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					                              Report of the Stated Clerk .
                      Meeting of Classis Wisconsin on February 22 , 2011.

Since the September 28 , 2010 meeting of Classis I have discharged the following duties :
1 . Recorded the minutes of the September 28 , 2010 meeting of Classis and forwarded the
    same to the ministers and churches of Classis Wisconsin and the appropriate denominational
    offices and functionaries .
2 . Forwarded to the ministers and churches of Classis the following items :
    a . Newsletters from the Timothy Leadership Institute
    b . The CRC News and the e-Pray articles .
    c . News letters from the Manhattan Declaration .
    d .Notification from Liz Van Harten ( Denominational Offices ) re available grants for Pastor’s
        sabbaticals , sponsored by the 2011 National Clergy Endowment Fund , Inc .
    e .An inquiry from Denominational Offices about churches in our Classis that are primarily made
        up of ethnic minority members . Responded by referring the Banner office to the Hmong church
        of Sheboygan .
     f .A notice regarding the Chicago Care and Kindness Conference at Trinity Christian College
        on March 4 –5 , 2011 , with Dr . James Kok as keynote speaker .
     g .A communication from Mark Rice , Director of Faith Alive Christian Resources , thanking Classis
         for submitting the name of Laura Venhuizen to replace Ms Mae Cooper on the Board , and
         requesting the churches of Classis to submit additional names .
     h .Update articles from the National Association of Evangelicals .
     i . News items from the last Board of CRHM meeting submitted by Harley Ver Beek ,
         Region 9 representative .
     j . A letter from Calvin Seminary , encouraging the churches to apply for the services of a Summer
         student to assist in the pastoral ministry . This is intended to train and encourage the students
         and strengthen the bond between the Seminary and our churches .
     k .In formed the churches of Classis about the need for two more lay members to serve on the
         Classical Ministerial Leadership Team . Asked the churches to get back to me .
     l. .A request from the CIC to the committees and functionaries of Classis to outline and update
         the descriptions of their mandates as part of an effort to revise and update the official
     m. The Ministry Reports that are sent out by the denominational offices four times annually .
     n .A communication from Calvin Seminary re the availability of a female student for Summer
        ministry in the churches of Classis Wisconsin .
     o .A report , comparison and analysis prepared by David Koll of the Candidacy Committee re
        student support in all the denomination’s classes . Submitted for reflection and possible action .
     p.A communication from Calvin Seminary inquiring about possible interest in taking on-line
        courses toward degree programs by members of our Classis Wisconsin churches .
     q. Highlights of Board of Trustees meetings .
      r.Announcement about two pastors who have been released from ministry in the CRCNA .
        They are : Paul Park ( classis Pacific N.W . ) and Wayne Knight ( classis Niagara ) .
      s.Christian Reformed network with blog for prayer , inquiring about “ praying churches “
3 . Attended two CIC meetings ( Nov.8 , 2010 and Jan .24 , 2011 ) Prepared the agenda and
    minutes of these meetings .
4 . Received from Dee Recker ( denominational office ) resources for functioning effectively
    as Stated Clerk .
5 . Received the agenda and minutes of the CHMC meeting from David Katsma .
6 . Contacted the Nominating Committee with suggestions from the CIC on the composition of
    classical ballots for the election of pastor and elder delegates to the synodical gatherings of the
    CRCNA . It will be helpful to list the names of all the pastors and Ministry Associates who
    are eligible in alphabetical order without reference to their respective offices .
7 . Received from the denominational offices a document outlining the role and duties of church
    counselors . In as much as our Classis does not presently have any vacancies , the document
    was placed in the classical files .
8 . Sent the CIC minutes to pastors Les Kuiper and Karl Bratt .
9 . Responded to David Koll of the Candidacy Committee , who had issued an invitation to the
