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					                                        Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

                Douglas County Humane Society
March 2011

 Douglas County Shelter
 Security System In Place..                                  FREE SPAY AND NEUTER FOR PETS IN NEED
                                                             IN DOUGLAS COUNTY THROUGH MAY 2, 2011
                                                                     IN HONOR OF MAE WEST
     Since the county has managed and operated
 the county animal shelter, Spring 2004, the                     To combat the pet overpopulation crisis plaguing
 animals have been without a security system. Mae            Douglas County and help reduce the number of
 West dearly wanted the animals better protected.            animals killed at shelters, the Douglas County
 Prior to her passing, she recommended the                   Humane Society announces a new program called
 Humane Society take on the expense of having it             “Mae West‟s Fix „Em Free.” The program is being
 installed.                                                  run by a coalition of animal welfare groups including
                                                             Atlanta Underdog Initiative, Douglas County Animals
    Security system companies were contacted and             Control, Douglas County Humane Society, Friends
 each wrote up proposals with estimates. DCHS                of the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue, Lifeline Animal
 board decided on EMC Security’s proposal.                   Project and funded by Southern Hope Humane
 Commissioner Mulcare suggested that while the               Society. The program is named for Mae West, a
 Humane Society went through the time and                    pioneer in animal welfare in Douglas County and
 expense of the installation, that the county could          long time activist for the Douglas County Humane
 consider paying the monthly service charges.                Society. Ms. West passed away in 2009 and May 2nd
                                                             would have been Mae’s 72nd birthday. The Fix „Em
    The system, that also included fire alarms, was          Free program will provide free spay & neuter
 installed. Now all the animals are a little safer           procedures to the pets of Douglas County
 against theft, vandalism, and fire.                         residents who cannot afford to get their pets
 Thank you Humane Society members, EMC                       sterilized. The free service will be provided until
 Security, the Commission, and the staff at the              May 2nd 2011. The surgeries will be performed at
 County Animal Shelter.                                      LifeLine Spay & Neuter Clinic in College Park & will
                                                             also include vaccinations.
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                               Surgeries are offered for dogs & cats ages 8wks &
                                                             older. All surgeries will be performed at LifeLine
1     D.C.A.C. Security System / Free Spay Neuter            Spay & Neuter Clinic, 2533 Sullivan Road,
                                                             Atlanta, GA.        30337         Close to Atlanta
2     Security System / Spay-Neuter continued
                                                             Hartsfield/Jackson Airport.
2     Flood Update for DCHS Property Repairs…                Society (678) 838 9123 to have an application
3     Available Animals / Helpful Websites / Wish List           Douglas County residents can get an application
4-5   Available Animals….
                                                             at the Douglas County Animal Shelter at 1755
                                                             County Services Road, Douglasville, Ga. 30134 or
6     Membership - New and Renewal…. Forms                   call the Douglas County Humane Animal Shelter at
                                                             1755 County Services Road, Douglasville, Ga.
7     DCHS Annual Dog/Car/Motorcycle Show & Entry Form
                                                             30134 or call the Douglas County Humane Society
8     Memorials / In Honor Of                                (678) 838 9123 to have an application mailed.                                                                           1
                                     Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

 Still Battling the Flood Damage….                                Things are looking up. If you have
               Flood Update for 8177                           building materials, flooring, primer, supplies
                                                               or curtains that you would like to donate, your
     The Humane Society office/base of                         Humane Society will put them to great use. If
 operations experienced flood damage back in                   you are good at flooring or can help maintain
 late 2009. Thanks to many very generous                       our still working appliances, please call the
 volunteers, we got a NEW ROOF installed last                  Humane Society.
 year. We were fortunate to have volunteers
 donate grading and tree removal, dumpster                             Volunteers are appreciated!
 and removal. Volunteers helped with debris                                 678 838 9123 or
 removal and land clearing.                                  

    We also had volunteers tear down
 destroyed interior walls and insulation, tear out
 damaged carpeting and floors. We spent
 months drying out the property. Our Termite                               .
 Company had bad news for us too. Our
 appliances were rendered temporarily
 unavailable, as all had to be moved for major

    Once the place was safe with it’s new,
 wonderful roof and dried out as it needed to                     SAVE THE DATE
 be, some progress was finally felt. All the
 while the volunteers were still offering Pet
 Pantry services without a hiccup and
                                                                          APRIL 16TH
 continued collecting and relocating fundraising
 auction items.
                                                          AT BOUNDARY WATERS
    When some of the severe winter weather
 passed, volunteers were back installing fresh
 insulation, sheetrock, sanding, priming, and
 painting. Looking better each week. Thank
                                                             DCHS CAR, DOG, AND
 you Steve, Sam, Terry, Sue, Frank, Doug,
 Georgia, Vinny and Michael.
                                                              MOTORCYCLE SHOW
     Work that is still planned includes,
 reconstructing our laundry facility, ripping out 2
 remaining rooms of carpeting, prime, paint and
 re-flooring. Then there is fascia work on the
 outside, attention to the gutters and tearing out
 the front side doors to eliminate future weather
 water damage.

