (by Nikki Giovanni)                                 E Gio
Sofie and the City (by Karima Grant)                                     E Gra
Sunflower Island (by Carol Greene)                                       E Gre
First Pink Light (by Eloise Greenfield)                                  E Gre
Grandpa’s Face (by Eloise Greenfield)                                    E Gre
Me & Neesie (by Eloise Greenfield)                                       E Gre
Waiting for Christmas (by Monica Greenfield)                             E Gre
William and the Good Old Days (by Monica Greenfield)                     E Gre
The Village That Vanished (by Ann Grifalconi)                                  E Gri
Danitra Brown Leaves Town (by Nikki Grimes)                                    E Gri
Wild, Wild Hair (by Nikki Grimes)                                              E Gri
A Shelter In Our Car (by Monica Gunning)                                       E Guy
Desert December (by Dorian Haarhoff)                                           E Haa
Wee Winnie Witch’s Skinny (by Virginia Hamilton)                               E Ham
Going North (by Janice N. Harrington)                                          E Har
Things I Like About Grandma (by Francine Haskins)                              E Has
Jamaica and Brianna (by Juanita Havill)                                        E Hav
Eat Up, Gemma (by Sarah Hayes)                                                 E Hay
Sofie’s Role (by Amy Heath)                                                    E Hea
Come On, Rain! (by Karen Hesse)                                                E Hes
Jamaica Louise James (by Amy Hest)                                             E Hes
Mr. George Baker (by Amy Hest)                                                 E Hes
Evan’s Corner (by Elizabeth Starr Hill)                                        E Hil
Amazing Grace (by Mary Hoffman)                                                E Hof
An Angel Just Like Me (by Mary Hoffman)                                        E Hof
Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad? (by Sandy Lynne Holman)                      E Hol
Be Boy Buzz (by Bell Hooks)                                                    E Hoo
Happy to Be Nappy (by Bell Hooks)                                              E Hoo
Skin Again (by Bell Hooks)                                                     E Hoo
The Ballad of Belle Dorcas (by William H. Hooks)                               E Hoo
Under the Quilt of Night (by Deborah Hopkinson)                                E Hop
How Many Stars in the Sky? (by Lenny Hort)                                     E Hor
Aunt Flossie’s Hats: and Crab Cakes Later (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)     E How
Lulu’s Birthday (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)                               E How
Mac and Marie and the Train Toss Surprise (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)     E How
Papa Tells Chita a Story (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)                      E How
The Train to Lulu’s (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)                           E How
Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)            E How
What’s in Aunt Mary’s Room? (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)                   E How
When Will Sarah Come? (by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard)                         E How
Joshua’s Masai Mask (by Dakari Hru)                                            E Hru
Tickle Tickle (by Dakari Hru)                                                  E Hru
Black All Around! (by Patricia Hubbell)                                        E Hub
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin (by Cheryl Willis Hudson)                              E Hud
Afro-Bets Kids: I’m Gonna Be! (by Wade Hudson)                                 E Hud
My Best Friend (by Pat Hutchins)                                               E Hut
Two Mrs. Gibsons (by Tony Igus)                                                E Igu
Peekaboo Morning (by Rachel Isadora)                                           E Isa
Earth Mother (by Ellen B. Jackson)                                             E Jac
I Dream of Trains (by Angela Johnson)                                          E Joh
Sweet Smell of Roses (by Angela Johnson)                                       E Joh
The Wedding (by Angela Johnson)                                                E Joh
Of Corn Silk and Black Braids (Vincent L Johnson)                              E Joh
Hot City (by Barbara M. Joosse)                                                E Joo
Stars in the Darkness (by Barbara M. Joosse)                                   E Joo
Just Like Josh Gibson (by Angela Johnson)                                      E Joh
