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Enable Facebook Insights for Wordpress Sites


This is a tutorial that will help you to configure Facebook Insights for your Wordpress blogs or sites.

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									How to: Configure Facebook Insights for
Your WordPress Blog
Facebook Insights is an excellent Social Analytical tool. You can get detailed information
of your site by configuring it. It provides you site engagement information, how your site
is distributed on facebook and your users demographics too.

Just follow the below steps to configure Facebook Insights for your WordPress Blog .

1. Visit Facebook Insights page and login to your Facebook account.

2. Click the green button on top right corner, which says “Insights for your Website”.

3. A window will pop-up, enter the domain name you want to get insights of and copy the
meta tag information.
4. Now login to your Wordpress blog and copy that meta tag information in the header
file of your theme.

5. After you are done with copying meta tag, just hit the "Get Insights" button on pop-up

Now you will be able to see your site listed on Facebook insights page under websites.

To see the insights now, click on your site and all sort sights will be available. Check the
image below for an example.
Enjoy the insights of your Wordpress site and if you like this article please share it and
follow us on Facebook.

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