                                                          SEE PAGE 8                                                                        2
                                         Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

                          Lucille was saved from Douglas
                          County AC on October 18, 2010.
                                                                                       Helpful Links
                          Currently in a foster home. This little
                                                                     Douglas County Humane Society
                          girl is extremely out going. Her very
                          expressive eyes light up the instant
                          she sees’s you. Always wanting to be
                          held & touched. She has a great time
with her siblings & likes to play with her toys.                     Directory of All Things Pets in Georgia
                           Homer was saved from Douglas
                           County AC on October 18, 2010.            No Kill Advocacy
                           Currently in a foster home. Homer is
                           extremely smart. Sometimes I think
                           he is trying to talk to us. He sits on    PetFinder (pets available for adoption)
                           command and looks at you like "what
                           else do you want me to do?" He
                           loves people & other dogs of all          Spay Neuter Options…
                           sizes. He is very handsome and a          Life Line Animal Project
                           little quirky with one ear flopped over
to the side.
                                                                     Project CatSnip
                            Marge was saved from Douglas   
                            County AC on Oct. 18, 2010.
                            Currently in a foster home. Marge        Stopping Pet Overpopulation Together
                            is a reserved little girl. She is very
                            sleek & glossy. Almost all black,
                            she is a stand out. Loves to play        West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic
                            with brothers & sisters but also
likes to adventure out on her own exploring the yard. Marge
loves attention from anyone! She will make sure you see her          West Mobile Vet
before anyone else. Marge is very outgoing & playful. She’s
very good with all size dogs & people. She demands attention
& loves to play with her toys.                                       WellPet Humane Low Cost Spay Neuter
Call Marge, Homer, or Lucille at 404-518-9807. They are
wonderful pups in need of warm, loving homes.

                                                       Wish List
Things the Humane Society always needs…..

        Food                                         Supplies                               Pet Supplies
        Kitten / Cat                                 Bottle Water                           Kitty Litter
        Puppy / Dog                                  Office Supplies                        Puppy Pads
                                                     Laundry Detergent/ Bleach              Chew Toys
                                                     Blankets and Sheets                    Kitty Toys
                                                     Paper Towels                           Igloo Doghouses
                                                     Towels and Rags
                                                     Fuel Cards for pet transporting

Spay/Neuter donations $65.00 as noted on page 3. Any donation towards the vetting of rescues.

                                             Please visit
                                                           See our DONATE button

                     Faith's Birth date is Jan 1, 2001. She's 55 to 60 lbs. Shepherd Heeler Mix. She is spayed. She is
                    current on her vetting. She is really a sweet loving girl but really loves her toys and does not want to
                    share with other dogs. Faith's owner was a dog trainer, years ago, so she is well trained. She loves                                                                                    3
                                       Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

people, does fine with kids. Gets along with other dogs but is greedy with her toys, bones or food. Not sure about cats but
she ignores ferrets. Faith also likes sleeping in her crate. Faith loves attention, loves to play and loves tennis balls.

Sparky- Red Bone Coon Hound mix- 8 Years old Thick Build, weight 75 lbs. - Very,
very sweet, Sparky loves belly rubs and constant attention. - Very sensitive and
emotional, (be sure to keep blinds up when gone, he likes to look out the window to
look out.) -Loves to be outside (hound dog) and play and explore, but is an indoor
dog. Likes: sleeping in the bed, head and belly rubs, car rides, hiking and exploring,
chasing cats. Very sweet and loving, needs a good home with a family or a couple
with a big backyard with room for him to run and play. Dislikes: thunderstorms, being
left alone, getting a bath. Sparky is neutered and up to date on everything, he is also
microchipped! Sparky Loves kids!                                         Sparky 

                        Jazzy is a Female 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd Mix - she was an
                        abandoned animal, that needs a forever, loving home. Jazzy has Lots
                        of energy, loves to catch sticks & play ball. Jazzy gets along well with
                        a large dogs and cats. Jazzy is an indoor dog but loves to play outside!
                        Fenced yard would be perfect for her. Jazzy is spayed and current on
                        all Vaccinations. Jazzy is best with medium or large dogs and children
                        with kind behavior. Jazzy was 50lbs when found, she is healthy now at
                         Jazzy 

                         Carla is a beautiful young female Choc/Black (?) Lab Mix. She was abandoned around Hwy
                        166 in Douglasville, Ga. No one has come for her. She has now been spayed, updated on her
                        vetting and is in great health. She is about 9 months old. Carla is very smart. She is loving being
                        with all humans. Carla loves attention. She is young, so her puppy energy might be best with
                        other animals her size or as an only dog. If you know of a warm Forever or Foster home for her,
                        please let us know. Carla is asking for a $100 adoption donation to help towards her spay, testing,
                        vaccinations and care.