I told you I can play (by Brian Jordan)                                        E Jor
Did I Tell You I Love You Today (by Deloris Jordan)                            E Jor
Michael’s Golden Rules (by Michael Jordan)                                     E Jor
Salt In His Shoes: Michael Jordan In Pursuit of His Dream (by Roslyn Jordan)   E Jor
He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands (by Nelson Kadir)                        E Kad
Louie (by Ezra Jack Keats)                                                   E Kea
My Great-Grandmother’s Gourd (by Christina Kessler)                          E Kes
We All Went on Safari: A counting Journey through Tanzania (by Laurie Krebs) E Kre
Good Neighbor Nicholas (by Virginai L Kroll)                                 E Kro
Sweet Magnolia (by Virginia Kroll)                                           E Kro
Faraway Home (by Jane Kurtz)                                                 E Kur
In the Small, Small Night (by Jane Kurtz)                                    E Kur
Beautiful Bananas (by Elizabeth Laird)                                       E Lai
Please Baby Please (by Spike Lee)                                            E Lee
Please Puppy Please (by Spike Lee)                                           E Lee
Runaway Jack (by Stewart Lees)                                               E Lee
The Knee-High Man: and other Tales (by Julius Lester)                        E Les
Shining (by Julius Lester)                                                   E Les
Why Heaven Is Far Away (by Julius Lester)                                    E Les
This Little Light of Mine (by E. B. Lewis)                                   E Lew
Sweet Potato Pie (by Kathleen D. Lindsey)                                    E Lin
Tree of Hope (by Amy Littlesugar)                                            E Lit
Jackie’s Bat (by Marybeth Lorbiecki)                                         E Lor
Sister Anne’s Hands (by Marybeth Lorbiecki)                                  E Lor
Can’t Sit Still? (by Karen E. Lotz)                                          E Lot
Roy Makes a Car (by Mary E. Lyons)                                           E Lyo
Pickin’ Peas (by Margaret Read MacDonald)                                    E Mac
Molly Bannaky (by Alice McGill) E                                            McG
Flossie and the Fox (by Patricia C. McKissack)                               E McK
Ma Dear’s Aprons (by Patricia C. McKissack)                                  E McK
Messy Bessey’s Closet (by Patricia C. McKissack)                             E McK
Mirandy and Brother Wind (by Patricia C. McKissack)                          E McK
Precious and the Boo Hag (by Patricia C. McKissack)                          E McK
My Friend Jamal (by Anna McQuinn)                                            E McQ
Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-off (by Ann M. Martin)                      E Mar
Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp (by Mercer Mayer)                        E May
The Adventures of Sugar and Junior (by Angela Shelf Medearis)                E Med
Annie’s Gifts (by Angela Shelf Medearis)                                     E Med
Picking Peas for a Penny (by Angela Shelf Medearis)                          E Med
Deshawn Days (by Tony Medina)                                                E Med
Somewhere in Africa (by Ingrid Mennen and Nkik Daly)                         E Men
Across the alley (by Richard Michelson)                                      E Mic
Happy Feet: the Savoy Ballroom Lindy Hoppers and Me (by Richard Michelson) E Mic
Calvin’s Christmas Wish (by Calvin Miles)                                    E Mil
Can’t Scare Me (by Melissa Milich)                                           E Mil
Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat (by Melissa Milich)                     E Mil
The Bus Ride (by William Miller)                                             E Mil
Joe Louis, My Champion (by William Miller)                                   E Mil
Night Golf (by William Miller)                                               E Mil
The Piano (by William Miller)                                                E Mil
Rent Party Jazz (by William Miller)                                          E Mil
Uncle Jed’s Barbershop (by Margaree King Mitchell)                           E Mit
My Rows and Piles of Coins (by Tololwa M. Mollel)                            E Mol
Blackberry Stew (by Isabell Monk)                                            E Mon
A Good Night for Freedom (by Barbara Olenyik Morrow)                         E Mor
I Want To Be (by Thomas Moss)                                                E Mos
Summer Sun Risin’ (by W. Nikola-Lisa)                                        E Nik
Big Jabe (by Jerdine Nolen)                                                  E Nol
Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm (by Jerdine Nolen)                                E Nol
Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life (by Jerdine Nolen)                            E Nol
Lauren McGill’s Pickle Museum (by Jerdine Nolen)                               E Nol
In My Momma’s Kitchen (by Jerdine Nolen)                                       E Nol
Raising Dragons (by Jerdine Nolen)                                             E Nol
Thunder Rose (by Jerdine Nolen)                                                E Nol
When I’m Alone (by Carol Partridge Ochs)                                       E Och
The Jukebox Man (by Jacqueline K. Ogburn)                                      E Ogb
Bikes for Rent (by Isaac Olaleye)                                              E Ola
Fireflies for Nathan (by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim)                            E Opp
Joe Can Count (by Jan Ormerod)                                                 E Orm
Young Joe (by Jan Ormerod)                                                     E Orm
My Grandpa and the Sea (by Katherine Orr)                                      E Orr
The Palm of My Heart: Poetry by African-American Children                      E Pal
Bebop Express (by H. L. Panahi)                                                E Pan
Hugs and Hearts (by Toni Trent Parker)                                         E Par
Sienna’s Scrapbook: Our African American Heritage Trip (by Toni Trent Parker) E Par
Snowflake Kisses and Gingerbread Smiles (by Toni Trent Parker)                 E Par
Car Washing Street (by Denise Lewis Partick)                                   E Pat
Red Dancing Shoes (by Denise Lewis Partick)                                    E Pat
Daughter’s Day Blues (by Laura Pegram)                                         E Peg
Think Cool Thoughts (by Elizabeth Perry)                                       E Per
Fishing Day (by Andrea Davis Pinkney)                                          E Pin
Mimi’s Christmas Jam (by Andrea Davis Pinkney)                                 E Pin
Sleeping Cutie (by Andrea Davis Pinkney)                                       E Pin
Adventures of Sparrowboy (by Brian Pinkney)                                    E Pin
Cosmo and the Robot (by Brian Pinkney)                                         E Pin
Max Found Two Sticks (by Brian Pinkney)                                        E Pin
Back Home (by Gloria Jean Pinkney)                                             E Pin
The Sunday Outing (by Gloria Jean Pinkney)                                     E Pin
Read and Rise (by Sandra Pinkney)                                              E Pin
Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children (by Sandra L. Pinkney)          E Pin
Follow That Cat (by Saviour Pirotta)                                           E Pir
Chicken Sunday (by Patricia Polacco)                                           E Pol
I Can Hear the Sun (by Patricia Polacco)                                       E Pol
Mr. Lincoln’s Way (by Patricia Polacco)                                        E Pol
Pink and Say (by Patricia Polacco)                                             E Pol
The Chalk Doll (by Charlotte Pomerantz)                                        E Pom
You’re Not My Best Friend Anymore (by Charlotte Pomerantz)                     E Pom
These Hands (by Hope Lynne Price)                                              E Pri
Octopus Hug (by Laurence Pringle)                                              E Pri
Read for Me, Mama (by Vashanti Rahaman)                                        E Rah
Liberty Street (by Candice F. Ransom)                                          E Ran
Rescue On the Other Banks (by Candice F. Ransom)                               E Ran
Freedom ship (by Doreen Rappaport)                                             E Rap
Charlie Parker Played Be Bop (by Chris Raschka)                                E Ras
Mysterious Thelonious (by Christopher Raschka )                                E Ras
Yo! Yes? (by Christopher Raschka )                                             E Ras
Climb Up A Mountain (by Dana Meachen Rau)                                      E Rau
Circle Unbroken: The Story of a Basket and Its' People (by Margot Theis Raven) E Rav
Night Boat to Freedom (by Margot Theis Raven)                                  E Rav
All Aboard (by Mary Lyn Ray)                                                   E Ray
God Inside of Me (by Della Reese)                                              E Ree
Metal Man (by Aaron Reynolds)                                        E Rey
Keep Climbing Girls (by Beah E. Richards)                            E Ric
I feel a Foot (by Maranke Rinck)                                     E Rin
Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad In the Sky (by Faith Ringgold)   E Rin
Cassies Word Quilt (by Faith Ringgold)                               E Rin
Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House (by Faith Ringgold)                    E Rin
Bonjour, Lonnie (by Faith Ringgold)                                  E Rin
Tar Beach (by Faith Ringgold)                                        E Rin
Jazzy Miz Mozetta (by Brenda C. Roberts)                             E Rob
Jewels (by Belinda Rochelle)                                         E Roc
When Jo Louis Won the Title (Belinda Rochelle)                       E Roc
My Best Friend (by Mary Ann Rodman)                                  E Rod
Aunt Martha and the Golden Coin (by Anita Rodriguez)                 E Rod
Jamal and the Angel (by Anita Rodriguez)                             E Rod
Nobody Knows (by A. Shelton Rollins)                                 E Rol
Leola and the Honeybears (by Melodye Benson Rosales)                 E Ros
Pot Full of Luck (by Anne Rose)                                      E Ros
Jezebel’s Spooky Spot (by Alice & Kent Ross)                         E Ros
Hard Hat Area (by Susan L. Roth)                                     E Rot
Lots of Dads (by Shelley Rotner & Sheila M. Kelly)                   E Rot
Straw Sense (by Rona Rupert)                                         E Rup
I Have Another Language: The Language Is Dance (by Eleanor Schick)   E Sch
One Summer Night (by Eleanor Schick)                                 E Sch
Peanut’s Emergency (by Cristina Salat)                               E Sal
The Bridge Dancers (by Carol Saller)                                 E Sal
Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella (by Robert D. San Souci)          E San
Charlie’s House (by Reviva Schermbrucker)                            E Sch
Down the Road (by Alice Schertle)                                    E Sch
Carolinia Shout! (by Alan Schroeder)                                 E Sch
Ragtime Tumpie (by Alan Schroeder)                                   E Sch
Jump Rope Magic (by Afi Scruggs)                                     E Scr
Ntombi’s Song (by Jenny Seed)                                        E See
Abiyoyo (by Pete Seeger)                                             E See
The Deaf Musicians (by Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Jacobs)           E See
The Jazz of Our Street (by Fatima Shaik)                             E Sha
Whitewash (by Ntozake Shange)                                        E Sha
The Sanyasin’s First Day (by Ned Shank)                              E Sha
Seeds (by George Shannon)                                            E Sha
Look At Your Eyes (by Paul Showers)                                  E Sho
Dancing the Ring Shout (by Kim L. Siegelson)                         E Sie
In the Time of the Drums (by Kim L Siegelson)                        E Sie
Forest Singer (by Sylvia Sikundar)                                   E Sie
All Families Are Special (by Norma Simon)                            E Sin
Grannie Jus’ Come! (by Ana Sisnett)                                  E Sis
The Day Gogo Went to Vote (by Elinor Batezat Sisulu)                 E Sis
Who’s in a Family? (by Robert Skutch)                                E Sku
Dawn and the Round To-It (by Irene Smalls)                           E Sma
Don’t Say Ain’t (by Irene Smalls)                                    E Sma
Louise’s Gift (by Irene Smalls)                                      E Sma
Because You’re Lucky (by Irene Smalls-Hector)                        E Sma
Irene and the Big, Fine Nickel (by Irene Smalls-Hector)              E Sma
Jenny Reen and the Jack Muh Lantern (by Irene Smalls-Hector)         E Sma
Jonathan and His Mommy (by Irene Smalls-Hector)                      E Sma
My Nana & Me (by Irene Smalls)                                        E Sma
Brown Sugar Babies (by Charles R. Smith, Jr.)                         E Smi
Loki & Alex: The Adventures of a Dog & His Best Friend
         (by Charles R. Smith, Jr.)                                   E Smi
Perfect Harmony: A Musical Journey with The Boys Choir of Harlem
         (by Charles R. Smith, Jr.)                                   E Smi
A Brave Speceboy: Moving Is an Adventure (by Dana Kessimakis Smith)   E Smi
A Wild Cowboy (by Dana Kessimakis Smith)                              E Smi
Janna and the Kings (by Patricia Smith)                               E Smi
Just the Two of Us (by Will Smith)                                    E Smi
The Hard-Times Jar (by Ethel Footman Smothers)                        E Smo
City Angel (by Eileen Spinelli)                                       E Spi
White Wash (by Ntozake Shange)                                        E Spo
Monkey for Sale (by Sanna Stanley)                                    E Sta
Monkey Sunday: A Story From a Congolese Village (by Sanna Stanley)    E Sta
Bessie Smith and the Night Riders (by Sue Stauffacher)                E Sta
What About Me? (by Helen Stephens)                                    E Ste
