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Steering Group Meeting                                                                                             1.30-3.30pm
                                                                                                          Salford University

Meeting called by:      Ian Beattie                            Type of meeting:        Steering Group
Facilitator:            All                                    Note taker:
                Ian Beattie (IB), Paul Sindall (PS), Becki Train (BT), Doug Walmsley (DW), Declan O’Regan (DR), Nick Lowe (NL),
Attendees:      Dawn Mitchell (DM), Rebecca Caygill (RC), Anna Roberts (AR), Ian Duckmanton (ID), Jackie Brennan (JB)

Claire Ramwell, Jude Anderson, Anne Brenchley, Carl Mackie
Please read:      Notes from Away Day
Please bring:     Items for circulation to membership

                                                   Agenda Items
Topic                                                                            Presenter                    Time Allotted

       Items from Away Day                                                       Ian Beattie                  20
       Agreement of pricing structure                                            Ian Beattie                  5
       Membership/ Finances                                                      Becki and Ian                20
       workshops/conference                                                      Becki Train                  20
       change4life                                                               Ian Beattie                  20
       Co-opted Members                                                          Ian Beattie                  10
       Any other business
       Date of next meeting
                                              ---------- Agenda Topics ----------

Introductions                                                                                     All

    As there were some new SG members present we went around the table to introduce ourselves and to welcome the new
    SG members.
    The new SG members Doug Walmsley, Anne Brenchley, Carl Mackie and Jude Anderson were voted onto the SG:
        □ Carl Mackie, Healthy Lifestyles Development Officer, Healthy Lifestyles Team, Burnley Borough Council
        □ Dr Anne Brenchley, Regional Health & Environment Project Manager, Natural England – NW
        □ Judith Anderson, Regional Programme and Development Manager, Play England - North West
        □ Doug Walmsley, Active Living Officer, Food & Physical Activity Team, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust
    These new SG members join Declan O’Regan (who was accepted at the Away Day).
    There has also been an enquiry from Jen Green, Project Coordinator, Get Walking, Keep Walking (Manchester) asking for
    more information about becoming a SG member
    The SG now has 14 members (maximum SG membership)
    Action items:                                                                   Person responsible:      Deadline:

    IB to check with CR whether we could update the constitution to allow 10        IB                       ASAP. To
    to 14 SG members, plus the Student Representative. This would allow Jen                                  report back
    Green/one further SG member                                                                              to BT
    BT to feed back to Jen Green whether we can accept her or not, as per the
    outcome above
Away Day Notes and Actions                                                                      All

