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									                 SPECIAL SESSION OF THE
                   19-21 SEPTEMBER 2001

            Non-Governmental Organizations
 having a Collaborative Relationship and Partnership With

          Non-governmental organizations invited to the preparatory process of the
 Special Session per Preparatory Committee Decision 2(b) of 8 February 2000, “Report of
  the Preparatory Committee for the Special Session of the General Assembly in 2001 for
 Follow-up to the World Summit for Children on its organizational session”, A/55/43 (Part
      I) and per Preparatory Committee decision “Participation of non-governmental
    organizations in the preparatory process” paragraph 12 (a) and (b), “Report of the
    Preparatory Committee for the Special Session of the General Assembly in 2001 for
Follow-up to the World Summit for Children on its first substantive session”, A/55/43 (Part
                                   II) of 26 June 2000

                                    29 January 2001
                            (Corrected List – September 2001)
   ORGANIZATION*                                                        COUNTRY
   Abebech Gobena Orphanage & School                                    Ethiopia
   Abrinq Foundation                                                    Brazil
   Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo                                             Argentina
   Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos - The Trust for the            Mexico
   Health of the Indian Children of Mexico
   Academy for Educational Development (AED)                            United States of America
   Academy for Preventive Medicine                                      Kazakhstan
   Accao Angolana para Desenvolvimento                                  Angola
   Accao para Desenvolvimento                                           Guinea-Bissau
   Accao pela Vida                                                      Angola
   Acción para la Educación Básica                                      Dominican Republic
   Acid Survivors Foundation                                            Bangladesh
   ACORD                                                                United Kingdom
   Action Contre la Faim                                                Guinea
   Action Developpement Jeunes (ADJ)                                    Djibouti
   Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa                               New Zealand
   Action for Relief and Development Assistance                         Tanzania, United Republic Of
   Action for the Rights of Children (ARC)                              Japan
   Adithi                                                               India
   Adolescentul                                                         Romania
   Adoratrices del Santísimo                                            Dominican Republic
   ADRA                                                                 Guinea
   ADRA                                                                 Korea, Democratic People's
   Advocates for Youth                                                  United States of America
   AESOP Center                                                         Russian Federation
   Afram Plains Development Organisation                                Ghana
   African Broadcasting Network (ACBN)                                  Nigeria
   African Culture Society                                              Sudan
   African Medical and Research Foundation, Inc.                        United States of America
   African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF)                          Kenya

*NGOs having a collaborative relationship and partnership with UNICEF                              Page 1 of 60
 approved for accreditation to the Special Session on Children.
ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
African Network for the Prevention & Protection Against Child     Nigeria
Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN)
African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child   Ethiopia
 Abuse and Neglect
African Parliamentary Union                                       Côte d'Ivoire
African Radio Drama Association (ARDA)                            Nigeria
African Society For Humanitarian Development (ASHAD)              Sudan
Africare, Inc.                                                    United States of America
Afrika Cultural Centre                                            South Africa
AFVP                                                              Madagascar
Aga Khan Foundation                                               Switzerland
Aga Khan University                                               Pakistan
AGBEF/IPPF                                                        Guinea
Agesci                                                            Italy
AGHS                                                              Pakistan
Agisanang Domestic Abuse (ADAPT)                                  South Africa
ÁGORA - Associacao para Projetos de Combate a Fome                Brazil
AIBI                                                              Italy
Aide et Action - Guinea                                           Guinea
Aide et Action - Senegal                                          Senegal
AIDS Care Education and Training                                  Uganda
AIDS Counselling Center and Educational Support Services          Thailand
AIDS Information and Support Center (TASC)                        Swaziland
AIDS Information Centre (AIC)                                     Uganda
AIDS Network Development Foundation                               Thailand
Aisha                                                             Kazakhstan
AKAMASOA                                                          Madagascar
Albanian Youth Council/Children's Alliance                        Albania
Alcohol & Drug Information Center                                 Sri Lanka
Aldeas Infantiles SOS España                                      Spain
Alem Children Support Organization                                Ethiopia

                                                                                             Page 2 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                       COUNTRY
Alexandria Association for Home Economics                          Egypt
Algerian Scout Muslim (SMA)                                        Algeria
All Stars Talent Show Network                                      United States of America
All-Ukrainian Committee on Children's Rights                       Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Public Organization OUR CHILDREN                     Ukraine
All-Visayas Action Group on Reproductive Health                    Philippines
Alliance for Community Action on Female Education (ACAFE)          Ghana
Alliance Nigerienne des Artistes Intellectuels et Communicateurs   Niger
pour l'Enfance (ANAICE)
Alliance Nigerienne des Educatrices pour le Developpement          Niger
Alliance of Women in Slovakia                                      Slovakia
ALSADA SCOIETY                                                     Yemen
Alternag                                                           Guinea-Bissau
Amepouh                                                            Côte d'Ivoire
American Academy of Pediatrics                                     United States of America
American Association of University Women                           United States of America
American Children's Television Center                              United States of America
American College of Nurse-Midwives                                 United States of America
American Montessori Society                                        United States of America
American Planning Association                                      United States of America
Amicale des Femmes pour l'Unité et la Paix aux Tchad (AFUPT)       Chad
Amnesty International Australia                                    Australia
Amnesty International Japanese Section                             Japan
Amnistia Internacional                                             Mexico
Ana Assudan Organization                                           Sudan
ANDE                                                               Spain
Andean Rural Health Care, Inc.                                     United States of America
ANDESAPA                                                           Ecuador
ANDI                                                               Brazil
Angels' Haven                                                      Korea, Republic of

                                                                                              Page 3 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                 COUNTRY
Angola Network of AIDS Service Organisations                 Angola
ANGOZA                                                       Tanzania, United Republic Of
ANSEDI                                                       Algeria
Antilin’I Madagasikara                                       Madagascar
AOPS                                                         Haiti
Aparajeyo Bangladesh                                         Bangladesh
Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group   United Kingdom
APROTECH                                                     Philippines
Arab Center for Broadcasting                                 Syria
Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR)                       Tunisia
Arab NGO Network                                             Egypt
Arab Office for Youth and Environment                        Egypt
Arab Resource Collective                                     Cyprus
Arciragazzi                                                  Italy
ARCS                                                         Italy
Armenian Family Health Association (AFHA)                    Armenia
Armenian Young Lawyers Association                           Armenia
Arquidiócesis de Maracaibo                                   Venezuela
Asamblea de la Sociedad Civil                                Guatemala
Ascardio                                                     Venezuela
Asia/Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO (ACCU)               Japan
Asian Women & Children's Network                             Japan
ASIES - Asociacion de Investigacion y Estudios Sociales      Guatemala
Asociación Amazonia - Cesap                                  Venezuela
Asociación Chilena de Municipalidades                        Chile
Asociacion Chilena Pro Naciones Unidas (ACHNU)               Chile
Asociación Comunitaria para el Progreso                      Dominican Republic
Asociación Cristiana de Jovenes                              Uruguay
Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ)                        Honduras
Asociación de Clubes de Madres                               Peru

                                                                                    Page 4 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Asociación de Desarrollo Juvenil Comunitario                     Guatemala
Asociación de Desarrollo Social de Nicaragua (ASDENIC)           Nicaragua
Asociación de Scouts de Venezuela                                Venezuela
Asociación Dominicana de Enfermeras Graduadas                    Dominican Republic
Asociación Dominicana de Planificación Familiar                  Dominican Republic
Asociación Dominicana de Rehabilitación                          Dominican Republic
Asociación Dominicana del Desarrollo de la Mujer (ADEPEM)        Dominican Republic
Asociación Dominicana Pro-Bienestar de la Familia                Dominican Republic
Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana         Peru
Asociación Mujer Vamos Adelante                                  Guatemala
Asociación Nacional de ONG de Urugay (ANONG)                     Uruguay
Asociación para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer           Spain
Asociacion Pro-busqueda                                          El Salvador
Associação Amigos da Criancas                                    Guinea-Bissau
Associação Caboverdiana de Deficientes - ACD                     Cape Verde
Associação Juvenil Black Panthers                                Cape Verde
Associação Nacional de Jovens para a Acção Familiar (ANJAF)      Portugal
Associação para Desenvolvimento Comunitario e Participativo      Angola
Association ABNAI                                                Algeria
Association Against Sexual Abuse                                 Slovenia
Association Algerienne Enfance et Famille d' Accueil Benevole    Algeria
Association ARPEJI                                               Algeria
Association ASHIGMA                                              Algeria
Association BELKHENCHIR                                          Algeria
Association Camerounaise des Femmes Juristes                     Cameroon
Association Camerounaise pour les Droits de l'Enfant (ACDE)      Cameroon
Association Cap Diégo Santé                                      Madagascar
Association Culturelle d'Aide a la Promotion Educative Sociale   Senegal

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
Association d’Aide aux Inadaptés Moteurs                          Algeria
Association d'Appui aux Activités de Santé Communautaire          Togo
Association de Soutien a l'Auto-Promotion Sanitaire Urbaine       Côte d'Ivoire
Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc                      Morocco
Association des Chefs Traditionnels du Niger (ACTN)               Niger
Association des Femmes de Guinee dans la Lutte Contre Les         Guinea
Association des Femmes Juristes                                   Chad
Association des Femmes pour la Promotion de l'Allaitement         Guinea
Maternal (AFPAM)
Association des Femmes pour la Promotion de l'Allaitement         Guinea
Maternel et la Nutrition Infantile en Guinée (AFPAMNIG)
Association des Jeunes pour la Justice Sociale au Tchad (AJJST)   Chad
Association des Maires Ivoiriens Défenseurs de l'Enfant           Côte d'Ivoire
Association des Parents d'Enfants Inadaptes a l'Iile Maurice      Mauritius
Association ENASR                                                 Algeria
Association Famonjena                                             Madagascar
Association for Community Development in Nasseriya                Egypt
Association for Education and Empowerment (ASSEEMP)               Nigeria
Association for Health and Environmental Development (AHED)       Egypt

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)             Nigeria
Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women              Thailand
Association Française des Volontaires du Progrès                  Togo
Association Gabonaise pour la Promotion de l'Alimentation         Gabon
Infantile (AGPAI)
Association Guinéenne des Femmes Chercheurs (AGFC)                Guinea
Association Guineenne pour la Formation et la Reinsertion         Guinea
Sociale des Handicapes (AGFRIS)
Association Guinéenne pour la Reinsertion des Toxicomanes         Guinea
Association IBTISSAMA                                             Algeria
Association IDMEGE                                                Algeria