Jones Family Express (by Javaka Steptoe)                              E Ste
Birthday (by John Steptoe)                                            E Ste
Daddy Is a Monster…Sometimes (by John Steptoe)                        E Ste
Stevie (by John Steptoe)                                              E Ste
The Dove (by Diane Stewart)                                           E Ste
Gift of the Sun: A Tale From South Africa (by Diane Stewart)          E Ste
Armien’s Fishing Trip (by Catherine Stock)                            E Sto
Gugu’s House (by Catherine Stock)                                     E Sto
Secret Valentine (by Catherine Stock)                                 E Sto
Where are you going Manyoni? (by Catherine Stock)                     E Sto
Storm in the Night (by Mary Slattery Stolz)                           E Sto
Zekmet: the Stone Carver: A Tale of Ancient Egypt (by Mary Stolz)     E Sto
Bear E. Bear (by Susan Straight)                                      E Str
Haircuts at Sleepy Sam’s (by Michael R. Strickland)                   E Str
Rainbow Joe and Me (by Maria Diaz Strom)                              E Str
Down Dance Y’all (by Bettye Stroud)                                   E Str
Down Home at Miss Dessa’s (by Bettye Stroud)                          E Str
The Leaving (by Bettye Stroud)                                        E Str
The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom (by Bettye Stroud)         E Str
Babu’s Song (by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen)                               E Stu
Elizabeti’s Doll (by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen)                          E Stu
Elizabeti’s School (by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen)                        E Stu
Mama Elizabeti (by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen)                            E Stu
The Animal Rescue Store (by Elizabeth Swados)                         E Swa
Bippity Bop Barbershop (by Natasha Tarpley)                           E Tar
Destiny’s Gift (by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley)                         E Tar
I Love My Hair (by Natasha Tarpley)                                   E Tar
Joe-Joe’s First Flight (by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley)                 E Tar
Little Cliff’s First Day of School (by Clifton L. Taulbert)           E Tau
Sweet Music in Harlem (by Debbie A. Taylor)                           E Tay
George Crum and the Saratoga Chip (by Gaylia Taylor)                  E Tay
Oh, No, Toto! (by Katrin Hyman Tchana)                                E Tch
Sense Pass King: A Story from Cameroon (by Katrin Hyman Tchana)       E Tch
Baby Tamer (by Mark Teague)                                           E Tea
Celebration (by Jane Resh Thomas)                                     E Tho
Cherish Me (by Joyce Carol Thomas)                                    E Tho
The Gospel Cinderella (by Joyce Carol Thomas)                               E Tho
I Have Heard of a Land (by Joyce Carol Thomas)                              E Tho
What’s the Hurry, Fox?: and Other Animal Stories (by JOooyce Carol Thomas   E Tho
Grandfather Tang’s Story: A Tale Told with Tangrams (by Ann Tompert)        E Tom
The Pied Piper of Peru (by Ann Tompert)                                     E Tom
Subway Sparrow (by Leyla Torres)                                            E Tor
The Flying Fox Warriors (by Percy Trezise)                                  E Tre
Gidja the Moon (by Percy Trezise)                                           E Tre
What Mary Jo Shared (by Janice May Udry)                                    E Udr
Dad, Jackie and Me (by Myron Uhlberg)                                       E Uhl
Mama Rocks, Papa Sings (by Nancy Van Laan)                                  E Van
The Secret to Freedom (by Marcia K. Vaughan)                                E Vau
Up the Learning Tree (by Marcia K. Vaughan)                                 E Vau
Grandma’s Records (by Eric Velasquez)                                       E Vel
Kelly in the Mirror (by Martha M. Vertreace)                                E Ver
Black Like Kyra (by Judith Vigna)                                           E Vig
Candy Shop (by Jan Wahl)                                                    E Wah
Finding the Green Stone (by Alice Walker)                                   E Wal
Alec’s Primer (by Mildred Pitts Walter)                                     E Wal
My Mama Needs Me (by Mildred Pitts Walter)                                  E Wal
Ty’s One-man Band (by Mildred Pitts Walter)                                 E Wal
I Am Eyes / Ni Macho (by Leila Ward)                                        E War
Keepers (by Jeri Watts)                                                     E Wat
Freedom on the Menu (by Carole Boston Weatherford)                          E Wea
