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					On LIVESTRONG Day, join the global fight against cancer.

Each year on October 2, people everywhere stand up to raise awareness
about the world’s leading cause of death. October 2 is the anniversary of
LIVESTRONG founder Lance Armstrong’s cancer diagnosis in 1996—the
day he began the fight of his life. Today some 28 million people are
living with cancer, fighting that same fight.

Stand and fight with us!                                                    ABOUT LIVESTRONG
How? It’s simple! Along with Lance and thousands of others,                 LIVESTRONG serves people
pledge to wear yellow on October 2 to show your support.                    affected by cancer and
Just go to to make your pledge!                empowers them to take
We told you it was simple. But remember: simple gestures can make a         action. Created in 1997 by
world of difference. Especially when they go BIG. Last year nearly 10,000   cancer survivor and champion
people wore yellow on LIVESTRONG Day. Help us make the movement             cyclist Lance Armstrong,
even stronger this year!                                                    LIVESTRONG is a leader in
                                                                            the global movement on behalf
Spread the word—invite your school community, family, neighbors, sports     of people living with cancer.
teams, and local businesses to wear yellow, too.                            Known for its iconic yellow
                                                                            wristband, LIVESTRONG has
n Tell your students. Before LIVESTRONG Day, share the wealth of            become a symbol of hope and
  resources at Discuss how raising               inspiration worldwide. Since
  awareness of cancer can help lead to a cure. Then challenge students      its inception, the organization
  to recruit friends, family, and neighbors to wear yellow on October 2.    has raised more than $400
  Encourage a little friendly competition: Whose class will wear more       million for the fight against
  yellow? What about team vs. team? (Soccer vs. field hockey, anyone?)      cancer. For more information,
  Document it all with photos and post them on your school website!         visit
n Involve your community. Invite local businesses you patronize to take
  the wear-yellow pledge. Ask cancer-related organizations, oncology
  centers, places of worship, and your family and friends’ workplaces
  to include an announcement about LIVESTRONG Day in their
  e-newsletters or websites.

n Shout about it online via Twitter and Facebook. Encourage participants
  to post their yellow LIVESTRONG Day looks online!

n Remind everyone to go to to make
  their pledge.

Get involved. Make a difference.
Together we can beat this disease.

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