                                                                                  Page 6 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                       COUNTRY
Association Internationale Laics Volontaires                       Senegal
Association IQRAA - Association Algerienne d'Alphabetisation       Algeria
Association Ivoirienne pour la Défense de la Femme                 Côte d'Ivoire
Association Juristes Maliennes                                     Mali
Association les Enfants du Soleil                                  Madagascar
Association Nationale des Handicapes Moteurs du Sénégal            Senegal
Association Nigérienne pour la Défense des Droits de l'Homme       Niger
Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan                        Kazakhstan
Association of Children and Youth "Post-pessimists"                Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Association of Children's Welfare Agencies                         Australia
Association of Nigerian Medical Doctors, USA                       United States of America
Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO)              Gambia
Association of People with AIDS in Kenya (TAPWAK)                  Kenya
Association of Single Mothers                                      Kazakhstan
Association of Young Leaders                                       Kazakhstan
Association Panafricaine pour le Developpement Communautaire       Senegal

Association pour l'Autopromotion des Jeunes sans Emploi et         Togo
des Groupements Agricoles du Togo
Association pour l'Autopromotion des Populations de l'Est          Cameroon
Association pour la Défense des Droits de la Femme et de           Gabon
l'Enfant (ADDFE)
Association pour la Defense des Droits des Consommateurs           Chad
Association pour la Promotion de la Jeunesse                       Gabon
Association pour la Promotion des Libertés Fondamentales au        Chad
Association pour la Protection de l'Enfance Malheureuse            Benin
Association pour la Protection et la Promotion de l'Enfant de la   Chad
Rue au Tchad
Association pour le Développement de Mali (ADEMA)                  Guinea

                                                                                              Page 7 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Association pour le Progres & la Defense des Droits des Femmes   Mali
Association RACHDA                                               Algeria
Association Sahel VERT                                           Chad
Association Santé et Développement                               Madagascar
Association Santé Organization Secours (ASOS)                    Madagascar
Association Stop SIDA Antsiranana                                Madagascar
Association Stop SIDA Toamasina                                  Madagascar
Association Tchadienne des Volontaires pour la Protection de     Chad
l'Environnement (ATVPE)
Associazione di Cooperazione Rurale in Africa e Latin America    Italy
Associes pour l'education d'adultes                              Guinea
Astha                                                            India
Atlas Alliansen                                                  Norway
Aumonerie Catholique des Prisons                                 Madagascar
Aurat Publication and InfoService Foundation                     Pakistan
Australian Baha'i Community                                      Australia
Australian Human Rights Centre                                   Australia
Australian Youth Foundation                                      Australia
AVSC International                                               United States of America
Awake - Pota                                                     Uganda
Ayrton Senna Institute                                           Brazil
Azza Women Association                                           Sudan
Babiker Badri Association for Women Studies (BBSAWS)             Sudan
Baby Milk Action                                                 United Kingdom
Bal Chetana Samuha                                               Nepal
Bal Niketan Sangh                                                India
Bal Sansar                                                       Nepal
Banchte Shekha                                                   Bangladesh
Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation                              Bangladesh

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Bangladesh Institute of Research Promotion of Essential and    Bangladesh
Reproductive Health Technologies
Bangladesh National Environmental Lawyers Association          Bangladesh
Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association                  Bangladesh
Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)                  Bangladesh
Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)                         Bangladesh
Bangladesh Women's Health Coalition                            Bangladesh
Barnados Australia                                             Australia
Barnados Ireland                                               Ireland
Barnados UK                                                    United Kingdom
Baroda Citizen's Council (BCC)                                 India
Basic Education Network                                        Ethiopia
Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival (BASICS)   United States of America
Beijing NGO Coalition                                          Egypt
Bernard Van Leer Foundation (BVLF)                             Netherlands
Beyond Beijing Committee                                       Nepal
Bhutan Youth Development Association                           Bhutan
Bill and Melinda Gates Children's Vaccine Program (PATH)       United States of America
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation                              United States of America
BOBEK Children's Fund                                          Kazakhstan
BORNEfonden                                                    Cape Verde
Botswana Christian Council (BCC)                               Botswana
Botswana Council for the Disabled (BCD)                        Botswana
Botswana Council of Women (BCW)                                Botswana
Botswana Family Welfare Association (BOFWA)                    Botswana
Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC)                         Botswana
Botswana Network of AIDS Services Organisations (BONASO)       Botswana
Boy Scouts of Nippon                                           Japan
Boys and Girls Society of Sierra Leone                         Sierra Leone
Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analysis            Brazil
Bread for the World                                            United States of America

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ORGANIZATION                                             COUNTRY
Breaking the Silence                                     Bangladesh
Breastfeeding Advisory Association of Malaysia           Malaysia
Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI)          India
Breastfeeding Promotion Society                          Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Bridge of Hope                                           Armenia
British Red Cross                                        United Kingdom
Brookings Institution                                    United States of America
Buddukiro Children's Agency                              Uganda
Bugweri Development Foundation                           Uganda
Buniyaad                                                 Pakistan
CAFOD                                                    United Kingdom
Cais do Porto                                            Brazil
Cameroon Association for Family Welfare                  Cameroon
Cameroon Medical Women's Association                     Cameroon
Cameroon Society For the Prevention of Child Abuse and   Cameroon
Caminul Philip                                           Romania
Canaan Institute of New Pedagogy                         Israel
                                                           Occupied Palestinian Territories
Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children            Canada
Canadian Council on Social Development                   Canada
Canadian Institute of Child Health                       Canada
Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief (CPAR)              Malawi
Canadian Teachers’ Federation                            Canada
CANICA                                                   Mexico
Canillitas con Don Bosco                                 Dominican Republic
Canillitas con Laura Vicuña                              Dominican Republic
Capanamur                                                Korea, Democratic People's
CARE                                                     United Kingdom
CARE International - Thailand (Raks Thai)                Thailand

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ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Caribbean Association for Feminist Research & Action (CAFRA) Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean Child Development Centre                               Jamaica
Caritas                                                          Egypt
Caritas Arquidiocesana                                           Honduras
Cáritas Caboverdiana                                             Cape Verde
Caritas Española                                                 Spain
Caritas Makeni                                                   Sierra Leone
Caritas Sverige                                                  Sweden
Casa Alianza de Honduras                                         Honduras
Casa Alianza México, I.A.P.                                      Mexico
Casa Speranta                                                    Romania
Catholic Agency for Development                                  Guinea
Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)                      India
CAUSE Canada                                                     Sierra Leone
CDM International/EHP                                            United States of America
CEAPA                                                            Spain
CEAR                                                             Spain
Cecodap - Centros Comunitarios de Parendizaje                    Venezuela
CEDAW NGO Coalition                                              Egypt
CENPEC                                                           Brazil
Center for African Settlement Studies and Development            Nigeria
Center for Child Rights - Center for Social Policy Initiatives   Croatia
Center for Conflict Management                                   Kazakhstan
Center for Development Communication (CDC)                       Egypt
Center for Family, Gender & Environment in Development           Viet Nam
Center for Human Development (CHD)                               Nigeria
Center for Human Rights Affairs                                  Japan
Center for Legislative Development                               Philippines
Center for Performing Arts (CPA)                                 Sri Lanka

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ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Center for Population and Family Health                          United States of America
Center for Reproductive Health and Family Planning               Viet Nam
Center for the Culture of Peace and Non-violence "Mali korak"    Croatia
Center for the Protection of Children's Rights Foundation        Thailand
Center for Women and Children Studies (CWCS)                     Bangladesh
Center of Arab Women for Training and Research                   Tunisia
Central Union for Child Welfare                                  Finland
Centre d'Education et du Developpement des Enfants Mauriciens    Mauritius
Centre de Formation et d'Education Instrument de la Paix         Chad
Centre for Adolescent Health                                     Kenya
Centre for African Settlement Studies & Development              Nigeria
Centre for Community Studies, Action and Development             Ghana
Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)           United Kingdom
Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA)         United States of America
Centre for Environment Education (CEE)                           India
Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition (CHETNA)     Egypt
Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness    India
Centre for Human Rights & Rehabilitaiton (CHRR)                  Malawi
Centre for Legal Research & Resource Development                 Nepal
Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES)                      Bangladesh
Centre for Non-Formal Education and Training (CENFET)            Nigeria
Centre for Refugee Research                                      Australia
Centre for Rehabilitation of Children and Women                  Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)                         India
Centre for Social Research                                       Egypt
Centre for Substitute Family Care                                Czech Republic
Centre for the Law and the Child of the National Law School of   India

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ORGANIZATION                                               COUNTRY
Centre for Women's Development Studies (WDS)               India
Centre International de L'Enfance et de la Famille         France
Centre Régional pour l'Eau Potable à Faible Coût           Côte d'Ivoire
Centre Régional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement     Togo
Centre Rural d'Animation Sanitaire (CRAS)                  Côte d'Ivoire
Centro de Apoyo a Programas y Proyectos (CAPRI)            Nicaragua
Centro de Derechos Económicos y Sociales                   Ecuador
Centro de Desarrollo Social "La Aurora"                    Ecuador
Centro de Estudios de la Juventud                          Cuba
Centro de Estudios Demográficos (CESDEM)                   Dominican Republic
Centro de Estudios Regionales-Guayas                       Ecuador
Centro de Estudios Sociales y Publicaciones (CESIP)        Peru
Centro de Integración Familiar (CIF)                       Dominican Republic
Centro de Investigación en Salud Materna Infantil          Dominican Republic
Centro de Investigación para la Acción Feminina (CIPAF)    Dominican Republic
Centro de Investigaciones Sociales de Loja                 Ecuador
Centro de la Mujer y la Niña (CEDEM)                       Argentina
Centro de Medicina Reproductiva del Adolescente (CEMERA)   Chile
Centro Dominicano de Estudios de la Educación (CEDEE)      Dominican Republic
Centro Feminista de Informacion y Accion                   Costa Rica
Centro Interdisciplinario para el Desarrollo               Mexico
Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia (CEMEFI)               Mexico
Centro P. Juan Montalvo                                    Dominican Republic
Centro para la Acción Legal en Derechos Humanos (CALDH)    Guatemala
Centro Poveda                                              Dominican Republic
CENWOR                                                     Sri Lanka
CERFAMI                                                    Colombia
CESVI                                                      Korea, Democratic People's
CEVESA                                                     Benin

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ORGANIZATION                                               COUNTRY
CHANCE – Federation of Developing Activities of Children   Poland
Change Agent Association                                   Uganda
Chikankata Health Services                                 Zambia
Child and Environment                                      Georgia
Child in Need Institute (CINI)                             India
Child Life Line (CLL)                                      Nigeria
Child Pastorate                                            Brazil
Child Protection Fund, Inc., Korea                         Korea, Democratic People's
Child Protection Society                                   Zimbabwe
Child Reach                                                United States of America
Child Relief and You (CRY)                                 India
Child Rights Asianet                                       Thailand
Child Rights Caucus                                        United States of America
Child Rights Information Network                           United Kingdom
Child Rights Protection Committee                          Poland
Child Rights Watch (CRW)                                   Sudan
Child Survival CORE Group                                  United States of America
Child Survival Technical Support Group                     United States of America
Child Watch                                                Thailand
Child Welfare League of Canada                             Canada
Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK)                      Kenya
Child Workers in Asia (CWA)                                Thailand
Childhope Asia Philippines (CHAP)                          Philippines
Childlife Trust                                            Kenya
Childline Botswana                                         Botswana
Childnet International                                     United Kingdom
Children First                                             Jamaica
Children in Need Network (CHIN)                            Zambia
Children in Performing Arts                                Zimbabwe
Children's Agenda New Zealand                              New Zealand