   The group went through the Away Day notes, particularly the Action Points for updates on progress (action point in pink,
   progress in black):
       □ Becki to talk to Declan about his role and commitment to the steering group, attending 4 out of 6 meetings, his
           commitment in his final year (dissertation, etc), what happens when he graduates, task to find a replacement to
           take over his role from the 1st/2 year when he finishes, etc. Declan is happy with the commitment to the SG.
           He is doing a Masters in the next academic year and so can continue his commitment and is happy to put
           forward a replacement, although the replacement should be accepted onto the SG by the usual method of
           voting in.
       □ Ian to produce guidance for co-opted members and their commitment. Ian is producing this in time for the
       □ Ian to look at groundwork data analysis/data mapping. This was queried from the minutes, didn’t make sense –
           correct minutes from Away Day
       □ We need a tool about ‘How to Create a Credible Evaluation’ to go onto the website. Paul has emailed Lindsey
           Dugdill re resources. PDF of Evaluation is available from IB. RC and DM may also have items which could go on
           the website
       □ Becki to cost up small booklet evidence/vision document - A3 folded to A4 – hard copies and PDFs. 5k copies
           will cost £484 plus VAT to print via Sprintprint. Decided 5k was the right amount to go for.
       □ Jackie to send A4 copy around SG on using the ‘right language’. Clarified this was about plain English definitions.
       □ Becki to pull statistics for website hits, e-newsletters, mini updates, members, etc together for business case.
           This information was circulated around the group. The website needs reciprocal links to the CSPs. Some hits are
           only short hits which suggests that people are going there by accident/it isn’t what they expect. Should we have
           a “whats new” section on the home page so people can see what has been updated since their last visit?
       □ Becki to pull out quotes regarding the Forum, conference, etc and also ask for quotes from other regions which
           can be used in a marketing/information booklet. Clarified that BT needs to approach Carl Bennett from the
           West Midlands Forum, Suzanne Gardner , Erica and NE equivalent.
       □ Task and Finish Group “added Value for Membership” to be created.
       □ Becki to update membership wording. This needs to be approved on 25 ready for circulation immediately
           afterwards for new membership year. Wording amended ready for circulation. Further discussion around
           charity rates. It was decided to keep the charity/student rate but to increase the cost of this as last year it was
           subsidised by the Forum (rate of £70). IB suggested that SG members can take out the subscription rate of
           membership instead of the full rate of membership if they prefer in recognition of the work and input they give
           to the SG and the events.
       □ Ian to give short presentations to the universities to increase student membership. If this could be
           attended/watched by Declan and passed onto him DR will have a tool to use when targeting increasing student
       □ Becki to check hosting and running costs of the website. £250 per annum. This includes domain, hosting, stats,
           email accounts, mysql database, etc.
       □ Becki to check costs for changing the websites into the 3 themes – 3 main pages from the home page with
           another 4 or 5 pages off each of the theme pages. This is possible and Thomas Cole estimate it would probably
           cost between £130 and £195 plus VAT (charged on a time basis)
       □ Becki to add links to Change4Life, Toolkit, Public Health Observatory and Sport England sites to NWHPAF
           website. BT to add missing links.
       □ Becki to check if areas of the website can be password protected – e.g. presentations, e-newsletters, discussion
           board. The additional programming work is estimated to cost around £130 plus VAT. In total the changes to the
           website will cost £500 maximum and this was agreed. BT and IB need to meet up in front of a computer to
           discuss this further before giving instructions to Thomas Cole for them to proceed with the work.
       □ Becki to check availability, space and costs for the conference. Becki to approach Floral Pavillion, the Floral Hall,
           the Reebok Stadium, Blackburn Rovers. See conference update section of the minutes.
       □ Becki to approach Steven Ward and Dr William Bird to set up consultation event(s). Done – awaiting response
           after 1 April meeting. The consultation period is now until October, therefore we may need other workshops
           to be scheduled before this one (please see workshop section below).
       □ Jackie/Ian Duckmanton to advise on Toolkit event so it can be promoted to members. JB, IB and PS gave
           feedback about the toolkit event and showed what the website can do (
    □    Paul to approach Lindsey to find out if she would be interested in an Evaluation workshop and whether she has
         the capacity to run herself. Done. Lindsey would be happy to run a workshop in September, alongside Gareth
    □    SG Members tasked with confirming rooms to let Becki have details. Required still
    □    All to think which theme they would most like to be involved with and let Ian know. At away day volunteers
         came forward as follows:

                  Membership – Rebecca, Anna and Declan
                  Advocacy – Ian Beattie and Claire
                  Knowledge Management – Paul and Nick Lowe (including REPs points)

    □    Becki to start sending all emails through maxomail – including mini updates so the logo is included. Done

Conclusions: Please see above.