Toby is a 2 year old, Neutered, 60lbs., Vetted, Abandoned daddy, He was left off at a
home with an unspayed dog and then he had a family. Toby wants to be very
responsible. He is very loving, playful and wants your lap or your couch. Toby has
spent a lot of time outside, so he will want you to coach him on where you want him
and what areas of your home he should respect for you. Toby likes being clean and
getting all his (now vetted and altered) family adopted to great homes. He put them all
on the Humane Society PetFinder link, Please call or e-mail Toby for more information.
He will be happy to send you an adoption application so he can meet you soon. He
asks for an adoption donation of $100. to put a dent in his vet costs .          Toby

                       Nina is just under 1 year, 3-legged pit bull who is an absolute
                       SWEETHEART that needs a home. Sommer took her for a client that had to
                       move to an apartment that would not accept dogs. She has found that being
                       a single mom and already having another dog and a cat that she can’t handle
                       a second dog. Nina is crate trained, she gets along with other dogs, and she
                       barks at cats but doesn't seem to mind them. She is current on vaccinations
                       and she is spayed.                  Nina                                                                                 4
                                       Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

                            Mia: Chi-terrier a little over a year old. She was rescued from living chained to a tree with
                            little to no shelter or food. Mia is great with kids, dogs, and cats. She is housebroken and
                            loves to take walks. Little Mia is now spayed, micro-chipped, and fully vetted. She would do
                            best with a fenced yard for her safety. Her adoption donation is $160 to help towards her vet

“Peanut” is a Douglasville young female cat. (about 1 year old) She is pure Black,
and pure affection. She was turned in by her daddy that is losing his home and doesn't
know where he is going. Princess is VERY affectionate and wants to be close and inside
with humane friends. She is now spayed, vaccinated, FEL/FIV & HW negative. She asks
for an adoption donation of $90. She already seems to get along with the other dogs and
cats.           Peanut 

                         Samuel is a very handsome gray on white tabby male about 8 months old. He is a very
                         curious kitten and likes attention. He is also quite playful and does OK with other cats and
                         kittens. You can see from one of the pictures he can be quite accommodating at times as a lot of
                         cats won't wear costumes. He, his mom, and sister were rescued from shelter when their time
                         was up. Samuel is FELV/FIV negative, neutered, dewormed, flea treated, and up to date on all
                         of his shots. Contact number 770-577-3751 or

Peaches is a very pretty orange tabby female about 2 years old. This is a kitty that when she gets to
know you will jump into your arms from the floor and loves to be petted and can be a lap cat. She likes
other cats and dogs. She was rescued from a shelter with her babies when their time was up.
Peaches if FELV/FIV negative, spayed, dewormed, flea treated, and up to date on all of her shots.
Contact and 770-489-5265.
                                                                                             Peaches 

                      Deliah is a beautiful gray and white tuxedo with such a thick and gorgeous coat and she is around
                      8 months old Delilah can be very playful and once she gets to know you she likes attention. She is
                      a bit shy at first. She will pull your hand back for more petting at times. She is Samuel's sister and
                      they and their mom were rescued when their time was up. Delilah is FELV/FIV negative, spayed,
                      dewormed, flea treated, and up to date on all of her shots.

                       For more information on any available animals please see
         or send your questions to
                  or call 678 838 9123                                                                                   5
                                      Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter
                                                                                      Memberships
Name: _______________________________________________________
                                                                                               Individual              $15.00
Address: ______________________________________________________                                 Couples                $25.00
City: _________________________________________________________                        Senior Citizen (60 or older)    $10.00
                                                                                       Youth (per child under 18)      $10.00
State: _______ Zip: _____________ Phone: (____)__________________
                                                                                         Corporate Sponsorship        $150.00
Email: _______________________________________________________                              Life (Individual)         $150.00
                                                                                              Couples’ Life           $200.00
___I would like to be a volunteer                                                                   Donation
___I would like to foster, please send me information.
                                                                                              Spay / Neuter          $65.00
To help reduce the Homeless Animal population in our community you can donate                Or you can specify below:
a spay or neuter to the Douglas County Humane Society. Your donation will be
used to spay or neuter an under-privileged animal in our community and help lower the number of homeless and abandoned
              Please fill out the form and send a check made payable to the Douglas County Humane Society

                           Or visit our website at

     Click on the Donate Button you can specify, if you wish, what the donation is for in the PAYMENT FOR box.