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Children's Aid Direct                                          Korea, Democratic People's
Children's Aid Direct                                          Sierra Leone
Children's Book Council                                        Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Children's Development Centre                                  Guyana
Children's Environment Research Group                          United States of America
Children's Environmental Health Network                        United States of America
Children's Express USA                                         United States of America
Children's Forum 21                                            Italy
Children’s Friends Association                                 Poland
Children's Parliament of Côte d'Ivoire                         Côte d'Ivoire
Children's Resource Centre                                     South Africa
Children's Rights Alliance                                     Ireland
Children's Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)                  United Kingdom
Children's Television Workshop                                 United States of America
China Association of Science and Technology                    China
China Charity Federation                                       China
China Maternal and Infant Health Center                        China
China Youth Federation                                         China
Chinese History and Culture Educational Foundation for Youth   China
Chinnamul Shisu Kishore Sangstha (CSKS)                        Bangladesh
Chiriperos con Don Bosco                                       Dominican Republic
CHRISTAG                                                       Sierra Leone
Christian Brothers Sierra Leone                                Sierra Leone
Christian Child Welfare Association (CCWA)                     Japan
Christian Children's Fund - Ukraine (CCF)                      Ukraine
Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN)                 Nigeria
Christian Medical Association of India                         India
Christian Outreach Relief and Development                      Tanzania, United Republic Of
CIDE                                                           Chile
CIDES (British Airways NGO)                                    Mexico

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ORGANIZATION                                                  COUNTRY
CIDPA                                                         Chile
CIES - Centre for Development Information and Education       Italy
CINARA                                                        Colombia
Cinemateca                                                    Uruguay
Círculos Femeninos Populares                                  Venezuela
CIRD                                                          Paraguay
Citi-Habitat                                                  Cape Verde
Civil Society Forum in the Americas (CEPIA)                   Brazil
CLAEH                                                         Uruguay
CLAP                                                          Uruguay
Claritas - Mother child Wellness and Healthy Nutrition        Georgia
Clean-Up Nigeria (CUN)                                        Nigeria
CLED (Comité local des enfants démocrates)                    Bénin
CMC-Churches' Action for Health                               Switzerland
Co-ordination for El Salvador Development (CORDES)            El Salvador
Coalition au Burkina pour les Droits de l'Enfant (COBUFADE)   Burkina Faso
Coalition for Improving Maternity Services                    United States of America
Coalition for the Urban Poor                                  Bangladesh
Coalition Guineenne pour la CDE (COGUIDE)                     Guinea
Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers                   United Kingdom
COCIS                                                         Italy
CODHS                                                         Colombia
COFEG - Coordination des ONG Feminenos de G.                  Guinea
COHADDE - Coalition Haitenne Pour la Defense des Droits de    Haiti
Colectivo Mexicano de Apoyo a la Niñez (COMEXANI)             Mexico
Colegio de Abogados                                           Uruguay
Coletivo Feminista Sexualidade e Saude (CFSS)                 Brazil
Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development               Kenya
Collectif des ONG Actives de Côte d'Ivoire                    Côte d'Ivoire

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
Collectif des ONG de Lutte contre le SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire        Côte d'Ivoire
Collective Consultation of NGOs on EFA                            France
Collective of Lebanese NGOs                                       Lebanon
COMADE - Coalition Malienne des Droits de L'Enfant                Mali
Comforting Hearts                                                 Guyana
Comision de Ninez y Adolescencia                                  Uruguay
Comisión Nacional por los Derechos de las Niñas, los Niños y      Peru
los Adolescentes
Comité de Concertation des ONG travaillant pour les Enfants en    Guinea
Situation Difficile (COTESD)
Comite de Eradicacion de Trabajo Infantil                         Uruguay
Comité de Formation des Animateurs et Educateurs                  Madagascar
Comite de Los Derechos del Nino y del Adolescente                 Uruguay
Comite de Protection de l'Enfance au Niger (CPEN)                 Niger
Comite de Seguimiento de la Convencion                            Argentina
Comite Guineen de Suivi de la Protection des Droits de l'Enfant   Guinea
Comité Maternidad sin Riesgo                                      Mexico
Comité National de Lutte Contre la Pratique de l'Excision (CNLPE) Burkina Faso

Comite Nigerien sur les Pratiques (CONIPRAT)                      Niger
Committee for Studies on Women, Family, Environment in Africa Senegal
Commonwealth Association for Mental Handicap and                  United Kingdom
Developmental Disabilities (CAMHADD)
Commonwealth Youth Programme                                      United Kingdom
Communication Initiative                                          Canada
Communicators Network for Children & Adolescents                  El Salvador
Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE)                        South Africa
Community Aid Abroad (Oxfam Australia)                            Australia
Community Animation and Development Organization (CADO)           Sierra Leone
Community Based Rehabilitation                                    Solomon Islands

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ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Community Conflict Management and Resolution (CCMR)              South Africa
Community Front for the Prevention of AIDS                       Sri Lanka
Community of Learners Foundation                                 Philippines
Community-based Rehabilitation Programme                         Guyana
Concern Worldwide USA                                            United States of America
Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers Unions                 Japan
Congani                                                          Venezuela
Congregation of Sons of Good Shepherds                           United States of America
Conseil Français des Associations pour les Droits de l'Enfant    France
Constitutional Rights Project                                    Nigeria
Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development -     Canada
CG International
Consumer Unity & Trust Society                                   India
COOPI                                                            Sierra Leone
Coordinadora de Instituciones Privadas Pro los Niños y Niñas y   Honduras
Sus Derechos (COIPRODEN)
Coordinadora de Pueblos Mayas de Guatemala (COPMAGUA)            Guatemala
Coordinadora Metropolitana de los Comites del Vaso de Leche      Peru
Coordinadora Nicaraguense de ONGs que trabajan con la Niñez y Nicaragua
la Adolescencia (CODENI)
Coordinadora ONG de Mujeres UNPHU                                Dominican Republic
Coordinadora Sí Vamos por la Paz                                 Guatemala
Coordinating Assembly of NGOs in Swaziland (CANGO)               Swaziland
Coordination des ONGs et Associations Féminines Nigériennes      Niger
Copii Nostri Foundation (Our Children)                           Romania
Copii Romaniei Dragos                                            Romania
Copperbelt Health Education Project                              Zambia
Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services              Egypt
Coptic Organization for Services and Training (COST)             Egypt
Corporacion de Promocion y Apoyo a la Infancia ONG PAICABI Chile

                                                                                        Page 18 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                       COUNTRY
Corporación Justicia y Paz                                         Ecuador
Corporacion OPCION                                                 Chile
Corporate Watch                                                    United States of America
Cosas de Niños y Niñas "Visión"                                    Honduras
Cotidiano Mujer                                                    Uruguay
Council for Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi               Malawi
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)   Japan

Council on Health Research for Development                         Switzerland
Counterpart International Inc.                                     United States of America
Country Associates Network (CANET)                                 Nigeria
CPTAFE/CI-AF Cellule de Coordination sur les Pratiques             Guinea
Traditionnelles Affectant la Sante des Femmes et des Enfants
CRADLE, The                                                        Kenya
CREATE Foundation                                                  Australia
Creative Exchange                                                  United Kingdom
CREPA                                                              Burkina Faso
Croatian Association of Societies "Our Children"                   Croatia
Cruz Roja Española                                                 Spain
Cruz Vermelha Nacional                                             Guinea-Bissau
Curumim                                                            Brazil
Czech Helsinki Committee                                           Czech Republic
Dar Al Aytam Islamiyah - The Social Welfare Institutions (SWI)     Lebanon
Dawa Islamia                                                       Sudan
De Laas Gul Welfare Programme                                      Pakistan
DED Kankan                                                         Guinea
Deepalaya                                                          India
Defense for Children International                                 Australia
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International                            United States of America
Democratic Council                                                 Kazakhstan
Demokraticka Alternativa                                           Czech Republic

                                                                                          Page 19 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (DKSB)                                Germany
Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V.                                   Germany
Development Aid from People to People                            Zambia
Development and Educational Programme for Daughters and          Thailand
Development GAP                                                  United States of America
Developpement Solidaire (DEVSOL)                                 Senegal
Diakonia                                                         Sweden
Didibahini                                                       Nepal
Diocese of Lodwar                                                Kenya
Diocese of Marsabit                                              Kenya
Diosese of Western Tanganyika (DWT)                              Tanzania, United Republic Of
Disabled Children's Action Group (DIDAG)                         South Africa
Ditshwanelo-The Botswana Centre for Human Rights                 Botswana
Djelujmo kroz sport - "Let's Act Through Sport"                  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Don Bosco                                                        Sierra Leone
Don Bosco Technical Center                                       Sri Lanka
Dost Welfare Foundation - Juvenile Justice Project               Pakistan
Drug Abuse Council                                               Jamaica
Duang Prateep Foundation                                         Thailand
Early Childhood Resource Centre                                  Israel
                                                                   Occupied Palestinian Territories
Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU)                              South Africa
EARN                                                             United States of America
Earth Action                                                     United Kingdom
Earth Society Foundation                                         United States of America
Eau de la Vie                                                    Togo
Echange pour l'Organisation et la Promotion des Petits           Togo
Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs du Sénégal/Jeunesse et Developpement   Senegal
ECPAT Australia                                                  Australia

                                                                                          Page 20 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
EDNICA I.A.P.                                                  Mexico
Educación del Niño Callejero                                   Mexico
EDUCAM                                                         Cambodia
Educate the Children                                           Nepal
Egyptian Community Medical Association                         Egypt
Egyptian General Association for the Protection of Children    Egypt
Egyptian Medical Women's Association                           Egypt
Egyptian Society for the Prevention of Harmful Practices to    Egypt
Woman and Child (ESPHP)
Egyptian Society of Breast Milk Friends                        Egypt
Eklavya                                                        India
El Hilal                                                       TFYR Macedonia
Elevorganisationen                                             Sweden
Elimination de l'Infanticide au Bénin                          Benin
Emang Basadi Women's Association                               Botswana
Eminent Persons Group on Advocacy for Children                 Liberia
Empower                                                        Thailand
End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT - Thailand)      Thailand
End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT-USA)             United States of America
ENDA Tiers Monde                                               Senegal
ENDA-Bissau                                                    Guinea-Bissau
ENDA-Caribe                                                    Dominican Republic
Enfance en Danger                                              Gabon
Enfants du Monde                                               Madagascar
Enfants Solidaires d'Afrique et du Monde                       Benin
Entraide Universitaire Pour le Developpement (EUPD)            Guinea
Environment 2000                                               Zimbabwe
Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Organization   Tanzania, United Republic Of
Environmental Foundation of Jamaica                            Jamaica
Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS)                            Sudan