Jazz Baby (by Carole Boston Weatherford)                                    E Wea
Juneteenth Jamboree (by Carole Boston Weatherford)                          E Wea
What a Wonderful World (by George David Weiss)                              E Wei
Elizabeth’s Song (by Michael Wenberg)                                       E Wen
We’re Going on a Lion Hunt                                                  E We’r
Touchdown Mars! (by Peggy Wethered)                                         E Wet
Friend on Freedom River (by Gloria Whelan)                                  E Whe
Freedom Summer (by Deborah Wiles)                                           E Wil
Ben Makes a Cake (by Verna Allette Wilkins)                                 E Wil
Brothers in Hope (by Mary Williams)                                         E Wil
Galimoto (by Karen Lynn Williams)                                           E Wil
Painted Dreams (by Karen Lynn Williams)                                     E Wil
Tap-Tap (by Karen Lynn Williams)                                            E Wil
When Africa Was Home (by Karen Lynn Williams)                               E Wil
Brothers In Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan (by Mary Williams)    E Wil
Girls Together (by Sherley Anne Williaims)                                  E Wil
Working Cotton (by Sherley Anne Williaims)                                  E Wil
Imani’s Music (by Sheron Williams)                                          E Wil
Cherries and Cherry Pits (by Vera B. Williams)                              E Wil
There and Back Again (by Diane Wilmer)                                      E Wil
Jenny (by Beth P. Wilson)                                                   E Wil
Max Paints the House (by Ken Wilson-Max)                                    E Wil
My Baby (by Jeanette Winter)                                                E Win
A Baby Just Like Me (by Susan Winter)                                       E Win
Squashed In the Middle (Elizabeth Winthrop)                                 E Win
Mending Peter’s Heart (by Maureen Wittbold)                                 E Wit
Me Baby, You Baby (by Ashley Wolff)                                         E Wol
It Is the Wind (by Ferida Wolff)                                            E Wol
From My Window (by Olive Wong)                                              E Won
Coming On Home Soon (by Jacqueline Woodson)                E Woo
The Other Side (by Jacqueline Woodson)                     E Woo
Our Gracie Aunt (by Jacqueline Woodson)                    E Woo
Show Way (by Jacqueline Woodson)                           E Woo
Sweet Sweet Memory (by Jacqueline Woodson)                 E Woo
We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past (by Jacqueline Woodson)   E Woo
Nurse Lugton’s Curtain (by Virginia Woolf)                 E Woo
Journey to Freedom: A Story of the Underground Railroad
        (by Courtni C. Wright)                             E Wri
Jumping the Broom (by Courtni Crump Wright)                E Wri
Always My Dad (by Sharon Dennis Wyeth)                     E Wye
Something Beautiful (by Sharon Dennis Wyeth)               E Wye
Cornrows (by Camille Yarbrough)                            E Yar
Miz Berlin Walks (by Jane Yolen)                           E Yol
Selavi: That’s Life: A Haitian Story of Hope (by Youme)    E You
Golden Bear (by Ruth Young)                                E You
Do You Know What I’ll Do? (by Charlotte Zolotow)           E Zol
The Old Dog (by Charlotte Zolotow)                         E Zol

Little Bill Beginning Reader Series (by Bill Cosby)        E Cos
Bath Thom (by Gerver)                                      E Ger
The Big Game (by Gikow)                                    E Gik
I can Read (by Gikow)                                      E Gik
Ballerina Girl (by Kirsten Hall)                           E Hal
Hello, House! (by Linda Hayward)                           E Hay
Grandma’s House (by Kirsten Hall)                          E Hal
Nice Wheels (by Hooks)                                     E Hoo
Where’s Lulu? (by William H. Hooks )                       E Hoo
The Mess (by Patricia Jensen)                              E Jen
The New Baby (by Mary Packard)                             E Pac
Miami Gets it Straight (by Pat McKissack)                  E McK
Shanna Reader Series (by Jean Marzollo)                    E Mar
My Best Friend (by Namm)                                   E Nam
My Pumpkin (by Noonan)                                     E Noo
Milly & Molly Beginning Reader Series (by Gill Pittar)     E Pit
I Can’t Take a Bath (by Irene Smalls)                      E Sma
Dog Who Came to Dinner (by Sydney Taylor)                  E Tay
Ah-choo (by Christine Taylor-Butler)                       E Tay
The No-Bark Dog (by Stan Williamson)                       E Wil

(10/08 dt)

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