Low Cost Spay Neuter                                           Locations for Microchip scanning and
West Georgia Spay Neuter Villa Rica                                  Douglas Oaks Animal Hospital
678-840-8072                                                   3939 Hwy 5
West Mobile Vet 770-942-4984                                   Douglasville Veterinary Hospital                                          6220 Fairburn Rd.
                                                               Douglas County Animal Shelter
Pet Lodging / Pet Sitting Services                             770-942-5961
                                                               Kay Animal Hospital
Beechwood Trails Douglasville, GA                              8991 Hwy 5                                        770-949-7030
Pet lodging/Kennels                                            Sweetwater Creek Animal Hospital
                                                               2785 Lee Rd.
Hunters Pet Sitting                                            678-838-7387

Top Dog Pet Sitter                                                    It’s Time To Renew                                             Your DCHS Membership!

Many – many thanks to all of you that make it                  Please use the attached form or
       possible to help the animals.                              visit our website for your

                                       Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

                     Car, Motorcycle & Dog Show
   Boundary Waters Recreational Park, Douglasville GA.
         Saturday April 16, 2011 (9 am - 4 pm)
                                                    rain date April 23
                            All proceeds benefit the Animals of Douglas County

                 Hosted By: Sam Memmolo of TV & Radio
                                                       Street Rods                 Hot Rods
                                                       Custom Cars           Custom Trucks
                                                       Classic Cars             Motorcycles
                                                       Welcome All Antique & Unique Vehicles
                                                           Awards for Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles
                                                            Judging by AMCA National Judges
                                                         Raffles for Hot Rod Engine / Engine Test
                                                       Stand, Tools, Tool Boxes & Shop Equipment
                                                          Great Food / Door Prizes / Silent Auction
   50/25/25 Drawing / Sale Tables DOG SHOWS / Exhibits / Swap Meet Booths
                                   Entry donation $20 per vehicle, Motorcycles $15.00 spectators free

                                Additional Info, Forms, Vendor Registration, Directions & Updates see
                       or call (770) 489 7164 or (678) 838-9123

                                             Come out for a day of Fun, Food & Music.
                     Bring your Dog on a Leash, bring your chairs & spend a day having fun while helping out the
                                                 Douglas County Humane Society.

Vehicle Owner‟s name: ___________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________
City State Zip: ___________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________ E-Mail: ___________________________________________
Entry Donation Non-Refundable: $_______Vehicle Type: _________________________________
Color/Description: ________________Year/Make/Model: ________________________________
Signing this request for attending / displaying at, or leasing vendor space indicates my understanding that the Douglas
County Humane Society and Douglas County accept No Liability for any injury to person(s) or damage to property or thefts
incurred by anyone attending / displaying / leasing vendor space at this event.
Signature: _________________________________ Date:_______________
Print name: ____________________________________________________
Boundary Waters is a no alcohol park with no smoking except in designated areas.
We‟ll have Goodie Bags for the first 125. Please register early by mail. Please send this form with
payment to DCHS/Memmolo Car Show, P.O. Box 5453, Douglasville, Ga. 30154             Thank you.                                                                                 7
                                 Douglas County Humane Society Newsletter

                  MEMORIALS                                           IN HONOR OF
   "Jack" 13 year old pet of Mike and Cathy Jackson                 David & Debbie Mayeske
              by Price and Anita Williams                         Seyed &Lupe Seyedahmadian
                                                                    Roosbeh & Teresa Sayyar
     Doris Pearson by Dwight & Sandi Ferguson                        Marc & Laura Ferguson
                                                                    George & Cheska Walter
           Mae West "Mishka" "Mikhaela"                           by Dwight & Sandi Ferguson
            by Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Collins
                                                                        Jamie Running
               Graydon Taylor Barton                                  by Barbara Barrows
                  by Lisa Williams                                       Hank Williams

   Keppel Seghers Inc./Linda Sullivan, Tom & Jean                 Adopted from Animal Shelter
                       Hawkins                                         by Emily Ochitill
  Grandparents: Fred & Jerri Alverso, Marlene Brown
          New Covenant UMC Dita Deuces
                   by Emily Ochitill

        Memberships and donations to the Douglas County Humane Society provide dearly
         needed support for Spay/Neuter assistance, animal health, education projects and
                  supplies for our pet pantry available to needy pet owners daily.

                  Douglas County Humane Society                                     ORGANIZATION
                  P O Box 747                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
                  Douglasville, Georgia 30133                                             PAID
                                                                                     PERMIT #152

        ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED                                                              8

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