    members of Classis Wisconsin to participate in the interview of the 2011 ministerial
    candidates .Pastor Norman Haan expressed interest and his name was submitted for the
    interviews , scheduled for April 29 , 2011 .
10 Sent to the synodical offices the requested information re the delegates elected by Classis
    to attend the 2011 meeting of Synod . The pastors are : Rev. David Dykstra and Rev Craig
    Van Hill , and the elders are Mr.Alan Bliek and Mr Larry Gunnink . Also sent the forms
    to the delegates sothat they can provide more personal information to the synodical office .
11 As Stated Clerk of Classis Wisconsin , pastor John Bylsma signed on behalf of Classis
    the guarantee document for ClassisWisconsin’s contribution of $ 50,000.00 that was
    legally needed for the purchase of the church property by the Garden Church of Fond du
    Lac . The document was delivered to the Stated Clerk’s home by Mr. Mitch Greenfield ,
    Ass’t Vice – President of the American Bank at Mayville , WI .
12 .Received from Kathy Swaagman , as part of the agreement between the Garden Church
   and Classis Wisconsin , a letter of intent (pledge ) to return the sum of $ 50,000.00 to Classis Wisconsin
   in the event of a congregational decision not to remain in the Christian Reformed denomination .
   This letter is on file with the Stated Clerk .
13 Granted the request of Mr . Rick Van Dyken of Trinity Christian College of Palos Heights , Ill .
   to address the delegates of Classis at the noon hour , immediately following the noon meal .
14 Answered a question from Classis Grand Rapids South pertaining to the examination of candidates
   for the Gospel ministry or Ministry Associates at Classis Contracta meetings , requiring the presence
   of Synodical Deputies . What are considered justifiable circumstances for their physical presence ?
15 Informed Lois Ooms , Region 9 delegate to CRWM , about the date and place of the February 22 ,
    2011 Classis meeting .
16 .At the request of Pastor David Dykstra , forwarded to the ministers and churches of Classis an
    announcement stating that ministerial students of Classis Wisconsin who are interested in
    receiving financial aid , contact the Classical Ministerial Leadership Team and send their request
    to Pastor Dykstra .
17 Contacted Pastor Mark Stephenson , Director of Disability Concerns , to be our speaker for the
   Educational Segment of Classis . He agreed and will address Classis for 30 minutes and take
   another 15 minutes to answer questions .
18 Referred the questions of churches inquiring about the average amount that congregations
    pay guest preachers to Pastor Les Kuiper .
19 Sent to Calvin Seminary the CTS Board nomination form , providing information about Pastor
   Mark Pluimer , who was elected by Classis for the position of Calvin Sem. Board member .
   and to Faith Alive the information re Laura Venhuizen elected for the position of FACR
   board member .
 20 Received reports from the classical church visitors detailing their visits and conversations
    with assigned churches . Filed the same as part of the permanent records of Classis .
 21 Prepared for the Nominating Committee a preliminary ballot for the meeting of Classis and
   contacted the persons whose terms of service will be completed in September 2011 . Some have
   declared themselves eligible for re-election . Others , having served six years , cannot at this
   time be re-elected .
 22 Contacted Keren Derksen. , Classical Treasurer , about the feasibility of a separate line item
    in the budget reports for the Safe Church Team .. This was suggested by the CIC , approved
    by Pastor Mike Wiinnowski and presented no problem with Keren Derksen .
 23 Authorized the Safe Church Team ( Kate Hendrikse ) to purchase informative booklets for
    distribution to the churches at the Classis meeting . Kate will address the delegates in the
    morning session . She has requested a time slot before 11:00 A.M.
 24 Pastor Norman Haan asked to address Classis on behalf of the World Missions Committee
    re our ministry in the Philippines and also on behalf of the Historical Committee . He is
    included in the regular line-up .
 25 Provided information re the statistics of Classis to the 2011 Yearbook office .
 26 Posted all the available reports and materials for the Classical meeting on the Classical
    Website .

Respectfully submitted ,

John Bylsma Stated Clerk .

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