Action items:                                                                Person responsible:            Deadline:

PS, IB, RC, DM and anyone who has evaluation resources should forward        All and BT to upload when      By next
them to BT to addonto the website                                            received                       meeting
BT and IB to draft vision document for approval and print                    BT and IB                      By next
JB to circulate plain English guide                                          JB                             By next
BT to get quotes from other Forums                                           BT                             By next
BT to add links to Change4Life, Public Health Observatory and Sport          BT                             By next
England sites to NWHPAF website.                                                                            meeting

IB and BT to meet up and make website changes/plan what changes are          BT and IB                      By next
needed via Thomas Cole                                                                                      meeting
SG Members tasked with confirming meeting venues and rooms to let BT         ID, IB, CR, AR                 ASAP
have details.
BT to circulate membership application and information far and wide.         BT                             Immediately
Conference                                                                                       All

   Venue update
   BT has checked availability and initial costings with the Floral Pavillion, the Floral Hall, the Reebok Stadium, Blackburn
   Rovers for 5 November (so we do not clash with BHF conference). The Floral Pavillion do not have availability but the
   other venues are pencilled in. There was discussion around holding it in Cheshire as a change and ID suggested the Parr
   Hall and Pyramid venues in Warrington.
   Cost will be a big factor in terms of venues this year.
   There is a suggestion that Southport might be too far out. Although it does have good train connections.
   PS suggested that the conference could focus around the economy/credit crunch – how to secure funding, how to save
   money, how to do things on a shoestring, etc

   BT to arrange site visits and negotiate costings with the available venues before a decision is made and look into any
   Action items:                                                                  Person responsible:             Deadline:

   BT to arrange site visits and negotiate costings                               BT                              By next
   ID to pass on details of Pyramid/Parr Hall for BT to contact and check         ID and BT                       By next
   suitability                                                                                                    meeting

Workshops                                                                                        All

    The Forum should run 1 or more sessions on the Physical Activity toolkit. Would need to be in a computer lab in one of
   the universities and so we hopefully should be able to access the room free of charge and just pay for refreshments.
   This could then take place ASAP before the PAA/PA plan workshop.
   IB would be confident to run the session, with John Ainsworth if available.
   The session would be for 25/30 people maximum (depending on the room size/number of computers).
   Suggested this could take place in May. BT advised that she is away for most of May getting married/on honeymoon but
   IB was confident that they could be run in BTs absence if necessary.
   This will be a good incentive for members to rejoin early as people often rejoin later on in time for the conference.
   IB and PS to check room availability and dates for the sessions to take place, convenient to IB.
   Action items:                                                                   Person responsible:            Deadline:

   IB and PS to advise dates and room/venue                                       IB and PS                       ASAP
   BT to circulate details when available to get people signed up                 BT                              ASAP
Funding                                                                                       All

   The funding JB applied for, for the NWHPAF has been turned down. The Forum needs funds to survive.
   We need sponsorship/exhibitor revenue, etc for the conference to meet the deficit generally covered by membership
   Need funding if membership services is to continue.
   IB would like to see a full time member of staff for the NWHPAF but this needs funding.
   Task and Finish Group for Sponsorship to be created – RC and NL offered to be part of this group
   We ran out of time. Funding is therefore to be a key discussion for the next meeting.
   Action items:                                                                 Person responsible:       Deadline:

   BT to send JB key achievements, conference, website, e-newsletters, time,    BT                         By end of
   etc                                                                                                     April

Next meetings                                                                                 All
   The next SG meeting dates are as follows:
   29 April, 1.30 – 2.00 pm AGM and 2 – 3.30 pm SG Meeting, Commonwealth Suite, Robin Park Arena
   15 July, 1.30 – 3.30 pm, suggested Bolton? (to be confirmed by Anna)
   23 September, 1.30 – 3.30 pm, suggested Blackburn? (to be confirmed by Claire)
   21 October, 1.30 – 3.30, IM Marsh Campus (IB to confirm)

   Action items:                                                                Person responsible:        Deadline:

   BT to circulate meeting venue details, when received                         BT                         ASAP
AOB                                                          All                             5

  JB mentioned the new National Obesity Observatory Toolkit, the timescales for this have been changed but it is leading
  up to its launch
  IB to prepare a Change4Life update for the Membership

  Action items:                                                                Person responsible:           Deadline:

  IB to produce C4L update                                                     IB                            ASAP

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