                                                                                      Page 21 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                    COUNTRY
EPOCH-Worldwide                                                 United Kingdom
Equilibre - Asociatia Equilibre Romania                         Romania
Erikshjälpen                                                    Sweden
ESAM                                                            Benin
ESAP                                                            Paraguay
Escuela l’Esplay de Caritas                                     Spain
Eslah Charity Organization                                      Yemen
Espacio para Desarrollo Integral, A.C.                          Mexico
Esperanca                                                       United States of America
Ethiopian Women's Lawyers Association                           Ethiopia
Ethnic Child Care, Family and Community Services Co-operative   Australia

European Children Network (EURONET)                             Belgium
European Children's Television Centre                           Greece
European Children's Trust                                       United Kingdom
European Network on Debt Relief and Development (EURODAD) Belgium

European Network on Street Children Worldwide (ENSCW)           Belgium
European Roma Rights Center                                     Hungary
European Solidarity Towards Equal Participation of People       Belgium
Evangelische Jugend Österreich                                  Austria
FACT Mutare                                                     Zimbabwe
Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)          Dominican Republic
FAI                                                             Mexico
Faith, Hope, Love (FHL)                                         Ukraine
Family and Society Association                                  Azerbaijan
Family Health International                                     United States of America
Family Health Trust                                             Zambia
Family Homes Movement                                           Sierra Leone
Family Life Association of Swaziland                            Swaziland
Family Life Movement of Zambia                                  Zambia

                                                                                       Page 22 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                        COUNTRY
Family Planning Association - Uganda                                Uganda
Family Planning Association of Iran                                 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Family Planning Society                                             Syria
Fashoda Benevolent                                                  Sudan
Federación Asociaciones para la Prevención del Maltrato Infantil    Spain
Federación de Instituciones Populares de Educación Inicial          Uruguay
Federación de Mujeres Cubanas                                       Cuba
Federacion de Mujeres Organizadas en Centrales de Comedores         Peru
Populares Autogestionarios de Lima y Callao
Federación Medica del Interior                                      Uruguay
Federación Nacional de Mujeres de Negocios y Profesionales de       Chile
Federal Court of Australia                                          Australia
Federatia Etnica a Romilor (Rroma Federation)                       Romania
Federation des Caisses d'Epargne et de Credit des Associations      Togo
Fédération des Organizations Non Gouvernementales du Sénégal        Senegal
Fédération Nationale des Handicapés Moteurs                         Algeria
Federation of African Women Educationists                           Ghana
Federation of NGOs Active in Child Protection                       Romania
Federation Senegalaise des Club UNESCO (FSCU)                       Senegal
Federations des Associations Feminines du Senegal (FAFS)            Senegal
Feminist League of Almaty                                           Kazakhstan
Femme et Vie                                                        Benin
Femmes Santé Developpement                                          Cameroon
Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy (FLM)                                  Madagascar
FICECO: Festival International de Cinema et de télévision pour l'   Benin
enfance et la jeunesse
Fideicomiso para la Salud de los Niños Indígenas                    Mexico
Fight Against Child Exploitation (FACE)                             Thailand
Fiji Women's Crisis Centre                                          Fiji

                                                                                            Page 23 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                 COUNTRY
Filles de Marie Auxiliatrices                                Madagascar
Finnish United Nations Association                           Finland
Finnish Youth Co-operation Allianssi                         Finland
Fipan                                                        Venezuela
Fish Maternidade e Solidariedade Humana                      Angola
FLASCO/Chile                                                 Chile
FNHM                                                         Algeria
Focus on Children                                            Ireland
Focus on the Global South                                    Thailand
Fokontany Antananarivo Miray Hina (FAMHI)                    Madagascar
Fondation BOUCEBSI                                           Algeria
Fondation pour l'Enfance                                     Mali
Fondation Regard d'Amour (FRA)                               Benin
Fondation Universelle pour la Paix et le Développement       Benin
FONHEP                                                       Haiti
Food – Gift from Heart Foundation                            Poland
Food Basket Foundation International                         Nigeria
For Each Child a Family                                      Romania
Foro Abierto de Salud y Derechos Reproductivos               Chile
Foro Ecuatoriano por y con los Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes   Ecuador
Forum des Educatrices de Guinée (FEG)                        Guinea
Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) - Guinée      Guinea
Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) - Kenya       Kenya
Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) - Niger       Niger
Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) - Sierra      Sierra Leone
Forum for African Women Educationalists, Uganda              Uganda
Forum for Barnekonvensjonen                                  Norway
Forum for Women, Law and Development                         Nepal
Foster Care & Adoption Association                           Uganda
Foster Family Association                                    Poland

                                                                            Page 24 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                       COUNTRY
Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Management                   Thailand
Foundation for Children                                            Thailand
Foundation for Children with Tumors                                Poland
Foundation for Children's Development                              Thailand
Foundation for Development (FUNDE)                                 El Salvador
Foundation for Environmental Education in Nigeria                  Nigeria
Foundation for Life-Long Education of Thailand                     Thailand
Foundation for Reproductive Health and Family Education            Haiti
Foundation for Studies and Research on Women (FEIM)                Argentina
Foundation for the Development of Civil Society                    Romania
Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific (FSP)              Fiji
Foundation for Women                                               Thailand
Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans                    United States of America
Fraternite Medicale Guinee (FMG)                                   Guinea
Freedom from Hunger                                                United States of America
Frères Missionnaires de la Charité                                 Madagascar
Friedrich Ebert Foundation                                         United States of America
Friends of Orphans Community Care Centre                           Malawi
Friends of Parentless Children, Macedonia Child Rights Coalition   TFYR Macedonia

Friends of the Children of Serbia                                  Yugoslavia
Friends of Women Foundation                                        Thailand
Friends/Mith Samlanh                                               Cambodia
Funda-Ici                                                          Venezuela
Fundação Criança Caboverdiana                                      Cape Verde
Fundación Alternativas para el Desarrollo                          Ecuador
Fundación Amauta                                                   Ecuador
Fundación ANAR                                                     Spain
Fundacion CIMDER - Centro de Investigaciones                       Colombia
Multidisciplinarias para el Desarrollo
Fundación de Apoyo Infantil                                        Mexico

                                                                                          Page 25 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                 COUNTRY
Fundación de Ayuda y Protección al Falcémico (FAPF)          Dominican Republic
Fundacion Dianui AC                                          Mexico
Fundación Dominicana para Niños con Necesidades Especiales   Dominican Republic
Fundación El Universo                                        Ecuador
Fundación Esquel - Ecuador                                   Ecuador
Fundación Familia Ocio y Naturaleza (FONOT)                  Spain
Fundacion Internacional para el Desafio Economico Global     Nicaragua
Fundación Luis A. Noboa Naranjo                              Ecuador
Fundacion Nacional para la Superacion de la Pobreza          Chile
Fundación para la Integración Social y Educativa (FISOE)     Dominican Republic
Fundación para la Protección de la Niñez                     Mexico
Fundación Renacimiento                                       Mexico
Fundación Renascer                                           Colombia
Fundacion Rigoberta Menchu Tum                               Guatemala
Fundación SSM de la República Dominicana                     Dominican Republic
Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon                         Norway
Future Generations                                           United States of America
FYCE - Children's Cultural and Educational Centre            Ukraine
Galaxy of Youth                                              Pakistan
Gauteng Child Welfare                                        South Africa
Gavroche                                                     Romania
GEM                                                          Mexico
General Federation of Women's Clubs                          United States of America
General Union for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides                 Egypt
General Union of Voluntary Societies (GUVS)                  Jordan
German NGO Forum                                             Germany
GHESKIO                                                      Haiti
GIMTRAP                                                      Mexico
GINIE Project                                                United States of America
GIRE                                                         Mexico

                                                                                    Page 26 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Girl Power                                                       Malawi
Girl Scouts / USA                                                United States of America
Girl Scouts of Japan                                             Japan
Girls' Power Initiative (GPI)                                    Nigeria
Girokastra Youth Parliament/Children's Alliance                  Albania
Giving Back Childhood: The Friends of Streets Children Society   Poland
by the name of Kazimierz Lisiecki "Grandfather"
Global 2000                                                      Nigeria
Global Children's Health and Environmental Fund                  United States of America
Global Health Council/Global AIDS Program                        United States of America
Global Health Foundation                                         Sudan
Global Human Rights Network                                      Japan
Global IDP Survery                                               Switzerland
Global Infancia                                                  Paraguay
Global Kids                                                      United States of America
Global March Against Child Labour                                India
Global Partnership                                               United Kingdom
Global Water Partnership                                         Sweden
Global Woman                                                     United States of America
Global Youth Action Network                                      United States of America
GOAL Kenya                                                       Kenya
Good Neighbors, Inc., Korea                                      Korea, Democratic People's
GRABS                                                            Benin
Grassroots Educare Trust                                         South Africa
Grassroots Health Organisation of Nigeria (GHON)                 Nigeria
GRD                                                              Benin
Greenpeace Japan                                                 Japan
Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child (GNCRC)    Grenada
Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques (GRET)          Chile
Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques (GRET)          Madagascar

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Groupe de Réfléxion et d'Action Femme Démocratie &             Togo
Groupe Haitien de Recherches et D'Actions Pedagogiques         Haiti
Growing up in Cities Project                                   United States of America
Grupo de Genero da Escola Nacional de Saude Publica            Brazil
Grupo de Educación Popular con Mujeres                         Mexico
Grupo de Iniciativa Nacional por los Derechos del Niño (GIN)   Peru
Grupo Guatemalteco de Mujeres                                  Guatemala
Grupo Interdisciplinario sobre Mujer Trabajo y Pobreza         Mexico
Guadalupe Foundation                                           El Salvador
Gurises Unidos                                                 Uruguay
Habitat International Coalition                                South Africa
Hague Appeal for Peace                                         United States of America
Handpump Technology Network (HTN)                              Switzerland
Harbour House Foundation                                       Thailand
Harvest Help                                                   United Kingdom
Hatemalo                                                       Nepal
Health Action Information Network                              Philippines
Health Alliance International                                  United States of America
Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)               Pakistan
Health Education and Research Association (HERA)               TFYR Macedonia
Health Education Unit                                          Sierra Leone
Healthlink Worldwide                                           United Kingdom
Heart 'Disabled Children Friends' Association                  Poland
Help and Shelter                                               Guyana
Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights                            Poland
Hesperian Foundation                                           United States of America
Himalayan Trust                                                Nepal
Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation                      Viet Nam
Hogar de Cristo                                                Thailand

