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                Physical Regeneration Action Group Meeting
                              13th May 2010

Present: Fred Marinello, Granton & District Community Council (Chair); Mark
Rodgers and Hazel Ferguson, SfC Housing and Regeneration; Patricia
Brindle, Trinity Community Council; Penny Turnbull, Dunedin Canmore
Housing Association; Diana Harries, Places for People; Brenda Tonner,
Muirhouse Housing Association

1. Welcome and introductions

   Fred Marinello welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Apologies

   David Maggs, Waterfront Edinburgh; Ann Confrey, Pro-Scot; Cllr Alan
   Jackson; Heather McNaughton, Castle Rock Edinvar; Katie Ward, SfC
   Housing & Regeneration

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

   Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed

   Matters Arising

         Mark showed the attendees the map that had been produced. It
          was agreed that this was a useful tool and would be updated with
          projects underway in the Forth Ward, future projects and also those
          bordering Forth
         The map will be a standing agenda item

4. Update on Crewe Road West and Royston Regeneration

         Mark provided a brief update on the progress of this project
         Feedback from both residents and HPS has been positive

5. Update on Pennywell / Muirhouse Regeneration


         The site at Muirhouse Crescent is complete with the exception of
          25-35 Muirhouse Crescent. This building houses the sub-station
          and is two thirds demolished. Negotiations are ongoing with
          Scottish Power regarding the remaining section of this building.
         Machine demolition at Muirhouse Loan has been completed and the
          site is currently being processed.
         There is one building on Muirhouse Way awaiting machine
          demolition. There has been an issue with utility disconnection
          which is currently being resolved.
         Work has started on West Pilton Crescent. Soft stripping will
          continue over the next couple of weeks and asbestos removal will
          follow this.


         The masterplan has been submitted and is now available to view on
          the Planning Portal under reference 10/01273/PPP. The planning
          helpdesk number is 0131 529 3550
         The development group have influenced the development of the
          masterplan. While there will be no development group meetings
          while the planning process runs its course, the group will be
          consulted in future stages of the project
         A newsletter is being delivered to residents to let them know about
          the planning application and how they can comment
         Brenda commented that Muirhouse Housing Association supported
          the masterplan but still had concerns over the access at Muirhouse
          Green and as a result they will be lodging an objection on this point
         Patricia made reference to the Council’s Open Space strategy
          which is being discussed at Community Council meetings. It was
          noted that there had been a great deal of discussion about open
          space at the development group and with relevant agencies such
          as Sportscotland.


         There are now less than 30 tenants and 12 owners to be re-housed.
          Mark commented that there has been some issues with the empty
          properties but that the housing team were working with Community
          Safety to keep on top of this.
         Fiona Park, Housing Officer attached to the regeneration projects,
          will be concentrating on Pennywell and Muirhouse to assist the
          remaining tenants.
         Re-housing satisfaction surveys along with maps showing the areas
          that residents have moved to are available on the council website

6. Any other business

         Patricia let the meeting know that Trinity Park House is back on the
         Diana will provide a presentation on the Places for People
          development at the next meeting

7. Date of next meeting

         The next meeting should take place after the school holidays:

   Thursday 26th August 2010 at 6pm in North Edinburgh Local Office

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