                                                                                      Page 28 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                  COUNTRY
Holt Sahathai Foundation                                      Thailand
Home Economics Association of Nigeria (HEAN)                  Nigeria
Hope After Rape (HAR)                                         Uganda
Hope and Good Foundation                                      Ukraine
Hope Education Trust                                          Uganda
Hope Enterprises                                              Ethiopia
Hope for Children                                             Jamaica
Horizons                                                      United States of America
Hotline Center Foundation                                     Thailand
Human Development Initiative (HDI)                            Nigeria
Human Development Promotion Centre (HDPC)                     Albania
Human Rights Development and Documentation Centre             Zimbabwe
Humanitarian Aid                                              United States of America
Humanitarianism and War Project                               United States of America
ICMER                                                         Chile
ICWI Group Foundation                                         Jamaica
Idrice Goomany - Teen Hope Project                            Mauritius
IEPAC                                                         Mexico
Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre                Tanzania, United Republic Of
Iglesia Evangélica Dominicana                                 Dominican Republic
IKORIANTSOA                                                   Madagascar
Inades Formation                                              Togo
INCAP                                                         Guatemala
Independent Board of Advisors (IBA)                           Georgia
Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)                            India
Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW)                       India
Indian Institute for Rural Development                        India
Indian Institute of Health Management Research                India
Indian Medical Association                                    India
Indigenous Peoples Centre for Policy Research and Education   Philippines

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ORGANIZATION                                                       COUNTRY
Individuell Människohjälp                                          Sweden
INFACT                                                             United States of America
INFANT                                                             United States of America
Informal Sector Service Centre                                     Nepal
Information and Documentation Center on Children's Rights          Moldova
INGCAT                                                             France
Innovative Forum for Community                                     Nepal
Institut des Aveugles Antsirabe                                    Madagascar
Institut des Sourds Antsirabe                                      Madagascar
Institut Haitien de l'Enfance (IHE)                                Haiti
Institut Pengembangan Mayarakat Madani (IP-MM)                     Indonesia
Institute for Child Health/Center for International Child Health   United Kingdom
Institute for Consumer Protection/Mauritius Action for the         Mauritius
Promotion of Breastfeeding (ICP/MAPBIN)
Institute for Integrated Development Studies                       Nepal
Institute for Population and Social Research                       Thailand
Institute for Social Studies and Action                            Philippines
Institute for the Protection of Mothers and Newborn                Viet Nam
Institute of Urban Primary Health Care                             South Africa
Institute Pierre Richet (ORSTOM)                                   Côte d'Ivoire
Instituto de Educacion Integral Para la Salud y el Desarrollo      Guatemala
Instituto de Estudios de Población y Desarrollo (IEPD)             Dominican Republic
Instituto de la Familia (IDEFA)                                    Dominican Republic
Instituto de Promocion Humana (INPRHU)                             Nicaragua
Instituto de Sexualidad Humana                                     Dominican Republic
Instituto Dominicano de Alimentación y Nutrición                   Dominican Republic
Instituto Investigacion Nutritional                                Peru
Instituto José Luis Mora                                           Mexico
Inter Africa Group                                                 Ethiopia
Inter African Committee (IAC)                                      Nigeria

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ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Inter Country People's AID                                       Zimbabwe
Inter-African Committee on Harmful Traditional Practices         Switzerland
Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the   Benin
Health of Women and Children (CI-AF/Benin)
Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental         Brazil
Interaide Manakara                                               Madagascar
Interaide Préscolaire                                            Madagascar
International African Institute                                  United Kingdom
International Anaemia Group                                      United States of America
International Anti-Poverty Law Center (IAPLC)                    United States of America
International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH)           Canada
International Association of Youth & Family Judges and           Switzerland
International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN Penang/ICDC)       Malaysia

International Babyfood Action Network (IBCOCO)                   Switzerland
International Center for the Rights of the Child (JICRC)         Japan
International Centre for Gender & Social Research                Nigeria
International Centre for the Advancement of Community-Based      Canada
Rehabilitation (ICACBR)
International Child Abuse Network Inc                            United States of America
International Childbirth Educational Association                 United States of America
International Committee for the Development of People (CISP)     Italy
International Cooperation Development                            Yemen
International Council on Human Rights Policy                     Switzerland
International Development Research                               United States of America
International Development Research Centre                        Canada
International Disaster Relief Agency                             Tanzania, United Republic Of
International Falcon Movement Socialist Educational              Belgium
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)             United States of America
International Foundation for Child and Family (FICF)             Romania

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
International Human Rights Trust                                  United Kingdom
International Humanitarian Centre Rozrada                         Ukraine
International Inner Wheel                                         Italy
International Institute for Human Rights, Environment and         Nepal
Development (INHURED)
International Justice Mission                                     United States of America
International League Against Rheumatism                           United States of America
International Movement of Apostolate Children (IMAC)              France
International Needs                                               Ghana
International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC)           United Kingdom
International Orthodox Christian Charities                        United States of America
International Pediatric Association                               France
International Play Association and School of Design               United States of America
International Play Association, Latin America                     Argentina
International Poverty Law Center                                  United States of America
International Reading Association                                 United States of America
International Research and Information Network on Children's      Netherlands
Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES)
International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect   United States of America
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease         France
International Union of Local Authorities (IULA)                   Zambia
International Vitamin A Consultative Group                        United States of America
International Water & Sanitation Centre                           Netherlands
International Women Ribat                                         Sudan
International Women's Rights Action Watch (IWRAW)                 United States of America
International Women's Rights Action Watch (IWRAW) -               Malaysia
IPEC                                                              Uruguay
IRIS - Education, Communication, Culture                          Djibouti
Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children               Ireland
ISLAG                                                             Sierra Leone

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ORGANIZATION                                                COUNTRY
Islamic Medical Association (IMAU)                          Uganda
Jamaica Coalition on the Rights of the Child                Jamaica
Jamaica Foundation for Children                             Jamaica
Jamaica Youth Environmental Network                         Jamaica
Jamiyat Mabarat Khayriya                                    Lebanon
Janusz Korczak Committee                                    Poland
Japan Alliance for Humanitarian Demining Support (JAHDS)    Japan
Japan Arts Council                                          Japan
Japan Center for Intercultural Communications (JCIC)        Japan
Japan Committee Vaccines for the World's Children (JCV)     Japan
Japan Emergency NGOs (JEN)                                  Japan
Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF)               Japan
Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)                  Japan
Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union                      Japan
Japanese NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)   Japan
Japanese Trade Union Confederation                          Japan
Jeunes Enfants Travailleurs (JET)                           Bénin
Jeunes Entreprises Afrique Francophone                      Côte d'Ivoire
Jewish Women International                                  United Kingdom
Joint Medical Stores                                        Uganda
Jordan River Foundation (JRF)                               Jordan
Jordanian National Commission for Women                     Jordan
Jordanian Women's Union (JWU)                               Jordan
Journalists' Environment Association of Tanzania (JET)      Tanzania, United Republic Of
Jubileo 2000                                                Ecuador
Jumma Peoples' Network                                      India
Junge Europäische Föderalisten                              Austria
Junge ÖVP                                                   Austria
Junior Achievement                                          Côte d'Ivoire
Junior Achievement Botswana                                 Botswana

                                                                                   Page 33 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Juventud Obrera Católica                                       Venezuela
Kaabong Women's Group                                          Uganda
KAIROS Europa/Africa Jubilee Campaign                          Belgium
Kangaroo Child and Youth Development Society (KCYDS)           Ethiopia
Kanya Donse Fanyi                                              Guinea
Kara Counselling and Training Trust                            Zambia
Katha                                                          India
Katholische Jugend Österreich                                  Austria
Katholische Jungschar Österreich                               Austria
KDDO                                                           Sierra Leone
Kenema Diocesan Development Office                             Sierra Leone
Kenya AIDS NGO Consortium (KANCO)                              Kenya
Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors                  Kenya
Kenya Business and Professional Women's Club                   Kenya
Kenya Parents' Resource Institute on Drug Eradication (Kenya   Kenya
Khartoum Cheshire Home                                         Sudan
Khulisa Umntfwana Project                                      Swaziland
Kibera Community Self Help Programme (KICOSHEP)                Kenya
KIDOG                                                          Turkey
Kids Time Center                                               Kazakhstan
Kigoma Development and Promotion Agency (KDPA)                 Tanzania, United Republic Of
Kindernothilfe                                                 Germany
Kindianaise de l'Aménagement (KIAM)                            Guinea
KIOTA Kamanga Women for Health and Development                 Tanzania, United Republic Of
Kiwanis International                                          United States of America
Koka Women Development Programme                               Uganda
Konesans Fanmi                                                 Haiti
Korea Council of Children's Organization                       Korea, Republic of
Korea Food for the Hungry International                        Korea, Democratic People's

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Korea Welfare Foundation, Inc.                                 Korea, Democratic People's
Kosovo Charitable Association Mother Teresa                    Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
KROUSAR THMEY                                                  Cambodia
KULEANA                                                        Tanzania, United Republic Of
La Coordinadora Inter-Institucional "Una Oportunidad para la   Honduras
Niñez y la Adolescencia"
La Maison de l'Eau de Coco Fianarantsoa                        Madagascar
La Rouche                                                      Algeria
Landsgrupe av Helsesostre, NRF                                 Norway
Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya                   Sri Lanka
Larerforbundet                                                 Norway
Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network            Chile
Lawyers for Human Rights                                       South Africa
Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid                           Pakistan
LE SESOBEL                                                     Lebanon
League of Creative Women                                       Kazakhstan
League of Women Voters                                         United States of America
Legal Assistance Centre                                        Namibia
Legion of Goodwill                                             United States of America
Lembaga Advokasi Anak Indonesia (LAAI) - Indonesia Institute   Indonesia
for Children Advocacy
Lembaga Perlindungan Anak Jawa (LEPPA)                         Indonesia
Leroki Child and Family Programme                              Kenya
Liaison Center for Medical Women in Africa                     Kenya
Life Skills Development Foundation (LSDF)                      Thailand
Lifeline Counselling Center                                    Guyana
Liga de la Lactancia Materna en Honduras                       Honduras
Liga Española de la Educación y la Cultura Popular (LEECP)     Spain
Liga Guineense Direitos Humanos (LGDH)                         Guinea-Bissau
Ligue Marocaine pour la Protection de l'Enfance (LMPE)         Morocco

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ORGANIZATION                                                  COUNTRY
Linangan ng Kababaihan                                        Philippines
Link Association for Relief of Children                       Zambia
Lithuanian Children Fund                                      Lithuania
LNU - Landsrådet for Norges barne- og ungdomsorganisasjoner   Norway
(The Norwegian Youth Council)
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine                United Kingdom
Love Life                                                     South Africa
Loving Friends International (LFI)                            Sri Lanka
LPA DKI Jakarta                                               Indonesia
LPA Prop Jateng                                               Indonesia
LPA Prop Jatim                                                Indonesia
LPA Prop Jawa Barat                                           Indonesia
LPA Prop Sulawesi Selatan                                     Indonesia
LPKP/Lembaga Pengkajian KP                                    Indonesia
LSK Bina Bakat                                                Indonesia
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte                  Austria
Lumiere Action                                                Côte d'Ivoire
Lutherhjälpen                                                 Sweden
Luz FM 102.9                                                  Venezuela
M. Venkatarangaiya Foundation (MVF)                           India
M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation                          India
Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization (MYWO Kenya)               Kenya
Maiti Nepal                                                   Nepal
Malaria Consortium, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine     United Kingdom
Malawi Centre for Advice, Research & Education on Rights      Malawi
Malaysian AIDS Council                                        Malaysia
Malaysian Association for the Protection of Children          Malaysia
Malaysian Council for Child Welfare                           Malaysia
Malaysian Pediatric Association                               Malaysia
Mali-Enjeux                                                   Mali
MAMA AC                                                       Mexico

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ORGANIZATION                                                    COUNTRY
MANASOA                                                         Madagascar
Mani Tese                                                       Italy
Mannerheim League for Child Welfare                             Finland
Manos Unidas                                                    Spain
Mapusaga O Aiga                                                 Samoa
Maqased Association                                             Lebanon
March of Dimes                                                  United States of America
Marconi Association                                             Romania
Maternity and Child Welfare Association of Pakistan             Pakistan
Matraca, A.C.                                                   Mexico
Maurício Sirotsky                                               Brazil
Mauritius Council for Development, Environmental Studies and    Mauritius
Conservation (MAUDESCO)
Media Institute of Southern Africa, Botswana (MISA Botswana)    Botswana
Media Service International                                     Nepal
MEDIACOM                                                        Madagascar
Medical Assistance Program (MAP)                                Kenya
Medical Foundation                                              United Kingdom
MEDICAM                                                         Cambodia
Meerim International Charitable Foundation for the Support of   Kyrgyzstan
Childhood and Maternity
Meirim Foundation                                               Kazakhstan
Mekong Regional Law Centre (MRLC)                               Thailand
Mensajeros de la Paz                                            Spain
Mental Disability Rights International                          United States of America
MERLIN                                                          Sierra Leone
MESRA                                                           Indonesia
Message                                                         TFYR Macedonia
Methlaesile Women's Information Centre                          Botswana
Methodist Church Sierra Leone                                   Sierra Leone
Micronutrient Initiative                                        Canada

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ORGANIZATION                                              COUNTRY
Mindanao Working Group on Reproductive Health, Gender &   Philippines
Minnesota International Health Volunteers                 United States of America
Mitra Perempuan                                           Indonesia
Mizan                                                     Jordan
Mobile Creche (MCP)                                       India
Mongolian Child Rights Center                             Mongolia
MORABI                                                    Cape Verde
MOST - Service Civil International Slovenia               Slovenia
Most, Center for Antiwar Action                           Yugoslavia
Mother and Child Education Foundation (MOCEF)             Turkey
Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative                     United States of America
MotherCare/John Snow Inc.                                 United States of America
Mouvement pour le Progrés de Roche Bois                   Mauritius
Mouvement Social                                          Lebanon
Movimiento Cultural Paraujano                             Venezuela
Movimiento de Educación Popular Integral Fé y Alegría     Dominican Republic
Movimiento JUNIOR de Acción Católica                      Spain
Movimiento Manuela Ramos (MMR)                            Peru
Mujeres para el Desarrollo (MUPADE)                       Nicaragua
Mundo Afro                                                Uruguay
MUSA                                                      Peru
MUSA                                                      Brazil
Muslim Family Counselling Services                        Ghana
MWENGO                                                    Zimbabwe
Myochi-Kai (Arigatou Foundation)                          Japan
MYRADA                                                    India
NACP                                                      Sierra Leone
Nahdatul Ulama                                            Indonesia
NANGO - National Association of Non-Governmental          Zimbabwe

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Nari Bikash Sangh                                              Nepal
Nari Maitree                                                   Bangladesh
Naripokkho                                                     Bangladesh
Nasa Djeca - Humanitarian Organization for Children Care and   Bosnia and Herzegovina
Children Rights
National Anti-Tobacco Centre                                   Georgia
National Assembly for Youth Development (NAYD)                 Japan
National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of    Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan (NAYORA)
National Association for Neuromotor Disabled Children          Romania
National Association for Physically Disabled Children          Romania
National Association of Village Development Committees In      Nepal
National Center for Democracy and Human Rights                 Armenia
National Child Labor Committee                                 United States of America
National Children and Violence Trust                           South Africa
National Children's and Youth Law Centre                       Australia
National Children's Rights Committee (NCRC)                    South Africa
National Commission for Child Protection (KOMNAS PA)           Indonesia
National Commission for the Lebanese Child                     Lebanon
National Committee for Disabled Children                       Poland
National Committee for Resocialisation and Education           Poland
National Committee on Maternal Health                          Pakistan
National Committee on Traditional Practices                    Ethiopia
National Council for Child and Youth Development               Thailand
National Council of Catholic Women                             United States of America
National Council of Children                                   Seychelles
National Council of Churches                                   Australia
National Council of Women's Organizations                      Malaysia
National Council of YMCAs of Japan                             Japan
National Council on Social Welfare                             Thailand
National Debate Center                                         Kazakhstan

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ORGANIZATION                                                        COUNTRY
National Federation of the Disabled                                 Nepal
National Federation of UNESCO Associatons in Japan (NFUAJ)          Japan
National Foundation of Health Promotion (FOREM)                     Algeria
National Foundation of India (NFI)                                  India
National Initiative for Street Children                             Jamaica
National Institute for Public Interest Law & Research (NIPILAR)     South Africa

National Institute of Family and Children                           Hungary
National Network of Organizations Working with Children             Tanzania, United Republic Of
National Philoptochos Society of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese         United States of America
National Progressive Primary Health Care (NPPHC)                    South Africa
National Pure Water Association (NPWA)                              United Kingdom
National Rehabilitation and Development Center (NRDC)               Lebanon
National Research Institute of Mother and Child (Instytut Matki i   Poland
National Rural Development Foundation                               Pakistan
National School Aid Association                                     Poland
National Society for the Deaf                                       Malaysia
National Soya Programme (PNS)                                       El Salvador
National Task Force for Children (NTFC)                             Jordan
National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW)                             Eritrea
National Union of Eritrean Youths and Students (NUEYS)              Eritrea
National Women's Association                                        Bhutan
National Youth Council                                              Malawi
Nationale Koalition für die Umsetzung der                           Germany
UN-Kinderrechtskonvention in Deutschland
Natural Heritage Institute                                          United States of America
Ndoba                                                               Georgia
Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS)                                  India
Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (NMCF)                               South Africa
Nepal Association of the Blind                                      Nepal

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ORGANIZATION                                                 COUNTRY
Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists                     Nepal
Nepal Press Institute                                        Nepal
Nepal Rugmark Foundation                                     Nepal
Nepal Technical Assistance                                   Nepal
Nepal Water for Health                                       Nepal
NEPO                                                         Brazil
Netaid                                                       United States of America
Netmark Project, Academy for Educational Development         United States of America
NETWAS                                                       Kenya
Network Against Child Labour                                 South Africa
Network of AIDS Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa   Kenya
New African Research and Development Agency (NARDA)          Liberia
New Woman Research Centre (NWRC)                             Egypt
New Zealand Children's Advocacy Trust                        New Zealand
NEWAH                                                        Nepal
NGO Coalition on Child Rights (NCCR)                         Pakistan
NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child (Egypt)             Egypt
NGO Coordinating Committee on Development                    Thailand
NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child      Switzerland
NGO Networks for Health                                      United States of America
NGO/UNICEF Committee on Children in CEE/CIS and the Baltic Switzerland
Nigeria Environmental Study Action Team (NEST)               Nigeria
Nigerian Girl Guides Association                             Nigeria
NOAS                                                         Norway
Non-Governmental Association for Literacy Support Services   Nigeria
Non-Governmental Organizations in Education Network          Nigeria
Noor Al-Hussein Foundation (NHF)                             Jordan
Norsk Larerlag                                               Norway

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
NorthNet Foundation                                            Thailand
Norwegian Center For Child Research                            Norway
Norwegian Youth Council                                        Norway
Notre Dame du Refuge                                           Benin
NROS - Civil Society Development Foundation                    Czech Republic
NSPCC                                                          United Kingdom
Nucleo de Investigacao em Saude da Mulher e da Crianca         Brazil
Nuestros Niños, IAP                                            Mexico
Nuova Frontiera/Alisei                                         Italy
Nutrition Center of the Philippines (NCP)                      Philippines
Nutrition Society of Nigeria                                   Nigeria
Observatoire National des Droits de l'Enfant                   Morocco
OIC-Guinée                                                     Guinea
Oiseaux du Paradis                                             Algeria
OMCV                                                           Cape Verde
One World Action                                               United Kingdom
ONG Hardi                                                      Madagascar
ONG Urgences Antananarivo                                      Madagascar
Open Family Australia                                          Australia
Open House                                                     Romania
Orchidees Blanches                                             Madagascar
Order of St. John                                              United States of America
Organisation Développement Intégré Communautaire (ODIC)        Guinea
Organisation for the Support and Education of Disadvantaged    Viet Nam
Children (OSEDC)
Organisation Guineenne pour l'Environnement et la Sante (OGES) Guinea

Organisation Nationale des Droits de L'Homme (ONDH)            Senegal
Organisation Nationale pour l'Enfant, la Femme et la Famille   Côte d'Ivoire
Organização dos Pioneiros de Cabo Verde - OPAD-CV              Cape Verde
Organización de Pioneros José Martí                            Cuba

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
Organization of the Protection of the Children Rights of Lithuania Lithuania
"Gelbekit vaikus" (Save Children)
Orientame                                                         Colombia
Österreichische Gewerkschaftsjugend                               Austria
Österreichische Kinderfreunde/Rote Falken                         Austria
Österreichischer Bundesjugendring                                 Austria
Our Home Association                                              Poland
Overseas Development Institute                                    United Kingdom
Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC)                               Japan
Pacific Institute for Women's Health                              United States of America
PACT                                                              United States of America
Pakistan Boys Scout Association                                   Pakistan
Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights                Pakistan
Pakistan Girl Guide Association                                   Pakistan
Pakistan National Forum for Women's Health                        Pakistan
Pakistan Reproductive Health Network                              Pakistan
Pakistan Voluntary Health and Nutrition Association (PAVHNA)      Pakistan

Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights (PICCR) Israel
                                                                  Occupied Palestinian Territories
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and   Israel
Democracy (MIFTAH)                                                  Occupied Palestinian Territories
PANOS Institute                                                   United Kingdom
Parents Concern Initiatives (PACOIN)                              Uganda
Paroisse FJKM Ankadikely Ilafy                                    Madagascar
Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)                             India
Partners                                                          Nigeria
Partners for Development                                          United States of America
Pastoral del Niño                                                 Paraguay
Pastoral Juvenil                                                  Dominican Republic
Pastoral Social del Arzobispado de Guatemala                      Guatemala
PATH                                                              United States of America

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ORGANIZATION                                                COUNTRY
Pathfinder International                                    United States of America
PEACE                                                       Sri Lanka
Peace Boat                                                  Japan
Peace Links, Children/Youth Education Organization          Sierra Leone
Peace Winds Japan                                           Japan
Peasants Union                                              Viet Nam
Pediatric Association of Zimbabwe                           Zimbabwe
Peer to Peer                                                Kazakhstan
Penal Rights International (PRI)                            United Kingdom
People for the People                                       Yemen
People's Educational Association of Sierra Leone (PEA-SL)   Sierra Leone
Perdhaki                                                    Indonesia
Pestalozzi Foundation                                       Romania
Pesticide Action Network                                    United States of America
Petnica Science Center                                      Yugoslavia
Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs                  Austria
Phakama                                                     South Africa
Philani Nutrition Project                                   South Africa
Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN)                   Philippines
Philippine Children's Television Foundation                 Philippines
Phulki                                                      Bangladesh
Physicians against Land Mines (PALM)                        United States of America
Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)                  United States of America
PIC- Legal Information Centre for Non-govermental           Slovenia
Pikin-to-Pikin International                                Sierra Leone
Pioneers Organization                                       Syria
PKPA                                                        Indonesia
Plan Internacional en Honduras                              Honduras
Plan International Finland                                  Finland
Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT)           Thailand

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ORGANIZATION                                       COUNTRY
Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea             Korea, Democratic People's
PLASK                                              Slovakia
Plataforma de la Infancia                          Spain
PMU-Interlife                                      Sweden
Podrugi                                            Kazakhstan
Polígono Industrial Don Bosco                      El Salvador
Polish Association for the Mentally Handicaped     Poland
Polish Children and Youth Foundation               Poland
Polish Humanitarian Action                         Poland
Polish Red Cross                                   Poland
Polish Scouts’ Association                         Poland
Pondok Pesantren Roudlotus                         Indonesia
Population and Community Development Association   Thailand
Population Foundation of India                     India
Population Reference Bureau                        United States of America
Population Service International                   United States of America
Population Services International                  Togo
Port Fouad Association for Family and Child Care   Egypt
Poverty Reduction Forum (PRF)                      Zimbabwe
POZ 0SIDA                                          Haiti
PP. Muhammadiyah                                   Indonesia
PPAI                                               Indonesia
Pratham: All India Radio Network                   India
PRAXIS                                             Guyana
PRAYAS                                             India
Presbyterian United Nations Office                 United States of America
Prevención Alternativa                             Venezuela
Princess Basma Women's Resource Center (PBWRC)     Jordan
Profamila                                          Slovakia
Profamilia                                         Colombia

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
Profauna                                                          Uruguay
Programa Internacional de Acercamiento a la Literatura Infantil   Honduras
Programa para el Desarrollo de la Infancia y la Mujer (PRODIM) Honduras

Programme Against Micronutrient Malnutrition                      United States of America
Programme d'Insertion des Enfants Déshérités (PIED)               Benin
Project Hope                                                      United States of America
Project Initiative Vioutou                                        Bénin
Project Initiative Vioutou (ESD - Archevêché)                     Benin
Projecto Axe                                                      Brazil
PROMESA                                                           Paraguay
Proshika                                                          Bangladesh
Proyecto Baldoco                                                  Mexico
Proyecto Compartir - Asociación Compartir con los Niños y         Honduras
Niñas de Honduras
Proyecto Solidario Amistad Europea                                Spain
Psychiatric Centre Prague                                         Czech Republic
Pyinnya Tazaung Association                                       Myanmar
Qeshu - Smile                                                     Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Ragpickers Education and Development Scheme (REDS)                India
Rainbow                                                           United States of America
Ramakrishna Mission Lokshiksha Parishad                           India
Rassemblement Actif des Retraités de l'Education (RARE)           Niger
Reach Out and Read                                                United States of America
REACH Programme Uganda                                            Uganda
REBEJ/SIDA                                                        Benin
Recherche, Appui et Formation aux Initiatives                     Togo
Red de Mujeres Indígenas Wayúu                                    Venezuela
Red Genero y Familia                                              Uruguay
Red Thread Women's Development Programme                          Guyana

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
REDEPAZ                                                           Colombia
RedeSaude                                                         Brazil
Refugee Council                                                   United Kingdom
Refugee Council of Australia                                      Australia
Refugee Studies Center                                            United Kingdom
Regional Center for Strategic Studies                             Sri Lanka
Rehabilitation and Health Aid for Torture Victims (RAHAT)         Pakistan
Reintegra - Fundacion Mexicana de Reintegracion Social            Mexico
Renaissance Santé Bouaké                                          Côte d'Ivoire
RENINCO                                                           Romania
Reproductive Health/Family Planning & Nutrition                   Sierra Leone
Republican Social Help and Protection Centre                      Ukraine
RES HUMANAE Foundation                                            Poland
Research Centre on Pre-School Education                           Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Reseau Africain pour le Developpement Integre (RADI)              Senegal
Réseau d'Intégration et de Diffusion des Droits en Milieu Rural   Niger
Reseau de Communication, d'Information et de Formation des        Burkina Faso
Femmes dans les ONG (RECIF/ONG)
Resources Aimed at Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect             South Africa
Results Canada                                                    Canada
Ricerca e Cooperazione                                            Italy
Rissho Kosei-Kai (RKK)                                            Japan
Rockefeller Foundation                                            United States of America
Röda Korsets Ungdomsförbund                                       Sweden
Roeher Institute                                                  Canada
Romanian Public Health and Health Management Association          Romania
Royal Australasian College of Physicians                          Australia
Royal Society for the Protection of Nature (RSPN)                 Bhutan
Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA)                       Uganda
Ruban Rouge                                                       Côte d'Ivoire

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ORGANIZATION                                                    COUNTRY
Rural Family Support Organization                               Jamaica
Sabah Organization                                              Sudan
Sabou Guinee                                                    Guinea
SAFAIDS                                                         Zimbabwe
Saferworld                                                      United Kingdom
SAHAYOG                                                         India
Sakshi                                                          India
Salud Integral Para La Mujer (SIPAM)                            Mexico
Salvadorean Association for Health Promotion-ASPS               El Salvador
Samanata - Institute for Gender and Social Equality             Nepal
Sancharika Samuha/Nepal                                         Nepal
Sangha Metta Project                                            Thailand
Sanski Most Youth Center                                        Bosnia and Herzegovina
Santosh Bhavan                                                  India
SAPES                                                           Zimbabwe
Sar-Afrique                                                     Togo
Sathi                                                           Nepal
Sauvegarde de l'Enfance - S.O.S. MWANA                          Gabon
Savadham Trust                                                  India
Save the Children - Asociación Salven a los Niños de Honduras   Honduras
Save the Children - Radda Barnen (Swedish)                      Sweden
Save the Children Australia                                     Australia
Save the Children Canada                                        Canada
Save the Children Canada - Kenya                                Kenya
Save the Children Federation (USA)                              United States of America
Save the Children Finland                                       Finland
Save the Children Fund (UK)                                     United Kingdom
Save the Children Fund Británica                                Honduras
Save the Children Japan                                         Japan
Save the Children Korea                                         Korea, Democratic People's

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ORGANIZATION                                                   COUNTRY
Save the Children Swaziland                                    Swaziland
Save the Woman                                                 Sierra Leone
School HIV/AIDS Population Education (SHAPE)                   Swaziland
Scientific Association of Medical Students of Armenia          Armenia
Scientific Informational Center on Civil Education             Kazakhstan
Scouts' Association                                            Poland
SEED Foundation                                                United States of America
Self-Employed Women's Association                              India
Sem Pringpuongkeo Foundation                                   Thailand
Serbian Psychological Association                              Yugoslavia
Service Humanitaire de Développement                           Togo
SERVOL Limited                                                 Trinidad and Tobago
Seto Gurans                                                    Nepal
SEWA-RURAL                                                     India
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US (SIECUS) United States of America

SEZAM - Parents and Children Association                       Slovenia
Shanghai Institute for Planned Parenthood Research             China
Shanty International Volunteer Association (formerly Sotoshu   Japan
Volunteer Association)
Shoishab Bangladesh                                            Bangladesh
Shramajeevi Sanghatana-Vidhayak Sansad                         India
Siamdutch                                                      Thailand
Sierra Leone Adult Educational Association                     Sierra Leone
Sindh Development Society                                      Pakistan
Sistema Red de Prevencion y Atencion al Niño Maltratado        Ecuador
Sithuwama Training, Education & Development Organisation       Sri Lanka
Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth                      Slovenia
SLRC                                                           Sierra Leone
Slum Aid Project                                               Uganda
SNV Street Children Program                                    Kenya

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ORGANIZATION                                                      COUNTRY
Social Awareness for Education "SAFE"                             Nepal
Social Reforms Support Foundation                                 Kazakhstan
Social Watch                                                      Uruguay
Social Welfare of Ampara District                                 Sri Lanka
Sociedad Argentina de Pediatria (SAP)                             Argentina
Sociedad Dominicana de Obstetricia y Ginecología                  Dominican Republic
Sociedad Dominicana de Pediatria                                  Dominican Republic
Societatea de Educatie Contraceptiva si Sexuala (SECS)            Romania
Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Children from    Turkey
Society for Development Alternatives                              India
Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child                    Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE)                   Pakistan
Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC)     Pakistan
Society of Women and Family                                       Iran, Islamic Republic Of
SOFD                                                              Yemen
Solidarite des Jeunes Chretiens pour la Lutte Contre le Sida      Gabon
Solidarite Feminine                                               Djibouti
Somos                                                             Uruguay
Soong Qing Ling Foundation of China                               China
Soroptomist International of the Americas, Japan Higashi Region   Japan
SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan                               Pakistan
SOS Mineurs en Prison                                             Guinea
SOS-Assomada                                                      Cape Verde
SOS-Bambyar                                                       Sweden
Soul - Society for Development of Women and Children              Yemen
Soul City                                                         South Africa
South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)                     South Africa
South African Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and       South Africa
Neglect (SASPCAN)
South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude                          India

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ORGANIZATION                                                 COUNTRY
South Natal Children's Rights Committee                      South Africa
South-East European Child Rights Action (SEECRA)             Slovenia
Southern African Development Education and Policy Recearch   South Africa
Unit (SADEP)
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC)   Zimbabwe
Soy Niño Asociación Civil                                    Venezuela
Sozialistische Jugend Österreichs                            Austria
Sphere Project                                               Switzerland
St. Francis Xavier Youth Centre                              Guyana
St. Vincent de Paul Organization                             Sudan
Ständige Konferenz der Kinder - und JugendanwältInnen        Austria
State of the World Forum, USA                                United States of America
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)     Sweden
Stotteforeningen for sekseult misbrukte barn                 Norway
Straight Talk                                                Uganda
Stree Bal                                                    India
Stree Shakti                                                 India
Street Girls Aids                                            Ghana
Street Kids International (SKI)                              Canada
Streets Ahead Organization                                   Zimbabwe
Streetwise South Africa                                      South Africa
Strengthening Participatory Organizations (SPO)              Pakistan
Student Governing Council/Children's Alliance                Albania
Students Self-Government                                     Poland
Students' Commission                                         Canada
Sudan Association Relief for Returnees/Displaced Affairs     Sudan
Sudan Council of Churches                                    Sudan
Sudan Open Learning Organization (SOLO)                      Sudan
Sudan Scouts Association                                     Sudan
Sudanese Development and Relief Agency (SUDRA)               Sudan

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ORGANIZATION                                               COUNTRY
Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS)           Sudan
Sudanese Love and Peace Organization                       Sudan
Sudanese Popular Committee for Relief and Rehabilitation   Sudan
Sudanese Red Crescent Society                              Sudan
Sudanese Sisterhood Charity Organizations (SSCO)           Sudan
Sudanese Women General Union                               Sudan
SUEO                                                       Benin
Svenska Afghanistan-kommittén                              Sweden
Svenska Röda Korset                                        Sweden
Svjetionik Youth Center                                    Bosnia and Herzegovina
Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA)              Swaziland
Swaziland AIDS Support Organization (SASO)                 Swaziland
Synapsis Foundation                                        Poland
Tamer Institute for Community Education                    Israel
                                                             Occupied Palestinian Territories
Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service (TCRS)                Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)                Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA)                 Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzania Public Health Association                         Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzania Salt Producers' Association                       Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzania Water and Environmental Sanitation Association    Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzania Women's Lawyers Association (TAWLA)               Tanzania, United Republic Of
Tanzanian Family Planning Assocation (UMATI)               Tanzania, United Republic Of
Task Force on Social Science and Reproductive Health       Philippines
Tchad Non-Violence                                         Chad
Teachers for Life and Dignity Protection of a Child        Kazakhstan
Tearfund UK                                                United Kingdom
Technology for Women in Business (TWIB)                    South Africa
Teenagers' Development Centre (TDC)                        Georgia
Terre des Hommes                                           Guinea
Terre des Hommes                                           Germany

                                                                                    Page 52 of 60
ORGANIZATION                                         COUNTRY
Terre des Hommes - ITALIA                            Italy
TESK                                                 Turkey
Thai Red Cross Society                               Thailand
Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS                  Thailand
THAIS                                                Mexico
THAO DAN Street Children Care Program                Viet Nam
The Botswana Society                                 Botswana
The Children's Society                               United Kingdom
The Communication Initiative                         Canada
The Concord Consortium                               United States of America
The Consultative Group of Early Childhood Care and   Mexico
The Dodwell Trust                                    Madagascar
The Forum                                            Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
The Links, Inc.                                      United States of America
Theatre Dodona                                       Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Theatre Institute                                    Sierra Leone
Three D Projects (3D)                                Jamaica
Tin Marin Museum                                     El Salvador
Tineri pentru tineri (Youth for Youth)               Romania
Tirisanyo Catholic Commission (TCC)                  Botswana
TKV                                                  Turkey
Tobacco-Free Kids                                    United States of America
Tostan                                               Senegal
Training Center of Reproductive Health               China
Transcultural Psycho-Social Organisation             Uganda
Trocaire                                             Ireland
TRT Children and Youth Foundation                    Turkey
Tulsi Chanrai Foundation                             Nigeria
Turkish Development Foundation                       Turkey

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ORGANIZATION                                                     COUNTRY
Turkish Youth Re-Autonomy Foundation                             Turkey
TVE International                                                United Kingdom
U.S. Population Services International                           United States of America
UAM - Centro de Información de Infancia                          Mexico
Uganda Catholic Secretariat                                      Uganda
Uganda Medical Association                                       Uganda
Uganda Private Midwives Association                              Uganda
Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL)                            Uganda
UISP - Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti                           Italy
UK Development Initiatives                                       United Kingdom
Ukrainian Family Planning Association                            Ukraine
Ukrainian National Committee of Youth Organizations - UNCYO Ukraine

UN Association of Georgia                                        Georgia
Underprivileged Children Association                             Nepal
Undugu Society of Kenya (USK)                                    Kenya
Unidad de Capacitación Educativa para la Participación (UCIEP)   Mexico

Union Anciennes Rufisquoises de Guinee (UARG)                    Guinea
Union des Associations Feminines Arabophones du Tchad            Chad
Union for Protection of Minors                                   Lebanon
Union Medical Algerienne (UMA)                                   Algeria
Union of Children's and Youth Organizations (SPOK)               Ukraine
Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC)           Israel
                                                                 Occupied Palestinian Territories
Unit for Research on Women and Family                            Poland
United Cerebral Palsy Association                                United States of America
United Towns Organization                                        France
United World Colleges                                            United Kingdom
Uniting Church in Australia (UCA)                                Australia
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello                                Venezuela
Universidad Veracruzana                                          Mexico

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ORGANIZATION                                                  COUNTRY
Upper Egypt for Education and Development                     Egypt
US Population Sensor International (PSI)                      United States of America
Vanuatu Society For Disabled People                           Vanuatu
VARQA Foundation                                              Guyana
VERDEFAM                                                      Cape Verde
Vicariato Apostólico de Esmeraldas                            Ecuador
Vietnam General Confederation of Labor                        Viet Nam
Vietnam Women's Union                                         Viet Nam
Vietnam Youth Association                                     Viet Nam
VIS - Volontariato Internazionale per lo Zuiluppo             Italy
Visión Mundial Honduras                                       Honduras
Volontariat - Neutralité - Unité - Avenir (VNUA)              Gabon
Voluntary Action Network India (VANI)                         India
Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)                  India
Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies (VOICE) Belgium

Voluntary Services Overseas                                   United Kingdom
Walio Katika Mapambano na Aids Tanzania (WAMATA)              Tanzania, United Republic Of
Wardship Community of Mentally Disabled People of Lithuania   Lithuania
"Viltis" (Hope)
Water & Environmental Sanitation                              Yemen
Water Aid                                                     Nigeria
Water Aid                                                     Tanzania, United Republic Of
Water Aid                                                     United Kingdom
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)     Switzerland
Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)              United Kingdom
Wemedia                                                       United States of America
White Point Foundation                                        Turkey
White Ribbon Campaign                                         Canada
Wholistic Health Center (WHC)                                 Sri Lanka
Woman Self Help Group at Juba (WSH)                           Sudan

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ORGANIZATION                                        COUNTRY
Woman Training and Promotion at Wau (WOTAP)         Sudan
Woman's health Philippines (Arrow)                  Philippines
Women Against AIDS (WAA)                            Thailand
Women Against Rape                                  Botswana
Women and Law - South Asia Network                  India
Women and Society Association                       Egypt
Women for Social Progress (WSP)                     Mongolia
Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF)     Zimbabwe
Women in Need                                       Sri Lanka
Women Inspiration Community                         Nepal
Women Lawyers Association (WLA)                     Malawi
Women Lawyers Association of Thailand               Thailand
Women Legal Aid Center                              Tanzania, United Republic Of
Women of Reform Judaism                             United States of America
Women Rehabilitation Center Kathmandu               Nepal
Women Training Centre                               Sudan
Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children   United States of America
Women's Council of Armenia                          Armenia
Women's General Union                               Syria
Women's Health Advocacy Network (WHAN)              Thailand
Women's Health and Rural Development Program        Bangladesh
Women's Health Care Foundation                      Philippines
Women's Health Project                              South Africa
Women's Information Center                          Kazakhstan
Women's International Public Health Network         United States of America
Women's NGO Coalition of Botswana                   Botswana
Women's Resource Center                             Uzbekistan
Women's Studies Institute (CEMUJER)                 El Salvador
Women's Union                                       Turkmenistan
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)      Malaysia

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ORGANIZATION                                                  COUNTRY
World Alliance for Nutrition and Human Rights                 Norway
World Association of Orphans                                  Togo
World Childhood Foundation                                    Sweden
World Conference on Religion and Peace Japan (WCRP - Japan)   Japan
World Conservation Union (IUCN)                               Switzerland
World Harvest Mission                                         Uganda
World Institute on Disability                                 United States of America
World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP -      Nigeria
World Organization of Family Doctors                          Australia
World Relief                                                  United States of America
World Space Foundation                                        United States of America
World Vision Foundation of Thailand                           Thailand
World Vision Japan                                            Japan
World Vision Korea                                            Korea, Republic of
World Water Council                                           France
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Japan)                        Japan
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)                                     Switzerland
WYSPA (Island) Federation of Children's Rights and Dignity    Poland
Yayasan Amaliah                                               Indonesia
Yayasan APIK                                                  Indonesia
Yayasan AULIA                                                 Indonesia
Yayasan Bahtera                                               Indonesia
Yayasan Biyung Emban                                          Indonesia
Yayasan Cendekia Santun                                       Indonesia
Yayasan Dinamika Indonesia                                    Indonesia
Yayasan Gema Mandiri Bangsa                                   Indonesia
Yayasan Gloria                                                Indonesia
Yayasan Kuala Merdeka                                         Indonesia
Yayasan Masa Depan Gemilang                                   Indonesia
Yayasan Minak Koncar                                          Indonesia

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ORGANIZATION                                          COUNTRY
Yayasan Misi Persada                                  Indonesia
Yayasan Paramitra                                     Indonesia
Yayasan Pijar Lentera                                 Indonesia
Yayasan Prakarsa Swadaya Masy                         Indonesia
YKPM                                                  Indonesia
Young Ecologists (YE)                                 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Young Muslim Association (YMA)                        Kenya
Young Pionners Council                                Viet Nam
Young Voices Movement Malawi                          Malawi
Youth Advisory Group                                  United States of America
Youth Advocate International                          United States of America
Youth Advocate Program International (YAP)            United States of America
Youth Agenda                                          Kenya
Youth Development Foundation                          Cameroon
Youth Development Foundation                          Ghana
Youth Development Trust                               South Africa
Youth for Youth Foundation (YFY)                      Romania
Youth Girls Development Association                   Uganda
Youth Opportunities Unlimited                         Jamaica
Youth Organisation for Protecting Children's Rights   Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
"Alternativa"                                         (Kosovo)
Youth Organization                                    Syria
Youth Service America                                 United States of America
Youth Union                                           Turkmenistan
Yugoslav Child Rights Centre                          Yugoslavia
Yunnan Reproductive Health Research Association       China
Zambia Open Community Schools                         Zambia
Zdravo da ste                                         Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zhan Sabi (BF Support)                                Kazakhstan
Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN)                           Zimbabwe

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ORGANIZATION                                             COUNTRY
Zimbabwe Association of Community Theatre (ZACT)         Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Association of Theatre for Children and Young   Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC)                             Zimbabwe

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ORGANIZATION                    OTHER
Bia Hula Foundation             East Timor
Delegatus Social-Diocese Dili   East Timor
ET NGO Forum                    East Timor
ETADEP Foundation               East Timor
ETWAVE                          East Timor
Fokupers                        East Timor
HAK Foundation                  East Timor

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